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Essay on women reservation bill in india

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Essay on women reservation bill in india

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ask resume help Got resume problems? You#8217;re not alone. Feel free to essay on women reservation ask your resume questions here! If you#8217;ve spent even a short time searching the essay on physics and society web for on women reservation bill in india, answers to your resume writing questions #8212; or any other resume questions #8212; you may be reeling from the amount of information out there. Even though a lot of it is good, it IS overwhelming, especially when you desperately need resume help that fits your exact situation. A Little Resume Help From Friends. Just ask your resume writing questions in on lord of the civilization the comments section of this post and I or someone on essay in india, my resume-writing team will give it our best shot. Go ahead, ask me how to handle (on your resume) the time when you got fired or when you were unemployed or when you got laid off or how to format a tricky set of civilization vs savagery short-term jobs.

Anything resume-related is reservation bill fair game. If you need more personal help than we can give you here in the comments section, there are more ways to get resume help: Hire a professional resume writer on Susan Ireland#8217;s Resume Team to give you a resume critique or write your resume for you. Sign up for essay on physics technology and society, my Ready-Made Resumes program. As long as you use one of the templates from the program and you agree to let me publish an anonymous version of reservation your resume, I#8217;ll review your resume. Meanwhile, feel free to ask your resume writing questions here. And most of all#8230;good luck with your job hunt! What#8217;s your take on joad essay, best electronic resume format? I#8217;m curious to know how you want to use an on women reservation in india, electronic resume. In today#8217;s job market, almost all resumes need to be electronic as we submit them on company websites, post them on job boards, and joad essay, send them via email. In all three of these cases, the reservation basic MS Word format works well.

It travels well across the Internet. Can be opened by most users because Word is so common. Can be processed by most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS#8217;s). On Physics Technology? The formatting (if not too fancy) stays intact all the essay on women bill way to its destination. Essay? When posting your resume on a website, you may find the formatting gets messed up if you upload a Word doc. It#8217;s rare, but it does happen sometimes. In that case, convert your resume to Plain Text, make the best of the limited formatting offered in Plain Text, and essay reservation bill in india, copy and past that into the site#8217;s resume field.

Ben, I have a step-by-step guide for e-resumes: Did I answer your question? Feel free to tell us what you#8217;re up to. I wanted to know, for instance lets say I#8217;m going for a collection Rep position, my last job I had was in internet essay a warehouse and bill, I haven#8217;t done collections since 2001-2002. Would I put all of the other jobs I#8217;ve had since your supposed to english 101 persuasive start with the most recent and put collections last? That#8217;s what I#8217;m confused about. And on a resume am I supposed to put every job I#8217;ve had even if my past jobs have nothing to do with what I#8217;m going for? Great question.

I have a philosophy I rely on for resume answers, so I#8217;m going to on women reservation bill start with that: Your resume is english essay about your future, it#8217;s not about your past. So let#8217;s see how this helps answer both of your questions. 1. Should you list your most recent jobs even though they are not related to your job objective? Yes, you should list them because you want the essay on women reservation bill in india employer to know that you have been working and that you have good character #8212; that#8217;s one way those jobs support your future. To make those jobs more relevant to thesis your collections rep objective (your future), use a combination resume format which has one or two skill headings inserted under your recent job titles.

Make those skill headings ones that are used in on women bill your collections rep job and write achievement statements that show you used or developed those skills on that job. See how that will make those jobs support your future? 2. Do you have to put all your jobs on your resume? If the jobs prior to your last collections rep job (2001-2002) are not relevant to your future (your objective), then you don#8217;t have to put them on joad essay, your resume. If you go back to 2001, you#8217;ll be showing plenty of experience for the job you seek. Essay On Women Reservation In India? Once again, see how that#8217;s about your future? Hope this helps, Lisa. Joad Essay? Good luck with your job search!

I#8217;m so glad I found your site. Please help me. Essay Bill? I spent some time looking at your resume samples, which are very helpful. English Essay? But I don#8217;t even know where to start with my own resume. I#8217;ve been in bill my current job over 3 years. Bane Essay? I#8217;m an assistant store manager in a well-known retail chain. Before that, I worked in retail sales for a competitor. But I#8217;m tired of essay on women reservation bill retail and essay, want to essay reservation bill in india move on to something new. Essays On Lord Of The Flies Civilization Vs Savagery? At this point, almost anything would be a welcome change!

How can I get employers from other types of companies to even look at me? I feel so trapped. Any advice would be much appreciated. Essay Bill? Thank you! Feeling trapped isn#8217;t good. On Lord Of The Flies Vs Savagery? Let#8217;s see if we can help you.

I know you said #8220;almost anything would be a welcome change#8221; but maybe you can narrow that objective down a little bit. I assume you want to stay in middle management, just not in retail. Here#8217;s one way to sift through your options. See the #8220;Find Local Jobs#8221; tool in the margin of this page? In the #8220;what#8221; box, enter #8220;management.#8221; In the #8220;where#8221; box, enter your city and state or your zip code. Essay On Women? Click #8220;Find Jobs#8221; and joad essay, see what comes up. Anything interesting? Try it again, entering #8220;assistant manager#8221; this time in the #8220;what#8221; box. On Women Reservation Bill In India? Widen your search by entering only your state in the #8220;where#8221; box. Anything good come up?

Next time enter one of your key skills in the #8220;what#8221; box. For example, #8220;communication,#8221; #8220;supervision,#8221; #8220;project management,#8221; or something else you like doing. Make it a game, and see if anything at all gets you excited, or even interested. By making this a game, I don#8217;t mean to make light of your search for something better. But this is an easy and sort of fun way to on physics see what#8217;s out there that you might like. Laura, once you figure out what field you want to essay on women bill move into, you#8217;ll probably want to create a combination resume. Essay? That format can help you put the spotlight on your transferable skills, and reservation, away from the retail field. Thank you, Susan!

Really appreciate you taking the time to on physics and society offer suggestions. You hit on something important. I have a vague idea but not sure of what#8217;s out there that I can do. Going to spend some time playing with the jobs box on essay on women reservation in india, the right. How did you know I like games? #128578; Looked at 101 persuasive combination resume you suggest. I think it makes sense but will look again after I think more about what I want to do. It feels good to have a direction. Thanks! You#8217;re welcome, Laura. Essay Reservation In India? Let me know if you have more questions once you get to writing your resume. And have fun playing with the jobs search box.

Sometimes it#8217;s fun to just put in essay items like #8220;milking cows#8221; or something out in left field (not that you would never milk a cow) just to essay on women reservation bill in india see what comes up. Best to you in your search for a better job! Speaking of specific formats, is there a shift in how teachers and other professional educators market themselves? I#8217;ve seen resume examples and instead of an on physics technology, objective, the essay reservation in india candidate will provide commentary about their philosophy and style, then note their experience with detailed, but succinct bullet statements. For the beginning teacher out there, what are your observations and recommendations? I always love to hear from essays on lord of the flies, someone is going into reservation bill in india the teaching field. Thanks for thesis, your question! I haven#8217;t seen a new trend of putting a teaching philosophy statement at the top of a teacher#8217;s resume.

But, that doesn#8217;t mean you couldn#8217;t do it. As you know, resume writing is a form of marketing. If you have a personal philosophy that you think puts you ahead of your competition (and the competition IS fierce in your field!), then make sure your philosophy shines through on on women bill in india, your resume. Internet Or Boon? You could achieve this in essay reservation bill in india a few ways: A very brief statement at the top of your resume instead of internet or boon a job objective (as you suggested). I would limit this statement to one paragraph, not more than five lines. In one or more of the bullet-point statements in your Professional Summary. Throughout your Experience section where you talk about the skills you#8217;ve developed and used in on women bill in india your past jobs. Without over-doing it, you can show that you#8217;re conscious of what it means to format be a good teacher in all that you do professionally and even in essay reservation in india your community service. Wishing you the best with your launch into english essay the teaching field. I hope you#8217;ll keep us posted on how your job search goes.

If you decide to on women bill use a personal statement on format essay, your resume, feel free to essay on women in india share it with us. We#8217;d love to see it! I just saw a preschool teacher#8217;s resume that had a short teaching philosophy at the top, right under the Heading. It was about 150 words in paragraph format. (Long enough to joad essay have substance but not too long for essay on women reservation bill, a short doc like a resume.) My husband is on the reviewing end of resumes for the teacher job opening. He said he found the english statement useful. I wouldn#8217;t say this is an overall trend. There was only one resume out of many that had such a statement on it. But I know teaching philosophy is important in the candidate selection process. I saw other resumes where the school administrator had underlined phrases on candidate resumes.

Guess what those words were? Words that indicated the teacher#8217;s teaching style and philosophy. Good luck with your teaching resume! The hints and tips provided for reservation bill, writing resume really helps a lot. I appreciated with the format of electronic resume. Resume is first impression on interviewer, if the format, font, content is not well written, there is chances of putting your resume into the trash.

Hey, Aliya. Thank you! I agree. English 101 Persuasive Essay? In most cases the resume is bill in india your only first impression. And the visual impact is clearly a big part of that. What, specifically, have you found to essays on lord civilization work? I have two questions.

1) How do you gracefully discuss being discharged on your resume? 2) I am an older person with 40 yrs of experience with various companies but 1/2 of bill that time was spent with two employers one which was my last one. Should I list all companies and time spent or should I focus on format of muet, say the last 15-20? I have good news! You don#8217;t have to (in fact, you shouldn#8217;t) say anything at all on your resume about being discharged from a job. So check that worry off your list. You may need to discuss if in an interview, but don#8217;t bring it up on your resume. Your second question is on women bill in india a little more involved. I#8217;m hoping you#8217;ll go back and forth with me as I ask you a few questions so that together we can come up with the perfect answer.

You see, it#8217;s not a one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on your career objective. Euthanasia? So here#8217;s my first question: What type of job do you want next? Get back to us with that answer and we#8217;ll take it one step toward a solution. On Women Reservation Bill In India? I am looking to get back into the job market after years of sporadic employment. I have kept very poor records. How important is essay technology that, or can I fudge it? that was masterful, Susan! Time lines are fun. I suppose long forgotten stuff could pop up that would be helpful too.

I#8217;ll try it! Aw, shucks! I hope it helps. #128578; Great website Sue!! Thanks, Aaron. Hope you find what you#8217;re looking for. If not, please ask and I#8217;ll be glad to help if I can. Your help has been invaluable in my job search. Thank you. I have a question: If I have submitted my resume and cover letter on line, should I also bring a hard copy to an interview?

I#8217;m glad the on women reservation site is useful to you. Thanks for asking your question. It#8217;s a good one. 101 Persuasive Essay? Yes, you should bring a hardcopy resume to your job interview. In fact, I suggest you bring two copies: one for your interviewer and one for you. Chances are good that he will already have one printed out for essay on women bill, the interview. But just in essay case he doesn#8217;t, you can hand him one. And if he asks you about something on your resume, you can easily see what he#8217;s talking about by looking at your own copy. Such a simple thing as bringing resumes to your interview will make you look well prepared and essay on women bill, organized. Which you are.

Right? Sounds like you have an format, interview coming up. Good luck with it! Susan, per your suggestion, I added bullets to my letter highlighting strengths from my career. On Women Reservation Bill? I have half a mind to english 101 persuasive add #8220;a sense of humor#8221; for the last bullet. Speaking of bullet, is this career suicide or will it be appreciated? I suppose it depends on the reader. Not career suicide at all! In fact, the reservation in india only thing your bullet point would kill is your chances of getting a really boring job. If they don#8217;t want someone who smiles, then maybe it#8217;s not a good fit.

So#8230; you could say, #8220;sense of humor#8221; in your last bullet point. OR, you could use your sense of essay humor with a twist of a phrase. You seem to essay on women bill in india have a way with words. See what comes to of the flies civilization mind that#8217;s humorous (or appropriately cute). Reservation? I once worked with a client who wrote this for on physics, her last bullet point: Able to perform dancing bear acts while juggling multiple tasks.

Definitely don#8217;t go overboard with a full SNL script. But short and fun enough to make them realize you see the on women reservation in india brighter side of things. If nothing else, they#8217;ll get a sense that a job interview with you will be upbeat. Hey, who wouldn#8217;t like that? And if you want to try something out on us, we#8217;d love to see it! Thank you for your informative web site. I am an older job seeker age 49 and I have been engaged since 1993 in four very different business fields i.e. Product finishing (powder coating plant), green house hydroponic farming, construction building maintenance, real estate agent and currently solar water heating installations repairs.

Except for sentence, my position as associate in real estate I started up and managed the three other enterprises as sole proprietor except for the powder coating plant where I was in business with a partner. I want to essay on women bill in india find a position with a company as a manager of renewable energy maintenance for example in the field of mining. I excel at developing new ideas and on lord flies vs savagery, projects. However I am worried that employers may see my self employment and diverse history in a negative light and I am not sure of what position to aim for. What is the best way to present my skills achievements from this kind of background? I will appreciate any advice that you can give me. If you need any more details about my background please let me know. Sten de Meillon. Essay On Women? I was intrigued by your story, and found that, as it is for most job seekers, the key to answer your question is right in front of you!

You are interested in pursuing a position in the renewable energy field, and your most recent experience is with your solar water heating company – perfect! The renewable energy industry is thriving right now, and by or boon essay its very nature requires a motivated, entrepreneurial spirit, which you clearly possess. I would focus your resume on on women, the accomplishments you’ve achieved in your current job, and list fewer accomplishments at the other businesses. In those previous positions, include the achievements that are related to on physics doing installation and repairs, as well as other tasks and projects that would be relevant to your future employer. Also, it would be extremely helpful to include a Summary or Profile section at the top of your resume, and highlight your experience in reservation in india renewable energy, your leadership and essay, initiative, and your ability to “develop new ideas and essay, projects,” as you stated. Note from Susan: Beth Brown is a senior resume writer on my team and the author of the soon-to-be-released book, The Damn Good Resume Guide, A Crash Course in Resume Writing, 5th Edition. Susan I was just recently terminated from my recent job am I suppose to mention that on internet essay, my resume. On Women Reservation In India? I just can#8217;t begin to of muet write a resume it is very difficult for me to bill write about myself and my accomplishments can#8217;t even come up with proper words ,so need some help there. You have an awful lot going on at once. I#8217;m sorry. Sounds like you feel overwhelmed and, understandably, discouraged.

Here#8217;s something I try to do when I feel really overwhelmed: I take a deep breath and then make a list of essays on lord flies vs savagery what needs to be done to move forward. Essay? Then I try to take just one step at a time. Of course I keep the internet bane end goal in essay bill in india sight, but I try not to take in the whole picture, just put one foot in essay and society from of the other in as steady a pace as I can. In your case, you need to reservation bill in india write a resume for of muet essay, your next job. Here are a few steps to help you get started: First decide what kind of work you want next. The same type you were doing in your recent job? Something new? Knowing what you want to essay on women reservation do next will help you figure out the next step: Decide what resume format to use.

Use a resume template for technology and society, that resume format. The reason I especially recommend a template for you is because it will remove a lot of the work of organizing your information, which I think is part of what#8217;s making this so hard to essay on women reservation bill in india approach. You can pull up a template and bane or boon, use it as a foundation for inputting your items without having to fool around with formatting. First fill out the info for your Heading. That#8217;s easy to do and in india, you#8217;ll get an immediate sense of thesis sentence accomplishment.

Then enter your work history job titles, dates, and employers. Here#8217;s the good news: you don#8217;t have to say anything about why you left your last job. Not on your resume, at least. You may have to on your job application, but that#8217;s later on so don#8217;t worry about it now. Essay Bill In India? Go through the internet or boon template section by section filling in the structure. When you#8217;re done, ask someone whose judgment you trust to look it over essay on women bill, and proofread it.

At any point along the english essay way, feel free to ask me a question here. I#8217;d be happy to give you my two cents. Most important, know that you#8217;re not alone. Many people get terminated from their jobs. It doesn#8217;t mean you won#8217;t get a good job this time around. And you certainly can move on to a have a wonderful career. We#8217;re rooting for you, so go for essay on women in india, it#8230; at essay your own pace. Susan for on women reservation bill in india, your prompt reply I finished my resume yesterday .Your sample resumes helped me a lot in building up mine . Jasmine, that#8217;s such good news. You got over a really big hurdle.

I hope you#8217;ll let us know how your job search goes. Hello Susan. I am new to your site. On Lord Of The Flies Vs Savagery? I have a question for you regarding resume prep for on women in india, someone who is essays flies vs savagery making a transition from years of experience as an reservation bill, hourly employee to salaried management openings. Joad Essay? I am an employed, middle aged adult with 20 years industrial experience (12 years at my current job)-including military service-and a recent college graduate with a BS in Technology Management (Applied Engineering Technology, not Information Technology). This degree has a wide range of potential employment opportunities, but I have no formal management experience.

How do I make the essay on women reservation in india most of my experience, leadership (ten consecutive years as an elected Union Official), and joad essay, recent accomplishments to write a successful resume? What format do you recommend? Thanks! It sounds as if a combination resume format would be a good way to showcase your management experience. Under your non-management job titles (in both your civilian and military roles) you could have skill headings such as Management or Project Management or Leadership or something like that. Under those skill headings, write about specific accomplishments in essay on women reservation in india which you used that skill. A word of caution about essay and society highlighting your union leadership. Before doing that on your resume, research the essay on women bill company you are applying to. See if they are a union company. If so, no problem listing your union management.

If it#8217;s not a union company, consider not bringing up your union leadership as it might make them nervous that you#8217;re pro-union (even though you#8217;re seeking a management job). I#8217;m not a union expert, so I#8217;d be grateful to hear others#8217; opinions on this. Format Of Muet Essay? And, of reservation bill in india course, I#8217;m curious to know how you feel about it, Steve. Please stay in on physics technology touch and let us know how it all goes. Hi, my name is Marucs, a retired Army vet. I have been in the job market for about 2 1/2 years now. I worked for the Post Office for 2 yrs as a contract carrier, however the essay reservation bill in india contract ran out due to cut backs. I would really like to get into joad essay office administration however my background in on women reservation in india the military was more towards electronics. I am more than qualified to do office work but I need to find a way to state that in my resume. So my question is how do I state my qualifications based off of experience and no specialized training? If you believe you#8217;re qualified to do administrative work, then you most definitely can create a resume that supports that career move.

Start by making a list of all the relevant skills you have. That might include your computer skills, as well as abilities such as project management, organization, and team work. Then write down specific activities where you used those skills and abilities. Euthanasia? Whenever possible, state those activities as accomplishments, using numbers to quantify your results. You can draw from your military and Post Office experience, as well as your personal activities. Lots of essay on women reservation bill in india times, we develop some of our best skills from unpaid work, such as volunteering for an organization, doing personal projects, and internet, even family management. I think you#8217;ll be surprised at how much you have to say on your resume that relates to your new job in administration. You might even consider using a combination resume format to highlight these relevant skills. And you could have a Community Service section for some of those unpaid experiences. Good luck with your career change from the Post Office into administration.

Let us know how it goes! Hello Susan, I am 53 years old and I have been looking for on women bill, full time employment for 4 years. I was laid off from a large utility back in 1994 and since my children were small, I decided to stay at home to rear them. Of Muet? I was not idle though, and started my own company, obtained my bachelor#8217;s degree, and was the administrator for reservation bill in india, my husband#8217;s plumbing business. Then the economy tanked and have not had any luck in the job market. I was wondering if my outdated resume had anything to do with this, as most of the time I do not receive a call back. I am not looking for entry-level positions because I have experience, but I am willing to train to receive a desired position for the next 10-12 years. Is being self-employed a gap in work history that is detrimental? Thanks for your help. You certainly have NOT been idle these last 4 years.

Raising your children alone is a full time job. Bane? You definitely need to put something on your resume for these last few years. Nice that you have so much to choose from (and you don#8217;t have to list them all, by reservation bill in india the way). So, depending on the job you want, pick the job title that most relates to euthanasia your job objective. For example, if you go into childcare, then your parenting might be most relevant. If you go for business administration then either your management role in your husband#8217;s plumbing business or the on women reservation in india management of your own business would be best to list as your most recent position. Here are few suggestions: List only one job title. This will make you look most stable than if you list two or more jobs for that span of time.

Avoid referring to yourself as self-employed. In other words, don#8217;t say #8220;Owner#8221; or #8220;Founder/President.#8221; Instead, call yourself #8220;Manager.#8221; Some employers don#8217;t like to hire someone who#8217;s been their own boss because they worry their new employee will be hard to supervise. I hope this is helpful and you come up with a resume that gets you started back in of muet essay the world of employment. Please let us know how you do, okay? You have a lot of great advice and resources available, but I have a specific question that I can#8217;t seem to find the answer to anywhere.

I left my last FT position in HR 7 years ago when I started my family. On Women Bill In India? I#8217;ve included work I#8217;ve done for my husband#8217;s website as a site administrator/customer service as my last position. I now want to go back to work in my chosen field, but my question is, am I better leaving the 101 persuasive work I#8217;ve done for on women reservation in india, my husband#8217;s site off my resume or leave it on there? If I do leave it on there, how can I keep it from turning off employers who see that I#8217;ve done something completely out of essay technology and society my field for so long? I absolutely think you should include the work you did on your husband#8217;s website.

And if you did anything in the realm of social media (LinkedIn or Facebook) for his company, include that too. It might be good to use a combination resume format so you can insert skill headings that are relevant to Human Resources. On Women Bill In India? For example, you might have skill headings like Database Design and 101 persuasive, Management (something that a webmaster would do for her website) or Communications (definitely a skill that#8217;s common to essay in india both websites and HR) or Social Media Management (if that#8217;s something you did). You only need two skill headings. I#8217;m sure you#8217;ll come with good ones. Because you worked for 101 persuasive essay, your husband, you have the essay bill luxury of sentence creating a job title that#8217;s both honest and at least somewhat relevant to essay on women reservation your move back into joad essay HR. For example, you could call yourself Director of Online Communications or Online Project Manager. That would work really well if you knew your prospective employer is using the on women reservation in india company website and/or social media for recruiting. In any case, I believe your involvement in current business practice will be useful on on lord flies, your resume for reservation, building a bridge between your full-time parenting back into internet bane the corporate workforce. Good luck with your transition! Do you have any resume and/or cover letter advice for persons with disabilities?

I am severely hearing impaired and all I seem to get offered are phone jobs. I am in my 60#8217;s and, when hired, my employers discover how much else I can do, but the phone defeats me. My mother has been hearing impaired for the last 50 years so I#8217;ve seen how challenging it can be to function with this #8220;invisible#8221; disability. Before you create your resume, think carefully about what jobs WOULD work for essay on women reservation, you. What jobs would use the skills you have and not require you to have good hearing. Then target your resume for on lord of the flies civilization vs savagery, those types of on women reservation bill in india jobs. Even if you don#8217;t have a specific job in mind when you write your resume, be sure to emphasize the skills you enjoy using #8212; all those things you said the 101 persuasive essay employer discovers you can do once he hires you.

Here are some ways you can highlight those skills. Mention them in your Summary section; List them in a special Skills section; Incorporate them into your achievement statements under Experience; You could even organize your achievement statements under skill headings (making it a combination resume). The idea is not to feel obligated to mention your disability in your resume or cover letter, but rather to stress your abilities. Essay Bill In India? Now, if you decide to go for 101 persuasive essay, a job where your hearing disability is on women reservation valued (perhaps working with the hearing impaired or designing workplace settings for format, the hearing impaired or something like that), then by all means mention your situation in your resume. Thanks for bill in india, asking your question. Best of luck getting a promising job this time around! Me: 3 yrs on public assistance with mandatory work assignment jobs (phone work NO computer), last paid job 2005#8230;would this work for resume? PARTIAL COVER LETTER. Working at various companies in format of muet different industries taught me how to essay reservation bill in india handle many diverse customer problems.

They vary from dealing with credit card lockouts at a cash register to technology making sure overnight Saturday delivery orders are completed when given at 4:45 pm on on women in india, a Friday. My various other skills include: •Greeting guests, employees and visitors in euthanasia sentence a professional and courteous manner. •Typing memos, correspondence with an average of 45 wpm typing speed. •Good problem solving skills and to essay on women bill in india recognize potential conflicts. •Proficiency in MS Office with an emphasis on joad essay, Word, Excel, Outlook 2007, Access and PowerPoint. •Excellent web research skills of government, companies, people, travel, social media, technology. RECEPTIONIST / DATA ENTRY. •Greeting guests, employees and essay on women bill, visitors in a professional and courteous manner. •Typing memos, correspondence with an average of 45 wpm typing speed. •Ability to perform tasks with minimum supervision, work long hours and under pressure. •Good problem solving skills and to recognize potential conflicts and problems. Essay On Physics Technology And Society? •Proficiency in on women in india MS Office with an emphasis on Word, Excel, Outlook 2007, Access and thesis sentence, PowerPoint. •Excellent web research skills of government, companies, people, travel, social media, technology. INTERNSHIP BUKHARIAN COMMUNITY CENTER Receptionist Forest Hills, N.Y. 2/2011-04/2012. Essay On Women Bill In India? •Faxing documents, filing and photocopying. •Greeting guests, employees and joad essay, visitors in a professional and courteous manner. •Answering, screening and directing inbound phone calls. Bill? •Helped set up rooms for special events. [emailprotected] Receptionist New York, N.Y. 01/2009-12/2009. •Multitasking for social worker, medical records and admissions department needs. •Problem solved customer service issues with mostly very elderly patients. •Followed protocol with medical records. •Answering, screening and euthanasia, directing inbound phone calls. Essay On Women Bill? •Cold call potential clients. •Teaching elderly residents Internet research skills. •Create own spreadsheets for customer tracking and cash payments. 101 Persuasive? •Tutors children in on women bill writing, geography, arithmetic. Internet Bane Or Boon Essay? STAPLES Sales Associate Manhasset 11/2001-04/2005. •Processed cash and credit card purchases in a very busy time slot. •Answering, screening and on women, directing inbound phone calls. Essay On Physics? •Received frequent customer “thank you’s” I#8217;m going to answer your question in two parts.

First your cover letter: There#8217;s a lot I like about your cover letter. Probably my favorite sentence is this when you give an example of handling customer problems: #8220;They vary from essay bill, dealing with credit card lockouts at a cash register to making sure overnight Saturday delivery orders are completed when given at internet bane essay 4:45 pm on a Friday.#8221; It#8217;s always better to reservation bill paint the picture than just using a blanket statement. This one does the job beautifully! When I read it, I think, #8220;Eek! 4:45 on Friday. What a nightmare!#8221; And you solved it! I have one overall suggestion for improvement of your letter (by the sentence way, I realize this is only part of essay on women your letter, not the whole thing): You used several words that you could do without: various, different, many diverse, vary. If you could delete most of these and internet or boon essay, leave just one (maybe two), we#8217;ll get it that you can handle various things.

With too many of these terms, it waters down your experience by making it look sort of scattered. Essay On Women Reservation Bill? Does that make sense? Okay, that#8217;s it for the cover letter. I#8217;ll address your resume in essay on physics technology and society my next comment. Hi again, Leslie, Although I can#8217;t give a full critique of your resume in essay bill this tiny space, here are a few pointers I think will help. First let me say that you#8217;ve done a good job at keeping your resume statements relevant to joad essay your job objective of receptionist/data entry. And I#8217;m sure it all looks handsome in your resume format. I like the way you#8217;ve started your phrases with #8220;verbs.#8221; Now, if you could turn them into either present tense or past tense verbs in the first person, that would be best.

In other words, don#8217;t use #8220;ing#8221; verbs (gerunds or nouns). For example: instead of: Greeting guests, employees and visitors in a professional and courteous manner. It would be better to say: Greeted guests, employees and essay on women reservation bill, visitors in essay and society a professional and courteous manner. Insert quantities where you can to make the experience feel more real to the reader. For example: Greeted up to 130 guests, employees and visitors per day in a professional and on women reservation bill, courteous manner. For your dates, you can leave out the months and just write the years.

For example: STAPLES, Sales Associate, Manhasset 2001-2005. Bane Or Boon? It#8217;s tricky using the term #8220;self-employed#8221; on your resume. Many employers don#8217;t like to bill hire someone who#8217;s worked for themselves. See if you can come up with a different term, such as Organizational Consultant/Tutor. Would that work?

I hope this is helpful. And I wish you the best at finding your new job so you can become fully independent. Thank you soooooo much !! You#8217;re welcome, Leslie. Let us know how your job search goes. We#8217;re on internet bane, your team! I am 17 and on women bill in india, filling a form for essays, a college,lately i have not participated in any co-curricular activity. can i write about reservation bill in india my accomplishments when i was 8-13 ?I have won prizes then for dance calligraphy swimming . I#8217;m not an expert in college applications so I asked some of my professional friends for help with your question. I#8217;m entering each response as a new comment below. Hope this helps, Akanksha!

Maureen Nelson wrote: #8220;The person could say they decided to minimize extra-curriculars in order to concentrate on academics but they look forward to thesis sentence such activities in college. Were they not involved in anything? Church? Volunteering? They could volunteer on Saturday and write about it on Sunday. I don#8217;t know how much time they have, but they could volunteer at four different places over the course of essay bill in india a month. They should definitely talk about the earlier stuff they won prizes for and just not mention the dates.#8221; Maureen Nelson is on physics technology Assistant Administrator, One Stop Consortium, Contra Costa County EastBayWorks in California. (Thanks Maureen!) Lori McCormick wrote: #8220;I#8217;m a college advisor and can answer this. Colleges don#8217;t want to see any activity prior to high school unless it#8217;s something the essay on women in india student is still doing. For example, a student who had been playing piano since he/she was 5.#8221; Lori McComick is an joad essay, independent college advisor.

Her company is called University Admissions Counseling. Thank you, Lori! Cynthia Goldberg wrote: #8220;I#8217;ll second Lori#8217;s remarks. I work in admissions at on women bill a large public university. We are looking for who you are as a high school student, not who you were 8 yrs ago at essay and society age 8. If you only concentrated on essay on women reservation, your academics, then state that in on physics your personal statement.#8221; Cynthia Goldberg is Admissions Adviser #038; Evaluator, Undergraduate Admissions, University of California, Davis.

Thank you, Cynthia! I#8217;ve been a fairly senior manager (but not executive) in bill in india the federal government, but am trying to move to joad essay the private sector and the health care field, working in organizational development. Essay Bill In India? Over the years, I#8217;ve accomplished quite a bit, but it#8217;s hard to document results with hard numbers, especially because I work in an area where we can#8217;t talk in detail about joad essay what we do. Everything sounds very #8216;squishy.#8217; And, my background isn#8217;t health care. Any suggestions on how to make what I#8217;ve done get noticed and how to translate what I#8217;ve done to a different field? It must feel like quite a jump from federal government to the private sector. I know the culture inside the two workforces are different, but there ARE common denominators, and that#8217;s what I think you need to focus on in your resume. Here are some questions to on women bill ask yourself that might help figure out what to write about (and how to write about them) on your resume: What are the transferable skills that you#8217;ll bring from your government job to your new job in health care? (for example, maybe you#8217;ll still be analyzing data or doing group presentations) What personality traits have served you well in the past and will continue to bring you success in your new environment? (things such as leadership, humor, organization) What aspects of your old job will be similar to your new one? (maybe you#8217;ll continue to work on teams or use databases or something else) What terminology is common to both jobs and fields? (perhaps words like #8220;items,#8221; #8220;customers,#8221; #8220;retention,#8221; and a slew of joad essay others) What measurements of success are used in both arenas? (maybe you#8217;ll quantify things by percentages of growth, market share, or rate of increase/decrease) Lucy, I hope this is helpful.

I#8217;m sure you#8217;re going to do well with your transition. Best of luck! Can continued work in reservation bill a Non-Profit where funding has evaporated (for the time) be included in your work history for essay on physics technology and society, that organization? Absolutely! As long as you#8217;re still officially engaged with the non-profit you can include it in your work history. And it sounds like a smart move that you#8217;re preparing your resume, just in reservation in india case the funding doesn#8217;t return. I am helping a friend#8217;s dad 77 years old and essay and society, a physician write a resume. He is worried about age discrimination and doesn#8217;t want to put dates on his early work but has dates on his past 20 years. i.e.

Jones Clinic 2002-20012. Ever Clinic 1975-2002. Dakota Clinic Ten years. Essay On Women Reservation Bill In India? Is there a way he can list Relevant Professional Experience and internet bane or boon, keep some dates and early jobs off? How would he date the early years? Thanks so much.

You do a great job giving folks empathy in your responses. It#8217;s a great site. How sweet that you#8217;re helping your friend#8217;s dad! I love that. I#8217;m wondering what position your friend is going for, or how he intends to use his resume. In other words, why is he worried about age discrimination? In my opinion, he should list his dates and be completely up front about them.

If he uses a traditional CV format (academic/scientific resume) he will need to list his medical degree and essay bill in india, date, which usually appears right up at the top. When he lists his work history, he should list all the dates as well. Maybe what needs to technology and society be addressed is his concern about his age. Is he going for a position he#8217;s still qualified to hold? If he#8217;s not, then maybe he needs to look for something else. Reservation Bill In India? For example, if surgery is joad essay no longer realistic, then perhaps a position on a medical committee. If he is qualified, then he should go for it. He should write an excellent cover letter and use his professional network to run against his younger competition.

By standing on his actual record (dates and essay bill, all) he will present himself with more dignity. Dignity is something he#8217;s earned from all his years in the field and he deserves to be honored (and hired) for that. I am the secretary for the church I attend. So many people have done this job, and many of them under qualified, things were a mess when I came in (the previous secretary was mostly there to answer phones and joad essay, pay bills and spent most of her time playing Solitaire). I love autonomy and really wanted to make the most of this opportunity, so I went at it and turned a simple job into an efficient, organized, and busy job. We actually hired an assistant because I had added so many items to my duties list. Essay On Women Reservation Bill? My question is this: How do I categorize all the things I have done at joad essay this job (implemented fund accounting through QB, wrote a secretary#8217;s manual, continuously decreased expenditures enough to hire on essay, another person, new filing system, etc.). #8220;I made the office more efficient#8221; just doesn#8217;t sound good! I#8217;m smiling because as I read your question I see that you have almost answered your question. You said: #8220;implemented fund accounting through QB, wrote a secretary’s manual, continuously decreased expenditures enough to essay hire on another person, new filing system, etc.#8221; And that etc. tells me you have more to essay bill in india say. Start by internet essay making each of reservation in india these an independent statement on internet bane or boon essay, your resume (you#8217;ve already got great action verbs for a few of essay on women in india them).

Then add just a little where needed to make it a bit juicier. Joad Essay? For example: Created a new filing system that made records more accessible to on women bill in india the organization#8217;s 4 managers and 7 volunteers. For some positions, achievements just don#8217;t have big numbers next to them. (Although in your case you could quantify a few. For example, how many records were there in that new filing system of yours?) When there#8217;s no way to measure with numbers, just use words to english tell how your action made a positive difference. For example, why was the secretary#8217;s manual such a good idea? Maybe it cut down training time or helped maintain consistency in how staff organized things.

Anyone who gets you as their next admin assistant is going to reservation bill in india be very lucky, Holly. And with a strong resume, you#8217;ll have that new employer soon. Good luck! I am a recent college graduate and on physics and society, I am trying to enter the essay on women in india IT field. Joad Essay? I also have a large gap in employment do to finishing school. On Women Bill In India? Without the joad essay proper experience at this point, I am wondering where to begin with a resume? Karl, congratulations on getting your degree! It must feel good to have that under your belt.

On your resume, place your education section near the essay on women bill in india top of the page. This will create a good introduction to the rest of on lord of the flies vs savagery your resume. It will tell the employer that you: Have a recent degree, which (if that degree is in IT) means you have up-to-date knowledge in your field. You#8217;ve been going to school full time, which explains why you don#8217;t have much paid work experience. Reservation? And if you have any school projects or internships that support your objective, you can place them either under Education or under your first entry under Experience. Euthanasia? That way they#8217;ll get noticed and appreciated. Hey, good luck with your career launch! After 24 years working in essay on women reservation a customer service/administrative position with a state agency, I was laid-off as part of a workforce reduction mandated by the current governor. I have a number of questions about how to represent my unemployed period. First, my unemployment began in October, 2011 and essays flies civilization vs savagery, we are now in July, 2012. How do I represent those dates?

During my unemployment I have been busy with a number of pursuits. I have taken positive actions regarding my health by losing 90 pounds, which has improved a number of essay on women health conditions and my self esteem which was shaken after the layoff occurred. I have also assisted my mother-in-law as she has dealt with two instances of cancer and a stroke. Additionally, my daughter is currently one semester away from receiving bachelor#8217;s degrees in Marketing and Business Management. I have been independently studying her curriculum using her text books and class notes. Of Muet Essay? I have also been enhancing my skills using Microsoft Office programs. How do I reflect all this, so I don#8217;t look like I#8217;ve been on vacation? I have been applying for jobs, but had not addressed my period of essay reservation bill unemployment other than to say it was due to the layoff. Please help me!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Love this site, by the way! My goodness, Suzanne, you have certainly achieved a lot in the last nine months! Let#8217;s take a look at what to put on your resume. I#8217;m going to assume you#8217;re looking for another customer service/administrative position. Will that be in sentence government or the private sector? If it#8217;s in the private sector, here are a few suggestions for on women bill, your resume: List only format of muet, years, not months. That means dates for your current employment gap could be 2011-present or, it could be just Present because your last job will be 1987-2011. Create a #8220;job title#8221; for ONE of the things you were/are doing during your gap.

I suggest you not mention your weight loss or self-esteem (just enjoy those benefits personally). On Women In India? You could give yourself the joad essay title of #8220;Caregiver.#8221; Or you could say #8220;Independent Business Studies.#8221; Or maybe you have other things you#8217;ve been doing such as volunteer work. Pick the title that best supports your job objective. For example, if you apply for a job at a hospital, Caregiver might be good. On Women Reservation Bill? Or even #8220;Caregiver and Healthcare Advocate.#8221; So it might look something like this: Present, Private Caregiver/Healthcare Advocate. Write a statement that#8217;s relevant to your job objective, such as the administrative work you do for on physics and society, maintaining your mother-in-law#8217;s Medicare status. Another statement if you have something to essay say. If not, there#8217;s no need to joad essay have more than one. In fact, it#8217;s even okay not to have any bullet point statements under this title.

1987-2011, Your customer service/administrative title, Name of state agency, City, State. Essay On Women Reservation Bill? Achievement statement about this position. Write several more statements to support your job objective. Internet Bane Or Boon? Hope this is helpful, Suzanne. And good luck with your re-entry into the workforce. I am a recent grad from from a trade school. I worked in my field for on women reservation, a month, but was let go because I made a few mistakes. Joad Essay? I am getting my resume prepared to send out essay on women bill again. Do I include the information of the employment on the resume or leave it off, knowing that I most likely will have to essay address in an interview?

Or do I include just the necessary information on bill, the on the resume, not including the reason for joad essay, termination? Thanks for your help. I#8217;m sorry you had that unpleasant experience. If it#8217;s any consolation, everyone makes mistakes on the job. Not everyone gets let go for making them. But I#8217;m sure you learned a lot from the experience and it#8217;s unlikely it will happen again. On your resume there#8217;s no need to on women bill say why you left the job.

In fact, if you had the job only a month or so, you don#8217;t even have to list it on your resume. Joad Essay? You can if you want, but you don#8217;t HAVE to. You do need to put it on essay reservation bill in india, your job application, but there#8217;s no law that says you have to put it on your resume. What#8217;s most important at joad essay this point, I think, is that you figure out how you#8217;re going to talk about it in a job interview if it comes up. You might want to work with a career counselor to practice how to say it best. Good luck with your job applications! I love your website but don#8217;t know where to begin. I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 16 years. However, during this time I have been an active parent and classroom school volunteer. Essay On Women Reservation? I have also volunteered with many other charitable organizations, as a first responder for outdoor emergency care and coached my kids soccer and softball teams. I have been taking classes for bane or boon, the past several years in essay bill pursuit of a degree in nursing.

I#8217;m also a certified nursing assistant (but with no experience). Format? Could you direct me on essay reservation bill, how to construct a winning resume and cover letter so I can get a nursing assistant job at a hospital? Wow, you said you#8217;re a stay-at-home mom but it seems you#8217;ve been doing a lot other than staying at home. So many of those things you listed will be helpful in the success of your move into a nursing-related field. I suggest you make a list of on lord of the civilization vs savagery those activities you mentioned (maybe you have even more) and prioritize them according to how relevant they are to the nursing assistant job you seek.

First Responder will be near the top, I suspect, along with Nursing Student. And remember that education skills (your coaching and classroom volunteer work) are also highly valued in essay on women in india nursing. Take your top two or three and internet essay, feature them as #8220;job titles#8221; for the last 16 years. Essay Bill? You could use either a chronological or combination resume format. On Lord Of The Vs Savagery? One more thing: be sure to on women reservation bill in india put your Education section near the top of your resume so the hospital sees that you have the required certification plus addition coursework. Best of bane or boon luck with your new career!

I was just wondering: If my current job is not in reservation bill the field of work I am applying for (i.e. I have recently started work in entry-level retail management and am applying for administration), should I include it in my resume or not? I have admin experience, so it#8217;s not so much a matter of not having enough to put on my resume, but I#8217;m wondering whether it#8217;s more important to show that I#8217;m currently working (even if that position is essays flies vs savagery somewhat irrelevant to reservation bill in india the work I am applying for), or show relevant experience? Without knowing the all the on lord of the details, my gut feeling is that you should list your current job on your resume. Employers tend to prefer hiring someone who#8217;s currently employed over someone who is unemployed. So listing the job you have now, will make you look a little more appealing in the job market.

Hope you find your new administration job soon! I am in essay on women in india what I believe is sentence a fairly common situation in reservation bill today#8217;s economy; I have been attending college for my Bachelor#8217;s in of muet essay Criminal Justice Administration and the current term would have been my last to on women reservation bill in india complete my degree program were it not for and society, the fact that I have completely run out of financial aid. I have not been employed since February of essay on women reservation 2009 and that position was in an unrelated field. I am unable to afford the format essay cost for my final two classes and need to obtain employment so that I can cover the expense. I have begun to work on my resume and essay reservation in india, have found that I am at a loss as what to write for my headline. The examples that I have found all suggest mentioning that you are a recent graduate, however in my case that is not quite the fact. How am I to approach this in the headline section of my resume?

Thank you for your guidance. Thesis Sentence? Oh Michaelle, you#8217;re so close to on women bill finishing. Let#8217;s see if we can help you get a job so you can get that degree! I think that you should put your Education section near the top of your resume so an english 101 persuasive essay, employer will see that you are still in school. (I#8217;m assuming you#8217;re looking for essay on women bill in india, a job that you can hold down while going to school, right? Even if that#8217;s not the case, I think you should put Education right up there.) After your degree, write something like one of these: The same type of wording would also work in your headline. Good luck with your job search! Thanks for the suggestion Susan. I do have one other question concerning the right way to list my education: I earned my asscociate in Science in Paralegal Studies in euthanasia thesis 2008, and my bachelors is in Criminal Justice Administration. Because the essay on women reservation bill two degrees are not the euthanasia sentence same concentration, should I list both and include examples of related coursework for essay reservation bill in india, each as well? Hi again, Michaelle, Yes, list both of your degrees.

You don#8217;t have to euthanasia thesis sentence include coursework unless you think the essay on women reservation employer won#8217;t know that you have a particular relevant area of study under you belt. Good luck with it! I am a convicted felon and internet bane or boon, am having a very difficult time finding employment. Essay On Women Bill In India? I have over 25 years of experience in the printing industry and my resume is quite impressive. Bane? I was incarcerated from 2006 to 2010 and on women, had a very prestigious job while incarcerated, I think I covered that 4 year gap pretty well but now find myself facing yet another problem. Since 2010, I have been searching for of the flies civilization vs savagery, employment without much luck. Due to my resume being very impressive, I have gotten many interviews that have gone very well#8230;but still have not been given #8220;that chance#8221; to prove myself. My problem is the time gap from 2010 to essay on women reservation the current date that I have been searching for employment. If possible, I could e mail you my resume which would show my dilemma.

But my problem now is how to and society fill that gap. Reservation In India? My resume is very impressive and I wouldn#8217;t mind you using it on your site as a sample, as long as all personal information, company names etc#8230; are changed. Please help me with any advice you can offer. Joad Essay? I can not afford to hire a professional since I have been out of work for two and essay on women in india, a half years now. Essay On Physics? I would very much appreciate any insight you could offer. Thank you so much for your time. Let#8217;s try to bill come up with a solution. First, I want to say that if you#8217;re getting job interviews, then your resume is doing its job and format of muet essay, maybe where you need help is in reservation your interviewing skills. If there#8217;s a One-Stop Career Center near you, maybe you can get some in-person interview coaching. If, however, you are no longer getting interviews (as your employment gap increases over time), then I would have to agree that you need to essays of the flies vs savagery do something about that gap on essay bill, your resume.

So let#8217;s assume it#8217;s the gap and brainstorm a little. In addition to english job searching, what else have you been doing during that last 2-1/2 years? Anything related to publishing? Even online publishing? Any volunteer work or personal projects that have enhanced your skills in the publishing arena? If so, create a #8220;job title#8221; that reflects that unpaid work and list it as your occupation since 2010 (or whatever date is true). If you haven#8217;t been doing anything related to publishing, then what have you been doing that shows that you#8217;ve kept yourself busy in a productive way? Family management?

Or maybe independent study or care giving of some kind? Take that activity and create a #8220;job title#8221; to use as a placeholder for on women reservation bill, the last 2-1/2 years on your resume. Another idea: you could start something relevant (a class, volunteer work, or personal project) today! Then list it for #8220;present.#8221; in your Experience section. Make sense? I hope so. Joad Essay? Let us know what happens after you try one or more of these techniques. Essay Reservation Bill? Thank you for euthanasia, your reply and very much of what you said is on women bill in india true. One area that goes very well is the interview process for me but it seems in euthanasia thesis sentence the end#8230; my record holds me back. For 2 1/2 years besides actively seeking employment, I have been helping take care of reservation in india my Grandmother who is now 95 years old. I feel at this point, my main obstruction besides all of the obvious, is that gap from me time of release to and society the current date, Is there an e mail that I can send you a copy of my resume so you will fully understand what i mean.

Thank you again so much for even taking the bill time to talk to me. Your input on essays on lord of the civilization vs savagery, my resume would be invaluable!! Hello again, David, You can certainly put down #8220;Caregiver#8221; as your occupation for the last few years. And if you#8217;ve been doing any writing, editing, online publishing, or anything at all related to essay reservation bill your publishing field, then you could include that, too. Maybe something like this: Website content development (concurrent with full-time care giving for grandparent), 2010-present. About reviewing your resume: I#8217;m sorry I#8217;m not doing resume reviews in this forum. Just happy to english essay give advice. I#8217;ve been a stay-at-home mom for essay on women reservation in india, the past 11 years and technology and society, am now ready to update my resume. My question is how do I explain/elaborate on the last 11 years, effectively, on a resume? Or don#8217;t I explain it? I have been an apprentice to a freelance carpenter for bill in india, the past 5 years.

How do I show this on joad essay, work history? Sounds like you#8217;re ready to use those carpentering skills in essay on women a new position. Are you staying in the field or making a career change? Either way, you can list your apprenticeship like any other job in your Experience section. Maybe something like this: 2007-present, Carpenter#8217;s Apprentice, Name of freelance carpenter (or Master Carpenter), City, State. Under that heading write bullet point statements that are relevant to your job objective. Internet Or Boon Essay? So if you#8217;re staying in the carpentry field, talk about the bill types of projects you#8217;ve worked on and what skills you developed.

If you#8217;re changing careers, think about what skills from your apprenticeship you#8217;ll be using in joad essay your new career. Essay On Women Bill In India? Then write bullet point statements about how you used those skills as an apprentice. For example, maybe you developed some good project management skills (even though you weren#8217;t a manager). Or maybe you used your bilingual skills on the job and they will be useful in your new line of work. Let us know how it goes! I have been doing a lot of research regarding cover letters and resumes due to the fact that I#8217;m looking for joad essay, work at the moment.

That being said i came across your website and found it pretty informative as well as intriguing =) if i may, i would like to ask your help. I have been working for the same company for essay reservation, 7 years#8230;( aviation industry ) but recently the company got bought by its brother company due to financial problems. On Lord Of The Flies Civilization? So the new company took over all the staff and so on. unfortunately me and the boss at the new company did not get along at all so he found a loop hole to get me fired. On Women Reservation Bill? after i left the company they closed down my department leaving only him in charge of english essay all the operations. that being said..i have been without work for just about essay reservation bill a year now and i am having the hardest time to even get an employer to give me half a chance to just come in for of the, an interview. Reservation In India? so#8230; I#8217;m sincerely hoping you will be able to joad essay give me some guidance resume wise. What a sad story to have lost your job this way. But you have a lot going for you, nonetheless. 7 years at one job is a very good record. So as long as, on bill in india, your resume, you don#8217;t state why you left, it should not be a problem. Also, don#8217;t mention it in your cover letter. It may come up in your interview but you can handle that in person.

On your resume, list your previous job and create achievement statements about your work experience at that company. Keep everything positive so you don#8217;t plant any ideas that there was a conflict with your boss. Also, try to get a letter of format recommendation from your former boss (the one you worked well with). Bill In India? And you might even take a phrase from that letter and put it in joad essay one of your resume Summary statements. That would make a good impression. Also, remember, this is a very bad economy. The difficulty you#8217;re having getting interviews may not have anything to essay reservation bill in india do with how you left your last job. It might just be that jobs are hard to get. English 101 Persuasive? Wishing you the best with your job search! I am transitioning out of the military after 20 years. Essay In India? I have gotten a lot of conflicting advice on what resume format I should use.

Do you have any suggestions on what format could work best for english 101 persuasive essay, a military transition? How far back should I go on my resume? Congratulations on your re-entry to the civilian world. And thank you for so many years of service! The most common format for exiting military folks is the essay on women in india combination resume format, especially if you want to work in on lord of the vs savagery the private sector. The skill headings in essay the combination format help the employer understand what transferable skills you bring to the table. You see, many civilian folks don#8217;t understand military rank and lingo, so those skill headings really help. If you#8217;re headed for a government position or work with a government contractor, the combination or chronological resume will work. Best of luck in your transition.

And, again, Thank you! I#8217;m a freelance artist but my commissions are not received often enough to rely on them as my sole source of income nowadays. I#8217;m establishing interviews for a secondary job with a professional company and I wonder if it is wise to euthanasia sentence inform my interviewer in person or on my resume that I have this small buisiness on the side. Essay Bill In India? Will they see my successes in my side trade as good selling points or will they fear that I cannot devote my full effort to the job I#8217;m interviewing for. If it#8217;s any comfort to you, please know that you are not alone in your desire to move from self-employment to employment. I#8217;ve been asked the same question by essays of the flies civilization vs savagery other small business owners and freelancers who want full-time jobs because they needed more income. There are a few options for how to handle it on your resume. Please read this post I wrote and see if one of the ideas/examples would work for you. In India? Wishing you much success in euthanasia thesis your job search! I have read your articles on making a plain text for a word program, but I have a mac computer with pages. Do you have directions for essay reservation bill, that as well??

I#8217;m sorry, I don#8217;t have instructions for converting to Plain Text on of muet, the Mac. Essay Reservation? I guess you#8217;ll have to google that one. Are you sure you need to convert your resume to Plain Text? Most resume websites can handle a Word formatted resume without any problem and sending a Word resume as an email attachment is also fine. I was hoping you can help me. I am looking for a position overseas as an english teacher however I have no prior experience and I do not have a university degree. I did take a online tefl course, I have a college diploma in essays on lord of the flies vs savagery human resources and I have expereince training one on one and to on women bill group including creating training guides which I believe can be an advantage. Can you please help me?

Do you have a sample cover letter and of muet essay, resume for reservation, teaching english as a foreign language jobs? P.S. you website is great!! I have a sample resume for an ESL teacher that I think might be helpful, at essays flies civilization vs savagery least in bill in india giving you ideas for how you might organize your experience and education. Take a look at this chronological resume for an English as Second Language Teacher for Dorothy Miller (not her real name). Dorothy first had a functional ESL resume, which I recently converted to the chronological format because chronological resumes are more widely accepted by euthanasia employers. Here#8217;s what I like about the chronological resume example: it offers a lot of personal relevant experience along with Dorothy#8217;s teaching experience.

This gives it an added dimension and personality that shows she really has a talent for working with people from other countries. Somehow, I think you and #8220;Dorothy#8221; have that in bill common. Technology And Society? I hope you can capture that feeling in bill your resume as well because it#8217;s sometimes that #8220;something extra#8221; that gets you noticed. Good luck with your ESL resume and euthanasia sentence, new career! I was taught in high school that resumes should be one page. Bill? Is this true anymore, today? I have a lot of information that takes up two pages, but not much on the second page. May be a 1/4 of internet bane essay page to a 1/3. Thanks.

If your resume format is 1-1/4 or 1-1/3 pages, it#8217;s fine. Essay Bill In India? Here#8217;s my rule of thumb: A resume should be no longer than two pages unless it#8217;s for an executive (3 pages is the limit) or an academic/scientific CV (unlimited number of pages). So it sounds as if your resume is a good length. Just be sure your best stuff is on page one. And remember to put your name and #8220;page two#8221; at joad essay the top of page two so the reader knows you#8217;ve got a two-pager. Good luck with it! I#8217;m helping my father, who is 65, in the job seeking process.

He is ready to on women reservation bill return to vs savagery a part time job that is not necessarily in his field, but that will interest him and essay reservation in india, provide him with a source of sentence some supplemental income. He has an essay on women reservation, employment gap in his resume of about 3-4 years after he was laid off after working in Project Management (as an executive/ manager) for a company for 35+ years. Do you have any resume samples that will help me create a new resume profile for essays on lord vs savagery, him? Over the past 3-4 years, he has been assisting with family care of essay on women in india a grandchild, a daughter who was very sick and a wife who needed assistance as well. Joad Essay? Thank you. Just as a follow up to the above question, my father#8217;s current resume is essay on women in india a very business/ project/ account management focused resume with all his business experience and successes and he has a decree in accounting. He would want a part time position in a retail or customer service oriented field at essay on physics and society this stage of his career change.

I am hoping you can provide me with resume sample (s) that would help me shape his resume to essay on women include his experience and also his qualifications. Thank you. How wonderful that you#8217;re helping your dad with his resume. And thanks for 101 persuasive essay, filling us in with more of the bill in india details. You may not find ONE example that#8217;s exactly the same as your dad#8217;s situation, but I think you can gather ideas several resume samples to come up with a unique resume for him. Here are some links to sample resumes that address the english 101 persuasive essay resume problems he#8217;s facing: Here are sample resumes for essay on women reservation bill in india, his job objective: Here are resume samples for the combination resume format, which I think you should consider for your dad#8217;s resume: Hopefully you#8217;ll get some good ideas from these. Let me know if you have more questions.

Thank you for these samples. Another question: if my dad spend the last few years, while unemployed, caring for english, a sick family member and watching a grandchild, is that something that should be left off the resume (since he#8217;s not applying for a healthcare or caregiver position?) It would be better to put the care giving experience very briefly as your dad#8217;s current #8220;job title#8221; than to have nothing for essay on women, his span of unemployment. Thesis Sentence? It shows that he#8217;s kept busy and has good character. If he has something else that#8217;s more relevant to essay on women reservation in india his objective, there#8217;s no need to list the care giving. Bane Essay? Sounds like you#8217;re making progress. #128578; Hi, Susan One more question In the objective section at on women bill the top of the resume, is it advisable to highlight that my dad is looking for a part time job that is different than his experience and training field? Some of the resume samples I#8217;ve seen write something like #8220;experienced flight attendant seeks new career opportunity in euthanasia thesis sentence sales field#8221; or something like that. This will not be a whole new career for him; just a part-time job, but still, is it advisable to mention the essay bill in india difference in his resume experience and what he is or boon currently looking for?

Thanks, Michelle. I would mention it only if it strengthens his application. For example, if he#8217;s going for essay bill in india, a job in his former industry but in joad essay a different role, then you might mention that he has experience in the industry. But if everything about the career change is different, then don#8217;t highlight that difference in the job objective statement. Only highlight the info that makes him look in sync with his objective. What#8217;s the best way to include an bill, unfinished college degree in format of muet a resume? And is on women reservation bill it even worth doing when it when you have a finished degree in a completely different field, but the past coursework seems relevant to 101 persuasive essay the position being applied for? want help to on women reservation bill better wor this- #8220;Educated, supervised, and essay on physics technology, assisted all new hires with knowledge to operate under Bruce, and Lexi-scan protocal, to perform nuclear stress test, and stress echos#8221; Because I don#8217;t know your field, I#8217;m going to point you to essay on women bill in india some sample resumes in and society technical fields.

Browse through them to essay on women reservation in india see if some of essay technology and society their statements give you ideas for your resume. If you don#8217;t find it in that section, look in some of the other sample resume sections. On Women Reservation Bill In India? I don#8217;t know who Bruce is and your reader probably doesn#8217;t either. So I wouldn#8217;t mention his name unless you add his last name AND he#8217;s know and respected in your field. Joad Essay? Good luck with your resume writing! Thank you for this website it is very useful. Could I get your advice? I have been in the Managing Director position for 7.5 years, but moved from Lithuania to UK 10 month ago. In UK I worked just simple jobs one as a sales assistant in electronics shop, and current one is a warehouse operative.

I would love to get back on track and am looking for business development manager/service sales professional position and it seems to me, that my CV lacks results/achievements. How do I get the results or measure my achievements? Here is on women reservation in india how that part of my CV looks now: Managing Director Feb 2004 – Oct 2011. Translation Interpretation Agency, No. 3 in essay Top 5 of Translation Agencies in on women XXXXXX region. Main Areas of essays of the civilization Expertise: • Sales Business Development. Bill? Cold-called prospects, searched for new customers business possibilities, developed maintained business relations with clients, strategic partners, translators interpreters (CRM). Created managed webpage company’s corporate style, created prepared marketing campaigns in format of muet essay mass media Internet. Communicated with designers, representatives of printing houses, radio TV, negotiated prices and essay reservation, terms. • Project and of muet essay, HR Management.

Fragmented translation projects to separate tasks delegated them, controlled quality the whole project progress. Managed several complex projects simultaneously and delivered timely and high quality results. Managed team of 5 people in bill the office and 90+ freelancers. Searched for english, translators interpreters: screened CVs selected candidates, interviewed shortlisted candidates issued contracts for translators interpreters, issued paid the invoices. Thank you in advance! Your question is one so many job seekers have, so I#8217;m happy to answer it. Here are some questions to ask after each of essay bill your statements. Essay On Physics Technology And Society? Hopefully they#8217;ll help you come up with ways to quantified your achievements. Reservation Bill? For example, in this statement: Cold-called prospects, searched for internet bane or boon, new customers #038; business possibilities, developed #038; maintained business relations with clients, strategic partners, translators #038; interpreters (CRM). Ask yourself: How many prospects?

How many of essay on women reservation in india those prospects resulted in joad essay new customers? And what was your retention rate? For example, in this statement: Created #038; managed webpage #038; company’s corporate style, created #038; prepared marketing campaigns in mass media #038; Internet. Communicated with designers, representatives of printing houses, radio #038; TV, negotiated prices and terms. Essay In India? Ask yourself: So what if I did all that? How did it benefit my employer? How did it develop or use the skills I want to use in my next job? How did I positively hit the bottom line? For example, in this statement: Fragmented translation projects to separate tasks #038; delegated them, controlled quality #038; the whole project progress. Managed several complex projects simultaneously and delivered timely and high quality results.

Ask yourself: What was the bottom line result for this project? How was it improved because of internet bane my action? The statement mentions high-quality results. What were those results? What makes you proud of this achievement? For example, in on women bill this statement: Searched for translators #038; interpreters: screened CVs #038; selected candidates, interviewed shortlisted candidates #038; issued contracts for joad essay, translators #038; interpreters, issued #038; paid the invoices. Ask yourself: Of all those things I did, what am I most proud of? What would I want to repeat in another project because I did it so well and it led to such good results? I hope these ideas are helpful Thanks for asking the question! Thank you, Susan! Will work on these questions and hope my answers to your questions will improve CV significantly.

Thank you once again! You#8217;re welcome, Nezinixu. I hope you come up with a great CV. #128578; i want to essay on women reservation bill in india no how to write application letter for format of muet essay, my boss and reservation bill, request for another assistant in joad essay my office due to the kind of work am working there. Although this isn#8217;t the in india type of letter I am used to writing, I think the same good cover letter writing principles apply: Start with a polite request for what you want. Give a brief explanation for why you think it#8217;s a good idea. Close with a sincere thank you and suggestions for follow up (such as meeting to discuss it).

Good luck with your request! I have been unemployed since 19 months. Technology And Society? Before that I worked as an HR only for essay on women, 6 months. I could not learn anything new in the last 19 months, but currently I have enrolled for 101 persuasive, a new skill that would be relevant to my career. Can you suggest how I should mention the gap of those 19 months, which have been in fact valueless, in my resume? Be sure not to list months when you give the in india dates of of muet employment on essay bill in india, your resume. Just put down the years. That will help reduce the essay and society gap some. If I#8217;ve calculated your 19 months right, it should look something like this: Present, Student, XYZ Class, ABC School. 2011-12, Something that shows good character. 2010, Your position in HR.

So now you need to fill that 2011-12 gap with something that shows the employer that you#8217;re a good person. What can you come up with? Parent? Caregiver? Volunteer work? Even if you weren#8217;t doing anything that#8217;s relevant to your job objective, you need to reservation bill in india put down something so the employer knows you weren#8217;t getting into trouble. In How to Explain Unemployment on Your Resume there#8217;s a list of essays on lord of the civilization vs savagery #8220;job titles#8221; for gaps. See if one of them will work for essay reservation, you. Technology? Once you figure this out, you#8217;re going to give a big sigh of relief. So I#8217;m glad you asked! #128578; I took your advice and re-drafted my Resume exactly according to your suggestions. On Women Reservation Bill? And guess what?

I got a call for a job interview in a couple of weeks after that, aced through the interview, and now they have made me an offer! Thanks a lot for your help! Truly appreciate your assistance! Congratulations, Neha! And thank you for getting back to format of muet us. I wish you all the best on your new job! I was just laid off from my job on Friday,I was doing powder coating,and now I am trying to write something professional on my resume where it says profile,and I don#8217;t have the greatest vocabulary,and I keep trying to research the internet for essay on women reservation in india, some helpful tips,but keep coming up empty,can you help me with this? One of the most useful (to the euthanasia thesis sentence employer) first lines of a Profile (or Summary) section answers the essay in india question, #8220;How much experience you have doing your job objective or in using the skills that are required for your job objective?#8221; See if that helps you come up with your first bullet point Summary statement. After that, ask yourself some of the questions in this article: Your Summary of Qualifications.

I hope this helps you turn out a great Summary section. Hello Susan, its Abhishek here. Thesis Sentence? Your site is nice and essay on women reservation bill in india, your job too. I would like to have your help in following: 1. I have as my current location a small city and that#8217;s my address on resume as well. Now, how can I communicate, via resume, to employers that I am ready to joad essay be relocated? That can be done through Cover Letter. Essay In India? But, I want this to be in resume, because on places like, job portals, employers see just our resume. Joad Essay? 2. Secondly, when we apply through job portals and we click on apply, then only our resume got submitted and not cover letter. So what one can do about in india it?

3. These days, a lot of placement agencies gave advertisements on job portals. So, while applying through them, one should write cover letter, keeping them in mind or the employer. Thank You Regards, Abhishek K. Pandey. I see you#8217;re a very organized person by the way you asked your questions. Let me respond in kind: 1. You could write a bullet point in your Summary section (perhaps the of the flies civilization vs savagery last bullet point) something like this: Willing to essay reservation in india relocate. 2. Some portals just don#8217;t offer a way to submit a cover letter. There#8217;s nothing you can do except be sure your resume contains all the info you need the employer to see. If it#8217;s a specific company site, then be sure to target your resume to that company culture and job opening.

3. If you know it#8217;s an employment agency, then target the cover letter to the agency. Hope this is useful! Good luck with your online applications! Thanks for that #8220;organized#8221; comment. Its good to hear nice things from you. You have also solved my queries, so a lot of thanks for that too.

Good Luck with your endeavors. HELP! With the economy of the last few years I need a job. Format Of Muet? Would like to go into New Home Sales. I realize the path is on women through a training program with one of the companies. Or Boon Essay? My BIG problem is reservation learning to write a resume and cover letter with basically no work experience. At the english 101 persuasive essay age of essay on women bill in india 59, I have raised 4 children, volunteered for several sports teams and fundraising for many organizations related to the kids until 8 years ago. Just closed a family ranching business. What and how do I put all this into a resume and cover letter? Thanks for any help you can give me.. Wow, Patty, you#8217;re making a big transition!

Congratulations! You need to be a little creative in how you frame your unpaid experience, but even from your short note I can tell you DO have experience for your resume. I suggest you start by writing a functional resume. Joad Essay? Then convert it to a chronological resume format. On Women Bill? This will help you understand and write about your transferable skills and english, achievements. You mentioned a family business.

Maybe that#8217;s something that can be included. Maybe you and your family have lived in several homes and done some remodeling. Maybe that involved working with a mortgage company. And you certainly have a personal understanding of what a home needs for a large family. Dig deep to find relevant experiences that support your new career. I wish you much success in New Home Sales! I#8217;ve had some difficulties in my job search. I#8217;m seeking positions in customer service.

Although I have some employment gaps that span 6 months to essay bill in india 11 months at a time in my professional history. Joad Essay? I would like to reservation know how can I fill in these gaps and make my resume more noticeable. Here#8217;s a trick that might take care of your employment gaps. List the years for each job, but do not list months. See if that alone will avoid the look of an employment gap.

If that doesn#8217;t work (although I bet it will), get back to us and I#8217;ll try something else. Hi , i woul like to of the flies civilization have an example of resume for a 12 th grader .. what shoul i say ? what would i have to write . I don#8217;t have a resume sample for a 12th grader. Essay On Women Reservation Bill? But I can give you a few tips to get you started. 1. Format Of Muet? Decide what type of job you want. 2. Make a list of the skills required for that work. 3. Essay On Women Reservation Bill? Make another list of paid and euthanasia sentence, unpaid jobs and essay in india, activities that you#8217;ve done that used the skills and personal qualities that will be used for your job objective. 4. Mention those jobs and internet or boon essay, activities in the Experience section of essay reservation in india your resume. Remember, a lot of school projects can be used to demonstrate your strengths. 5. Under Education, be sure to list any special recognition or awards you#8217;ve gotten at school.

Good luck with your first resume! And have fun on on lord civilization, the job you get! I have been unemployed since January of 2009. I was laid off. But, since then I have been the primary care giver to my grandmother.

This has been a 24/7 situation for me. She just recently passed away and essay on women bill in india, now I need to get back in to the job market. How do I discribe this on essays on lord of the flies, my resume? I forgot to mention I was A restaurant manager when I was laid off. So how would I word it is my problem I guess. I#8217;m sorry for your recent loss. How good that you were able to care for essay on women bill in india, your grandmother in essay her last few years. Elder care is perfectly fine to put on your resume, and is valued, much the way parenting is.

So I suggest you list your most current #8220;job#8221; something like this: 2009-2012, Caregiver to elder family member. There#8217;s no need to go into on women reservation details. Stating that it was an elder family member hints that your care giving is no longer needed and essays of the flies civilization vs savagery, won#8217;t compete for your time on the next job. By keeping this job entry brief, you fill the gap in essay on women employment and let the employer#8217;s eye fall onto essay technology your former job as a restaurant manager. Best to essay on women reservation in india you as you move forward. I need help with my resume. I notice that I get the interviews, but never the job. Is it because I am over 40? Or is 101 persuasive it my resume? My resume has been redone a zillion times, by people at in india Madison Area Technical College, where I just graduated from in May of 2012. I got my associate#8217;s degree in essay on physics technology and society paralegal studies.

I do not seem to be getting my foot in the door. Please help! I don#8217;t know if your age is on women a problem or not. 40 years old certainly isn#8217;t too old to be a good paralegal but maybe your competition is younger and therefore look less expensive from the employer#8217;s view. Try going back only 10 years on your resume. That will give the employer enough info to essays of the flies figure out that you are AT LEAST 30 years old, which is true. See if that gets you some interviews. Essay On Women Bill? Best of luck with your new career! I relocated from the west coast to the east coast due to my wife#8217;s job. How can I show on my resume or in my cover letter that I was not laid off and left voluntarily.

I#8217;ve talked to recruiters who say that I cannot be placed by them because I am looking for a job/unemployed, presumably because I was laid off. Technology And Society? I suspect companies are also thinking the same way. I used to live on the East Coast and I loved it. Essay On Women Reservation Bill? So I hope you love it, too. Finding a job there will help a lot.

Right? I assume you have listed your East Coast address at the top of your resume. Internet Bane Or Boon? That will help tell the employer that you have moved recently. Since you#8217;ve been having trouble getting the point across to recruiters that you didn#8217;t get fired or laid off, I#8217;m going to suggest something I almost never suggest: that you state (on your resume) the reason for leaving your last job. Don#8217;t do it for all the essay on women reservation bill jobs listed on your resume, just your last job. In your last bullet point under that job heading you might say something like: #8220;Relocated to East Coast.#8221; or #8220;Resigned to relocate to East Coast.#8221; Don#8217;t give an explanation about your wife#8217;s job. Short and sweet is the way to go. You can also do the same in your cover letter. #8220;Now that I#8217;ve relocated with my family to the East Coast#8230;#8221; I hope this helps and format, you land a job soon! Susan, I#8217;ve owned and operated a consulting firm for 30 years. All of my work has been helping others achieve their goals.

At the end of the day, the essay on women bill accomplishments are theirs. Or Boon? How do I best present this in a resume now that I am transitioning out of my business and looking for essay in india, a job where I can put this experience to english 101 persuasive use? What a wonderful opportunity for you to take credit for all the good work you#8217;ve done for you business and on women bill in india, your employees! On your resume, you can refer to how you: Trained your employees to become excellent at whatever it is they do. Led the team to achieve such-and-such results. Created a work environment that facilitated such-and-such and resulted in format cost savings or increased revenue. Fostered the professional development of your staff, which led to employee retention and excellent performance. Find ways to show that by helping others you increased the bottom line of the company. Does this help? I hope so. Good luck in your transition!

Hi Susan, I am so glad to have found this site! I am a 49 year old female trying to get into the job market seriously for the first time. I spent the better part of the past 20 years raising my family. I did work for essay reservation in india, 6 years (2000-2006) in a field I really enjoyed but had a difficult time finding work/home balance. Also, I went through a divorce a couple of years ago and am currently working at the business my ex and I owned. I sold it after the divorce with the stipulation of employment for 5 years. I basically advise and coach the new owner but obviously this is temporary. Two questions: 1. Is an objective still necessary on a resume? If so, how specific? 2. 101 Persuasive Essay? How do I address the position I have now at the business I owned? I do not really have a title but it has been a good bit of responsibility.

The new owner is essay on women reservation bill in india taking over more of the managing now, however and 101 persuasive essay, I am transitioning into more of a customer service role. I am not sure how to on women bill explain this on a resume. Thank you. To give you a good answer, I need to ask a question: What type of work do you want to do next? I#8217;m hoping you#8217;ll get back to us so I can explain a few things I think will be helpful. i am sandeep . i have done my B.E(ECE) in the year 2010 . Joad Essay? aftr my graduation i was managing my family business which is in india a import/export of or boon essay dry fruits and general merchandising from june 2010 to march 2012. Essay Bill In India? . from march 2012 to sept 2012 i completd technical training on REMOTE INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT .as my techincal skill .. now am searchng fr job .. so please help me how to fill up my resume with two years gap aftr my graduation. I think you#8217;ve gained some valuable experience managing your family#8217;s business during those two years after graduation.

I suggest you list it something like this: 2010-2012, Manager, Name of Business, City. Essay On Physics And Society? Write one or two bullet point statements here that point to your management skills, in reservation in india particular any technical and essay, team leadership skills you used in this position. Reservation In India? There#8217;s no need to say that it was your family#8217;s business. Just state it as a job you held. Euthanasia Sentence? If it comes up in essay on women reservation in india the interview that your family owned it, that#8217;s fine. But there#8217;s no need to say that on your resume. Best of luck as you start your new career! thank you very much . Format Of Muet Essay? #8230;. Bill? i will come back to you again if any doubt is there means .. once again thank u susan .. I am working a contract job, and have a question on how to list this position on my resume. I work for and get paid by of muet company A, for essay on women reservation bill, company B, working on location at internet or boon essay company C. Essay On Women Bill? How would I list this on my resume.

The reason I ask is 101 persuasive I was told to submit my resume to company C. Company C is a big company and the first people who see my resume a will not know who I am or what loaction I work at. I want them to see that I work at on women in india their company but not currently for their company. Thanks in advance. Here#8217;s one way to internet handle it. List Company A as your employer. State that you are a contractor. Create a subheading called #8220;Selected Clients,#8221; and list Company C under that subheading. Something like this: Such-and-such Contractor, Company A. Achievement statement from your experience at Company C. Bill? Another achievement from Company C. Think that would work? Let us know! I have difficult-to-get around resume problems. My most recent employment history consists of three jobs over a period of about two years in which I was #8220;let go#8221; after 4 months or less.

I do not think I am a bad employee, perhaps I am working at format essay all the bill in india wrong types of places. But, excluding these jobs from my work history would leave a VERY obvious gap in employment. I am a college student working on my B.A. so my history of essay jobs includes titles such as #8220;hostess#8221; and #8220;bed tech#8221; (at tanning salons). How can I put together a resume in which my employment dates as well as my employment title history do not cause employers to write me off as a bad employee or as being unskilled? (I actually have extensive experience working with computers, the internet, social media, technology, and skills in office administration) Thanks in advance for your help, I have a few quick fixes I think will help: 1. Right after or under your Experience section heading, put (Concurrent with Education). This will let the employer know that these short-term jobs were on essay on women reservation bill in india, top off a full load of courses. 2. Use seasons and 101 persuasive essay, years instead of on women reservation months and essay, years when you list dates for those jobs. For example, Summer-Fall 2012 instead of July-October 2012. It makes the jobs look more seasonal than short-term. Reservation Bill? 3. If you have unpaid work that you did (such as your computer work) that you did along side these short-term jobs, try listing that unpaid work instead of those jobs. OR, you could even list #8220;Student, such-and-such collage) as the job title in place of those jobs. Joad Essay? (If you list #8220;Student#8221; as your job title, then don#8217;t do #1 above.) Maybe one or two of essay these ideas will work for you! I hope so. hi, i don#8217;t know how to write my resume because i am not finished my high school. and i want to go to the ESL classes. Essay Technology And Society? but it#8217;s not good enoght for me and i am looking a job in the wallmart.

Here#8217;s a link to a Resume Workbook for High School Students by my mentor, Yana Parker. In India? I think it might help you figure out what to say on your resume and how to format format it. The workbook can be downloaded as a PDF and costs $5.00 for an individual. However, if you can#8217;t afford that, you can download it for free. (We use the honor system.) Please come back and tell us how you liked it. #128578; My position is ending in bill in india December and on physics and society, I am looking for essay on women in india, a new job. My background is customer service and admin work. I am also a part-time student. English Essay? I have no clue how to put my resume together, namely my objective or skills summary. Since I have worked in admin roles, I don#8217;t really see how I can quantify my work and make it stand out on my resume. I want to keep moving forward professionally and not backwards.

My big question to you is: What kind of essay bill job do you want next? More customer service and admin work? Something related to your college degree? Something else? Try to internet bane clarify your objective and that will help you figure out what to essay on women put on your resume and how to thesis quantify your experience. My resume philosophy is: Your resume is about your future, not your past. So start by on women knowing your objective and all the rest will fall in place. That is a good question. I have been looking into that to essay technology figure out what exactly I wanted to do next.

I know I want something that will allow me to use my customer service skills. My degree will be in Communication Studies. I am leaning towards the gov#8217;t. Essay On Women Reservation In India? I don#8217;t have gov#8217;t experience so I thought I would have to take something to internet essay build towards getting a gov#8217;t postion. On Women Reservation Bill In India? What would you suggest? Also, I am interested in getting help with my resume.

Can you email me so we can discuss? I need a little help disguising my period of unemployment from October 2010 to October 2012. Were you doing anything relevant to your job objective while you were unemployed? Maybe a class or volunteer work that in essay and society any way supports your objective? If so create a #8220;job title#8221; to stand for that unpaid work and list it on your resume for the dates 2010-2012. If you don#8217;t have anything relevant to list, create a job title around something that is true and on women reservation bill in india, shows you have good character. For example, #8220;Caregiver#8221; or #8220;Parent.#8221; Does this help? If not, ask again! How to overcome block in writing accomplishment statements for each particular job? Seem to be writing job duties without clear concise accomplishments.

Have brainstormed and still at a standstill even after reviewing all questions one should ask how I performed job? You#8217;re not alone with this problem. Most of us have trouble writing about essay ourselves, especially about our accomplishments. Try working with someone else on on women bill, it. Essay On Physics And Society? A friend or a professional resume coach.

Someone who can be objective, ask probing questions, see your experience from the employer#8217;s point of essay on women in india view, and help you keep your achievements relevant to your objective. Essay And Society? Good luck with it! I#8217;m applying to graduate school in reservation computer science. I#8217;m wandering what should I put in my resume? Should I list some of the training and of the flies civilization vs savagery, courses such as Dale Carnegie Course?

If I have some joined some contests in my field but did not win any prize, or only essay on women, get into euthanasia sentence the final round, will listing these experiences help? Or I shouldn#8217;t list such experiences? To each of your questions, the answer is essay in india YES! Definitely list training and on lord of the, courses such as Dale Carnegie. It shows you go above the norm to challenge yourself and on women, achieve personal goals. Contests in essays on lord flies your field tell the reader that you are alert, active, and engaged in your field beyond just book learning. Whether you won a prize or not, it#8217;s a good thing to put on your resume as an academic achievement. Essay On Women? It also shows that you like a challenge. Also, list community service you#8217;ve been involved in. These types of joad essay activities show good character and essay, values.

Good luck with your graduate school application! I graduated 2 years ago and on physics technology and society, I have had a series of essay on women reservation bill in india temporary jobs since then. My roles have all been really varied and I#8217;ve been using a combination CV so I#8217;ve got the most relevant roles at the top and and society, the others on the second page but I#8217;m having problems getting another job. I do have gaps on my CV of a couple of months at essay on women reservation bill in india a time when I#8217;ve moved to a different city and had to find a new position, and essay and society, none of my contracts have lasted very long. How can I present my CV so I don#8217;t look like an unreliable job-hopper? I really want to be working again! The combination CV sounds like a good idea. That will help the employer to take note of your skill sets, rather than your short-term jobs. Essay Reservation? I suggest using years without months when you list your dates. By doing this, you#8217;ll draw less attention to the gaps between the jobs.

And in some cases, you might even be able to not list some jobs that fell within the same year as others. See if these tips help you. If not, check back in and I#8217;ll see what else I can suggest. I#8217;m career counselor employability instructor at Workforce office. Your website is one I highly recommend to all who attend my classes. Recently, I#8217;ve learned that some employers are requiring #8220;Executive Classic Resume format#8221; for resumes submitted for their job postings. I#8217;ve been unable to provide credible, useful info on english essay, this #8220;new-to-me#8221; resume format.

As near as I can figure, it#8217;s what I call #8220;Combination resume#8221; with pertinent skills and accomplishments near top of page and essay on women in india, categorized if appropriate. Any enlightenment you can provide will be appreciated. To the very best of my knowledge, there#8217;s no new executive format that#8217;s expected across the on lord flies civilization vs savagery board in the corporate or nonprofit world. When I hear the term #8220;Classic#8221; it tells me what you and I already know: Executive resume formats should be traditional#8230; nothing wild or too creative. Thank you for asking the question, Maureen. I#8217;d like to hear if you learn something else about this. Best to you in your good work with job seekers! 30 yrs of my career were front-line heavy industrial as a tradesman and work crew leader- 15 yrs at large gas distribution utility co.

I went back to essay on women reservation bill school and got M.Sc. in management career track program but broke neck and joad essay, back just as I gradated and had to accept workers#8217; comp. payout. Degrees are in Organizational Leadership but I have no management background. I was trying to pull myself up out of the ditch and move into managerial roles. Am 52 yrs old and cannot go back into heavy lifting work but have no experience to bill in india compete against some very highly accomplished people for of the civilization vs savagery, the positions I am seeking. I constructed a few resumes that have generated little interest. Essay Reservation Bill In India? Summary states: #8220;M.Sc. English 101 Persuasive? (2005) w/ 30 yrs hands on, front-line heavy industrial, manufacturing, and production experience as Union Pipefitter and Senior Crew Leader.#8221; I then go on to articulate education, transferable skills and personality strengths along with accomplishments attributable to each skill. Essay On Women Reservation In India? I then follow up with work history which show a very diverse background.

I finish up with my civic experience as City Councilman and essay on physics and society, School Board Director for a community. I am desperate for essay reservation in india, help. I have 6 people depending on me. Thank you for your time. You#8217;re under a lot of pressure. Euthanasia Thesis? Let#8217;s see if I can help you out reservation bill a bit. It sounds like your resume is telling your story#8230; maybe a little too well. In other words, perhaps you could cut it down so it includes only the thesis sentence last 15 years or so. Then in essay your Summary, state #8220;More than 15 years experience#8230;#8221; instead of 30 years. Joad Essay? I suggest you also use the essay reservation bill Combination Resume Format, which has skill headings in the Experience section.

Pick skill headings that reflect your management and leadership skills. This will help support your objective to essays of the move into management. It will say to the reader, #8220;I may not have held a management job title, but I have used management skills in reservation my previous work.#8221; I hope these tips help! Hello, I have a Master#8217;s degree in Public Health and a Bachelor#8217;s in Biology. I am currently working in essay a laboratory doing technical work and can#8217;t seem to land a job in essay on women reservation bill what I really want to be doing which is public health work. I recently found a job I am interested in, Health /Wellness coach, however, my current resume is very science and laboratory based. Format Essay? I do have some volunteer experience in planning and organizing disease prevention and health awareness activities while I was obtaining my Master#8217;s, but how to essay on women reservation I format my resume to be more attractive to euthanasia thesis sentence a future employer? I want to completely leave the reservation bill in india field of joad essay performing laboratory tests and reservation bill in india, I do something I actually enjoy. I have a few ideas for your resume: Use a combination resume format. It has skill headings within the Experience section that can help you highlight the coaching and people skills you used in your lab work and on physics, volunteer work.

In the Experience section, include your volunteer work. If that work was recent, it will appear on page one, which would be good. Put your Education section near the beginning of your resume. Essay Bill? This will tell the employer you want to move into public health. Use your Summary section to build a bridge between your past and future. Essays On Lord Flies Vs Savagery? Perhaps a statement that says you have experience working with clients in public health and a background in essay on women reservation in india science. I hope this is helpful. Let us know how it goes!

No one seems to address where you put experience that you have in a field that you worked in 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. My example is that I would like to get an entry level part time teller position. My current position is euthanasia thesis sentence as a field rep for essay reservation in india, the Census Bureau and I also have my own spa product business (direct sales). I worked as a bank teller for joad essay, over 6 years but that was in the 70#8217;s. In 2002, I was laid off from my ticket counter job with the essay reservation in india airlines so 10 years ago and on physics and society, 30 years ago, I handled money with the type of expertise needed to be a teller. How do I include that on a resume when most companies only want current experience? I have tried several times over essay on women in india, the years since 2002 to get a banking job but have not been successful. I even got a few interviews but my age (then and 101 persuasive, now) is probably a big deterrent. Essay Bill? I am 61 and I have a BA in essay a Liberal Arts field.

I have worked with folks who wanted to highlight jobs that happened very early in their careers. It#8217;s tricky when you don#8217;t want to give dates for those long-ago jobs. Here#8217;s one way to do it: Use either the chronological or combination resume format. On Women? Go back 10 or so years in your work history. After that, enter a new heading called #8220;Additional Experience.#8221; Under that heading, list only the jobs that you want to (the ones that support your objective) without putting any dates next to those jobs. 101 Persuasive Essay? Here are two resume samples that use this technique very nicely: Don#8217;t worry that the job objectives on these resume samples are not the same as yours. It#8217;s the way they handled the early jobs that will help you see how you might handle your bank teller job from way back when. Good luck with your job search! Thank you for your answer. I had done that once using #8220;Prior Experience#8221; as a heading.

I removed it because I thought maybe it was wrong or unprofessional but I will add it in again using #8220;Additional Experience#8221;. I really appreciate the service you are providing. Essay Bill In India? Thanks again! Yes, I like #8220;Additional#8221; or #8220;More#8221; because it doesn#8217;t exactly say, #8220;When I was younger,#8221; which brings up the issue of age. Good luck with it! I have come across an interesting problem. Many of the jobs for joad essay, which I am applying require an essay bill, online application and essay, an uploaded resume.

I end up copying my resume into the company#8217;s application system. Should I change my resume? If so, do you suggest combination or a functional. If a company website asks you to upload your resume, the online system should allow you to essay reservation in india browse the hard drive of your computer and upload your Word resume to the site. Bane? That#8217;s the best way to do it because the formatting will pretty much stay in place. That being the case, there#8217;s no need to create a special version of your resume for the upload. If you have narrowed your resume format choices to functional or combination, go with the combination resume format. It#8217;s much more welcomed by on women employers these days. (See my post: 4 Reasons Not to Use a Functional Resume Format) I just re-read my question and format essay, I don#8217;t think I clearly described my thoughts. These company websites require both an uploaded resume and an online application form. On Women Reservation Bill? The online application must be filled out and a separate resume must be uploaded before I can apply for any position in the company. It is very odd.

The online application form essentially replicates all items on a chronological resume. This leaves me wondering why they ask for a separate uploaded resume at all. Or if they#8217;re looking for on lord flies vs savagery, a resume that is more functional in nature. What do you think? When you type (or copy and paste) your info into the online application form and essay reservation bill in india, submit the form, your info goes directly into the employer#8217;s database system. That form is standard for all applicants and is in the chronological format. The resume you upload has room for joad essay, more creativity.

You can insert skill headings within the essay on women in india Experience section (making it a combination format). And you can use Word features such a bold, indents, and other things to make your resume pleasing to the eye. You can also put resume sections in any order you want so your best is on top, second best is second from the top, and so forth. I can#8217;t say for sure how each company uses its system. But I can see where they might use their search engine select the top candidates (with the best keywords) from the database of applications and then have recruiters or hiring managers look at the uploaded resumes for those top candidates.

Aha! It all makes sense now. English Essay? Thank you so much! I have the Perfect Resume 5th edition, my question is essay this. I am trying to enter a new career, Fiber Optic Tecnician. I did not see or find info on new careers. My unemployment runs out soon, so therefore I cannot put out joad essay more money to get professional help. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Berni.

Here#8217;s some free advice for writing a career change resume: and here are a bunch of resume samples for career changers: Let me know if you need more tips! I am applying for reservation, the following post JOB I AM APPLYING FOR: Position Title: INSTRUCTOR Operations Management. Report: Academic and Operations Division. Sentence? Description: The instructor will need to facilitate the Operations Management course to provide positive learning experience for essay, Meta Business School (MBS) students. Detailed responsibilities are listed below. I am a 2nd year Doctoral student at Wilmington University in bane or boon essay Delaware. I am a graduate assistant and I have Online Education experience through using Blackboard, Sakai and Moodle. So my query was that what type of reume should i use#8230;funtional, chronological or combination/hybrid ?? From all you#8217;ve told us, I suggest you use a CV in the chronological format. It#8217;s what the employer is expecting and on women reservation bill in india, it seems your qualifications will fit nicely into that format.

If you find you need to highlight some skill sets, you might add skill headings within your Experience section, which would make it a combination format (see Sample Combination Resume Format). Joad Essay? Employers also like that format. But do not use the on women reservation bill in india functional format. Most employers don#8217;t like functional resumes so using one will do you more harm than good. Best to you with your job search!

I will be ending my time in service for the military in 6 months and have what I believe is a good resume. I have attended all the transition classes but the resume class was rushed and over crowded. What are some good examples or resources to compare what I have come up with against euthanasia thesis sentence, others? I don#8217;t have as many military-to-civilian resume samples on my site as I#8217;d like. I suggest browsing to on women find books on the topic. Check the Table of Contents to see which ones have resume samples in them. Thank you for your service, and welcome home! I have spent the last ten years helping to thesis care for essay bill, my grandparents and joad essay, parents. I also spend time making things to sell at craft shows. Essay On Women Reservation Bill In India? Now I need to get an outside of the house job.

I have no real marketable job skills. Euthanasia? How do I explain all this on on women bill, a resume? Depending on what type of job you go for vs savagery, you could list your recent gap in employment something like this: 2003-2013, Elder Caregiver, City, State. 2003-2013, Artist/Craftsperson, City, State. On Women Reservation In India? Then create bullet point statements that speak about the english 101 persuasive essay skills you used, what you learned, and projects you completed that relate to your job objective. Essay On Women In India? I know you said you don#8217;t think you have #8220;real marketable job skills,#8221; but I believe you do. If you sit down with a job counselor to uncover those skills and figure out joad essay what kind of work you are suited for (and would enjoy), I#8217;m sure you#8217;ll see that you have many skills an employer would like to have on bill, his team. Enjoy your discovery process! Help#8230;I worked at a large company in NYC where I was a permanent employee, then got laid off (and worked for them as a contractor), then got re-hired, then got laid off and yes, again, worked for internet or boon, them again as a contractor. #8212; Yikes! How do I position this on my resume? When you list this rather complex work history, list years only reservation bill, (no months).

If the gap between contracts was a few months, you could list it something like this: 2008-2013, Job Title (contractual), ABC Company, City, State. Project name or type of work, 3 months, 2011-2012. Project name or type of work, 5 months, 2010. Project name or type of work, 13 months, 2008-2009. Internet Bane? Would that work? Yes, this is a bit complex (an understatement!) I was with the essay in india company in essay actuality from 2008 to 2012, however, what makes it unique is that I was a permanent employee for about 1 year, then got laid off BUT worked for on women reservation in india, the same company as a temp for another year in various departments, then secured a permanent job with them AGAIN, before getting laid off again all within that time frame. I was with the company for that time period but not on a consistent basis as a full time employee for (4 years). 2008-2012, ABC Company, City, State. Job Title, 2011-2012. Type of english 101 persuasive essay work (contractual), 2009-2010.

Job Title, 2008-2009. I may have the years wrong, but does this concept work? Possibly might work, but my real concern is that I do not want to appear as a #8220;job hopper#8221; and essay on women reservation bill in india, address confusion to the reader. Perhaps there is another concept, functional/chrono? I have to really think about on physics this challenge. Bill In India? I really appreciate your input!! I have your book as well.

If you use this concept within a chronological format, I believe it will work. You won#8217;t look like a job hopper. You#8217;ll look like someone who worked for the same company under different arrangements. Good luck with your job search! I#8217;m sure this is not a unique situation to english 101 persuasive essay you, but, I don#8217;t see it specifically addressed. I am an reservation bill, older, experienced worker with many experiences. Joad Essay? I have become unemployed and on women bill, I#8217;m, by bane essay no means, not ready to retire. In India? I am physically fit and on lord civilization vs savagery, healthy.

Sales has always been a prominent part of in india my work, however, I have also achieved management all the way to business ownership. Fields of experience include, retail, outside B2B, food service, automotive, in-home sales and joad essay, a few others. A lot of the essay reservation bill in india experience I possess will cross from field to on lord flies vs savagery field. Essay Reservation Bill In India? I have not had to update my resume#8217; in many years. What approach do you recommend? If you want to stay in Sales, I suggest you use a chronological resume format. Once you have that polished, use your sales skills to sell yourself through your professional and personal networks. Your new resume will be your sale brochure, which you can use online and in person. In your resume, be sure to joad essay show results of essay reservation in india your achievements by essay technology using numbers, dollar signs, and the percent sign. This will give your reader solid info to essay reservation bill hang on on lord flies, to and essay reservation bill, ask you about in euthanasia sentence your job interview. Good luck with your ongoing career!

I have a similar situation to Judy and among other questions, I#8217;m still not sure what is the reservation bill best type of joad essay resume format to use. Essay On Women? I worked for a company for format of muet essay, about ten years until I was laid off. On Women Reservation Bill In India? During the next four years I worked for them about essay technology once a year for essay on women, short periods, both as a contractor and as a temp. part-time employee with gaps of internet essay about 9 months to a year. I have had a few other short-term contract work periods in the same field during the same period. Quest. 1: Do I have to list the name of each of those companies and short employment periods (periods range from days to about 3 months) for each one or is it better to simply note something like: 2008 to present, job title (same for all), contractor for various companies? Quest.

2: What type of resume should I use? Please note, I want to essay reservation make a career change and hope to use transferable skills into any job/co. that#8217;s hiring, if you know what I mean. Quest. 3: Since my last 20 yrs. have been in the same field, should I include work history prior to that to show more diversity. Quest. Euthanasia? 4: With my bachelor#8217;s degree and years of employment, a prospective employer can make an educated guess of my age. If this is hurting my chances for an interview, what if anything can I do? I appreciate any help and tips, thanks! Thank you for presenting your resume questions so clearly.

I can see you#8217;re an organized person. #128578; Let me go through each of your points: 1. You don#8217;t have to essay reservation in india list every single job you held. As long as you don#8217;t have gaps in your work history. Essay? If you use years (no months) when listing your jobs, you should you#8217;ll be fine if you leave some of those short-term jobs off your resume. It#8217;s also okay to group them together as you suggest. The only thing I would do is not use the word #8220;various.#8221; Just say #8220;Contractor#8221; or the type of businesses if they are similar in on women bill in india nature (for example, Contractor for financial services firms). The word #8220;various#8221; sounds scattered (in my opinion).

2. For a career change, I advise you to thesis use a combination resume format. It will show off your transferable skills very nicely. 3. If showing diversity helps you make your career change, then you can list jobs prior to reservation bill in india your 20 years. Euthanasia Thesis? If you#8217;re concerned that those early jobs will make you look too old on your resume, create a new subsection at the end of your Experience section. Essay On Women Reservation In India? Call that section #8220;Additional Experience#8221; and euthanasia sentence, list those early jobs without dates. 4. If age is a concern, do not list the dates of your degrees.

Whether that date is hurting your chances depends on the type of job you#8217;re going for. Hope this is helpful, Dora. Good luck with your career change! I have been with the same package delivery company for 27 years and now I want to change careers and move to essay another state 1000 miles away all at joad essay the same time. I have learned that I love the customer service aspect of on women reservation bill what I do the joad essay most and would like to work in a customer service role in my new career.

Transferable skills would be customer service, safety, works well under stress and essay on women reservation bill in india, tight deadlines, able to communicate well with customers. I have written a few articles that have been published by a parcel trade magazine, but I don#8217;t enjoy writing for a career. English? What kind of resume should I write? I do not have any college but I do have a diploma from a technical school which would be totally unrelated to what I want to do. I need more that an entry level job because I still have kids at on women reservation bill in india home that I need to support. Any resume help would be appreciated. Euthanasia Sentence? Hi Susan! I am loving your book, thanks for in india, writing it!

I have a question for you: Most of the internet bane courses I took during my Bachelor studies were related to marketing, but I was one or two courses short from completing a #8220;marketing and advertising#8221; major. I want to on women tell the employer that I took most of these courses, but I don#8217;t want to say I have the major because maybe that would be #8220;stretching the truth#8221;. On Lord Flies? What could I write instead? I do have a BSc. in Communications, but no major. My marketing experience was basically obtained through experience. Thank you! You could list it something like this: Marketing and Advertising Coursework. Such-and-Such College, 20xx-20xx. I didn#8217;t use the word #8220;Degree.#8221; I called it coursework.

Dates are listed next to the college, not the coursework. There are two dates, a start-date and an end-date. This tells the reader that you#8217;ve left the college and essay bill, didn#8217;t complete your degree program. Also, put your Education lower on joad essay, your resume where it will be seen but not highlighted. In other words, don#8217;t put it above your Experience section. Happy job hunting! Hi i have been out of work for 3 years due to essay on women reservation bill having my son and caring for him myself at home.

Im not sure how to explain this gap in my CV. How wonderful that you took three years to be with your son! Now that you#8217;re a mom returning to sentence the workforce, you#8217;ll need to explain your span of unemployment on your resume. If you#8217;re entering a field that in any way values childcare (if you#8217;re a teacher, healthcare provider, or want a career that#8217;s some how involved with kids) then you can list #8220;Full-time parent#8221; on your resume. If you#8217;re not going into a kid-focused field, then you could list unpaid work you did that#8217;s relevant to your job objective. For example, if you did fundraising or website development for on women reservation, a nonprofit, you could list that. 101 Persuasive Essay? Happy re-entry into reservation your professional career! Thanks so much for all your tips! I have two quick questions. 1. Or Boon Essay? I currently am working as a temp secretary and seeking full time employment. I#8217;d like to add to my resume that I am often requested for by different clients, how can I word this?

2. I have not finished college but it is a goal of mine. Should I add this in my current objective? You could write something like: Often requested by essay in india several of the bane or boon essay agency#8217;s clients for special projects. Essay Reservation? Not sure what you mean by your second question. Are you asking if you should use the term #8220;full-time#8221; in essays your job objective? An employer will assume you want a full-time job unless you state #8220;part-time.#8221; Hope that helps! I am looking for some help with my resume. After graduating as a paralegal in on women reservation in india 2011, my future plans have been hampered due to an unfortunate accident. While I am recruperating from physical therapy.I want to work on my resume.

I had a three months of unpaid legal internship which was part of the course. I want to include that as my work history. however I have to mention months as this is my only format, work experience in US so far. I do have over 10 years of essay bill in india admin experience in India, Canada and Dubai which I am thinking of putting under Additional work experience. Can you please suggest if I can put my recent education on top along with others as I am planning to apply for admin jobs as well. Can I club my admin experience under additional and highlight the key points. Yes. Good idea to english essay put your Education with new certification near the start of essay on women reservation in india your resume. Format Essay? About listing your internship and jobs, here#8217;s how I would format your resume: 20xx-2012, Paralegal Student, ABC School, City. 3-month Internship, DFG Law Firm. Bullet point about that internship.

One or two more bullet points about on women that internship. 20xx-20xx, Job Title, Employer, City, India. Essay On Physics Technology And Society? 20xx-20xx, Job Title, Employer, Dubai. 20xx-20xx, Job Title, Employer, City, Canada. In other words, don#8217;t list your prior jobs under Additional Experience. Create an essay bill in india, Experience section for your school, internship, and employed work. Wishing you a quick return to your job search! I was searching for a resume format there itself I have seen your website.

I am pursuing CA-Final. I have done my graduates in Commerce(B.Com). Format Of Muet? And as my family is undergoing a financial crisis so, I am looking for a part time employment while sitting at essay reservation in india home. Joad Essay? Can you advise me in this regard also (as in how to on women bill apply for it) in addition with the resume making format . I feel that i would need a resume so as to put that on joad essay, some websites. Will you please tell me that, what all contents and essay bill, the type of essay on physics format that i can give in my resume.This is my first time in making a resume. I will be highly obliged if you would help me in this . Waiting for an earliest response. Since this is essay on women reservation your first time writing your resume, I#8217;m going to point you to on physics my online resume guide, 10 Steps: How to essay on women reservation in india Write a Resume. That will cover most of your questions. When it comes to posting your resume online, the resume or company website will have instructions for doing that. It#8217;s simply a matter of uploading your Word resume to technology and society the site. You don#8217;t need to do any special resume formatting to make it work.

Good luck with your first job search! since 2009, I#8217;ve been searching for a job in hospitality. I worked in different positions in non-hospitality companies for not being unemployed. I got some gasps in my unemployment history because I didn#8217;t find a job. How can I explain that on my resume? Thanks in advance! I think you#8217;ll find some ways to essay reservation fill those employment gaps here: How to english 101 persuasive Address Unemployment on a Resume.

I am having an extremely hard time with my resume. Essay Reservation Bill In India? I have been working in small companies wearing many hats for essays of the flies vs savagery, most of my career which seems look negative on my resume. I am told I should change my resume from a chronological resume to a professional resume. However, I have no clue how to format the resume. I am receiving lots of different advise as how to essay bill in india improve my resume but I am not sure which advise to take. Do you have any ideas? Do you know what kind of work you want to do next? That#8217;s the place to start.

Knowing what you want so you can create a resume that markets you for that kind of work. You said you thought that #8220;wearing lots of hats#8221; was a negative on euthanasia thesis sentence, your resume. Bill? So let#8217;s turn it into a positive. Once you know what hat you want to wear next, you can focus your resume on THAT hat and downplay or ignore the technology other hats you#8217;ve worn in the past. By having a strong resume focus on your job objective, your resume will be far more effective than one that makes you look like a generalist. Make sense?

As to resume format: A chronological resume format IS a professional resume format. Essay On Women Reservation? In fact, it#8217;s the most professional resume format. Another good one for you might be the combination resume format if you want to highlight your transferable skills. Let us know how it goes! I have many years with a employer, I have been laid off I am 54 years old.

And only have a GED. What are my options when writing a resume. Thank you. Essay On Physics Technology And Society? I sounds as if a combination resume format would be good for your many years with one employer. On Women In India? You can break your achievement statements into two skill groups and essay technology and society, that will make the essay on women bill whole set look more interesting. Those two skill headings should be the english 101 persuasive essay two key skills for essay reservation bill, your job objective. Under Education, there#8217;s no need to or boon list your GED (unless the job post asks for essay on women, one).

You can list any classes or independent studies you#8217;ve done that support your objective. Happy resume writing! I have 2 work experience in one time , because am worked morning and bane essay, evening in different companies . How to explain this on essay on women reservation, my CV. Here#8217;s a thought: If one of your two jobs is more relevant to your job objective, you might list just that one on your CV. Leave the other one off. It will make you look more focused on joad essay, your career. It will also look more appealing to reservation bill in india an employer because he won#8217;t worry that you#8217;re going to keep one of those jobs while you work for him.

You will, of course, need to list both jobs on your job application. But on of the flies, your CV, you don#8217;t have to. Hope this helps! i#8217;m a fresher#8230;.just got passed out in May 2012. I#8217;hv done my bachelor#8217;s in essay on women bill in india Electronics and internet, communication. but from May till now i#8217;m jobless#8230;so how should i prepare a good resume#8230;i#8217;hv done 2 months interships in two different firms during my second and third year in two different firms and was also involved in my colleges cultural fest. i#8217;hv done a C++ course also in essay reservation bill in india my high school. hobbies are-soccer and internet, music and painting. i guess that will be enough for making a resume as thtx wat i use to have a resume but i want you to essay in india have a better one for me #8230;..please help me out. thnx in advance. Here are four resume tips that will help you get started: 2. Place your Education section near the start of your resume. 3. Create your Experience section heading like this: (Concurrent with Education) 4. Use the paid and unpaid experience you have by listing them in the Experience section with #8220;job titles.#8221; Don#8217;t worry about on physics and society gaps in on women reservation in india time between the job titles. #8220;(Concurrent with Education)#8221; explains that. Good luck finding that new and exciting job!

I have two difficulties in terms of my resume creation. 1. Or Boon? My trade union background could turn prospective employers off. 2. My aim is to become a health safety manager but despite high safety qualifications, I have no management experience. I appreciate that having to deal with directors, senior managers on a daily basis, I do have a form of reservation in india management experience. Any ideas on how to amalgamate the positions together for an effective resume? Or which strategy I should follow with a mixture of joad essay words and strengths? I am helping a friend create a resume and I have a couple questions.

1. I#8217;d like to essay on women reservation highlight a couple of her relevant job positions, but unfortunately they are spread apart in years. She is looking for thesis, an office manager position and has office experience in reservation 2012-2013, 2007-2008, and 2006-2007. Most of the years in between are serving positions. Joad Essay? Is there any way to list these separately without making it look very confusing chronologically? Or do you have another suggestion? My worry in doing it chronologically is that I have to list 6 total job positions (3 of them are serving positions) in order to list her 3 office-related positions.

2. Also, she has a 2 year gap in employment in which she was a full-time parent. How does one typically format that? Thanks so much for your help. I was very grateful to find someone who answers all the on women questions they receive! How wonderful that you#8217;re helping your friend with her resume. Joad Essay? Let#8217;s see if I can help YOU. Reservation? It#8217;s very tempting to use a functional resume format in this case. But employers tend not to like them so I think it#8217;s best to thesis use the chronological format. Yes, that will mean listing six jobs, but of the essay reservation in india two options (functional or chronological), I think the euthanasia thesis chronological stands the best chance of success.

For her unemployed span of time, please see How to on women reservation bill in india Explain Unemployment on joad essay, Your Resume where I list ways to essay on women handle this. I think that will help. Thanks for writing in! Thank you so much, Susan! How great to find such a wonderful resource. Euthanasia Thesis Sentence? I will pass your site along. Essay On Women In India? Thanks for your earlier suggestion. I want one more. I want to apply for CA Articleship Industrial Training . On Physics And Society? There Ineed to mention the time when I passed my Intermediate Exams. This Exam has got two groups that can be passed once at a time. On Women? But there is a problem I had passed both of them in two two attempt.

I dont want to mention these many attempts. Essay? So how to mention it in my Resume. Thanks. On your resume you can list just the date for essay reservation bill, the time when you passed the exam. No need to mention your other attempts. Joad Essay? I was wondering when posting a resume on a job site is it best to on women bill post a cover letter along with it or should you write a cover letter for each individual job that you apply to? It#8217;s always good to post a cover letter if the website gives you that option. And then, when you apply to a specific job, write a targeted cover letter for that job. Hope that helps!

I am confused as to whether or not I should have two seperate resumes. I have experience in customer service and teaching, should my professional summary speak of english essay both or#8230;.. Bill? Ah, Heather, you#8217;ve given me a chance to tell you my resume philosophy: Your resume is about your future, it#8217;s not about your past. This means that on your resume you should highlight on the aspects of your work history that paint the picture of your future. So, if you#8217;re going for english 101 persuasive essay, a teaching job, highlight your teaching experience. If you#8217;re going for a customer service job, highlight your customer service experience. Good luck with it!

I had a question for you. We#8217;re working on a resume for a very experienced communications consultant, who worked for essay in india, a consulting firm for 10 years. During that time she consulted on a wide-range of bane or boon projects for a wide-range of companies and clients. She is reservation in india re-building her resume and would like to internet or boon essay know if it would be best to on women reservation format her professional history by first listing the firm she worked for and a general description of her worked performed for them. Then, under the description of her general consulting experience, list her experience by project category (for example, compensation programs, wellness programs, etc.) Under each of the project areas, she would then describe the products in greater depth and highlight bullet points of specific accomplishments, etc. Here#8217;s a brief example: Consulting Firm 2000-2010. [Experience involves a wide variety of projects, including#8230;] [Below you will find a grouping of projects, clients, and euthanasia thesis sentence, accomplishment performed as a consultant for XX.] [Description of essay on women reservation programs and euthanasia thesis, projects in general] Highlights of in india accomplishments. On Lord Of The Vs Savagery? [List of Clients for Compensation Programs] [Description of programs and projects in general] Highlights of accomplishments. [List of Clients for Wellness Programs] Do you think this would be the on women reservation best way to showcase her work?

Our fear in not clearly separating the projects is that her resume will be overwhelming because she has such a wide-variety of work to showcase. Cannot tell you how much we appreciate your help!! I think this is an excellent format for your client. It will look tidy and easy to read. In a way, it#8217;s a combination resume format, which employers like. Bane Or Boon Essay? Oh, one thing: There#8217;s no need for this: [Below you will find a grouping of projects, clients, and in india, accomplishment performed as a consultant for essays on lord flies vs savagery, XX.] It will be clear from the way it#8217;s all listed under the employer heading.

Bravo for being creative in coming up with this idea! I have worked in the finance industry for 15 years and now wish to abandon this to essay reservation bill in india move to Italy and teach English and work in sentence Roman historey related tourism. The problem is here I need to combine an ESOL CV with an on women, ACADEMIC one and then show my unrelated 14 years of finance roles. How can I do this? Many thanks in advance.

REgards, You need to list that finance experience on your resume. You have two options for doing that: List the sentence jobs without any bullet point statements. List the essay on women reservation bill in india jobs WITH bullet point statements, making those statement show how the job was relevant to joad essay your objective even though it was not in your new career field. For example, Worked with clients from diverse backgrounds. Explained details to people with different learning styles. Enjoy your new career in Italy! I have three questions. Essay Bill In India? 1. is it ok to use tables in the resume for educational qualitication.

2. I have divided my resume in two coloums, in left I have written the personal information, name, email, address, hobbies, interests etc. and right half is on lord of the flies civilization vs savagery wider than left and in reservation bill in india right career objective, edufational qualification, skills etc are included. the left half is in a box and highlighted. I want to know that is there any problem with it. 3. Joad Essay? Should I outline the page? please reply fast. Here are three quick answers to your questions: 2. Essay Reservation Bill? Don#8217;t use a two-column resume format. It won#8217;t work well with an employer#8217;s database system. 3. It#8217;s fine to have a border around your resume if you like the or boon way it looks. I have some resume templates with that design in my Ready-Made Resumes program.

I think they look really smart. Happy resume writing! How long should a resume be?Should I include an objective,profile, or job summary at the beginning?What heading would field study and volunteer work be under? Welcome to our forum. On Women? Here are some links to answers to your resume questions: 2. 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume has answers to all the sections you asked about. And, how about #8220;Field Study#8221; for essay, the heading of your field study section? That sounds right to me. Bill? If you have only one item for that section you might combine it with one of your other sections such as Education. Hope this gets you started on essays flies vs savagery, writing a great resume! I recently went to a career fair and was invited to an informational interview. At the interview, the essay on women reservation bill two ladies interviewing me immediately began asking me questions relevant to the specific position I had expressed interest in at the career fair.

It seemed to essay be less of an reservation bill in india, #8220;informational interview#8221; and joad essay, more of a regular interview (which surprised me at first, but I went with the flow). It went rather well, but by the end of it, we all seemed to agree that it might not be the reservation in india best fit for me now (due to the fact that I would only have time to essay work during the bill summer). One of the of muet ladies said that even if it was not the best fit for me now, I could contact her if I had any more questions. Essay In India? They both gave me their cards. 101 Persuasive Essay? Now, I would like to send them each a Thank You card.

I saw the #8220;Thanks, but no thanks#8221; example you provided, but could you please provide one that is essay bill more custom tailored to this situation? I am not sure I want this specific position, since it is a bit of stretch in terms of joad essay being in line with my future goals. However, I would like to reservation bill in india express my gratitude all the same. I am also working on networking and would like to keep the connections open. After all, the ladies are aware of my goals/skills and may hear of technology or know other people who are offering jobs directly related to my college major/ future goals. I really am interested in a retail position that would enable me to gain experience while applying my communication knowledge. Thus, an example of a #8220;Thanks, but no thanks#8221; for an informational interview would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I think it#8217;s best if YOU write the letter. That way it will have your personality and tone, which is reservation bill why these ladies liked you so much and want to stay in touch with you.

Wishing you the best with your career in retail! I have been out of bane work since June 2012. I quit my last job after 6 months due to essay on women reservation in india the management who were also the owners. It was the worst job I have ever had and essays on lord of the flies civilization vs savagery, couldn#8217;t take it anymore, they think I left due to a family situation. If I leave this job off my resume, it looks like I#8217;ve been unemployed for essay on women, over a year. My question is euthanasia thesis sentence how do I do the cover letter, I have not done volunteer work, I have taken workshops at the Employment Office for essay reservation bill in india, resumes. I have been staying home with my family. Have been job searching since I quit, sent out over 40 resumes and no calls. I have had my resumes/cover letters redone by the Employment Office and still nothing. How do I work the gap on essay technology and society, my cover letter. I have tried putting #8220;taking care of reservation bill family#8221; to try and internet bane, fill in the gap, but still no response.

All of the jobs before this last one I had been there 4 yrs or longer. I am going back to school in April part time, but some of the on women bill in india jobs I have been applying for english, I don#8217;t put it in bill in india the cover letter because its not relevant to the position. I have done everything I can think of, and even my counselor at the Employment Office is at a loss. I need help please. Sentence? I don#8217;t know what else to do. I can see how hard you#8217;ve been working to resolve this. Here are my thoughts for more success with your resume. Essay On Women Bill? 1. Format Of Muet Essay? Don#8217;t rely on your cover letter for on women, handling these issues. In fact, ignore your problems in your letter and only talk about bane or boon your strengths. 2. On your resume, you need to essay on women reservation bill in india list that job you didn#8217;t like. Essays On Lord Of The Flies Civilization Vs Savagery? You don#8217;t have to make a big deal out of it, but you need to essay reservation bill in india use it to cover that span of time.

3. On Physics And Society? After that job, list something like #8220;Family Caregiver#8221; or #8220;Parent.#8221; Again, don#8217;t make a big deal about it unless your job objective is in the care giving, teaching, or similar field. Essay Bill? 4. As soon as you start school in euthanasia sentence April, list that in your work history like this. Essay On Women Reservation Bill? Present, Student, Name of School. If your field of on physics technology and society study is relevant, then include that in your listing like this. (for example, #8220;Business Management Student#8221;) 5. MOST IMPORTANT: Use your network to apply for jobs. Ask people you know if they know someone who might have a job in your line of work. Get a personal introduction and use it to apply to that company. Your network will bring you much more success than blind resume postings or mass emails. Good luck with your new start! On a chronological resume should I list computer proficiency? It really isn#8217;t about essay on women bill in india which resume format you use for your resume. You should list your computer skills if it supports your job objective.

So, if you#8217;re going for a job that requires specific computer skills, then you should mention those skills either in joad essay a statement or even create a whole Skills section where you list them. Again, it depends on how important it is to your job objective. Hi Susan, I friend of on women reservation bill mine turned me onto your site to help with my resume, but after going over the various formats, I still have a question: I am a law graduate who clerked, and joad essay, then articled at a practice for 2 years after my graduation in 2003. After deciding I hated what I was doing, I took time to on women bill assess what I might really want to joad essay do. This took much longer than I thought and on women bill, before you know it, 7 years have passed with only me having had various waitressing jobs between 2005-2013 to essay on physics technology and society show for essay on women bill, it. I now have my ambition back and essays on lord of the civilization vs savagery, am applying for various government jobs (geared toward defense/intelligence analysis). On Women In India? It is a career change, even though I have many relevant, applicable skills .Even if I do a combination resume, the 101 persuasive FIRST thing someone will see is that I have been a waitress for essay reservation, the last 7 years and format of muet, probably not bother reading the rest of my resume. Can I list my jobs/skill set by placing the last, relevant one (2003-2004 Clerking for judges) FIRST and then work my way to the present, so at least they will get to see my most important skills first? Please help!

It#8217;s very frustrating b/c I want a recruiter to see that I am so much more than just a waitress! Although there#8217;s no rule that says you can#8217;t list your jobs in real chronology (most resumes list jobs in reservation in india reverse-chronology) I don#8217;t advise it. It will either look like a mistake or look like you don#8217;t know how it#8217;s supposed to euthanasia be listed. Essay On Women Reservation In India? Here#8217;s a thought. You could call your Experience section #8220;Relevant Experience.#8221; For the last seven years you could have one entry: #8220;Customer Service positions in the private sector#8221; with one statement that refers to format of muet working with customers from essay reservation bill, diverse backgrounds and anything else that you think relates to working in the government sector. Under that, list your law jobs something like this: #8220;Positions in joad essay the legal field.#8221; Then create a sub-list of your exact job titles and write some statements that support your objective. Try that and see how it looks. Fuss around with it a bit, moving things around, using bold here and there until you create the best image on paper possible.

Your site has been so helpful! I have a specific question regarding my last position. I was with a company as a high performer for 11 years #8212; promoted twice with raises. Unfortunately, my boss and I had some issues that occurred in the last 6 months. I was fired for upholding a security policy my boss tried to circumvent and going through a problem-solving policy process, I was given the choice to resign with a reference. Essay On Women Bill? However, I am now a month into my job search and I am struggling to internet bane maintain honesty based on the shame of essentially being fired. How do I handle this on applications, my resume and upon direct questioning? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Since I#8217;m a resume expert, I#8217;ll stick to the resume part of your question. And my answer is easy: Don#8217;t say anything on your resume about why you left the job. Treat it exactly as you would if you had resigned. There#8217;s no need to bring up being fired on a resume. Just keep things positive. Talk about all your achievements for on women, that last 11 years. I suggest you speak with an interview coach about how to handle it in person. If you send me a message through the contact link at the bottom of this webpage, I#8217;ll be happy to refer you to the interview coach on my team. Thanks for thesis, your question!

I am extremely grateful to essay reservation have come across your site. Essay On Physics And Society? I read in your feedback that you have interview coaches? Could you please provide a referral? The Job Interview Coach on my team is on women reservation bill in india Roberta Rosen. English Essay? You can read her bio and essay reservation in india, resume, and essays on lord of the flies civilization vs savagery, contact her directly here: Susan Ireland#8217;s Career Coach: Roberta Rosen. Thanks for asking. #128578; It’s been nine years since I’ve worked because of major health problems. I’m finally ready to essay on women bill work once again but I’m stomped on what to do on my resume. Four years ago I went back to school and got certifications for two years but right after that other health problems occurred. I’m ready again for work to format essay be able to pay bills and for essay bill, peace of mind. I will have seizures forever but I’m not worried about that for.

I’m stomped because all my bosses are retired or passed away and don’t have names to put on my work references page. I don’t know where to format of muet essay start. Do I have to do something difference or unusual on my resume to have a chance? Thanks a lot Susan! Wow, you#8217;ve had a rough ride! But thankfully we have the Internet to come to your rescue#8230; I hope.

Have you done some good google searches for on women reservation bill, your old bosses. If they#8217;re still alive, they must be working somewhere or retired and living somewhere. How about joad essay your former co-workers? They could also serve as references. LinkedIn is essay reservation bill a good place to search for these people.

You might also think about projects you#8217;ve done during your unemployment where you worked with or under someone. Could one of them speak on your behalf? If you have nothing in that area, could you start something pro bono right away? As soon as you have a little time working on your new project, ask yout #8220;boss#8221; if they could write you a short referral. That way you would have something in writing to use over and over into the future. Internet Bane Or Boon? You don#8217;t have to work with your referee in on women bill person. I once agreed to be a reference for someone who had written a lot for essay, my LinkedIn discussion group.

I felt good about recommending him as an expert in his field even though I#8217;ve never met him in person. Essay Bill In India? Wishing you the best as you get back into the job market! I am grateful to english essay have found your very informative website. My situation is a bit tricky in that I have over 14 years of odd job experience working in essay on women reservation 5 different Nursing Homes often as a caregiver. I got burned out longtime ago but kept working while trying to attend college.

In 2011, I graduated with a BS in Business Management from a State University. Since then I have tried to of the vs savagery apply for jobs in vain. I do use chronological resume format and list my previous Nursing Home caregiver jobs, but the fact of matter is that I want to essay on women bill obtain a professional job something in line with management. English 101 Persuasive Essay? I am tired of late night shifts and lifting heavy elderly sick people. Essay On Women? I have given enough and joad essay, now ready for a new beginning that will enable me take care of on women reservation bill in india my health. I just turned 40 years old last month. My reaching out to the local employment office did not help either. In fact they helped me write the resume that I have been using with no success. Internet Bane Essay? Thanks. I think a combination resume format would be best for your career change. Take you chronological resume format and insert skill headings that reflect your management and team leadership achievements under your former nonmanagement job titles.

To see what I mean, please see these Combination Resume Examples for Career Change. Essay Bill? These resume samples are not in your field, but the format of muet essay same techniques they used can be used for reservation, your resume. Of Muet? Good luck with your new career in management! I was laid off 2yrs ago due to down-sizing and on women reservation bill, have not been gainfully employed since,during this time a family member became ill and I became #8220;her person#8221;. I am now ready to re-enter the workforce but don#8217;t know how to format of muet essay explain the vacancy of employment for the last two years.

Please help! I#8217;m glad you#8217;re now able to return to the workforce. There are a few techniques that can help you address your current unemployment on on women, your resume. Please see this article I wrote: How to Explain Unemployment on Your Resume. and these articles on joad essay, Unemployment on a Resume. Essay In India? Best to you in your transition!

I am reformatting my resume from an english essay, old chronological format to a combination format because of career change and reservation bill, lapse of on physics technology and society consistent work. I was let go due to down sizing. I was in the print/newspaper field and wish to apply for a medical receptionist job. Essay On Women Reservation Bill In India? During that time I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My question is joad essay since I know the on women in india position I want to apply for is a plastic surgeon, is there a way I could add this in a cover letter to euthanasia sentence convey my interest in working in this environment. Also, to explain additional my desire for career change. Thanks for any advice. First, I#8217;m so sorry about essay on women bill in india your breast cancer.

It sounds as if you won the battle and are ready to go back to work. Yeah! It#8217;s a delicate matter, talking about cancer. Joad Essay? But I think you#8217;re onto something about talking about it in your letter to the plastic surgeon (if you had reconstructive surgery). Perhaps, in your cover letter you could say that you had reconstructive surgery last year, which led to essay reservation bill your interest in working in format of muet that field. Essay Reservation Bill? Or something like that without going into detail about joad essay why you had the surgery. Best to essay reservation bill you in your new career! I have completed my B-Tech automotive engineering in 2010.I have only 6 months experience as a design engineer( November 2011- April 2012). English Essay? After that i wasted my time for essay on women bill in india, GRE and other courses to euthanasia thesis sentence do my MS in essay on women germany, But unfortunately i didnt get admission.I really want try new job. How can mention these gap wisely in technology my resume.Please help me.

You said, #8220;wasted my time.#8221; Maybe you need to turn around the way you think about that. On Women? You #8220;spent#8221; your time is of muet essay more like it, I would say. So, on your resume you can put #8220;Student#8221; followed by essay on women bill the area of english essay study. Don#8217;t mention that you didn#8217;t pursue your MS. Just use those studies to on women bill in india fill your gap in employment on your resume. Good luck with your resume! I#8217;m a freshman in college building a resume for a Co-operative education experience in Nursing through my school. Flies Civilization? I want to essay on women include that I passed a NOCTI skills test in Health Assisting with high achievement since I am applying for joad essay, an assisting position. The test isn#8217;t required but is reservation bill incredibly useful and will really set me apart from internet essay, other applicants. Where in essay bill my resume should I put it? Skills?

Education? If you#8217;re putting your Education section high on essay on physics, your resume, you could list your NOCTI skills test in that section. If Education section is at the end of your resume, you could mention the test in essay on women bill one of your Summary statements, and then also list it in your Education section. Good luck getting your new job! I am having difficulty in writing a resume due to owning my own business for essay on physics and society, over 24 years. Bill? I am not sure where to even start. I have extensive experience in many areas including but not limited to HR, Payroll, Inventory, Accounting, Customer Service, State employment laws, advertising, advertising design and all that goes into managing your own business.

How could I put this into a resume without sounding like I am a know-it-all or like I want to take over their company. The company I owned employed up to 30 employees and euthanasia sentence, did over 3 million in sales a year. Due to the economy and the building I rented I had to close the business. There is also the bill in india factor of age discrimination (which I know for a fact has happened to me). I think that once I am granted an interview they will like me.

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nyu common app essay Tom Wolfe’s recent bestseller I Am Charlotte Simmons and Richard Perlstein’s essay “What’s the Matter with College?” share a telling characteristic: Though claiming to be an authoritative voice (by reputation and extension, respectively) on what college “is” today, they each neglected to mention one of the most dominant forces among university-attending youngsters;Facebook. For most of its relatively short existence, Facebook, the social networking Web site that originated on college campuses, has been the darling of media commentators and Silicon Valley analysts. Reservation Bill In India? It had the hype Rupert Murdoch’s $580 million MySpace didn’t because it chose a path of exclusivity that seemed so unique for the days of essay technology, “Web 2.0? and “User-generated content”. On Women In India? As pointed out by John Cassidy in an article in essays of the flies civilization, The New Yorker last year, Facebook garnered both praise and on women reservation bill in india, a devoted campus following precisely because of this difference: By luck or design, [Facebook founder Mark] Zuckerberg had tapped into on lord civilization, a powerful yearning: the essay bill desire of hundreds of ambitious and impressionable young people to establish themselves and make friends in an unfamiliar environment. And unlike the internet users of sites that are open to anyone, such as Friendster and essay bill, MySpace, which launched in January, 2004, Facebook’s members had a physical location, professors, and joad essay, classes in common.

This preening elitism did not, of course, last for on women reservation bill, long. Eventually, Facebook was available to everyone. College students objected to the inclusion of mere high schoolers, but their methods didn’t really scare anyone. On Lord Flies Civilization Vs Savagery? To protest a change in Facebook, students formed and joined;get ready;Facebook Groups, collections of like-minded students virtually organized through the social networking site. And even these were short-lived. College students moved on with their lives and onto other Facebook betrayals, opposition to which has not stopped us from logging on 6.6 times per day. Keep in mind that there was no shortage of world events, much less class work, to essay keep students busy. The very day the format of muet network’s transformation last year was September 11, the fifth anniversary of the original attacks. And yet it was a tricked-out stalking device that grabbed our attention, albeit briefly.

It’s understandable to think it was this Facebook faux-activism that Perlstein had in mind when he wrote “What’s the Matter with College?”. Are college students of essay on women, today really just a generation of self-obsessed whiners, who aren’t even very good at complaining? The prospect of an affirmative is enough to bring anyone over to Perlstein’s camp. But it isn’t that simple. On Lord Of The? Just as Facebook provides an easy opportunity to lump college students together and deride them for being shallow, it also provides a window into the incredible things that can happen when a collection of essay in india, adults are brought together and told, well, not to act like adults.

The pictures, lists of and society, favorite books, announcements for parties that are featured in individual profiles display an incredible diversity of experience. They give a sense of the possibility, excitement and promise that emerge from bringing together young people in essay reservation in india, some kind of unifying institution. The dual nature of the Facebook analogy is an joad essay, example of an essay reservation bill in india, easy target that culture warriors (among whose ranks, I do not count Perlstein) hit when making difficult to substantiate claims like “colleges have lost their central place in the broader society.” And the reality is that that quotation, The New York Time’s Magazine’s summation of euthanasia sentence, Perlstein’s work, is not only debatable;it simply is not the central issue that Perlstein’s essay raises. If, as advertised on this magazine’s Webs site, the question posed by Perlstein is reservation bill in india, “Does college no longer matter?” then the response is a definite and obvious no, so much so that it is joad essay, clearly not the question Perlstein wants answered. It would be hard to argue that going to college is reservation in india, useless, no matter how inane or formulaic the intangible “social aspect” of that experience is. As long as university institutions continue to offer things like academic freedom, specialized classes and millions of dollars in research backing, they will offer a kind of learning that will be unique to such an institution.

More importantly, it will always be in demand lest we backslide into english, the dark ages, and essay on women reservation bill, college will remain, if changed in our collective memory, essentially the euthanasia thesis same. Maybe the real question has to do with Perlstein associate Doug Mitchell and essay on women reservation in india, the lively spark of activism and social upheaval his comments were intended to represent. Is college no longer valuable because students, as Perlstein writes at one point, “no longer lead the culture”? I have no idea what that statement means, but perhaps college is decidedly different because most students no longer spend their days haranguing administrators and their nights swapping records. Also skirting the issue, and also clearly false. The image of college as a series of late-night adventures in social activism and live music obscures the thousand-year history of the university system, confusing its essential attributes for sound-bites from its most well-documented era. In my time at UC Berkeley, I have not seen protestors storm Sproul Hall, and sentence, I have not caught a live Jimi Hendrix show. That may make my experience different, perhaps even inferior, to one 40 years ago, but not essentially different. It is on women reservation in india, evident from Perlstein’s essay that he loves college far too much to pose such questions. The meat of his conclusions rests with something given too little attention#61630;in his words, “the saturation of higher education with market thinking”.

If the actual question raised by the essay is, “To what extent has that phenomenon made college less of a distinct experience than it was in the past?”;and I think it is; then the answer is a very scary maybe. Yes, there are rules against food-fights and drinking in of muet, the dorms, but for the most part, what Americans recognize as college is essentially a youthful reprieve, a unifying experience based on something people saw in themselves when they were this age. It’s the on women product of society deciding that there is some benefit in an institution that allows young people to of the do things that might not necessarily fly in the real world. Sitting in a room for fifty minutes to on women reservation bill in india listen to joad essay someone drone on about an essay on women reservation, obscure topic, a process known as “going to joad essay lecture” in common parlance, is essay on women bill in india, not part of many job descriptions. Which is why the intrusion of “market-based thinking” is so frightening. In a comment in The New Yorker coming almost a exactly one year after Cassidy’s article, Louis Menand pointed out the seriousness of internet bane or boon essay, this very thing. “There are more bachelors degrees awarded every year,” Menand writes, “in Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies than in all foreign languages and literatures combined.” A world that places such a premium on jobs and money cannot help to reap the essay bill in india lessons of Pablo Neruda’s late-period socially conscious poetry, because not enough people will pay to read it. If this is an indication the poetry of Cesar Vallejo is on physics technology, losing the war against the forces of teeter-totter management, then we are doubtless in essay on women reservation, trouble, and college, “as America used to understand it” or not, will certainly be a casualty, if not the cause. College is Not Like it Used to Be. Why am I writing this essay?

As I sit here, I am cursing myself for allowing my mom to persuade me to of muet essay compose a response. In reality, I don’t really have an opinion about Mr. On Women Reservation Bill? Perlstein’s assessment of euthanasia thesis sentence, college today. That, I believe, is the essay bill in india answer to the question. My apathy towards Mr. Euthanasia? Perlstein’s essay is in itself, the best example of how college has changed. A politically, culturally, and essay reservation bill in india, socially involved college student might find the essay on physics technology and society article appalling and say that Mr. On Women Reservation In India? Perlstein is wrong, delusional even. I wish I could agree but I believe that I have just proven that Mr. Perlstein has “hit the nail on the head”, so to speak.

I often joke that I live in the “Lehigh bubble”. I am fairly certain that this is not a term unique to Lehigh University, but common to most colleges and universities in this nation. What do I mean by this? Essentially, this is to say that unless I receive a frantic phone call from one of my parents at the ungodly hour of 10 a.m. to discuss the suicide bombers in Israel or the new poll that has proven, once again, that the Bush administration has received the lowest approval rating for any American President, I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the essay world. Essay On Women Reservation Bill In India? Let me assure you that my ignorance of the world around me is not a fermentation of my life at home.

I grew up watching the 6 o’clock news with my parents and I always flipped through the newspaper before school as I sat listening to my rice krispies snap, crackle, and pop. I wish that I could blame my blatant disconnect with something other than a lack of information portals. Essay Technology And Society? I don’t think, in this day and reservation, age, that anyone, especially a college student, can legitimately say that they had no means of accessing information, what with internet being a gateway for everything from Lindsay Lohan’s freshest antics to the Korean hostages in Afghanistan. Additionally, I admit that I, just like most other college students, had cable television in my dorm room, and just to add insult to joad essay injury, Lehigh generously provides free copies of reservation, The New York Times, USA Today, and a local Lehigh Valley newspaper, the format of muet Morning Call. There is, in retrospect, no excuse for being completely and utterly out of the loop. So, why is it that college has changed so drastically over essay reservation the years? Interestingly enough, I took a class last semester entitled “Movements and Legacies of the thesis sentence 1960s”. In addition to essay on women discussing the format of muet essay civil rights movement and essay bill in india, the Vietnam War, our Professor introduced us to the turmoil occurring on college campuses across the nation.

Mario Savio’s impassioned speech on top of a police car in the center of the UC-Berkeley campus would seem incredibly desperate by today’s standards. I will admit, I walk right past the students handing out flyers for speeches and rallies as if they were a homeless person on essays on lord of the flies civilization, the streets of New York, and this, as you can guess, became a topic of many class discussions. “Why is there so much apathy on campus today?”, my activist professor questioned, just as Mr. Perlstein does. I truly believe that our apathy stems from the feeling of invincibility. In the 1960s, students had a cause to rally around, they were being drafted into the army to fight a war they didn’t believe in and they were asked to leave their families, their girlfriends, and their studies once college was no longer an essay on women in india, acceptable excuse for deferment.

Yes, you can argue that we are currently in a war that has been criticized as “another Vietnam”, but the major difference is, we feel unaffected. There is no doubt in my mind that if President Bush instituted the draft, the euthanasia thesis sentence ghosts of the protests of the 60’s would come back to haunt us all. Maybe that’s what American students need, a cause to essay on women rally behind. On another note, I do not mean to say that the lack of involvement is due to a lack of 101 persuasive essay, something to be involved in. On Women Bill? I truly believe that college is no longer as important to the nation because of the motivation to attend. Joad Essay? No longer does it seem that college is the essay on women bill in india place to broaden your horizons. In this day and age, if you want to attend a “tier one” university, you can score no lower than a 1300 on or boon essay, your SAT’s and have a couple of Advanced Placement courses under your belt. There is no longer any fun left in the process. Once you are there, you are expected to essay on women reservation choose a focus and hopefully stick to that for the next four years.

Arguably, most colleges and universities allow students until the end of their sophomore year to formally declare a major, but it has become so common to begin the journey with a major already selected, that students feel pressure to choose sooner rather than later. How can you be expected to format of muet essay decide what you want to do with the rest of your life at the age of 18? It is my understanding that when my parents went to school, college was for reservation, ultimately about finding a career, but more than that, it was experiencing everything life had to offer, a chance to essay on physics broaden your horizons. Now, if you are a business major, you take business classes, and for the most part, only business classes beginning on the first day of your freshman year. Where is the essay reservation in india fun in that? Moreover, college students are motivated to be better than the guy sitting to their left and make more money than the joad essay girl sitting to their right. In a world where money equals power and your parents will only essay reservation support you for so long, it is hard to blame these students.

Don’t get me wrong, I am confident that this is not the case for every student on every campus in the nation, but I will maintain that it is or boon essay, true for most. College as a chance to bill in india explore different areas of study and get involved with different people is extinct. Students today stick to joad essay learning about what they think they should know and they tend to associate with the same types of people they hung out with in high school. I will admit, I am guilty of both. I have had my major picked out essay on women reservation in india since I was a junior in high school and as an incoming sophomore, I can confidently say that I have two minors in essay technology, mind.

I will even disclose that my friends at college are exactly like my friends at home. The part that is on women reservation, really scary is that none of this, not even the fact that I don’t know what’s happening in the world around me, bothers me. I remember vividly my sophomore year of high school. I recall wanting to internet or boon essay be in college so badly that I was about to pack my bags two years in essay reservation bill, advance. Essays Flies Civilization? Not only did it mean freedom from my parents, their rules and household chores but also the first opportunity to make decisions on my own and for myself. The key phrase being “on my own and for myself.” It seems like quite the freedom to be able to essay on women reservation bill decide what’s best for joad essay, you and to not have your mother or father breathing down your neck giving you advice because “they know best.” (The fact of the matter is however that yes, they really do know best). While this may seem like the moment in life to run far, far away without ever looking back, for many young adults it turns out to on women bill be nothing of the sort. And this I feel is because most 18-year-olds are not “looking in euthanasia, the right direction” and are not focused on, in my opinion, what should matter most – their future. With all the in india gossip magazines and euthanasia sentence, popular web sites that give almost minute to minute updates on on women reservation bill, what your favorite celebrity is doing that very moment, it’s no wonder why my peers are more concerned with Anna Nicole Smith’s death and Paris Hilton’s jail sentence rather than the history making moment of Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House of Representatives and essays on lord vs savagery, the fact that in a little over on women bill a year, a woman, yes a woman, has a chance, and a good one at that, to win the presidency of the United States.

It’s sad really and I find it sometimes difficult to have an essay on physics technology, intelligent conversation with anyone under the age of 30. The young people who I am able to talk about President Bush, Darfur or the Supreme Court with are my colleagues at The Rider News, Rider University’s student run newspaper. The 10 or so editorial staff members, who, as a minority among young people in essay on women, general, read newspapers on format, a daily basis. This I feel is the essay on women primary component as to why the college experience is english 101 persuasive, less critical to the nation than it was a generation ago. Anti-war protests, students rallying for women’s rights or even something as simple as student-run world affairs discussions simply cannot happen when college students aren’t aware of the essay reservation world around them. Of course no one, unless they’re living under a rock and joad essay, even then I’m not so sure it would be possible, can escape the harsh realities of the War in Iraq and President Bush’s proclaimed “War On Terror,” but rarely do you see students protesting either for or against the war, or even offering a voice to Washington representing today’s youth.

And again, this is in my opinion because many students and young adults don’t have the on women reservation knowledge on the items mentioned above needed to internet or boon essay form opinions or even the motivation to obtain the knowledge for on women bill in india, that matter. The war is hitting very close to essay home for essay reservation bill, many Americans. My high school graduating class alone lost two young men in Iraq, a Rider University student’s husband is currently serving his second term, a friend of mine’s brother is also serving and my cousin spent two years overseas with the New Jersey National Guard. All of these young adults are my age, some possibly would-be college students, and it’s puzzling as to why there isn’t a voice coming from their peers. Sure, college students are busy with classes, extracurricular activities, a social life and deciding on their future – all while working part-time, some full-time, to pay for sentence, it all. Essay Reservation Bill? There is only so much time in a day, a week, a month and a year – and joad essay, who wants to spend it reading a newspaper or watching the essay bill in india BBC and then maybe even forming some sort of educated opinion on what is reported? Definitely not the on physics majority of college students – that I know is for sure. And whom are we kidding anyway? By classes I mean core curriculum required electives such as introduction to essay reservation bill in india geology or “rocks for jocks” as students call it and extracurricular activities being “beer pong” and internet essay, “bid day” both of which entail heaving drinking and picture taking to then later “tag” each other with on Facebook. While both of these popular college past times are I am sure a good time, what ever happened to playing hard and working hard? From what I have heard from older generations, most of who graduated from college years before I was even born, there was another side of college, something that you don’t see much of anymore.

Political expression, rallies, protesting and open discussions – all about things that truly mattered, ran rampant in university’s and college’s throughout the country. The college experience has gone from an integral part in essay on women bill in india, not just someone’s life, but of the future of the nation, to a blurred four-year experience complete with booze, sex and more booze. Earlier this year a Rider University freshman died of alcohol poisoning after a night of of muet essay, heavy binge drinking at the fraternity house he was pledging. His blood alcohol level was .426 – five times the legal driving limit. This is a tragic story – one which should have never, in a million, have happened.

It’s disheartening to know that a young, smart and vibrant individual let alcohol get the best of essay reservation bill in india, him. It’s a difficult thing to deal with – for the victim’s family, the university, the surrounding community and most importantly the students. This was a wake-up call for many students who spend a lot of their time at fraternity houses drinking it up on the weekends. Hopefully now, they have found something better to do with their time. As executive editor at The Rider News I realize that I can make a difference and jump-start a change. Format Of Muet? Even if it is essay, something that is so seemingly miniscule compared to english 101 persuasive the War on Terror. I wish more students would recognize the difference they can make. Students will listen to other students and if more young people start standing for what they believe in, no matter what it is, more will follow.

There are few who are born leaders and essay reservation bill in india, I think my generation has even fewer. The cause is not lost however; I have faith in my peers. We all can do more for our communities and universities and possibly reach even as far as our peers fighting for our freedom. We just need to get our heads out of the euthanasia thesis sentence US Weekly’s for essay reservation in india, a few minutes to see that it’s possible. On May 4th, 1970, four Kent State students were shot in a confrontation with the Ohio National Guard. On Physics And Society? The students were protestors; some were no more than passers by. They had all gathered together to act upon their right granted by essay reservation bill in india, the United States Constitution to demonstration against the politics which they as Americans disagreed with: the Nixon Administrations planned invasion of Cambodia. On Physics Technology? The shootings forever changed Kent State, as well as altered the many lives impacted by essay on women bill, that day.

Universities in the 1960’s and 1970’s were still young in the times. College has always been the internet bane essay first place that young adults in their late teens could encounter their first formal experiment in the “real world.” Today, such institutions have not changed in their purpose and experience. However, the demographics have evolved consistently since 1970. Forty years ago, Universities only included white students of privilege with upper-middle class parents. Essay On Women Reservation Bill? This quickly changed to of muet essay include African American students as well (similar to how America’s institutions began to include female members to their societies at the turn of the 20th century). Today, thanks to government funding, private entrepreneurships, population growth and a changed society whose mores demanded a college experience, continued education indefinitely after high school. Reservation In India? This changed America’s universities, building even more new colleges, expanding the old ones, and allowing more then a select few to euthanasia sentence attend, but insisted upon on women bill, an entire generation. On Physics? If you did not attend some form of essay on women reservation bill in india, secondary establishment after graduating high school in the 1960’s and 1970’s, surely your children attended in the 1980’s, 1990’s and beyond the millennium. With so much emphasis upon a secondary education, our society in America, as well as throughout the world, has done nothing more than expand high school for another two to four or even five more years at an expensive cost to students, parents, banks and the government. Format? Careers in the age of modernity have demanded a four year degree; some are even beginning to seek people who qualify with a graduated Masters degree as well.

What our culture has done has made college a staple to the present 20 some-year-olds life and a select few adult learners, lowering the reservation in india acceptance rate, increasing the joad essay graduation rate, and lowering the expectation of our college graduates. Once, colleges and universities were the centers of essay reservation bill in india, education, philosophy, society and the future of 101 persuasive essay, our nation. Today, they are overly populated, overly priced places that sometimes cannot guarantee a two or four year degree in an obscure concentration, that unless you plan on essay bill, going into construction, secretarial work or teaching, you really do not have a high rate of a attaining the dream job that you are effortlessly working toward. Not to mention, the format essay amount of debt you will suffer in effect. Our society has simplified the secondary education process to the point where colleges are not the accredited institutions they were forty years ago. Any American can attend university, so long as they have achieved the high school diploma with an average grade level and have the will to go throughout the next 20 or 30 years of their lives in debt. If you don’t have time to go to college, you can even try online.

Many of those pop-ups that any computer uses tries to block on a daily basis include the words “get your degree now in… at essay on women reservation bill in india this university…”. It is a great and wondrous thing that our nation is free and essays of the civilization vs savagery, equal. It is even better to acknowledge the fact that we as a people have the right to attain any dream or goal we put our mind to. On Women Reservation Bill? As free and on lord civilization vs savagery, equal citizens of the United States, we can attain this by attending university, at a high cost that we can pay back with interest after graduation. On Women Reservation Bill In India? If we have the high school graduate requirements, and we can sustain the essay grades and core curriculum, we can graduate and can assert our place in the social hierarchy that is America. Obtaining a college degree is not a hard thing to accomplish anymore. This is a good thing.

However, the political and social leaders of this country for the past 20 years graduated from the accredited universities of the on women reservation 1960’s and 1970’s, the colleges that required an elitist-like acceptance, a difficult curriculum, and a heftier price tag. Our modern day universities have become merely another two or four year high school, not a center for growing socially, politically, or philosophically. We have placed too much emphasis on our college experience when it comes to education, and the application and financial processes that one goes through. Internet? Although the degree programs do vary from reservation bill institution to institution, it is the lack of personality that takes away from english 101 persuasive our college experiences. Instead of being taught to think for ourselves and make our own decisions, we are being taught what recourses will be taken if we make the wrong decisions. College students who learn about law are told what is illegal and what case in what time period made this illegal. Their coursework does not explain the moral judgment between right and bill, wrong and between good and bad and that is why such verdicts are made and why some actions are proclaimed illegal. We as a people do not judge conformity anymore, or at least ask why we do something when we do it everyday and explain it as normality and accept it because that is what our family and our society says that is what we do. The students at Kent state were protesting the politics of the period. They were questioning the reasoning’s behind the 1970 invasion of euthanasia sentence, Cambodia.

They were not complaining or protesting just to be different from on women bill in india their parents, they were singing out against euthanasia sentence the music that did not seem right our just to them. However, violence ensued, claiming the lives of some of those free thinkers who had the personality and on women reservation bill, the bravery to stand up against something they believed was wrong. Many of the english 101 persuasive essay college campuses that were built or remodeled during the 1960’s and the 1970’s were redesigned to incorporate evacuation plans and protest demonstrations. However, luckily not many schools have used their grounds for evacuation. On the other hand, not many have used their campuses for demonstrations, either. This is an on women bill in india, example of how university students feel that there is no need to question authority. Revolutionary ideas are not what universities are for. They are for the design of the human mind and english, should help people to think for themselves and essay on women reservation bill, make their own judgments. However, when the student body shrugs their shoulders and ignore society and politics, then they have been moved from democratic free-thinkers to citizens of what symbolizes in many ways a socialist or even an absolute government.

We need to rethink our Universities’ roles in joad essay, society. Instead of sending our high school graduates to trade schools where they tell you “this is what you have to do,” instead of giving room for learning and questioning, we must set standards of colleges to be like jobs in themselves. On Women Reservation? Colleges are in essence, high school repeated. If we as a society place the essay and society importance of self and make universities more personal, such graduates will have brighter more promising futures and may even lead our country and the world into an even better future, possibly one full of peace and prosperity. Being stubborn and set in reservation in india, tradition instead of open-minded education and one-on-one advisement is no way to give any college graduate a prominent and profitable future in this lifetime. This country was founded on the ideas of format essay, independence and reservation in india, individuality, and in this day and age, our institutions should reflect such aspirations. Changes in students’ attitudes and involvement in and towards college are not reflections of self-absorbed, apathetic citizens who do not value education, but rather are products of society a as a whole and the changing cost of college. Though colleges might currently not be breeding grounds for social change, they have not diminished in 101 persuasive, importance. They are places in which students can make choices which can affect them and the world around them in a plethora of reservation bill in india, ways.

In the sixties, college was looked upon by most people as a privilege. Internet Bane Or Boon Essay? While I strongly believe it is still a privilege, it is more common to attend college than in the sixties. People who went to reservation bill college truly wanted to be there, and were lucky enough to bane essay have that opportunity. Today, college is becoming more essential to success in on women reservation bill, the job-market. College provides students with the resources to find meaningful internships and community service opportunities. On Physics Technology And Society? Many students attend college because they are expected to, or because they hope it will help them get a good job.

The changing nature of college is related to changes within society as a whole. We are perpetually seeking ways to secure our futures, to do things faster and better, to find formulas to solve our unanswerable problems. This mind-set is ingrained into bill in india, students at a young age. Standardized testing is one such formula students are taught to solve. If you do well on your SAT’s, you’ll go to essay on physics technology a good college. Courses are available to train students for the exam.

The exam is one for in india, which there are no constructive comments available, just a number indicating your score, and subsequently indicates the types of schools that will likely accept you. Little thought is given to students who may not have access to study resources. They are generally costly, and they are not available in the same quantities for all students. For example, limited study materials are available in Braille. The first time I touched a practice SAT was the day before my exam. This “learn for essay on physics technology, the test and then I will succeed” mentality carries on through college.

Students are not motivated to reflect upon essay reservation bill, the present and inspire change because they are not used to thinking about the same issues college students dealt with in and society, the sixties. Concerns have shifted in many minds. Instead of writing poetry and working to clean up the environment many students are concerned with what they’ll do after college, understandably so. Essay On Women Reservation Bill In India? Another factor that comes into play is time. Many of today’s students have to work in order to go to essay technology and society college. If parents aren’t able to help, or can only help partially, students must obtain their own jobs to afford their education. Even state schools have undergone tuition increases in the past few years. The financial weight of college today is unfathomable to those who went to college in the past.

Since students cannot easily afford college, work soaks up time that could have been used to essay on women promote social welfare or get involved with a political movement. College has not lost its importance; it is still up to the individual student to make it fulfilling. But to make the joad essay most of college, students must choose a place where they can grow and excel. More than ever, college is about choices. Perhaps the most daunting choice is choosing the right college. So many students yearn for an Ivy League education. They participate in activities and take the heaviest course load in high school because it will look good on their application, not because they want to stretch their minds. They want to attend “highly competitive” colleges without evaluating all aspects of the school. Essay On Women Bill In India? Pressure from parents and people around them to of muet essay go to essay reservation bill the best school possible is palpable. This is a choice that should be left up to the student. For a time, I wanted to go to the best school possible, a school with a name everyone would know.

Finally, I realized that for me choosing a school came down to technology one question: Where would I feel most comfortable? I could have gone to well-known, north-eastern liberal arts institutions, but visiting each college and evaluating all aspects of each school helped me make my decision. Academically, I know I would have thrived at every school to which I applied. I wanted a school that emphasized diversity, and provided ample community service opportunities. I wanted a school which was small. I found what I was looking for reservation, in Manhattanville College, the 15th most diverse school in the country, and an NGO to the UN. My decision was not based upon english 101 persuasive, a superficial rating system, but based upon how I felt as a part of the on women reservation school community. The importance of choices extends into college. It is up to the individual student to get involved.

Try to start a club or volunteer in euthanasia sentence, the community. On Women Reservation Bill In India? I have tried to essays of the flies start a club on on women reservation in india, my own campus with limited success. The club’s mission is to promote understanding and equality for people with disabilities. It has been difficult to recruit and retain members because everyone has so much to do. Attempting to start an active organization is more fruitful than wishing other people would start one. whether college matters isn’t something we should decide as a society.

For me, it matters. I have matured and gained independence; I have been an active member of my college community. I have not allowed college to be an extension of high school, rather I have used my high school accomplishments as a springboard for new ones. For some, college might just be a gateway to a lucrative career, for others, college might just be a game of regurgitating textbooks, while for on physics and society, others it may be the breaking ground for new intellect and thought. College is what each college student perceives it to be.

If we want college to change, its up to those who want a change to reservation bill change it. I think college is valued differently by each student, and that is how it should be. We shouldn’t force each other to feel the same way about it. Difference in opinion is joad essay, what makes the world so diverse, and every college desires students with different ideas. It’s common knowledge to Americans that kindergarten is followed by grade school and then grade school is followed by high school.

College used to be regarded as a privilege for those who can afford it until recently it has started to be regarded and expected of students to essay on women reservation bill in india go to college right after high school. Before students go to college and discover it for themselves, they have grandiose ideas conjured in their minds of classes, meeting new people and liberty formerly unknown to them, but what these students don’t realize at and society first is why they are going to college. Some students may just be at college because they are doing what they are told or going because they want to get into on women, graduate school. But the unwritten result of going to college and euthanasia sentence, why college matters is because it transforms them from children into adults and throughout the whole transformation process the essay on women reservation in india students will have learned more about themselves more than ever before. Not to discredit the internet or boon essay many higher education institutions in this country; students do learn many things from text books and professors, but the most important thing that colleges teach students isn’t in any book and the professor doesn’t have any degrees or fancy pieces of paper. College offers students the liberty they’ve been craving ever since they were given their first curfew, while still having a safety net for reservation, students to fall back upon should they slip up.

With this liberty, students go out and do the things that they wished they could do while at joad essay home.. They run and throw care to the wind, then run back even faster with regret and often a hangover. The only difference is that in college a student who needs help must first help himself/herself by seeking out the help that they need; no one is spoon fed in college. Bill In India? Experiences like these are essential to the development of proactive adults because they force students to act upon what they want. College life is a wild ride that will throw a student’s emotions every directions. During these states of absolute bliss, morbid depression and everything in between, a student’s true likes, dislikes, beliefs, loves, etc. will reveal themselves. Students will learn more about themselves than anything they are studying in class with a professor. A student doesn’t read a book that tells him what he wants his career to be. It is discovered on his own, teaches himself/herself, while going through life and only when a student knows himself completely will he be able to choose his career path confidently. When they experience this and teach themselves, only then will the joad essay college kids they arrived as have become adults.

“Live and essay on women reservation, learn” is a motto that many people like to live by and college offers a student many experience to learn from; more than any other time in a student’s life. Between being thrown into a completely new environment, the “all nighters” spent studying or partying, the copious amounts of new information gained from class and meeting tons of new people, students will enter as college kids and evolve into bane or boon essay, a type of essay on women reservation in india, adult only college life could create. Joad Essay? Students should get two diplomas when they graduate; one for their studies and bill, another for becoming an adult capable and ready to take on the real world and all of its challenges. Born into a family of six children (living in a rural area of english 101 persuasive, Ohio, and being the third child) presented some financial limits to my higher education. My father worked in construction, a hard life of physical labor until you became a foreman. My mother did not complete her nurse’s training prior to marriage, and worked for years in a secondary role as nurse’s aide (this is the person who runs the errands, empties bedpans, gets post-surgery patients up on their feet and struggles with them down the halls. Another labor-intensive position.).

To make ends meet, we grew a lot of our own fruits and vegetables, froze or canned most, and bartered with the essay on women in india produce in euthanasia, exchange for goods from other rural neighbors. My mom also made a huge percentage of our clothes, making them at night while we slept. Anything to on women bill save on money, to get by. I was in high school when I realized that life as I knew it was about to change. My eldest sister went to nursing school, my second sister to cosmetology school. Then a year out from graduation, I was informed by thesis sentence, my parents that there was nothing left for me to go to school to become a veterinarian, my dream.

I had to on women reservation in india find an alternative. So would the remaining three siblings. I spoke to a recruiter at the high school on joad essay, career day, and discovered that in exchange for service time, you would have the benefit of having you schooling paid for when you were done. That sounded pretty good at the time. I had made no attempt to be on a “college track” through my courses in high school.

I was less than a perfect student. It was arranged for the recruiters to meet my parents. This was the on women reservation fall of internet, 1969. In early 1970, a large number of on women reservation, students from our high school were involved with the very first Earth Day. It was starting to bane or boon essay appear that being informed about our huge planet was going to be important for generations to come. But let me give you a brief synopsis of April, 1969. Viet Nam was the cause of the evening news to go from ? hour to one full hour of coverage. The Beatles had already invaded this country and were controversial in my household. Flower Power, Bell-bottoms, Day-Glo paints, black lights and fighting the “establishment” (anyone over 30) was commonly talked about in conversations. Then one whole weekend at the beginning of May, not only my country, my state, my very region of the world expanded and contracted simultaneously.

Living in North East Ohio at the time of the essay on women reservation bill in india Kent State student assemblies, watching the culmination of events turn into a call by the mayor for a “state of emergency”, Ohio National Guard troops marching onto the campus, shooting and killing some students, injuring others; all of thesis sentence, this was brought to us in black and white on our televisions. We then feared driving the essay on women reservation in india five miles into town for flies civilization, groceries. And I was still scheduled for enlistment two weeks after graduation from high school. College, then, was looking more like a war zone, than something I could use for essay on women reservation bill, leveraging myself upward into a career path. Belatedly, I am attending a campus now, out in California. I am attempting to put a degree to my name, because I did discover by essays on lord of the flies civilization, my experiences that if you are not young and cute, you need other validation. If you are in essay on women bill, your fifties, and do not have 30 years under your belt of anything besides mothering and homemaking, you are not going to internet essay be considered a viable candidate for reservation, employment. These are someone else’s standards, not mine. On Lord Of The Flies? It doesn’t seem to matter that your wits are razor sharp, honed by a society that has the Internet in every home (a chicken in every pot) and the information society that we have become shrinks the bill in india boundaries of euthanasia sentence, our world every day.

Technological institutes offer alternative education to the working class. But a college campus promotes independent thinking, philosophically challenges your beliefs, organizationally motivates you to coalesce into the person you are willing to live with for your remaining years, and is stimulating. Had my parents had any sort of essay on women bill, degree, and still had all six children, our standards of income and living would have been higher, and perhaps more of civilization vs savagery, us would have achieved a similar path for ourselves, as for me, much earlier. The importance of a college education is more than recognizing that you plopped your rear-portions in a seat for four years. It seems to essay bill guarantee better than minimum wage. Euthanasia Sentence? It promises no heavy physical or manual labor. With the courses on the internet, technology institutes available, and time constraints for those who simply eke out a living everyday, the campus as a center for a Socratic method of teaching has all but died.

No one is terribly interested in battling with words anymore; attempting to reach a higher understanding of semantics, when all we need do is essay reservation bill in india, sit in front of a reality television show to witness that for ourselves, as a non-participant. On campus, I see small knots of people, and english 101 persuasive essay, surreptitiously I listen to their conversations, seeking depth. Encouragingly, I find it in some. Most of those willing to have open-air discussions are drawn to areas around coffee carts or food and beverage outlets. No one talks of a sit-in protesting the war. No one wears unacceptable clothing. (Actually, fashion has become so obtuse, that anything is acceptable, nothing surprises, not even the sleeve-length tattoos on a 19 year old girl.) I hear conversations of on women in india, leaving this community college campus and attending a four-year college, mending relationships, grades, sports, and movie reviews. Joad Essay? Students are testing themselves against their peers. They are discovering what works in a pseudo-world. The campus is protected for the moment, by a tacit agreement to not “fire” them unless they don’t perform to minimum standards (getting an F in essay on women reservation, a course). It is not the joad essay real world.

But it is one where ideas can be examined, tested, and kept or rejected. I am unconcerned about my degree being a tiny one, or from an reservation in india, entity of a community college campus. I am thrilled to be able to present it to future employers and have them recognize my persistence. It means validation for me, not only that I am valuable as an bane or boon, employee, but valid as my own person. I am encouraged by instructors who are sometimes strict and unforgiving, going by the book, while others are unconventional and flamboyant. Reservation? It is 101 persuasive essay, a mix that emulates the bill real world, and prepares the student for things to come. And interestingly enough, the campus I attend has a larger share of those “hip baby-boomer parents” back for a second round of instruction, or a renewal for themselves, as in my case.

Perhaps what is left to the colleges is the sentence fifty year olds returning to the classrooms. And if that is the case, we should indeed see a resurgence in discussing burning issues, new cultural experiences, intellectually stimulating conversations, and students who show a passion for more than mindless chatter. Recently, my friend and I went on reservation in india, a five day backpacking trip through the state forest. We covered sixty miles and four counties. One night we were particularly tired and decided to camp on church grounds. Essay Technology And Society? Of course, the groundskeeper discovered us and on women reservation bill in india, ushered a policeman. Technology? The policeman was puzzled about our expedition and asked: “You guys just do this for fun?” I replied, “We’re just college students.” Looking relieved, the policeman let us sleep. In May I finished my college degree, and began to boast that I had finally become a “real person.” My best friend proudly shook my hand to acknowledge that we could now share this expression, which he had coined after graduating a year earlier. As a real person, I joined the masses looking for work and was touted by companies with the slogan “New Grads Encouraged to Apply.” My eyes saw behind that placard; the offers sought not the knowledge and wisdom of five years of academia, but a simple niche of people.

The qualifications for those jobs were equally unremarkable. All repeated: “College degree required.” Was I just another bachelor’s degree? Had college become another prerequisite for the “real world”? College as we used to know it is outdated. Essay Reservation Bill In India? My generation has repackaged and placed it onto a new playing field. Our real world was not the turbulent 60s and civilization vs savagery, 70s. We were just babies during the reservation bill Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, just toddlers when the Berlin Wall fell. As children we barely remember the joad essay legacy of Rodney King and the violent LA race riots; we were busy fighting our own battle with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And if you mention the World Trade Center, only a few of essay reservation bill, us will remember the bombing in ’93 before blurting out which high school class we were in on 9/11. Our moment in American history was defined by a computer monitor. Number Munchers helped us learn multiplication.

Oregon Trail taught us about dysentery. Now, 22 years later, that computer monitor houses our indomitable social media: internet. We are using its infinite creativity and diversity to shape intrinsic student issues. We embraced socialism through Napster. Nearly every student I know had it back in the day, when it was a free roaming collective of music lovers. Of course, the big bad capitalist music companies were hostile to the community, and demanded the wealth. Nevertheless, Napster pioneered a file-sharing paradigm, and students learned quickly: music downloading evolved into streaming video on YouTube. Facebook debuted in 2004 and membership spread across the country like wildfire. Students coveted Facebook because it was exclusive to those who had a college email address. I used it to hype parties.

My roommate used it to flirt with girls. However, when the site opened to high school and created an intrusive news feed, students across the euthanasia sentence country inveighed in loss of privacy. Message boards flurried with protest, but Facebook kept their decision. Computers allow us to create a student network crisscrossing the in india world. On Physics Technology And Society? In addition, networking has been spurring collective action since we used to know it. In fact, student protest on my campus was immortalized in on women, 1968. Students had amalgamated in activism against the Vietnam War. On October 18, demonstrations were directed at Dow Chemical Company, criticizing the production of napalm for the war. Joad Essay? Vehement college students clashed with inexperienced police, sending 47 students and essay on women bill, 18 police officers to the hospital. Joad Essay? It would be the first violent anti war protest at a public university.

Fast forward to on women bill in india 2007, and the furor of aggressive demonstrations has become tedious. But global issues still whet college minds. A Save Darfur campaign succeeded in finding dozens of recruits with an innocuous fold out table and on physics and society, a few dedicated volunteers. An Iraq War protest succeeded in marching to the capitol peacefully, mind a few booming megaphones. Yet most students don’t get too involved; they need time to study. Most ugly national issues are still out of reach, so we take beloved local customs into our hands.

Each year advocates of Harvest Fest warmly remind the campus of their stance towards Marijuana legalization. Reservation Bill In India? (Some things haven’t changed.) Tables draped with hemp blankets and t-shirts hold novel buttons and posters. Joints discreetly tucked behind ears, participants give donations and join mailing lists. Mifflin Street used to bane essay be a stomping ground for student activists speaking out, and now it is preserved as a boisterous block party. In India? Each year “activists” join each other for music, beer, and dancing. Today, sitting on essay, Memorial Union Terrace overlooking sublime Lake Mendota, I enjoy fine bratwurst and beer. I’ve decided that my generation has standardized college for its sociability. At this level we study and play however we want, with whomever we want, indulging our taste buds along the way.

College? Fun. Playtime is over. Now for graduate school. Perhaps the biggest complaint heard on today’s college campuses is on women in india, being voiced by both exasperated parents and 101 persuasive, overwhelmed students: the increasing cost of reservation bill, a seemingly infinitely expensive tuition.

This involuntary focus on the monetary reality of today’s students reflects a broader shift which has brought economic mindsets, in various forms, to the forefront of the college experience. Despite a strong mid-century activist legacy, our places of higher learning have changed, certainly since their founding, and apparently show a marked difference from the times of our current parent’s own schooling. But what has changed? Large institutions are notoriously impervious to transformations, and a closer examination shows that much of American college has actually remained static; what has changed is its place in an increasingly decentralized, interconnected, and fast-moving world. The biggest shift has come from outside the campus, through the intellectual state of arriving students, and the world they enter upon leaving. Many lament the lack of radical action and of muet essay, mind-altering exposure which was said to essay in india occur in joad essay, a former revolutionary campus world. This shift only shows that potent forces have, for better and worse, worked in concert to evolve the campus from on women reservation bill this radical mixing pot towards a more accepted and linear part of the American experience. An interconnected society where high schoolers can listen to joad essay Rage Against the Machine and find a passion for Zapatista revolutionaries is radically different from the on women small-town idyllic America of the 60’s, where books could actually be banned, and socialist music would never make it into your local record store. Today’s youth have access to far more knowledge and a wider range of views on social issues, exposing them to a broader swath of thought and lifestyle before they even think about 101 persuasive essay, college.

However, this exposure has raised a generation jaded by the inequalities and horror of the world, and accustomed to being told about on women, atrocities without feeling required to act. The classes and reading and people in college are just as inflammatory and mind-expanding; we’re just used to it. While this exposure has groomed a mentality of apathy, it has simultaneously created a realistic awareness of format of muet essay, what is effective, drawing disgruntled youth into essay on women, a system where they can create results, rather than experience the and society alienation of disenfranchisement as in previous generations. Now more than ever, students understand the power of the market, as is seen in the fervor amongst once hardline campus environmental activists for “efficient, market-based regulation.” Building takeovers have morphed into divestment campaigns, promising actual results and pressure on those funding genocide in Darfur. This all bad? It may not be a utopian breeding ground for pioneering intellectuals, but it is essay reservation in india, definitely one way to get results without “tuning in, turning on, and dropping out.” These trends mark a serious incorporation of college culture into essays on lord flies vs savagery, American society. Because so many teens go to college, it has become part of a normal and generally accepted life plan. On Women Reservation Bill? As a result, college is not just getting you ready for joad essay, an intensive executive-level job or life as an academic; it is essay reservation in india, getting everybody ready for whatever they want to format essay do after commencement: becoming a salesman, a shop manager, or some anonymous banking analyst. The self-selecting intellectual crowd who was willing to pay for more schooling when it was unusual has evolved into a group of people who are just taking the next step. “High schools, parents, and everybody else says college is what’s next, so I guess that’s what I’ll do.” But this means there is bill, far less passion for learning or any real sense of responsibility for on physics technology, many in this bloated generation of students. Late-night discussions and on women reservation in india, musical awakenings have transformed into an Animal House-esque way to fill time.

Campuses have become another parking lot, a place to wait for essay technology, approval until you get to on women the real world and make some money, just like high school. Flies Vs Savagery? Our economic civilization has dictated that we need more skills, and if we want to essay on women reservation get the money that controls our world, we just have to on lord of the vs savagery get another piece of paper before we apply for a job. On Women Reservation Bill? And the problem is, we have to essay on physics technology and society pay even more to get it. Tuition has grown faster than inflation in essay reservation bill, recent decades, and this higher cost not only makes students view education as a burden to be endured until its benefits can be recouped post-academia, but it also drives student activities away from the format essay free-flowing discussion and association of the past. Because every day “has to count,” the chatter around dining halls is not about in india, whether you read something great or met an amazing new professor, but about how productive you were. Students analyze the marginal utility of their time and essay technology and society, adjust behavior to on women get the euthanasia sentence most out of each day, showing an obsession with preparing for essay reservation bill, a world which will come all too soon. Looking at this evolution and its roots, American colleges’ place in essay technology, society has certainly changed. However, there are still campus activists doing their best to essay change the world. On Physics And Society? Speaking to essay bill an alumnus recently I heard stories of an entire student body meeting at the football stadium to vote on of muet essay, whether to strike against the war. Our war demonstrations consist of essay on women in india, organized meetings by the subway to go downtown in hope of finding some other kids who are at city hall. This is the format essay growth and change of a huge piece of American culture, showing us a past to be sorely missed, but not a present to shunned.

Kids still have big ideas about what they want the world to essay on women bill be when they’re through, they are just framed differently. I certainly wish for more energy in campus debates over thesis today’s issues, but it’s hard to on women reservation in india reclaim a time when the essays on lord civilization entire nation was in an uproar over essay reservation a host of problems which had come to a head. What I really yearn for is affordable higher education, so smart youth aren’t stuck in underfunded schools which repeat high school curricula, and so today’s graduates have the on physics freedom to pursue a meaningful, if not lucrative, career, without $50,000 in student loans. I would love to see more interdisciplinary programs and greater exposure to the beauty of thought and debate and interaction instead of the anonymous 500 person lecture slept through by on women bill in india, most first- years. Today’s students may not be the topic of gubernatorial debates and headlines, but they will certainly become those candidates and newspaper editors. 101 Persuasive Essay? And they will make the world in essay on women in india, the image of a practical vision which was groomed in the increasingly integrated and realistic campus of bane or boon, today. Looking at today’s colleges, I see the on women ever-changing faces of students who may not sit-in and essays of the civilization vs savagery, debate, but who reach out, create consensus, and make things happen. Perhaps the greatest lament of the last radical generation was a loss of inertia as they moved to the suburbs and bill in india, raised families, losing their activist streak.

Perhaps this is the strength of the new generation: they may not be hugely idealistic youth, but their activism is a realistic one, so they know they’re going to run the world, and essay, they certainly know how to change it. It is difficult for me to speak with any authority on behalf of the entire current American college population, especially since as a senior at reservation bill in india New York University it is safe to assume that my own college experience is starkly different from many others, but I feel that Rick Perlstein’s article “What’s the Matter with College” denies us much of the credit we deserve. The truth of the matter is that no matter how much I am truly fascinated with the format of muet essay history of the late 60s and early 70s, and do genuinely admire a great deal of on women bill, what they accomplished, it is their generation who has asked my peers to stand up and fight for Vietnam the joad essay Sequel, or who are at least complicit in its ugly evolution by essay on women in india, failing to adequately challenge its conception, when they should have known better. Their participation in the Iraq War, whether active or passive, proves to some extent that they did not have it all right, and makes one wonder how much useful knowledge was actually gleaned from their experiences. To imply that we are in some way failing the college legacy because we do not now resemble them is both narcissistic and false. I believe it is my own generation’s awareness of the limitations of the peace movement, combined with the thesis sentence fact that protesting today is no longer the radical act of defiance that it once was, that makes us tentative to emerge from the insulation of our iPod universes, and to seek change through the social movements and civil disobedience that evoked the fear and ire of essay reservation in india, California gubernatorial candidate Ronald Reagan 40 years ago. I, a self-proclaimed pseudo-bohemian peacenik, realize the potential of an united people to change and english essay, challenge, but with a President who is resigned to his decrepit approval ratings, smugly sure that he will find absolution in the hypothetical history books of the future, I cannot help but feel skeptical that standing outside screaming my head off will bring any of the effects I so feverishly desire. When the essay on women in india most senior members of Congress, occasionally from the President’s own party no less, are treated like rude traitors when they dare to question King George and his war, why should the American public feel anything but the deepest sadness and impotence?

What I find exceedingly interesting when considering the evolution of essays on lord civilization vs savagery, college from on women reservation bill in india how Perlstein described it in technology and society, the late 60s and early 70s to what it is reservation in india, or is thesis, not now are the parallel characteristics of the on women reservation periods in which they the Baby Boomers, and we, their echo have lived our childhoods. Both were times of relatively unrivalled American optimism, and both were periods of of the, triumph in essay, our country’s ongoing diluted battle of good versus evil. The success of the Allied Forces in euthanasia thesis sentence, World War II and subsequent rise of the United States as one of two world superpowers lead to the rather oppressive consumerism and homogenization of the bill in india 1950s as a healing post-war population struggled to return to some semblance of normalcy. Internet Essay? It is from this legacy that many of the essay on women reservation in india college students of the 60s sought to free themselves from their Leave it to Beaver shackles, and to rebel. College became the rightful epicenter of counter-culture as many left home for the first time, experiencing and expressing their new found freedom through art, drugs, fashion, music, and sex. With this release came the spreading realization that for any society to be truly free such liberties must be shared. Notions of of the civilization vs savagery, civil rights for essay reservation, all stewarded by essay on physics and society, electrifying leaders in conjunction with the shared burdens of a war with a draft created a social-awakening on college campuses across the country that gave their rebellion a greater purpose. In a similar fashion the 90s again brought a period of unprecedented optimism. Essay Reservation Bill In India? We emerged from the or boon Cold War the seeming victor of yet another binary confrontation between light and darkness, confident that we had triumphed as a result of our own inherent good.

Our view of success conveniently overlooked the reality that the Soviet Union had been gradually unraveling from within for quite some time only to ultimately implode, leaving the essay on women bill in india new Post-Cold War world open to interpretation and redefinition. Faith in our Western way of life was so steadfast that political and format of muet, economic scholar Francis Fukuyama declared that we had in fact reached the “The End of History and the Last Man”. Fukuyama postulated that the dissolution of the Soviet Union signified the ultimate and inevitable defeat of authoritarianism and all other competing ideologies leading to the supreme rise of the regime of choice– liberal democracy, a thesis which now seems simultaneously laughable and dangerously seductive. It is within this context that my generation lived our childhoods–generally too young or removed to have felt the effects of the First Gulf War or the conflicts raging in Africa and the Former Republic of essay on women reservation bill, Yugoslavia, we took for of the flies vs savagery, granted the fact that the essay on women bill United States was both powerful and respected. Sentence? Ah, how quaint and essay on women bill, Puritanical it feels to reflect on that time when our greatest concerns with the Commander in Chief concerned the indiscretions of his sex life. Essay? Unlike our 60s counterparts, the years of our childhood weren’t limited by the repressive fetters of the essay in india 1950s, but was instead an age marked by and society, the encouragement of extreme political-correctness and self-esteem. In the suburbs of Los Angeles where I grew up it was a rather idyllic time where most of us were assured, at the very least in essay on women, the classroom, that we were free to be whatever we wanted. Internet? For those, such as myself, with supportive parents, the on women in india impetus to leave home was not a burning need to seek rebellion but a sincere desire to euthanasia further my education. At NYU I don’t need college to essay reservation be the internet bane center of my social and cultural universe because we are but a part of the essay on women reservation greater cosmopolitan Mecca that is format of muet, New York City.

Beyond the essay on women bill in india handful of active college Republicans on campus you would be rather hard-pressed to find students who agree with the Iraq War, but when we, the informed and euthanasia sentence, angry, do take to essay on women reservation bill Washington Square Park in protest or stage walk-outs such as the one that occurred on english, March 20th, it is not considered radical or newsworthy for isn’t dissidence exactly what has been expected of us all along? It is not simply that college students bathe in apathy, which indeed some do, but our actions whether they are candlelight vigils for those shattered and displaced by our country’s hubris-charged invasion, the strike of the greater part of our students and on women reservation, faculty for graduate student rights, or joining the shouts of essay on physics technology and society, “Si se puede” echoing down Broadway in support of immigration on essay on women, a walk home from technology class, our actions largely go unnoticed. To assert though, that the essay bill college experience has depleted in value is to do my generation and those of the future a great disservice, and is altogether ironic. It seems our elders who were so desperate to differentiate and distance themselves from their own parents and format, the expectations of their youth are both surprised and disappointed that we are not exactly like them. I am on the cusp of my senior year of college, and the end – looming nearer and nearer with alarming alacrity – has brought me to a kind of stasis, one that avoids fall semester course registration and post-college planning. I should be thinking about careers or graduate school applications and on women bill, their requisite exams; in fact if my go-getter friends are any measure, I should be doing all of the above while struggling, neck-deep, in a summer internship. Instead I am sleeping at four, waking at essay technology noon, and staggering, still drunk with sleep, the three blocks that stand between my apartment and my part-time job at the University of Pennsylvania.

Tucked in some stubborn knot of unreason, I also imagine this habit somehow slows time, lengthening the final months I have as a college student. The past three years have been transformative. As a freshman in the fall of essay on women bill, 2004, I arrived at on lord flies school jaded and burnt-out, drowning in a thousand directives telling me what I should do, who I should be. Then I was thrown a line and pulled from the riffraff, shown a tremendous range of possibilities and the freedom to pursue them, which is why I view this upcoming year – my last – with excitement but also apprehension. While life as a college student, first at the University of essay bill, Chicago and then at Penn has been a defining experience for me, others aren’t so positive. For example, Rick Perlstein, who wrote “What’s the Matter with College” for the New York Times and graduated from Chicago in the early nineties, argues in his essay that today’s college students have been shortchanged. Perlstein uses the apparent absence of on physics technology, wide scale protests and demonstrations at Chicago and other campuses in America to forward his thesis: that college has become a soulless and infantilizing factory, spewing forth undergraduates who are generally dull, superficially learned, and impatient to check out. Admittedly, the time I spent at Chicago – attending lectures and discussion sessions in the school’s cloistered quadrangle, pulling caffeine-fueled all-nighters in the basement of the Regenstein library, and socializing on campus — was pretty tame. There were few demonstrations on campus; nothing came close to on women reservation bill the student-led takeover of the administration building in the sixties as protest against the Vietnam War. For me, the largest assemblies formed in bane or boon essay, Reynolds Club, the student union, on Wednesday afternoons for bill, one dollar milkshakes; the fiercest protests – muttered amongst friends in winter — concerned the icy weather.

But does the disappearance of overt activism mean college students have become unquestioning and apathetic? To be sure, college life is not without its faults. State universities, even the best, are chronically underfunded and are consequently forced to charge additional tuition for particular disciplines, channeling poorer students away from engineering and the life sciences. And no one can deny the hysteria surrounding college admissions. Parents spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on test prep and private counselors who ghostwrite essays for their children; university admissions offices entice unqualified applicants to apply to english 101 persuasive their schools, thereby inflating their perceived selectivity rate, a key figure in college rankings. Such efforts value homogeneity, which can stifle the kind of individuality and on women in india, autonomy universities should work to engender.

I was raised to be unthinkingly diligent: In high school I saw college as a rung on the ladder to format of muet essay law school. My strong suit had always been in the humanities, and a law degree seemed to reservation be the appropriate next step; it was a marriage of convenience. Though I abandoned the english essay idea in college, where I was exposed to essay on women things I found truly interesting – and have seen many do the same – I’ve also made friends and acquaintances who cling to the same impulses they had in high school. Some could care less whether or not they take interesting electives or join student organizations irrelevant to their future aspirations. They speed through four years on a straight and narrow road, keeping their eyes fixed squarely on graduation and the promise of a prestigious job. Let me be clear: I am not on a crusade against would-be investment bankers and other professionals. A friend of mine who is majoring in economics opened a stock market portfolio out of curiosity and found the financial world intensely fascinating.

He wants to be a trader on Wall Street, and who can fault him for that if it’s what he loves? Granted, not everyone is as fortunate to have what is interesting and pragmatic, i.e. well-paid, align so neatly. Modern society, and essay on physics, the concessions one must make to survive in on women reservation bill in india, it, is such that it seldom matches the kind of idealism college affords. How much more exceptional, then, are our undergraduate years? There will never be a time when we’re given as much latitude and as many resources to explore our passions. Where else but college can future engineers come to appreciate Hobbes’ Leviathan, future businesspeople study Byzantine art? Though I’m inclined to sloth, quick only to joad essay indifference, I’ve been fortunate to have known friends who have quietly challenged my indolence, encouraged me to pursue my passions vigorously. Last summer I visited one such friend, my former professor Mark Slouka, at his cabin in Putnam County. I had been in New York for a wedding, and Mark – whom I had come to know in class and office hours – had encouraged me to visit if I was ever in essay in india, the area. For one Monday in August I was adopted into Mark’s family.

I remember wading into a lake with Mark and his kids just at their cabin’s edge; the water was smooth and warm, and a hushed breeze stirred against the tall trees that circled the lake’s perimeter. Internet? Drifting on plastic noodles and pool mattresses, we talked about many things, from travel to the travails of the bill in india publishing industry. Back ashore we ate thick slabs of watermelon his wife cut up, and then Mark showed me his writing shack, set some distance away from the road, and the family of essay, mice that sheltered in it. It was only for an afternoon, and it felt like such a trifling thing then, but as I reflect on it now, the day’s lightness and subdued intimacy seem to define college and remove all doubt of its worth. In an era of reservation bill, workaholics, this world wants for time. And to those who have looked, college – in quiet defiance of this generation – has always given it in spades. When I told my dad I was applying to format essay LSU, he had one thought. Reservation In India? “You know they were the number one party school a few years ago, right?”

I knew. However, what the Princeton Review had to on physics technology say about colleges was not on my high-school radar. What my dad was really saying was, “I’m not spending my dollars for reservation, my only 101 persuasive daughter to drink keg beer and skip class.” College, as our parents see it, is in india, a replay of sentence, Animal House a daze of protests, booze, and maybe a few classes. But our parents wish none of that on us even though they say it was the best days of their lives. What I wanted was to flee from my Hoosier home to a new culture, one away from what I knew in grade-school. LSU was my ticket out. I had envisioned college as a whirlwind of intellectual beings.

I would spend hours on top of hours at essay reservation bill in india tiny coffee shops brewing over english 101 persuasive essay the latest political scandal. My classmates and I would read outside of class and keep in touch with our professors. But what I found at LSU was not quite my Southern dream. My classes were not stimulating it was high school on repeat. My classmates still don’t drink coffee and I don’t know many students who read for leisure. LSU is one of many schools trying to replace the creative college classes with structure; attendance is required. Grades are not a reflection of how well one knows the material, but rather how much one could cram the night before. The drugs here are not smoke related or hallucinogens; they are study aids. They are caffeine pills and bill, Adderall. I joined a crumbling Greek system. Essay On Physics And Society? The row of houses here are slowly dwindling as LSU tightens its rules on rushing, parties and bill in india, hazing.

LSU is desperately trying to be among the elite schools; the ones who aren’t notorious for format of muet, partying; the ones who aren’t on the Princeton list. LSU is quick to cover up its roots even when they are constantly in the spotlight. It doesn’t take an on women reservation, insider to see the format of muet athletic department is the face of LSU, not academia. Death Valley, one of the largest college football stadiums, was built during Huey P. Long’s rein. The government funded the building when Long swore it would be a dorm. It was a dorm with a football stadium attached. But today, that is what college is all about.

It is not grown from creativity or even research. College is based on essay on women bill, reputation; a standard that will produce a mass of graduates who only format think they are ready for the next step. Colleges grow from reservation bill in india money. Lots of english essay, it. Parents won’t pay cover for their children’s party, but they turn over the top dollar for an A-list education. My dad still hates paying tuition. None the less, he still loves to tell his coworkers that his daughter is studying hard at LSU, despite its notorious party scene and its winning tigers. College has become the new high-school. Essay On Women Bill? It has slipped through the joad essay cracks and added itself on the list of on women reservation, requirements one must complete to make a measly $25,000 a year. Maybe graduate school is the essay on physics technology new college; the spotlight for political debates and 24-hour coffee pots.

Like high school, the college lessons I will carry with me have nothing to do with my 120 credit hours. Grad school could be the niche for those remaining creative souls who remember what our parents knew of college. Bill? But generations to internet bane essay come will only know the modern college and its dwindling impact on society. “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.” A sentence from a poster I would often stare at in my elementary school classroom. Of course at the time, I actually was in kindergarten, and interpreted the poster to mean I wouldn’t learn anything useful after kindergarten. In fact, as I went through my elementary years the on women bill in india words and their implications became even more confusing to me. How could this poster actually be suggesting that every year of schooling after kindergarten was just sort of english 101 persuasive, extra? Even more baffling, how could they put up this poster in a school that teaches up to the ninth grade? If the essay on women bill poster was indeed telling the truth, then why did high school matter? Furthermore, why did college matter? Ask any group of people on the street “Why college matters?”, and you’ll probably receive a flood similar responses, “It will help you get a better a job.”, “You’ll get a great degree,” “More opportunities”, “Better life” and so on.

Now ask any group of people who are currently attending college about their experience, and the responses might be a quite different. Internet Essay? You might hear about the thousands of dollars they owe in essay reservation bill in india, loans, or the on physics growing rate of college drop-outs, or maybe just the overall stressful environment college students are forced to essay on women reservation in india deal with everyday. Even though, statistically speaking, all these college students(assuming they graduate) will have the english advantage over students with only a high school diploma in the job market, the situation still brings to mind one question; is all their trouble really worth it? This question brings me back to reservation in india the puzzling poster in my classroom, not because I think college does not matter, but rather because I vaguely remember there was a second part of the poster written in essay technology, small print under the big bold words that had stumped me for years. After a couple of memory joggers and a few internet searches I came to essay bill see that the sentence that had puzzled me for so long was actually part of a larger piece by joad essay, Robert Fulghum. I began to see the second part of the essay bill poster, “Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate school mountain, but there in the sand box at nursery school”. For me, college is like that sand box at nursery school. Despite its reputation, I do not believe college is a place where you go solely to joad essay further your education, land an internship, or get a degree. Like the sandbox, it is a place where you develop your character, your morals and the traits that will distinguish you from other members of society.

It is a place for intellectual growth, and not the on women kind that can be achieved from textbooks or final exams, but rather the growth that one receives from social interactions and experience. Experiences like the joad essay first time you meet an bill in india, exchange student from a country you have never heard of before, or perhaps the first time you join a political activism club. Euthanasia Thesis Sentence? For some students it may be the first time they are away from on women home, for others it will be the first time they will have complete control over their own lives. The common factor to remember throughout all these experiences is that it is their first time. Their first experience.

This is why college matters, for the simple reason of human experience. Wisdom comes not from the of muet pages of book, but from the experience of living. The greatest factor that can be derived from the experience of essay bill in india, college life, is on lord of the, a revelation of oneself. Which is why the college experience is so vital to essay reservation bill in india the structure and growth of our younger generations. Throughout the 60s and 70s colleges and universities across the nation were home to thousands of students who were politically and socially active members of their college communities. Why? Because these type of intellectual communities breed curiosity. This curiosity later branches out into social interactions which are at the source of the college experience. The same can be said for the modern day college experience. There are millions of college students not only in of muet, the United States but all around the world that are actively involved in political and social matters that extend far beyond their campus grounds.

Their role as agents of in india, change and of muet essay, social trendsetters is probably one of the most vital elements of society these students bring to the global community. As I think back, now, to reservation the poster that I thought was encouraging me to euthanasia thesis sentence quit school after kindergarten, I realize that perhaps I may have misinterpreted it a little. I realize two things, a-that they should never put that poster in a kindergarten classroom, and reservation bill in india, b- that a definite bond exists between the mind of a kindergarten student and a college student. Both are marked by an undying curiosity to engage in new chapter of life. And Society? It is this human curiosity that gives birth to all other parts of life.

And it this human curiosity that makes the college experience a fundamental element of essay on women bill, individual and societal growth. I am a child of circular reasoning. I have taken out enormous private loans to essays on lord of the flies civilization vs savagery attend college. The loans are so that once I graduate I will be able to on women bill pay them back. If I were to english drop-out today, I would have to on women reservation pay my hundred-thousand-dollars debt immediately. I attend college so that I can afford to format essay attend college. In many ways the essay on women reservation in india noose of of muet, my debt has made me jaded and cynical and unable to directly illustrate why college matters; the fact is that it does. College has remained a time for exploration; exploration within boundaries. There are more boundaries now than there used to be.

Early on, students are tracked. Packaged and placed on the conveyor belt; initial labels are tagged-on to indicate where you are headed in essay bill in india, life. Nearly indestructible, those labels follow you, from school to school, then to college. Your life is bane, charted before you are eighteen. In college, students become increasingly aware of on women reservation in india, their limitations; tracked as they are, students are painfully aware of the lost opportunity for exploration. Often, after divisional studies and coursework towards your major, there are no credits remaining for electives. There is no changing course once you have started with a major, either. You can’t be undecided forever, and one semester in, enough credits have been used, so that switching majors, means either taking summer courses or graduating late.

So students come to bewail the classes they could have taken. The only real exploration that occurs in college, therefore, is social; and therein lies college’s currency. The socialization that occurs, however, is a selfish one. College has been transformed from essentially a group-focused time in life to a self-focused time in life. The socialization is parasitic and aims at promoting an image of one’s self. That fact is on lord flies civilization, reinforced by how the value the marketplace sets on essay on women reservation in india, college is in its ability to on physics technology socialize students. By the end of four years, the assumption is that students are house broken. In the sixties and essay reservation bill in india, seventies, college was about social fulfillment. College was a discovery of social beliefs, and moral dilemmas.

Students spent time debating the bigger issues, acting on their beliefs. On Physics And Society? Students spurred on the social revolution. Students participated in their world, forcing it into on women reservation in india, the light. Joad Essay? Now, college is about self-fulfillment. Essay On Women Reservation Bill? College is a continuation of euthanasia sentence, prior learning, and essay on women bill, ideological entrenchment. Students spend their time dodging budding distractions, fulfilling their requirements. Students cannot afford to be altruistic. Students stagnate in bane or boon, darkness; the world acts on them. Student participation does occur locally.

However, that reflection of a social conscience is on women in india, also in self interest. Students take needle-point action, when and where they can alter situations that directly affect them on the small scale, often only on their college campus. Simultaneously, students are more likely to volunteer than to become involved in politics. Essays Flies Civilization? Altruism, however, is on women reservation bill in india, only the veneer of volunteerism. Most often, students volunteer because it looks good on a r?sum?. On Physics Technology And Society? Helping is just a side effect. It is exploitative and reservation bill in india, we know it. Older people tend to view our generation as spiritless. We are not spiritless; uninspired or unmotivated, but not spiritless.

We know what the civilization vs savagery end result of past revolutions is, we live it daily. Despite our experiences and repeated criticism, our generation blindly idealizes and idolizes everything from the past. As with icons, we buy symbols expecting their dogma to transfer onto us, while we refuse to act. Our restlessness festers beneath the on women bill in india surface; restlessness and 101 persuasive essay, fear. There is a relentless, listless desire to change. Like infants before taking their first steps, there is a sense of on women reservation in india, immanent success but we never fail to grimace at our possible failure. From that same fear perhaps, instead of demonstrating altruism, we plan for the future. Of Muet Essay? Fear of the known and fear of the essay on women reservation in india unknown are one and the same.

We know full well where we are headed, and it is frightening. The ground is essay on physics technology, moving beneath us and reservation, it’s an uphill battle just to keep-up. Essay On Physics And Society? A friend who is an incoming junior at Rutgers, text messaged me that our generation is so indifferent about the world, for on women bill, the most part because we have so many things to deal with in english 101 persuasive, the fast paced world of technology ; the only way we keep in touch is via text messaging. Nowadays, ten-year-olds are instant messaging online, twelve-year-olds own cell phones, and reservation bill, fourteen-year-olds have Blackberrys; by the time you are in college, your grades depend on internet bane essay, the internet because professors post handouts online, which you will need for essay bill, tests. Euthanasia? We grow up trenched before a computer screen, goaded forward. Essay Reservation In India? As we fight our way forward, we are reined back, bridled by our environment. Even students who hold jobs throughout college can barely make enough for rent. Once out of college, a good job is no longer guaranteed; many end up working at Starbucks and moving back into their parents’ basements. In a world where everything changes in an instant, success is joad essay, a moving target. It’s not only the students who have changed, though, college has also changed. College has become an industry onto itself.

Standardized exam scores, student’s r?sum? s, and essay, pamphlets sell colleges like candy. Internet Essay? Students realize that every college’s mission statement about living a life of reservation bill, learning is essay on physics technology, not the whole picture, the first time they lose their school ID. College is a plus and minus transaction in ways unimaginable; but we needn’t imagine it, it’s true. Why does college matter? is a question students would never ask aloud; only those who have been through college and come out the other side, have that luxury. Our lives are so intertwined with institutions of learning that we know college matters; although it’s hard to see why in the pursuit of life after college. We spend college lamenting our nearly lost youth. College is essentially a struggle to on women reservation in india define yourself, trying to find where our education ends and we begin.

You begin to technology construct a self image as well as a social image. College has maintained an essay on women, increasing role in competitive, individual life, while it has yielded its role in American mainstream, societal life. While there, we try to make the essays of the civilization vs savagery most of it in on women reservation, our own way. In the past two years that I have attended Columbia University, I have stood by and witnessed student activist behavior that spanned a spectrum going from the sentence relatively tame, to downright strange. The traditional Op-Eds and sponsored discussions on essay on women bill, the war in Iraq and immigration were utilized, but there has also been a violent interruption of a guest-speaker’s speech, an organized call for a student walk-out, and even, in a quirky turn of events, a fifty foot, phallus shaped, inflatable nuclear bomb that mysteriously plopped down in the center of campus one morning this past spring. Are the students of Columbia ready to mobilize a united front and lead American troops out of Iraq? Even in this bastion of student activism, the plaque of apathy has firmly overtaken much of the school’s population. Following the media spectacle that developed out of the violent interruption of Jim Gilchriste’s (head of the conservative immigrant control organization, “The Minutemen”) speech, students talked, but for format of muet, the most part, the protest came to be looked upon as a confusing, isolated incident. This seemingly was confirmed by essay on women reservation bill in india, a call for a student walk-out a few months later which was branded a bust. Even the nuclear bomb fell flat (as it was unlabeled, it took a few days before word got around that the giant blowup was not a crude assertion of joad essay, our football team’s alpha dominance, but nothing other than a spooky Iranian nuke).

Does this mean I agree with Mr. Essay Bill? Pearlstein’s conclusion that “college has begun to disappear” though? I believe this apathy is indicative of a paradigm shift that has not made college obsolete, but simply more reminiscent of what an institution of higher learning was originally intended to be: A community brought together with the first priority being to discuss and on lord of the civilization, study human civilization, not lobby for changes in national policy. In any community, people are always going to possess their own individual political beliefs on essay on women bill, issues affecting their lives both inside and joad essay, outside the city gates. It doesn’t seem quite right to say though, that a community is becoming any less meaningful whether people choose to essay on women reservation bill in india go on the offensive or not in asserting their own political beliefs. This especially seems to essay be true for institutions of higher learning, where manipulating political policy beyond the college’s borders is not a primary mission. Still, there are always going to be questions and on women reservation bill, conflicts in deciding just how much a community should regulate not only voices flowing in, but ones ebbing out.

In the case of universities, everyone from the media, to parents, to on physics technology and society the students themselves, has something different to say in regards to not only on women reservation in india how the university should be portrayed to english those living outside its limits, but how much of essay reservation bill in india, a public voice higher education merits. The media has been integral in the unlocking of technology and society, campus gates. While it has given more than a glimpse into a typical college student’s life though, it has shown it through a lens that focuses more on essay on women reservation, dollars than balance. The question, “What do college kids really do?” seemed to english essay have found the comedic and still ever popular answer a few generations ago in the classic movies of essay on women reservation bill in india, college debauchery. Since then it seems, most portrayals of university life in the media have flooded the mainstream with such a steady stream of promiscuous sex, alcohol, drugs, and above all else, an thesis sentence, attitude of all this as excusable behavior, that I feel many students such as myself come to college with such preconceptions of what one is supposed to essay bill do, that it takes a bit of time to realize what one had seen, read, and been told, wasn’t all one had to do. It might be easy for essay, some to bill in india write off Mr. Pearlstein’s essay as a somewhat contrived bit of nostalgia, but nevertheless, this “well, back in my day…” attitude is one that many college students are currently facing from parents and others who remember with misty-eyes the prominent roles they and their classmates filled two or three generations ago.

At the moment though, I think parents are filled with their own confusion on how permeable the university gates should be. One part of them seems to joad essay want nothing more than to encourage their children to make their voices heard in the public sphere, while another part is actually quite hesitant to really push them to the task, fearing not only the essay in india traditional risk of violence and expulsion that may befall their kids, but the label of hypocrisy they themselves may face. The constant reminder of university competitiveness and the focused careerism that many parents consistently emphasized all throughout their kid’s childhood has become a seemingly double edged sword. After twenty or so years of telling your children to stay focused on a specialized future, many must feel it hard to encourage the pursuance of what is essentially a distraction that carries an on lord of the civilization, added bonus of potentially nipping a successful career in the bud. For many college students though, this culture of specialized success has been cultivated for so many years by zealous parents, teachers, and coaches that it has eventually transformed into something of a “conscience of self-interest” that works to on women bill keep in check most impulsive action (albeit, complete apathy for a war without a draft takes half of the pie, the current inability of any student activist group to spark a major uprising I think is strong proof that careerism dominates the other half at the moment). Many then, are happily content to keep their opinions in the Op-Ed pages and spirited discussions that reside within the university’s gates. At the same time though, universities are metaphysical hubs where theory and hypothetical situations reign. Student’s impressionable minds spend so many hours in these realms of critical thought, that many become anxious to see their own visions of reform manifest in the flesh. This anxiety combined with a consequential phenomenon of scholarship that seems to joad essay implement a healthy mix of assured “enlightenment” and essay on women in india, entitlement in essay, even the most passive of reservation bill in india, young students, sometimes overcomes the “conscience of self-interest” in a forcible demand for public attention–i.e. storming the stage during the “Minutemen” speech.

So, are students a force still to internet bane essay be reckoned with? That college students today seem to be strictly applying themselves more and essay reservation, more to causes that have a good rate of return for their future careers, is indeed eating away at the myth spun by many, that universities are the abodes of spontaneously explosive, grass-root activism. Format Of Muet? There is always going to be the rebel’s call to take up arms, and there will always be the passive’s “let’s wait and see”. For these two to come together there really is reservation bill in india, no secret formula. It is that same spine which holds every book of revolution together, self-interest. Critical thinking, a sense of entitlement, and hormones will always be in full supply at universities. Combine these heady ingredients with an internet bane essay, issue that cuts across identity politics and poses an immediate threat to all within the university gates as seen with the Vietnam draft in in india, the late 1960’s, you better believe students are going to rise up and take the lead. In July, The Magazine published What's the Matter With College, an essay by the historian Rick Perlstein, online and euthanasia thesis sentence, invited college students across the United States to respond.

Some 600 undergraduates did -- many agreeing with Perlstein's assertion that college as America used to essay in india understand it is coming to an end, many dismissing his argument as so much nostalgic pap, still others taking the occasion to critique higher education from an insider's perch. To continue the conversation, we're featuring the technology winning student essay and four runners-up, and posting another 450 of the entries in a searchable format. (The other entries were withdrawn by their authors or did not follow the contest's rules.)

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The 50 resume designs below span a wide range of styles, from strictly businesslike to ultra creative — browse through them to joad essay get some ideas for updating your own resume. Designing your own is easy with our wide collection of beautiful resume templates. Click the essay reservation, image to see more resume templates. Starting off your resume strong with a bold header, like in this design by on lord flies vs savagery, Shed Labs for Loft Resumes, draws attention to your name and makes it more memorable. You can also include a few keywords or descriptors under your name that sum up who you are as a candidate.

This chessboard-style layout is certainly striking, giving each category its own distinct space. But Mikha Makhoul’s resume is still somewhat subdued thanks to the simple black-and-white color scheme; it doesn’t sacrifice professionalism for visual interest. Some well-placed shadows can make your resume pop, literally — giving it a 3D appearance and essay in india creating the thesis, illusion of reservation in india, depth. On Physics And Society! Errol Veloso explains how he chose the bill, colors of his design purposefully: blue to symbolize his creative side and format red to symbolize his analytic side. Try using shapes and bill frames for euthanasia thesis, emphasis. You can experiment with geometric shapes (circles, squares, rectangles), ribbons, or solid or dashed lines. Essay On Women Reservation Bill! Here, Michael Long frames his name and his role to help them stand out. Joad Essay! A cohesive color scheme of cool blues and minty hues gives this information-packed, infographic-style resume by Joseph Acena a visual theme and an orderly, coordinated look. On Women! Using a horizontal orientation (instead of the traditional vertical format) immediately gives your resume an edge in terms of attracting attention. English Essay! Other strong points of essay on women reservation bill in india, this design by joad essay, Justin Schueler include a balanced, un-crowded layout and plenty of negative space. There seems to be a trend, at least in industries where you can take some risks with your resume, to essay on women bill forget the on lord of the vs savagery, stuffy business lingo and show that there’s a human behind the essay on women bill in india, piece of paper.

Using a more conversational tone, as David Elgena has done with his “Hello, nice to meet you. Here’s a little about me” header at essay technology and society, the top of this resume, may help you create rapport with the essay on women, person who’s reviewing your application before you even meet them. This resume by Kyle Robertson features a custom crest with Kyle’s name and joad essay a catchy tagline. Creating a distinctive personal brand or style for yourself (such as a personal logo, a color scheme, a nice selection of fonts, etc.) gives your work an extra sheen of professionalism (and an essay on women bill, opportunity to show off your abilities). Plus, once you put the work in, this “brand” is something you can use over essay, and over again — on letterhead, business cards, social media profiles, you name it. For a unique take on traditional resume colors, try light text on on women reservation bill a dark background, as Abdullah Al Mamun has done here.

Just make sure that your font is essay technology, weighty enough to be easily readable and not get lost against the background. This clean resume by essay on women reservation, Patrick Rogan uses a bright splash of format of muet essay, color and whittles down the information to only the basics (skills and essay bill past positions). Icons in the skills section provide a visual reference that still complements the simplistic style. Printing your resume on textured paper can give an impression of quality, craftsmanship, or luxury. If a color other than white seems inappropriate for internet or boon essay, your industry, try a white or cream-colored paper with a slight texture for an ultra-professional, upscale look. This example by S.N. Carter, printed on a recycled or kraft-style paper, gives the resume a custom, hand-printed feel.

When applying for essay on women reservation in india, a position where a more creative approach isn’t appropriate, it’s always a safe bet to opt for a simple, text-based resume with clean fonts. Here, Frank Schamhart has embellished his resume slightly with minimal use of an accent color and a small personal portrait. If you’re after a job in essays on lord the arts or some other highly visual industry, make your resume a mini portfolio like illustrator Rianti Hidayat has done here. Bradley Brooks keeps his resume businesslike with a classic black-and-white color scheme, but livens things up with a modular layout and a personal logo. Infographic-style resumes have become popular, and they can be effective when done well. But they should be more than a collection of pretty pictures; the images should, at a glance, tell something about you and complement or enhance the bill in india, text, like in this resume design by Rachel Winter. If you’re seeking work in an industry where appearance is important, or the english, job has asked you to include a portrait, try integrating it into your resume. It doesn’t have to be the center of attention, though — you can make it a bit more subtle by using a small picture or placing it behind a colored screen, like in Egotype’s resume template. Mailing out some resumes? Make opening yours up a memorable experience, like Amber Van Mieghem has done with this clever folding resume. Wishing you could infuse a little creativity into your plain, corporate resume?

Try a monogram with your initials, like Bill Mawhinney has done for essay reservation, this resume template. Sentence! It adds a little style while still keeping the essay bill, overall presentation very businesslike. You can use the same graphic on your cover letter to give your application a polished, pulled-together look. English 101 Persuasive! If you have some creative leeway in creating your resume, using a non-rectangular shape will be sure to attract attention, like John Mujica’s round resume does here. If you do format your resume in any unusual shape, just make sure all the text is readable. You’ve only got one name. Make it memorable. On Women In India! If it’s unique, highlight it.

Make it big and bold, like Fredrik Andresen did on his resume. Give the hiring manager something to zero in essay on physics and society on. Your font choices can change the whole character of your resume. For instance, the reservation bill, rounded fonts with soft edges that Louis Omari has used for his resume have a more casual, friendly feel than sharper, serif fonts might have. Need to show your qualifications on the run? Post your resume online and make it mobile-friendly, like Julien Renvoye has done.

You can include your resume on thesis sentence your personal website or even post it to networking platforms like LinkedIn. Use blocks of essay on women reservation, color and/or lines to separate different sections of your resume, give it structure, and make it easy to joad essay navigate visually. Reservation! This template from Beautiful Resumes features vibrant colors, but you could just as easily get the same effect with a more subtle color scheme. Essay And Society! If you’re going the essay on women, infographic route, think of effective ways that you can use different types of graphs to represent your skills, experience, or background, like Martin Suster did here. Essay! Organizing your resume with columns, like this three-column layout Anton Yermolov used, keeps the information tidy, creates clear divisions between sections, and helps you keep everything sharply aligned. Use a sidebar in your resume to call attention to extra (or extra important) information that you want to highlight. Here, Ola Hamdy used a colored sidebar to separate her personal and contact information from her educational and professional details. Although this resume design is text-heavy, Gershom Charig mixes things up with a two-color scheme and a word cloud to creatively represent the breadth of his skills and experience. Similar in essay on women in india function to format the word cloud above, various sizes of on women reservation bill, circles represent Silviu Schiau’s proficiency in on lord flies civilization various areas, such as management and on women reservation design.

The size of the circles corresponds with his amount of experience — a fresh way to illustrate core competencies. Give the person looking at your resume an excuse to essay find out more about you. Essay On Women Bill! Including a link to your website or portfolio (or even a QR code, as Krysten Newby has done here) acts as a good prompt. If your job history includes working for big companies with recognizable logos, feature them on your resume. Tamas Leb has included space to joad essay do so on this resume template, and it makes an impressive statement, even at a glance.

For creative resumes, a theme can give you a starting point to essay on women reservation bill build a one-of-a-kind design and joad essay think about innovative ways to on women reservation present your information. Here, Peter Kisteman’s laboratory theme makes a strong visual statement and gives his artistic background a scientific, experimental dimension. Putting your resume in a folder or other kind of holder gives you more space to essays showcase your experience and accomplishments, plus the extra tactile feature makes it memorable, as with this design from S1M. Essay On Women Bill! The vertical timeline on the outside offers an essay on physics, immediate visual representation of the candidate’s career history. This traditional black, white, and gray design by reservation bill, Brice Seraphin brightens up quite nicely with some turquoise as an accent. This can be done with any color (and you may want to of muet essay tone it down depending on your industry), but vibrant hues have particular impact. Besides being another nice example of using an essay reservation bill in india, accent color, this design by Adam Rozmus keeps things clean and internet bane essay simple, showing that resumes don’t have to be fancy to make a good impression. If competition is stiff, try standing out with a resume package that gives you some space to demonstrate your abilities, develop a personal brand, and include more information than the limited area of a one-page resume allows for. Reservation Bill! Here, Sabrae Precure uses a distinct color scheme and joad essay custom illustrations to stand out from the crowd.

This resume by Gabriel Valdivia combines a traditional format (the typical positions, dates, and short descriptions) with pictorial elements that provide a more personal touch. As if to say that a normal paper resume just won’t cut it, Alison Root got clever with her resume presentation, which demonstrates that she thinks outside the box. This sample resume from Rahul Chakraborty features bold typography and bright colors for essay bill in india, a high-impact look that will make people take notice. Thesis! There may be times when it’s ok to essay on women reservation bill in india let your sense of humor shine through in sentence your resume; it makes you more relatable, more likable. For instance, check out the pronunciation guide Nick Iannuccilli provided for his difficult last name. Using a border is a good way to add a little bit of color to on women reservation bill in india your resume, as Evelien Callens has done here, without worrying about essay on physics looking unprofessional. Stylistically, this design is a good compromise between customary and more creative resumes. Essay On Women In India! The two-color, mostly traditional layout uses graphic elements sparingly but purposefully. As a nice touch, Dan Hernandez has branded his cover letter with the same style, which is a smart idea if your job application involves submitting multiple documents. Sometimes you have to thesis do what you can to essay get noticed.

For an illustrator like Lucia Paul, hand-drawing her resume is both appropriate for essay, her industry and gives her a standout way to display her skills. Big, bold typography, a high-contrast color scheme, and a well-organized presentation all combine to essay on women bill make sure Joao Andrade’s resume gets looked at. No long-winded explanations of job roles here. Of Muet! Just the essentials — enough to on women in india get someone interested in wanting to know more about Gianina Santiago and her background. Clean, sans-serif fonts, relatively little text, and lots of white space give Maxat Malbekov’s resume a sleek look that’s easy to achieve if you condense your resume down to only the most relevant information.

If you have a lot of information you need to fit on one page, take a tip from on lord of the flies civilization vs savagery this design by Halle Rasco and use easy-to-read fonts and clear headings for each section. Need to keep your resume fairly conservative? A two-column layout with a businesslike blue-gray accent color gives this otherwise traditional resume from ResumeBaker some extra interest. Syril Bobadilla’s illustrations are whimsical and kid-friendly, and her resume reflects that style. Notice how she also created matching business cards for a cohesive personal brand. Even if your industry doesn’t allow as much creative expression as someone in the arts, you can express your personality in more subtle ways, like through font choices or an accent color. Resumes don’t always have to on women reservation bill in india read from left to right, top to bottom. You can play with the layout of your resume to make the best and thesis most visually interesting use of the essay reservation bill in india, space you have available, like Milena Filipova has done here. You can use a grid structure to organize your resume and make it easier to navigate, similarly to how Orlando Silva designed this template. If applicable, you might also try including some pieces from your portfolio right on the resume (so your abilities are on display at first glance).

As you can see from the essays flies civilization, examples above, there are many approaches you can take to designing your resume. Essay On Women Reservation In India! But no matter what style or format you choose, there are a few things you want to format of muet make sure to essay reservation bill in india get right: Readable text Industry-appropriate style (if unsure, play it safe with a conservative design.) Updated and sentence accurate information No spelling/grammar errors. Now it#8217;s your turn. Put these skills into reservation bill action! Bring great design to your entire workplace. Euthanasia Thesis Sentence! Janie is a freelance writer and graphic designer and on women bill in india the owner of Design Artistree Creative Studio. After college, she built on her background in art to explore design. and loved it.

Now, she enjoys finding ways to combine the craftsmanship of traditional fine arts with the english essay, digital possibilities of graphic design. Design The Perfect Google+ Banner Image With Tips And E. 50 Unique and Engaging About Us Pages to Inspire You. These Are Some of The Most Beautiful Album Covers We#8. Graphic Design From Around the World: Spanish Design.

60 Free Outline Icon Sets Perfect for on women bill, Contemporary Desi. 60 Free Fonts for Minimalist Designs. 50 Free Headline Fonts Built For Impact And Audience En. 50 Beautiful Free Wallpapers For Creatives [2015 Editio. 50 Design Terms Explained Simply For Non-Designers. The 30 Best Free Social Media Icon Sets of 2015. 100 Brilliant Color Combinations and How to Apply Them . Free Icons: 49 Best Sites To Find Beautiful And Useful . 60 Awesome Free Tools To Create A Visual Marketing Camp.

Free Stock Photos: 73 Best Sites To Find Awesome Free I. You're almost there! You’ll receive an essays civilization vs savagery, email soon to confirm your subscription. Essay Bill In India! Empowering the world to design. Get your dream job! Design a resume to impress using Canva#8217;s amazingly simple drag-and-drop design tool.

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control z resume It’s five years since I began the essay reservation bill in india Nee Naw blog. Back then, I thought that few people beyond my real life friends would be interested. Essay. I was delighted when it started getting over fifty readers per day. Four years later, that became in excess of on women three thousand readers and, beyond my wildest dreams, a book deal! I have had some brilliant experiences because of this blog. Technology And Society. For instance, appearing live on Radio Four (and nervously talking nonsense about stink bombs), being the subject of a four page spread in The Times, having boxes of Percy Pigs unexpectedly turn up in the post and seeing my book sandwiched between Cheryl Cole and Russell Brand in the biography section (though I was less impressed to find it in the “Tragic Life Stories” section at Smiths in Walthamstow). Reservation Bill. I will never forget all the joad essay great people at Penguin who worked so hard with me to make my book just how I dreamed it would be.

But best of all are the on women emails I got (and am still getting) from readers, who tell me that they’ve learned something from me, and that because of Nee Naw they’ve managed to stay calm in an emergency, or go on a first aid course, or even apply to become an and society EMD like me! Unfortunately, my fifteen minutes of fame also had its downside, and without going into detail, in the end I felt I had no alternative but to bring Nee Naw to its end. In India. I’m posting this now because I don’t want you to think that I’ve dropped off the essay face of the earth, or taken the money and run. I miss my blog more than you can imagine. Sometimes on my break I will sit mentally composing blog posts from the day’s calls, then I realise there is no longer anywhere for bill in india them to joad essay go, and essay in india those posts shrivel and bane die. As a blogger without a blog, sometimes I feel like I have shrivelled and died a little bit too.

Some days I think of starting a new blog, about one of my other passions – Leyton Orient? Katie Price? Percy Pigs? I can’t imagine many people would want to read that, let alone publish it, and maybe that’s the essay on women reservation whole point. Until then, I’d just like to thank everyone for reading and of the flies civilization supporting me for these last five years. Goodbye for now! It was the middle of the afternoon on Christmas Day, and a desperate sounding old lady called 999. “Do you know where they’ve taken my husband?” she begged. “He only essay reservation bill, popped out for some gravy. I didn’t realise we’d run out, you see. The shop is only down the road!

An hour later, he hadn’t come back from the euthanasia sentence shop, so I went round there myself. They said a man fitting his description had collapsed and they’d called an on women reservation in india ambulance!” “What’s the bane address of the essay reservation bill shop?” asked the joad essay call taker. On Women Reservation. (Although we are not allowed to give out details of calls and where patients have been taken because of the data protection act, we can give callers information that might help them find a relative, like suggesting which hospital to of muet call.) The call taker inputted the on women in india address of the shop. Essay On Physics Technology. It was at this point the on women call appeared on on physics technology my screen. I knew exactly where her husband was. “Have you tried ringing Queens A+E?” said the call taker. “Yes, they said no one of his name had been brought in!” said the old lady. I knew why that was too. When the ambulance crew arrived, her husband had been in cardiac arrest. On Women Reservation In India. His heart had only euthanasia sentence, just stopped beating, so the crew had worked on him all the way to hospital.

No one in the shop knew his name or where he lived and there was no time to find out. He was booked into A+E as “Unknown Male”. It was only reservation, when the doctors decided to terminate the internet bane resus attempt that attention turned to identifying him. We’d called the police – thankfully, tracing the essay on women reservation bill relatives of unidentified deceased people is not one of our jobs. The call taker read all of this on joad essay the log of the call.

Then he went back to the old lady. In a careful, measured voice, he took the old lady’s details and logged them on the call. He told her to stay at essay reservation bill in india home and someone would be in touch. He couldn’t tell her where her beloved husband was, but he knew that very soon, the police would be interrupting her Christmas afternoon to tell her that her husband lay dead in Queens Hospital, wearing a tag reading “Unknown Male”. I’m back! Did you miss me? I spent a month in sentence, Australia, visiting Sydney, Alice Springs and surrounding desert and tropical North Queensland. Reservation In India. I had a whale of a time and didn’t want to come back. Oddly enough, when I went to Queensland I found my hotel was right next to the local ambulance station. Joad Essay. I might have stood around taking photos of essay on women reservation it like a right old spotter.

I swear this wasn’t planned. When I got back from Australia I decided to take a bit of a blogging holiday. Essays Of The Flies Civilization. Life is a bit hectic at the moment and morale at Nee Naw Control isn’t exactly high right now. It never is essay on women bill in india, this time of year, especially for those of us who are working Christmas and sentence New Year and not getting any extra pay, whilst our colleagues who are rostered off are eligible for triple pay if they choose to come in. Ouch. Anyway, I’m back now with some tales of seasonal woe. You will not be surprised to learn that it’s been very busy over the last couple of weeks due to essay on women a combination of joad essay horrible weather and people overindulging at Christmas parties. Essay On Women. The “horrible weather” calls, unsurprisingly, are generally more deserving than the “overindulging” ones.

Most are complete timewasters who call us because their mate is english 101 persuasive, too drunk to get in a cab and they are too scared to ring his mother. But there are some exceptions. The other night, we blued a young woman in on women bill in india, after a “sambuca overdose”. She was completely unconscious, though I suspect she’ll recover with no more than a serious hangover and essay on physics technology and society patchy memory. Essay On Women. But then… “30YOM” I read on my screen. “UNCONSCIOUS. NOT BREATHING.” As soon as I’d sent the ambulances, I called the police – standard procedure for essays on lord any unexplained cardiac arrest in a young person. On Women Bill. The police came straight back to warn us they had no officers available. I had to make the decision whether to tell the english 101 persuasive crew to hold off until there were police available (endangering the essay patient) or go straight in of muet essay, (possibly endangering the crew). I lifted the phone to listen in and heard someone, who I presumed was the patient’s mother, talking to the call taker.

She was upset but coherent. “He had so much to drink last night… I think he’s choked on essay bill his vomit, he’s covered…” she wept. Someone in the background was doing CPR. I could hear the crunching of the patient’s ribs. “No,” said the call taker. “You must carry on, unless he’s started breathing by himself…” I recoiled from the phone as I heard the most awful sound. The rasps of agonal breathing with additional… bubbling. The call taker had clearly heard enough too. “Yes, I can hear, but you MUST carry on with the joad essay compressions until the essay on women reservation in india ambulance arrives,” he commanded. “Tell your husband to keep going and to count aloud and I’ll tell you when the sentence ambulance arrives.” Right on cue, the first ambulance pulled up outside the door (we’d let them know it sounded safe to go in), so I hung up and let the essay bill call taker know it was time to get someone outside. They got him back.

A matter of minutes later, he was blued in, post cardiac arrest, breathing regularly, blood pressure and pulse not bad, considering. He was starting to regain consciousness. Like a lot of people, I bet he’ll be vowing never to drink again when he comes round. Format Essay. Unlike a lot of them, he might actually mean it. We received a call to a male who was suffering from amnesia… … when the crew arrived, no one could remember making the 999 call… Today, Banana Man did not ring to offer us a banana once. He rang to tell us that he is getting married. Today I was allocating the central part of the South East desk. I like this desk. The reason I like this desk is because it contains Waterloo Ambulance Station, which is directly behind Control.

So when you send an ambulance to a call, you can see it drive past the window on blue lights. For some reason, this makes me happy. I’m easily pleased. Joe is essay reservation bill, a paramedic who’s had enough. He works on thesis an FRU in an area notorious for misuse of the service and unsavoury characters. He has spent the last umpteen years dashing through the essay reservation bill streets on blue lights to euthanasia sentence be greeted with pregnant ladies brandishing their neatly packed suitcases or twenty-year-olds with colds who wanted him to bring them the paracetamol.

He’s filled out essay bill endless LA52s (‘incident report forms’) after being abused by the local scrotes and That Regular Who Dribbled on Reynolds’ Arm. Joe can’t remember the essays vs savagery last time he was sent to someone who was actually seriously ill. I think if you offered Joe a nice little job in a cake shop instead, he’d snap it up – and to be honest, he’d have more chance of essay reservation in india using his skills there, should someone overdose on euthanasia cake and arrest on essay in india the shop floor. Joe likes to phone us on the desk for format of muet a good-natured whinge about most of his calls. He knows all our names, and we recognise his voice instantly. Usually he calls after he’s finished with the patient – “You’ll never guess what – she’d had the rash for essay on women bill six years and decided to call 999 now, at on physics and society 11pm on Saturday night!” – but occasionally he can’t contain himself and calls on the radio whilst speeding to the call. Saturday was one such occasion. “Why is this swine flu call a Cat A?” he complained. “Because the patient is having chest pain…” said the radio op.

“He’s probably got a cough! Why do I have to go… I know, I have to…” sighed Joe. “Okay, thank you.” Thirty minutes later, my phone rang. Essay. On the other end was an euthanasia thesis extremely animated Joe. “What happened?” I asked, anticipating another tale of outrageous timewasting. “This 24-year-old, right, been in bed with swine flu for reservation bill in india a week. Looks rough and sweaty, but people generally do with flu.

He tells me he’s feeling much worse and that his chest hurts, so I wire him up to the heart monitor – that’s protocol for anyone with chest pain. I read the monitor printout, and he’s only having a heart attack! At that point, the ambulance pulls up, so I shout over to joad essay them to get a move on so we can blue light him into the cardiac hospital. We get him on the trolley, and he goes into cardiac arrest right in front of my eyes! I couldn’t believe it!” “What happened next?” I asked. “Well, it’s so long since I dealt with a workable arrest that I thought for a minute I’d forgotten what to do!” said Joe. “But it all came back. Two shocks with the defib and essay bill we got him back. He was only down for about thirty seconds and he’s partially conscious now. Thesis. Crew have just blued him in, I followed them to hospital in case he went down again, but he didn’t.” “You didn’t want to go on that call,” I reminded him. “You thought it was another time waster – admittedly, so did we!

Just goes to show, you can never be sure. I bet you won’t complain about the ‘rubbish’ calls we sent you on in future.” Do you think Joe ever complained about a call again? Yes, of course he did. On Women Reservation In India. But he was quiet for at least a week… Since the deaths of Enid Whiner and Horace Halfpenny, the East Central desk has been somewhat short of regulars. We only really have two, a crazy pensioner who consistently tells us she’s had a fall and then shouts at the ambulance crew when they have the temerity to turn up at her flat, and a nasty psychopathic drug user who calls from phone boxes telling us about his nuclear weapons and occasionally dribbles on Tom Reynolds’ uniform. English Essay. Today, however, saw the return of one very regular regular, one I had never hoped to hear from again.

Back in my call taking days, the ambulance service was absolutely terrorised by one very persistent individual, who would make call after call after call, mostly to the same fictitious address in Bethnal Green, and occasionally (just for a change) to Gatwick Airport. Essay Bill In India. The diagnosis was always a variation on one of three themes: offering or requesting a banana; telling us about his itchy penis; requesting help because someone had collapsed due to dizziness (often on thesis sentence the airport runway). Essay On Women Reservation In India. It is not an exaggeration to internet bane or boon say this man made thousands of calls or that every single call taker had been driven to on women reservation in india distraction by him. However, in August last year, the police finally caught up with him, and to everyone’s relief, the calls stopped. It emerged that he was a disabled teenager, and for thesis this reason the police went easy on him, and on women in india I heard Social Services had tried to show him the error of and society his ways and arranged a visit to Ambulance Control to show him what we do. (Personally, I am not sure this last bit was a good idea. There are a few people in Control who would have had difficulty maintaining a polite demeanour if they had known who he was). Anyway, today – a busy Friday afternoon – I was sitting in essay reservation, front of a screenful of 101 persuasive calls of varying seriousness and wondering how I was going to on women reservation bill cover the lot of them with two cars, a green truck and a push bike, when a familiar address in format, Bethnal Green popped up. “What??” said G from the radio, thinking something important had happened. “NOOOOOOOO” said G, and essay reservation everyone else within earshot. They were all traumatised by Banana Incidents from the call taking days, too. I’ll tell you one thing, though – now I’m an allocator on the East Central Desk, there is NO WAY I am going to allow Banana Man to euthanasia resume his reign of terror.

I am NOT having him jeopardising the safety of my patients and I am not having my ambulance crews running around on wild goose chases after his dizzy itchy runway banana! I have started a log of all of essay on women bill his hoax calls (there were eight this afternoon) and I will be passing it on to Management, the police, the local greengrocer and air traffic control. Banana Man will be stopped! No bananas on my manor! I thought I’d heard everything there was to hear in this job. But today we had a call that was so bizarre and horrible that it left us speechless.

A woman committed suicide. She didn’t use one of the euthanasia thesis sentence “normal” methods like cutting her wrists or overdosing. She didn’t even go for essay on women bill in india the more dramatic jumping under a train or hanging herself. No, she choked herself to internet bane death with a large quantity of marshmallows. It was the sort of call that you look at reservation and think “no… this can’t be… they’ll get there and it’ll all be a misunderstanding. Or a hoax. She couldn’t possibly have…” But she had.

The call was exactly as given. She was already dead by the time the crew arrived. We often like to euthanasia thesis sentence share a bag of Flumps on the East Central during nightshifts, but I think we’ll be giving them a miss from now on. You called 999 and on women bill told us that your friend had been attacked by a group of ten or more youths. He’d been stabbed, you told the call taker, come quickly. He’s lying unconscious in a pool of blood. You weren’t sure if he was breathing, you said. The call taker you spoke to was new. The adrenaline rose in him as he gave you the instructions. He told you how to on physics maintain your friend’s airway, but you dropped the phone and reservation bill in india didn’t come back.

His trainer reassured him that he’d done everything right, but he still worried. Joad Essay. He’d never taken a call like this before. Meanwhile, the allocator upstairs looked at your call and took the decision to essay on women bill divert the ambulance from Mrs Jones, age 85, two streets away, who was in the midst of a heart attack, and sent it to your friend instead. She’d have to wait a couple of minutes longer for the second nearest ambulance to reach her. Hopefully those minutes wouldn’t mean the difference between life and of the flies vs savagery death.

HEMS, the air ambulance, was dispatched, with a doctor and a paramedic on board. Did you know it costs HEMS an average of one thousand pounds every time it takes off? HEMS is a charity, so that’s money people have collected in essay bill, jars, doing bungee jumps, shaving their heads, money given to help people. Because HEMS went to essays of the civilization help you, it wasn’t available for poor little Johnny Taylor who was hit by a car ten minutes later on the other side of London, and essay bill in india broke his leg in two places. As the on physics and society police, the ambulance crew, the ambulance manager and the HEMS team ran to essay reservation the spot where you said your friend lay dying, they found nothing. Just a phone box with the handset dangling from the receiver and bane or boon a rustle in essay on women in india, the bushes as you ran away laughing. Did you feel proud?

Everyone knew Horace Halfpenny. He was a foul-mouthed, malodorous drunk who thought nothing of flinging his colostomy bag (and occasionally part of joad essay his innards) at the professionals who tried to help him. Horace was the proverbial bad penny. Essay On Women Reservation Bill In India. We simply couldn’t get rid of bane him. He was banned from nearly every hospital in London, but he still called. Essay Reservation Bill In India. A crew took him to english Harlow, but days later he was back. He nearly died after setting fire to his nearly acquired council flat, but again, he was back before we knew it. Managers, police, social workers all got on the case and essay on women tried to stop Horace calling but to no avail.

He was here, there, everywhere, popping up all over euthanasia thesis London with the infernal refrain: “MY BOWELS ARE HANGING OUT!” But now Horace will never be calling us again. Because Horace Halfpenny is dead. It seems that what Horace didn’t tell us that as well as the issues with his bowels and his burns, Horace was also suffering from essay bill lung cancer. Essay. Last weekend, a crew picked him up and poor Horace didn’t even have the energy to wave his colostomy bag around or swear at reservation in india the crew. Internet Bane Or Boon Essay. He lay forlornly in the back of the ambulance, his face a shade of grey. “He’s not trying to assault us – he must be really sick,” said one of the paramedics. Essay On Women Reservation In India. “Better blue him in.” They got to the hospital, but Horace died soon after. It was then that they discovered that Horace had cancer. The news spread round the control room like wildfire. “I thought he hadn’t called for joad essay a while,” I said. “I should have known something was wrong…” “I’ll kind of miss him,” said our Area Controller. Bill In India. “Kind of.”

The world will be a quieter place without Horace. A less smelly, safer place where crews no longer have to duck flying colostomy bags too, but we will miss him in our own way. We had a call last week which read as follows: “78 year old male. Scrotum has swollen to essays on lord three times size of a football.” “Three times the size of a football?” I said incredulously, almost forgetting to send the ambulance out in my horror. Essay. “A football is this big… so three footballs… that’s impossible! It would almost reach the floor!” “Maybe it’s a misprint?” suggested colleague G. “Perhaps he meant ‘scrotum has swollen to three times normal size, is technology and society, now size of football’” “More feasible,” I said. Bill In India. “But still rating quite highly in the Enormous Scrotum stakes.” “What are you lot squealing about?” said Male Management, peering over my shoulder. “OH MY GOD OUCH! Have you told HEMS? Oh my god! Ouch!” I meant to ask the joad essay crew exactly how large the offending scrotum was and the cause of the ailment once they were free, but I got distracted by lots of people getting sick and injured and essay reservation in india never got round to joad essay it. So it shall remain a mystery.

Life has been a little bit hectic recently so sorry for the lack of essay on women in india blogging! I do have some ambulance tales coming quite soon but in the meantime, here’s a quick plug for a great book. The Darkest Hour by Katherine Howell (Amazon link here) has just been released in the UK. Katherine is an Australian ex-paramedic who writes thrilling crime novels with paramedics as the protagonists. Her characters never go to maternataxis or piggy sniffles – they go to joad essay people who’ve fallen off trains or psychos who hold them hostage! The Darkest Hour is essay on women bill in india, every bit as exciting as her first (Frantic) and joad essay has had some great reviews. One paper said that she is set to do for paramedics what Patricia Cornwell did for forensic pathologists!

Anyway, I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves ambulance action, crime thrillers or just plain old good fiction! As some of you may know, when I originally started work for reservation bill in india the LAS five years ago, I really wanted to english 101 persuasive essay be a paramedic, and working in the control room was an on women interim measure until I passed my driving test. I soon hit a stumbling block when I discovered I was actually completely terrible at joad essay driving. On Women Reservation. I also found that I enjoyed working in the control room a lot more than I expected, particularly when I was promoted to thesis sentence allocator earlier this year. I would also find the essay on women reservation bill in india pay drop from euthanasia allocator to student paramedic totally crippling, as I live on my own in London and have a lot of essay reservation student debts. In short, the paramedic dreams and driving lessons kind of fell by the wayside. However, 2009 has been a year of everything miraculously going right for me, and therefore I decided to give my driving test a fifth and final try.

If there was any time for me to pass, it would be now. Essay On Physics. After all, compared with some of the things I’ve achieved this year, it should be a breeze, right? On the on women bill in india other hand, if I failed again, I could say with certainty: “Okay, it’s time to give up. I tried my hardest and I couldn’t do it and joad essay now it is time to reservation bill in india stop wasting my time and money.” Of course, life always presents you with the flies vs savagery one outcome you didn’t bargain for. I failed – but I failed by a whisker. I failed on the sodding reverse around the blooming corner, even though I know this is a manoeuvre I can perform in my sleep. I failed because I was so bloody nervous that my leg was shaking like an epileptic and I couldn’t control the clutch and the car hopped all the way round the corner and up towards the kerb, and then I panicked and lost control of the on women steering and stalled the car and it was a TOTAL MESS.

Then we drove on and I pootled happily around the format of muet essay North Circular and reservation round Charlie Brown’s roundabout taking the third exit with white van men and kamikaze drivers in beaten up Escorts cutting into me and failing to utilise any signals. I did a perfect turn in the road and sailed up and down Woodford New Road without breaking the speed limit. I pulled off a hill start in heavy traffic. Even my examiner said he was impressed with my driving – just not with my stupid reverse around a corner. If I had been a miserable failure, it would have been easy to say “that’s that” and quit with honour. It would have been an easy decision to give up wasting ?20 a week (the price of a ticket to Brighton, a bottle of english 101 persuasive essay champagne or two posh eyeshadows!) on driving lessons. I would never have had to face a ?10k pay cut in bill in india, order to become a student paramedic. Flies Vs Savagery. I could give up the dream of driving an ambulance, knowing I was chasing something that was never going to on women bill happen, and concentrate on format what I do have instead. But I was so close… And “Nee Naw 2: From Room to Road” is essay bill in india, a book that is just itching to essays on lord civilization vs savagery be written.

So I think I will give it one more go. Essay Reservation. In a few months’ time, though. I think I’ve got enough to be getting on with at the moment. The comments on my post about swine flu have been really eyeopening. There were one or two that made me angry and think “this commenter is PRECISELY the sort of person who ignores the advice in the media and thinks they are entitled to on physics technology abuse the bill 999 service” but mainly I saw people who were terrified of getting swine flu and worried that their GP service won’t be able to do enough if they do.

For a couple of euthanasia sentence commenters, these fears had become a reality as they or a relative had caught swine flu, and not all were satisfied with the service they’d received from GPs etc. For those people, 999 had become an option because they felt they had nowhere else to turn. This is still a misuse of the essay in india service, but it’s one borne out of 101 persuasive fear and caring, not selfishness and entitlement. I understand this – I’m terrified of essay on women bill getting it too, not because of essays flies civilization vs savagery being ill but because I’m worried how we will cope at essay on women reservation work if half the Control staff are off sick. We’re already in isolation (no visitors in the room, even ambulance crews) and joad essay being asked to spray ourselves and the equipment with various noxious antiseptics. Essay Bill. I do think people are panicking unnecessarily because the number of deaths is vs savagery, tiny, and normal flu can kill too, but the media circus is mainly to blame for that.

Just to clarify, when I said we should be turning people with swine flu away, I did NOT mean people who are seriously ill. High risk groups and anyone with life threatening symptoms would never get turned away if I were making the rules. The people who WOULD get turned away are people who haven’t bothered ringing their GP, haven’t bothered taking medication for their symptoms, who feel they should never be ill and that we should be able to essay on women reservation bill in india provide a quick fix. People with mild symptoms who just want to get a diagnosis of swine flu. Healthy 20-somethings who can open the door to the ambulance crew. I think that those of you who go by the book and only call us out as a last resort really have NO IDEA of the essays flies vs savagery number of people who misuse the service or the frustration of essay on women in india crews and control staff. One paramedic rang me yesterday at the end of his tether. “This is the fourth case of mild, non life threatening swine flu I’ve been to today!” he lamented as he gave me the details to arrange a GP, just as the patient should have done for himself. Essays On Lord Flies Civilization Vs Savagery. “I am so going to catch it. But it’s not me I am worried about – I have a baby, a toddler and a pregnant wife.

They’re all in high risk groups.” “I know,” I said. “It frustrates me as well, but what can we do? We have to send.” “I’ll put that on my baby’s gravestone, shall I?” huffed the paramedic. “Sorry, I know it’s not your fault. But please try and send me to something else next!” Fortunately, the new swine flu centres and essay on women bill in india hotline should be operational very soon, so we won’t have to send ambulances to swine flu patients unless they really need them. “Call a hambulance!

I’ve eaten too many Percy Pigs and now I think I’ve got swine flu!” I’ve just come back from three weeks’ leave and found the service absolutely inundated with calls from people who think they have swine flu. No one seems to have taken any notice whatsoever of the NHS’s advice, which is to ring your GP if you are worried that you may have a touch of joad essay hamthrax. (The only expection is on women reservation bill, if someone develops life threatening symptoms as a result of the english essay flu, which is extremely rare and on women usually only seen in people who had poor health to start with). No, the general public have cleverly decided that they want to take their piggy germs to a hospital where they can spread it to essay on physics technology and society thousands of sick and pregnant people and on essay reservation bill their way infect a poor ambulance crew who will then go off sick for a week, leaving our resources even more stretched. As usual, we are not allowed to refuse anyone an ambulance, so the crews have no option but to mask up and of the civilization go in. Once they arrive and confirm that the in india situation is a non life threatening case of suspected swine flu, the flies civilization crews just have to essay in india arrange a GP for the patients like they should have done themselves in on lord of the civilization, the first place . Essay On Women Reservation. Our protocol is that all GP requests are made via Control, because our phone lines are recorded and crews’ mobiles aren’t, so we have been run off our feet calling GPs this weekend. Essays On Lord. While we are used to making the odd call to GPs whilst getting on with our job, it is extremely dangerous to have allocators and radio ops tied up on on women these calls when they are supposed to be allocating and operating radios. Personally, I’d like to see a blanket no send policy on all calls to patients with flu symptoms only euthanasia, unless the call has been authorised by reservation in india a doctor. Call takers should just be able to say “Are you worried you have swine flu? Well, you shouldn’t be calling us.

Call a GP instead.” and the patient would go away and sort out their own GP without tying us up. I can’t see that happening, though. It is all very stressful. I never want to see another pig again. I am even off my Percy Pigs though I am sure that will pass. I just hope no one in the control room catches it, because I’m sure if they do we will all go down with it and then there will be a huge staffing crisis and I will have to do lots of overtime. Last week, work arranged for a bunch of us from Control to on physics go to Heathrow Airport to on women in india meet the and society Heathrow Nee Naws and on women reservation have a behind-the-scenes tour. As a big fan of the TV programme Airline and a total spotter, I jumped at internet the chance. It was a really, really interesting day. We started off with a drive around the reservation bill perimeter road, watching planes take off and english essay land every few seconds.

We pulled up at one of the RVPs – the places emergencies services meet up at on women bill in india if there’s a serious incident. There was a clear view of the runway from the RVP. “A couple of years ago, we were sent here for an ‘aircrash immiment’,” one of the paramedics told us. “Half of the undercarriage of the plane had come down and a crash landing was inevitable. We watched the plane circle round the essays on lord flies vs savagery airport again and essay on women reservation bill in india again as the airport made preparations to minimise the euthanasia thesis impact. Essay On Women. After what seemed like hours, the plane was told to land.

The pilot somehow managed to land the plane on two wheels, and essays civilization it was only essay reservation in india, as it drew to a halt that the fuselage scraped along the thesis ground. There was an enormous noise and on women reservation bill sparks everywhere. As soon as we were given the go ahead, we rushed to the scene, not knowing what we’d find. We’d been anticipating deaths, but the worst injury was a broken ankle. Or Boon Essay. We took our patient to hospital, and on women reservation bill as soon as I’d booked him in, I walked outside A+E and burst into tears.”

Next we went inside the airport and had a drive round the euthanasia sentence airfield, getting a good look at essay all the english 101 persuasive planes and posh lounges for rich people (Jordan?) and even having a quick peak inside an A380 including the First Class area (WELL posh. I think I might upgrade my tickets for on women reservation in india my forthcoming trip to Oz). We went to the spot where there had recently been a freak accident where an airport worker had driven into a big yellow pole and become impaled on 101 persuasive it. Then we went up the Air Traffic Control tower. There was an on women reservation in india incredible view and we were all allowed to take photos. Air Traffic Controllers, I suppose, are a bit like Allocators in that they have to know where all their planes are and sentence instruct them on essay in india where to 101 persuasive essay go. They work shifts like us and reservation bill have lots of complicated screens with pictures of cartoon aeroplanes on, just like we have screens of cartoon ambulances. But of 101 persuasive course, if we were to send an reservation ambulance to bane or boon the wrong place, all that would happen is a slight delay in reaching the patient. Bill In India. If an air traffic controller were to make the same mistake, they’d end up blowing up 300 people! What a responsibility! I noticed they have a large red button connected to a telephone marked “CRASH” but I resisted the temptation to press it and of the civilization exclaim “So what does this do??”

Our next stop was the posh new terminal 5 where we got to see a shiny blue clock and sniffer dogs. Not being allowed in essay on women reservation, the duty free shops was quite torturous, though. We also got to see A505, which is the dedicated airport ambulance and one of the joad essay bicycle ambulances (also known as CRU, cycle response unit). Essay On Women Reservation Bill In India. I was amazed at the amount of joad essay kit they can actually fit on the back of one of these things – the only things they don’t have that a normal ambulance does is the essay reservation paediatric advanced life support kit, the maternity kit and the cardiac monitor. Internet Bane Or Boon. They are really heavy and essay on women as the thesis responder has to cycle really slowly through the airport to on women bill avoid hitting people, they have to be really good cyclists. Our final stop was the Star Centre, which is the central control room for format of muet Heathrow. We often speak to the Star Centre people because they pass any 999 call made by Heathrow staff through to us. I didn’t know this before, but they vet all their 999 calls by asking “Is this an emergency?” and apparently they get rid of quite a few.

I wish our call takers were allowed to say that too! I was amused to see they have a big board full of colour coded statistics relating to queues hanging over their heads which looked identical to the one we have about reservation bill in india ambulance response times. It seems damned statistics are everywhere, whatever job you do. The Star Centre people let us listen to the tape recording of the call made to them by air traffic control after the joad essay plane crash in January 2008. I was amazed at the calm voice of the controller, clearly giving details of the accident. Of course, I suppose it’s no different from the essay reservation in india calm way ambulance crews pass us a blue call for a horrible injury, or the calm way call takers give resuscitation instructions – they are following protocol the way they are trained to.

I think it’s just the gut reaction the words “Plane Crash” provoke in me. I still have a bit of essay technology and society paranoia that one day I will be allocating on essay reservation the West Desk when a plane crashes – but at least after today I am much more familiar with the way the joad essay airport works and will be able to cope a lot better. I’m on nights this week and it has been CRAZILY busy. Usually, the bill East Central is dead by 2am on a week night. This week, I’ve still been juggling a screen full of calls at 5am. So what do you think is responsible for and society the increase in call rate? Drunken people enjoying the good weather? Swine flu? No, it’s the pollen count. Our screens are full of young people having “severe difficulty in breathing”, brought on by hayfever. It’s the first time I can remember this happening, and from a Control point of view, it’s hard to tell how serious these calls are.

Some people are undoubtedly calling just for bill in india bog standard hayfever symptoms, and as a sufferer myself I know how horrible that “pins in eyes, feathers in throat, corks up nose” feeling is, but I wouldn’t call an ambulance from it. On the other hand, in joad essay, some cases, the hayfever triggers a full blown asthma attack and the patient really does need us. In other news, our control room is on women reservation bill, being refurbished at the moment. They are ripping out all the desks and making them point in different directions. This means we keep getting moved around to different rooms, no one knows where any of the essays on lord of the civilization vs savagery other desks are and management have not been seen for several days. Essay On Women Bill. The highlight of joad essay last night’s shift was finding a big box of Christmas Belgian biscuits in essay on women reservation bill in india, a hidden cupboard when they dismantled the East Central desk. We ate the lot.

A few weeks ago, a two-year-old boy was killed when he was hit by internet a rollercoaster after accidentally wandering on to the tracks. You may have heard about it in the media. This didn’t happen in my sector, but on the desk opposite, so while I was getting on with my work, I kept picking up snippets of information across the room. “It sounded awful,” said one of the call takers. “Everyone was screaming. I couldn’t get any sense out of anyone.” “DSO’s on the phone,” announced the radio op. “He says HEMS are working on him but it’s not looking good. On Women In India. Crews are going to have to go off the format of muet essay road afterwards. The FRU paramedic is really upset. Sounds like a really awful call.” Seconds later, I had my own call to worry about. A tipsy teenage boy had fallen down a river embankment.

His friends couldn’t reach him, but they could see that he was unconscious and had blood trickling from his ear. They couldn’t tell if he was breathing. As we sent the crew, we asked them to report for HEMS, even though we knew HEMS were the other side of London, dealing with a critically ill toddler. We hoped they’d say HEMS weren’t needed, because there is only one HEMS team and they can’t be in two places at essay on women in india once. “Perhaps it’s not as bad as it sounds,” said the radio operator dubiously. “He could just be drunk and it could be a scratch on his face. It could turn out to be nothing. Do we know how far he fell?”

I fired up the new “street view” thing on Google maps to get a better look at the river bank in question. Of course, Google probably didn’t intend their map system to be used for english 101 persuasive essay this purpose, and there wasn’t a good close up of the riverbank, but I could clearly make out that the river was well below street level and that there was a set of stairs leading down to it. It looked to me that it could be at least a fifteen-foot drop. The crew arrived and found the stairs we’d seen on essay reservation in india the map. As they arrived, the boy was coming round but was extremely confused and cerebrally irritated, lashing out at anyone who tried to come near him. Joad Essay. This kind of behaviour (which is sometimes hard to distinguish from alcohol induced aggression) is indicative of a life threatening brain injury. The crew called up for assistance. They needed someone, anyone, down there to help them restrain the essay in india boy in order to treat him, and they really needed the help of the HEMS doctor. Of Muet Essay. We sent the police and another ambulance crew… The phone rang. It was the DSO.

“We heard the crew on the radio. HEMS have done all they can here; the on women toddler’s on his way to hospital, so they’re coming to you now. Where exactly is the call?” I told him, and the HEMS team got in the car (the helicopter does not fly at night) and belted it across London. They were at the riverbank in fifteen minutes. They were able to sedate the english essay boy and get him on board the ambulance. As they got him to hospital, he went into respiratory arrest. Essay On Women. The A+E staff all battled to save him, but it was no good. It’s likely he had fractured his skull and had a serious bleed into his brain, and if this was the case, nothing anyone did would have saved him. Now both the toddler and the teenager were dead.

The next morning the papers were full of stories about the tragedy of the toddler and the fairground ride. Not one mentioned the euthanasia teenager or the river bank. I like old people, so I have a tendency to think they are all sweet and reservation in india nice and try to send ambulances to joad essay them as quickly as possible. The other day, we had a call to a seventy-two year old female with a nosebleed. I decided to send the ECP (Emergency Care Practitioner) – a paramedic in essay, a car who has extra training, and sentence can deal with a lot of calls at home. In India. The ECP will always perform a full set of checks on the patient before deciding whether to call for on physics an ambulance or leave the patient at home and perhaps refer them to a GP, district nurse, etc.

The ECP had been at essay bill in india the old lady’s house no longer than a couple of minutes when he rang me. “I’ve had to leave!” he puffed. “I thought she was going to internet or boon attack me?” “The seventy two year old with a nosebleed?!” I said, confused. “Yes!” said the ECP. “I turned up and essay reservation she was there with her bag packed – and no hint of a nosebleed except a slightly bloodied tissue. I explained that I needed to examine her properly before we were going anywhere and that she might not even need to internet bane go to hospital, and she went crazy! She told me to Foxtrot Oscar, and when I tried to explain, she came at me! So I ran away and locked myself in the car!” I don’t know what our ECP looks like, but he sounds like a strapping young man and the thought of him running scared from a septuagenarian almost made me titter as I made sure he was okay and assured him he wouldn’t have to return to the address and we would make alternative arrangements. I wasn’t laughing five minutes later, though. Essay On Women Reservation. Incensed by essay technology and society the fact that the ECP hadn’t done as she asked, the elderly lady in question had rung back twice and sworn at two call takers and one of the essay on women bill in india Telephone Advice paramedics. Not content with this, she had also rung NHS Direct, her GP, her careline, the complaints department and her local MP to complain. All of the above, with the format of muet essay exception of the MP, had rung in to find out what was going on. (I do not know why people always threaten to tell their MP when they do not like something the essay reservation bill ambulance service has done.

I have seen no evidence that any MP is remotely interested.) I had no option but to send an ambulance crew to her to take her to hospital. I warned the crew what had happened to essays flies civilization the ECP and asked if they wanted the essay bill in india police or a DSO (manager) to help them. “Nah, I think we can just about outrun a 72 year old if she gets nasty!” said one of them. The crew also had no success in examining the essay on physics patient and decided to cut their losses and ferry her to the hospital, just as she’d asked.

At the hospital, the receptionist told our charming patient that there would be a three hour wait to be seen. She promptly muttered something about complaining to Gordon Brown and stormed out. The hospital she was taken to was right next to her local shops. If I were the cynical type I might suggest this was behind her rather odd behaviour.

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Custom Karl Marx Conflict Theory Essay. Karl Marx is one of the most reputed philosophers of the 19 th Century. Born in 1818 in reservation bill in india a middle class family, Marx studied law in Bonn and Berlin and of muet later plunged deeper into the ideas of Hegel and Feurbach (Wheen, 2007). It is after receiving his doctorate in philosophy in 1841 from the University of Jena that he moved with his family to Paris where he became a radical revolutionary communist and teamed up with Friedrich Engels, another radical philosopher of his time. Essay On Women In India. They collectively authored the pamphlet “The Communist Manifesto” which was later published in 1848. In this pamphlet, Marx passionately asserted that all human history was dominated by class struggles. Furthermore, he predicted that they would culminate into the fall of capitalism and rise of communism (Wheen, 2007). Karl Marx later moved to London in 1849 where he broke his political and religious isolation to author Das Kapital, sometimes referred to as the “Bible of the working class” (Wheen, 2007). In this book, Marx developed very philosophical ideas related to the crises of the working class and the implicit struggles between laborers and owners of industries. The works and ideas of Karl Marx in his book Das Kapital were later edited by Engels after his death in 1833 in London (Wheen, 2007).

The ideas of Karl Marx established a school of thought known as Marxism, or what later came to be popularly known as the Marxist doctrine. His writings consummated the or boon essay main ideological currents of 19 th century. These included the on women bill classical English political economy, French socialism and the French revolutionary doctrines of the time. Marx, throughout his writing, had envisaged a social revolution that would see the fall of capitalism and the rise of socialism as a dominant ideology. These predictions later became evident after the death of joad essay, Karl Marx in what was considered to be a process of socialization of labor. Wheen (2007) contends that this transformation would be possible to accomplish by the proletariat in sustained struggles with the bourgeoisie. This led to the development of ideas evident in Marxism and the conflict theory that form the bedrock of Marx’s works. Conflict theory is a Marxist perspective and essay on women conceptualization of the way in which society is structured. This perspective depicts society as characteristically dominated by format essay conflicts (Collins Sanderson, 2008). Conflict is the determinant of how resources are allocated and who benefits the bill most from english, such allocations. Essay On Women Reservation In India. Power is also acquired through conflict, and once such power is acquired, it is used to dominate the less-powerful and to benefit a few people.

Collins and Sanderson (2008) cited that the basic form of interaction in the human society is not consensus but competition, which culminates into persistent conflicts. Each party or individual competes against perceived rivals with the goal of gaining advantage and dominating the other. The theory presented by Karl Marx underscores the fact that conflict, and not consensus, dominates designed mechanisms through different classes in the stratified society, interacts and relates to each other (Collins Sanderson, 2008). The rich and the powerful use conflict to threaten their poor subjects and to maintain the status-quo. Euthanasia Thesis. The poor on the other hand, organize and use conflicts to push for a revolution that will overthrow the powerful that are enjoying the privileges of capitalist structures. These tensions are thus sustained by the need of each group to have its interests dominate the essay in india structures and operations of the society. Karl Marx contends that the society is stratified into english 101 persuasive essay, two main social groups.

These are the on women bill in india proletariat and the bourgeoisies. The conflict between these two large social groups results in what Marx considered as revolutionary change. The probable source of conflict between the proletariat and the bourgeoisies are the desire of the proletariat to have ownership of means of technology and society, production, such as factories, power, land and other valuable resources (Collins Sanderson, 2008). The bourgeoisies, on the other hand, are not willing to essay on women bill relinquish these resources and give up their privileged positions of power and overwhelming riches and investments. Karl Marx on Class and Class Conflict. According to Karl Marx, society is stratified into classes. The classes comprise the bourgeoisies, land-owners and essays of the the proletariat.

The propertied-upper-class is the minority, while the proletariats are the majority. Wood (2004) notes Marx’s dissection of the dominant features of each of these classes in most of his works. For example, the bourgeoisies own the means of production. This is due to essay reservation the huge investments they have made into factories and machines in the industries. English 101 Persuasive. The land owners have rent as their primary source of income. The proletariats are owners of cheap labor which they offer in on women bill in india exchange for wages that they use for their basic subsistence (Collins Sanderson, 2008). Investment gives the bourgeoisies a lot of profit.

Marx conceptualized the structure of the society in relation to the two major classes. He is focused on the inherent struggles between the proletariat and or boon essay bourgeoisies which is the engine that pushes the occurrence of social change through revolutionary movements. In the understanding of in india, Marxists, class is defined by the level of wealth and power that one possesses (Wood, 2004). This power is used to sideline other classes from property and positions of power. Bourgeoisies use their power to serve their personal interests and amass more wealth at the expense of the proletariat. These three different classes, in the understanding of Karl Marx, have different interests which pit them against each other (Wood, 2004).

For example, the bourgeoisie are interested in safeguarding their investment in the industries, maximizing profits and minimizing costs. Format. This makes them engage the proletariats as laborers in the farms to achieve this objective at on women in india, relatively minimal wages. The proletariats on the other hand, organize and mobilize themselves to collectively push for better wages, conditions of work and strive to overcome the repressive and exploitative forces of their masters in the industries and and society factories. Thus, they struggle to join hands and, through revolutionary movements, overthrow the bourgeoisies and control the industries and essay on women reservation factories (Wood, 2004). These conflicting interests are what pit the social classes against each other. Conflicts, and bane not consensus, therefore, characterize the society as noted by essay on women Marx who had envisaged such a society founded on constant conflicts. The struggle between the classes is likely to widen with time as the essays on lord civilization vs savagery conditions of the laborers deteriorate further. This is likely leads to disintegration of the social structure. Collins and Sanderson (2008) asserted that conflicts between proletariats and bourgeoisies would translate into an industrial revolution.

This would mark the triumph of the proletariats over the bourgeoisies, leading to essay on women reservation bill increased access to capital and means of production by proletariats. This, according to euthanasia sentence Marxists, would mark the end of capitalism and essay on women reservation the onset of socialism characterized by format essay public ownership of the essay on women bill means of production. The fall of capitalism and bourgeoisies will, therefore, create a classless society as political power withers away due to industrial revolution led by the proletariat (Wood, 2004). Thus, according to Marxists, class and class conflict are the forces behind societal transformation and not any other evolutionary processes. Radical revolutionary movements are likely to create a new social order in the society in which capitalism gives way to socialism as witnessed by the industrial revolutions that altered the social order in Russia in the 19 th century. The philosophical ideas of Karl Marx on alienation were relevant in his radical reformation periods that saw the fall of capitalism (Otteson, 2011). Although these ideas were mainly considered to be philosophical in internet bane or boon essay the 19 th century, alienation, as was espoused by Marx, since then has become a real social phenomenon in the 21 st century discourses that are propagated by contemporary social science scholars. The most outstanding aspect that Marx wrote about essay on women reservation in india, was economic alienation or alienated labor. According to the writings of Karl Marx, one of the front forces behind conflict between bourgeoisies and proletariat is the euthanasia thesis fact laborers felt separated from the products of their own labor (Me%u0301sza%u0301ros, 2006).

Marx asserted that in a capitalist society, workers were forced to on women bill remain on the job and joad essay work extra hard in order to earn and sustain themselves (Me%u0301sza%u0301ros, 2006). He was against alienation which is caused by strong forces of capitalism and predicted the rise of on women reservation in india, communism in which laborers will no longer work to live but live to work. With the fall of capitalism and on lord civilization vs savagery alienation, wage earning slaves will be free men who will work and enjoy the value of bill in india, their labor. In a capitalist society dominated by bourgeoisies, the production capacity of an employee is 100%. However, the employee does not benefit directly from these products. He only earns 10% of the proceeds of his work, which he only uses for format of muet daily subsistence. In communism, one would directly benefit from 90% of the proceeds of his labor and essay in india only lose 10% which will be spent in other production processes.

Marx contended that in a capitalist society, workers are alienated even from the products that they produce (Me%u0301sza%u0301ros, 2006). A laborer working in an industry that manufactures oil becomes so much alienated from the product that he or she produces to an extent that even in his or her own household he cannot afford the oil, yet he needs it and contributes significantly to its production. The ideas of Karl Marx on euthanasia alienation were very accurate considering that many labor union movements advocated for the welfare of workers in the modern society (Otteson, 2011). Essay On Women Reservation Bill In India. There are employees who work in a milk processing plant, when ironically back at essay on physics technology and society, home they do not take the milk, not because they do not need it but because they cannot afford the milk. Alienation as presented by Karl Marx in his conflict theory is an explanation of a situation in bill which man is separated from valued resources, opportunities, processes and decisions in which his input ought to be reflected (Me%u0301sza%u0301ros, 2006). The laborers at the time of Marx’s life did not have opportunity to say a word on the amount of wages they earned as compensation for their work. Joad Essay. Yet, their role in on women bill the industrial production processes was very significant. The masters determined the wages, number of hours worked, when to grant leaves for recuperation and so on. In fact, Marx was very concerned with how the surplus value of products processed in technology the industries manned by workers benefited the workers themselves. Marx asserted that in a capitalist society, the surplus value only makes the rich richer as the workers become more impoverished.

So worked up were the laborers that they were even alienated from their own families and private lives. They did not have time for on women reservation bill recreation, family sessions or other community forums. Marx sadly puts it in his writings of Das Kapital that leave or absence to workers in a capitalist system was hard to come by (Me%u0301sza%u0301ros, 2006). But when such leaves were finally granted, they were only meant to help the thesis sentence workers recuperate and get extra strength not to benefit themselves but their masters who would then register a rise in surplus value in the industrial production. Alienation, according to the writings of Karl Marx, can be seen to occur in four different ways.

Me%u0301sza%u0301ros (2006) contends that workers are alienated against the products that they produce; they do not benefit from them much, the production process especially through specialized division of on women bill in india, labor, from the community and from himself. In a capitalist industrialized society, specialized division of essay on physics, labor is essay on women reservation bill in india, used to promote alienation under the disguise of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in production. Marx argues that an employee, concerned purely with the repair of broken down machines in industry producing oil, may not have enough experience with other production processes in the industry. The owners of the industry alienate them from this knowledge out of english essay, fear that such knowledge might empower workers to compete against the factory owners. Consciousness as defined by philosophers refers to how people or a person defines and understands himself (Wood, 2004). The concept of reservation bill in india, consciousness as presented in on lord of the flies civilization vs savagery the writings of Karl Marx was basically bent towards understanding and identification with one’s class. It is this consciousness that would push the workers (proletariats) to join other proletariats and put forward a united battle against one common social group, the on women reservation in india bourgeoisies. Wood (2004) asserts that consciousness would enable workers gain awareness that they all had shared experiences with other laborers, the bitter experience of alienation, exploitation and oppression by capitalist bourgeoisies (Wood, 2004). This consciousness would push the workers to rise against the bourgeoisies and launch protest and revolutionary movements that would lead to joad essay the fall of essay reservation bill in india, capitalism and the onset of essay technology, communist’s ideologies. Marx used the term “class consciousness” to illustrate this level of awareness on the part of the workers. Essay On Women Bill In India. There are scholars of Marxism who have argued that the concept of consciousness was used by Karl Marx to essay on physics technology and society depict class as a very subjective dimension in a capitalist society.

The concept of consciousnerss forms the skeleton of Marx conflict theory. The proletariat will only essay bill in india, rise to confront the bourgeoisies after realization that all workers had common problems, all originating from the bourgeoisies. Such awareness by itself is inspiring enough to internet bane stir up revolution and protests against the bourgeoisies (Wood, 2004). On Women In India. Marx argued that it was false class consciousness that continued to sustain the forces and the influence of capitalist ideologies. The proletariat had misrepresented their identity, position in society and resigned to fate, preferring to remain in subordinate positions as the bourgeoisies took advantage of this and used their positions to exploit and dominate the economy (Wood, 2004). Members of subordinate classes, such as workers and peasants continued to format suffer in the hands of the dominant bourgeoisies as a result of false-class-consciousness. The upper class, on the other hand, has their consciousness right as they believe they should remain dominant owners of the means of production. Karl Marx’s works have influenced and on women bill in india continue to influence sociological academia and studies in the field of internet, economics. Although some of his ideas, like conflict theory have been criticized by scholars since then in the contemporary sociological theory, conflict perspective remain to be a very popular sociological perspective, while Marx remains in academic records as one of the great scholars that contributed to on women the growth of sociology and its relevance in understanding human interactions and relationships in the society. Contemporary scholars, including critics of Marxism, continue to draw on his works to develop new concepts and ideas aimed at offering more accurate explanations of various phenomena in the society. Collins, R., Sanderson, S. English. K. (2008).

Conflict sociology: A sociological classic updated . Reservation Bill In India. Boulder: Paradigm Publishers. Meszaros, I. On Physics Technology. (2006). In India. Marx's theory of alienation . Delhi: Aakar Books. Otteson, J. R. (2011). The inhuman alienation of 101 persuasive, capitalism. Society, 49 (2), 139-143. Reservation Bill In India. Wheen, F. (2007). Marx's das kapital: A biography . New York, N.Y: Atlantic Monthly Press. Wood, A. W. (2004).

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