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Makes good introduction english essay

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Ben Bernanke: Why Some Distrust This Academic With An Economics PhD. Makes Essay. There have been few times in recent memory when the financial market has been quite as embattled as in the last five years. The Great Recession, followed up by the Not-So-Great Recovery, have created a jagged policy landscape and a great many questions about who should have prevented the crisis, who should have done more to format research paper abstract, fight it, and upon whose shoulders the good blame should ultimately fall. It's in times exactly like these that the Federal Reserve, usually a semi-hidden independent player in social essay, the field of makes good english essay, Washington politics, assumes a role of greater and greater importance as the agency in charge of setting what is on health care known as monetary policy, the ebb and flow of money and its real and good perceived value in the modern economy.#xA0; A strong leader (or chairman), then, is what we need in the Federal Reserve, perhaps a professional economist, Ivy-educated, from a less-affluent past and essay on showing with an impressive resume to boot. Makes Good English. The ideal candidate would be a past member of the essay disparities Federal Reserve Board of Directors (the chairman's lieutenants, so to good english, speak), perhaps someone who's served in the public sector throughout the on showing financial crisis; being one of the top published economists in the world is makes essay a given. The man that best fits this description? None other than Ben S. Bernanke , the incumbent chairman of the Federal Reserve since 2006 and on health disparities the guiding hand behind the government's response to the Great Recession.#xA0; That is not to say Bernanke is perfect, by makes good introduction english, any means; he is a controversial figure for a reason. First and prejudice foremost among those reasons is an event that is outside his control, namely the financial crisis of essay, 2008 (out of his control only because financial crises are far more than two years in the making , the length of his term up until that point) and, more importantly, his response (and thereby the Fed's response) to the crisis, something that was definitely in his control and has incited a great amount of scrutiny over the last few years. Bernanke was among the lead advocates of a policy known as quantitative easing , an economic practice by thinking skills meaning, which the government, directed by makes good english essay, the Fed,#xA0;injects money into the economy to give people and companies more spending power. However, Bernanke's role in english personal, the days and good essay months after the crisis in the midst of this quantitative easing cycle were heavily criticized. The policy itself is quite controversial; many Republicans and libertarians preferred a more hands-off approach by critical skills meaning, the government, especially in light of the enormous budget deficit (a problem that Bernanke, whatever else he has done, has increased during his term as Chairman for better or worse).

Bernanke also directed a large amount of the money to english essay, large companies, beginning a chain of bailouts of companies that were Too Big To Fail (not literally, of course, as they were indeed failing, but rather a directive of essay pride, prevention because if they failed, the U.S. economy could get dragged down as well). His so-called shoring up of Wall Street while many ordinary Americans suffered dire hardships drew harsh calls of elitism and makes wrongly-directed aid, though Bernanke argues back that without this shoring up the very economy would have collapsed, thereby injuring far more Americans. This direct, state-led intervention in the private sector, preventing what could alternately be called a healthy breakdown of overgrown corporations and a return to good business practices or the meltdown of large economic engines and the loss of millions of jobs drew increased fire from conservatives and moderates as well, controversy that only on showing increased once a few new pieces of information came out. Among those pieces of information were his roles in the merger of Bank of makes good english, America and Merrill Lynch, and his role in essay in irony prejudice, the highly controversial role in the bailout of insurance supergiant AIG. He was actually cited as a perpetrator of fraud and indirect extortion during his term in a letter by then-Attorney-General of New York Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo alleged that CEO Ken Lewis, the head of Bank of America, was not apprised of the true debt held by Merrill Lynch, and english once he wanted to call off the merger, was threatened with replacement by essay pride, Bernanke and former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. These eventually led to congressional hearings , where Bernanke denied the makes english essay charges; however, the suspicions remained well into the current debate. His staff also revealed that he had been highly cautioned against bailing out AIG , which he described at the time as a necessary evil, but which has been seen as less and less necessary as time has gone on. Then again, as they say, hindsight is 20/20. Bernanke is certainly under fire now, with talks running hotly about essay his successor rather than a continuance of his tenure. Some of the controversy is certainly partisan, with greater Republican calls for his replacement (despite his professed Republican views), though in the last confirmation vote for chairman, 18 Republicans and 11 Democrats voted against him, a not-quite-significant difference.

A part of the controversy, too, is personal, with his ambiguous role in some mergers on makes good essay, Wall Street and his decision to overwhelmingly bail out Wall Street. Many even distrust him for failing to gratitude, foresee the current economic crisis ; after all, though it is incredibly hard to foresee a collapse, it is his job as the nation's foremost economist. He is even criticized for his decision to lower interest rates to almost zero, a decision that helped the english essay economy grow, but almost certainly created an unstable foundation of credit and could prove more harmful in the long run. The economy and essay disparities jobless rate show less improvement than any American likes to see, though it is just as easy to argue that Bernanke averted a Great Depression; certainly, it could have been a lot worse. There are reasons to criticize Bernanke (partisan, political, personal, economic) and reasons to introduction essay, support him (partisan and economic, but also experience and critical thinking meaning credentials) but the decision, in the end, is the public's, the government's, and yours.#xA0; An NYU student from New Jersey, I#x27;m an American East Coaster with a passion for the rest of the world. I love politics, jokes, and running, although not at the same time.

More than anything, though, I love debate and discussion, so read and fire away, and feel free to contact me anytime for some (semi)serious talk!

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Welcome to a Career in Practical Nursing. is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about starting your career as a Licensed Practical Nurse. English! We offer information on all aspects of becoming and working as an LPN / LVN, including: LPNs have rewarding, challenging, and well-paying careers that offer excellent opportunities for growth and advancement. With the format research abstract, resources provided by introduction essay,, you can begin your journey towards earning an LPN certificate and license today in the practical nursing industry. What is a Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN? LPN/LVN's are nurses who provide standard emergency and preventative healthcare to personal, patients who are sick, injured, or just need routine health checkups. LPNs are supervised by registered nurses and doctors and perform their work alongside a team of healthcare providers. To obtain state certification, LPN's must complete accredited LPN programs, which generally take around one year to complete.

LPN programs are offered at introduction english, many community colleges, technical schools, and even hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. After LPN students complete their coursework, they must pass the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX-PN. If they pass, they can pursue specialized certificates in certain areas of format research, healthcare, including gerontology, IV therapy, long-term care, pharmacology, and more. LPN's aren't just supposed to introduction english essay, work at nursing homes. LPN duties often vary depending on of a abstract the state where they work. Some state regulations allow LPN's to provide medication to patients, while others allow LPNs to administer intravenous drips. In general, LPN's are responsible for assisting registered nurses and doctors by good english, providing basic medical care to format of a research paper, their patients. Good Introduction English Essay! Some of the social issue essay outline, typical job duties performed by LPN's include: Changing bandages, catheters, and IVs Checking vital signs like blood pressure and pulse rates Feeding patients who are unable to feed themselves Keeping detailed records of patients’ overall health Reporting any changes in patients’ health to doctors and nurses. These are just a few of the standard duties performed by introduction english, LPN's, and their day-to-day routines may vary depending on the needs of the hospitals, physician’s offices, or nursing homes where they work. Additional duties LPN include:

Greeting Patients and Recording Their Information. LPN's are often the first point of contact that a hospital, doctor’s office, or other healthcare clinic has with patients. Social! After patients are called back to be seen by a doctor, LPN's record their medical history, known allergies, height, weight, internal body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and breathing rate. These signs give doctors and registered nurses a good indication of patients’ overall health before any additional tests are administered. One of the most important day-to-day responsibilities for LPN's is to collect patient samples for routine laboratory testing, such as urine, feces, saliva, and makes good english essay, other bodily fluids. 101 + Personal! In addition, some LPN's are trained to draw blood to test for certain diseases and infections. Registered nurses and doctors may need to see several dozen patients in a single day. Because of those demands, LPN's are asked to monitor their patients’ health throughout the makes good english, course of their shift. Close monitoring is especially important after major surgeries, accidents, and when patients have received new medications. LPN's are trained to english personal essay, quickly identify adverse reactions or complications and notify doctors and registered nurses immediately.

LPN's are often tasked with providing a human touch to routine healthcare. They often teach patients and their family members how to administer medication, which symptoms to be aware of makes essay, after the patient goes home, which activities to avoid, and how to essay gratitude, adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Read more about what LPN's do. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that LPNs were employed in roughly 719,900 jobs in 2015. These nurses worked in a variety of settings, including: Elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools Home health care organizations Nursing homes and nursing care facilities Physicians’ offices and other private practices State, federal, and private hospitals Universities. In addition, LPN's can find work in good introduction english essay, other settings by working as missionaries, serving in the military, or working as consultants for in irony pride, healthcare companies. Other nurses use their patient care knowledge and familiarity of healthcare settings by working as medical coders, billers, transcriptionists, and customer service representatives. Evaluate the many potential practical nursing careers.

If you want to become a licensed practical nurse, you must first complete one year of coursework in an accredited LPN/LVN programs Most states have dozens of accredited colleges, technical schools, and english, hospitals that offer LPN/LVN programs. For example, California has more than 170 state-approved LVN programs, while Texas has over 100 established programs at community colleges, technical centers, and private nursing schools. New York has the BOCES programs which are a abundant and state ran. Of A Research Abstract! No matter where you live, you should carefully research and weigh the pros and good english essay, cons of each school in your state to decide which program is right for you. After satisfying the LPN program coursework and grade requirements laid out by your state’s Board of Nursing, you will be eligible to take the english personal, NCLEX-PN, or the National Council Licensure Examination. This exam is mandatory for all LPN/LVN's in the U.S. and can be scheduled through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing for $200. The NCLEX-PN exam covers four distinct disciplines of essay, nursing: Safe and essay in irony prejudice pride, Effective Care Environments Health Promotion and Maintenance Psychosocial Integrity Physiological Integrity.

Some LPN programs offer study groups and practice exams, which can help you become more familiar with the format and subject matter that will be on the test. We offer a large expertly written NCLEX-PN practice test with effective question rationales. After completing the NCLEX-PN, you will receive your examination results in the mail with a detailed description of how you performed in each section depending on the outcome of the good english essay, exam. Read up on essay on health care the types of questions asked, registration process, overall NCLEX-PN exam statistics and more. If you passed the examination, you can immediately begin searching for a job as a certified licensed practical nurse. How Do I Find an LPN Program That’s Right for introduction english essay, Me? One of the toughest and of a paper abstract, most important decisions you’ll make when you decide to introduction, become an LPN is where to attend school.

The decision is especially daunting in states with large numbers of accredited programs, such as New York, Florida, and Ohio. Not all LPN programs are created equal, and some may be a better fit for you than others. When you’re weighing your practical nursing options, it’s important to social essay outline, take a few factors into consideration: What is the program’s NCLEX-PN pass rate? Is the LPN program accredited by the state?

Does the program offer online classes? How much does the program cost? Where is the makes, LPN program located? How much hands-on experience do you get? Do you feel comfortable with the instructors and students? The answers to these questions will help you decide which LPN program to attend. If a highly-regarded program isn't available in your area, it may be worthwhile to move closer to one that has the essay care, best NCLEX-PN pass rates and reputation. Good Introduction English! The more you learn about nursing while completing your LPN classes, the better prepared you’ll be for your examination and your future career as a licensed practical nurse.

Cities with Most Available LPN / LVN Program Options. New York, NY Los Angeles, CA (LVN) Chicago, IL Houston, TX (LVN) Philadelphia, PA Phoenix, AZ San Antonio, TX (LVN) San Diego, CA (LVN) Dallas, TX (LVN) San Francisco, CA (LVN) The average salaries of licensed practical nurses varies from state to state. States with the highest median salaries for LPNs/LVNs are: The states with the lowest median salaries for LPNs/LVNs include: If you complete your LPN program and licensure in one state but want to move to another state for higher pay or better job opportunities, you’ll have to become licensed in the new state. How Are LPNs Different From Other Nurses? Licensed practical nurses differ in many ways from other nurses, but their day-to-day duties often consist of similar work. Some of the major differences between LPN's and other nurses include: Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs):

This is strictly terminology that separates the differences between LVN and LPN titles. LVN terminology is used solely in California Texas. See below for further explanation. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs): Like LPN's, CNA's earn their certificates with one year of coursework and provide basic care for patients. However, they are not considered licensed nurses.

CNA's perform their duties under the close supervision of LPN's and format research abstract, RN's. Registered Nurses (RNs): RN's can complete their coursework and become licensed in two years. Their basic duties are similar to LPNs, although they often receive higher pay, are allowed to perform tests and certain procedures, and are responsible for makes good, supervising CNA's and LPN's. Essay! Learn more LPN vs RN and read about the LPN to makes good english essay, RN transition process. Also see available BSN careers.

Nurse Practitioners (NPs): After completing their BSN and MSN degrees, aspiring NPs must pass additional licensing examinations to become fully certified. Licensed NPs have much more freedom than other nurses and are often allowed to write prescriptions and work independently without the supervision of social essay outline, physicians. LPNs who wish to further their careers and gain increased responsibility and pay can enroll in bridge programs. These programs allow for makes good, faster transition and certification in new nursing roles. Essay! Bridge programs include transitions from CNA to LPN, LPN to ADN, LPN to introduction essay, RN, LPN to RN Online, and LPN to BSN. Several online LPN bridge program options for current LPN's are available. What's the Difference Between an format paper abstract LPN and makes introduction essay, LVN? The simple answer to this commonly asked question is, well, simply the name. For example, the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in Arizona who wishes to relocated to issue, Texas or California, obtains his or her license in either state and is now called a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).

There is no difference in job duties, education, or scope of practice, as mandated by each state, and Texas and California are the only states using the title LVN. To gain clarity, let’s explore the history of the makes introduction english, LPN/LVN in the United States. Long before there were nursing schools, scope of practice standards and laws, the role of caregiver or nurse was delegated by family and mythical tradition. Even today the “healer” within a family or community still ministers to sick family members or neighbors whether officially licensed as a nurse or not. Format Research! However, from introduction english, a historical perspective nuns, monks, and local common women, were designated to minister to the poor and sick. The dark ages saw this trend of mercy from friends or family, but during the Middle Ages Catholic monasteries took on the role of social essay outline, nursing the makes introduction english, ill and infirm. With the reformation the church’s role diminished and critical thinking skills meaning, female prostitutes, thieves, and criminals were compelled into nursing or face prison indefinitely. Makes Good Introduction Essay! Often these women had no training as nurses in healing the sick and would often rob, extort, or aid in hasting the essay on health care, death of their charges to further benefit from the spoils left behind. Besides atonement for their deviant lifestyles, there was a more sinister reason behind consignment of makes good introduction english, these unrepeatable women.

In the essay, alarming and staggering death of a plague-ravished population it was thought that if these women were to die it would be no great loss to society. Thus, nursing was viewed as a disgraceful occupation performed by vagrant and scandalous women (Egenes, 2009). By the 18 th century, nursing once again started to evolve into good introduction, a benevolent profession performed through missions, churches, and hospital deaconesses (nuns) dedicated to caring for the poor and sick. Nonetheless, the common or disreputable woman nurse remained part of the resources of nursing care available for much of the population. Still considered to be a lowly profession, by the 19 th century Florence Nightingale would emerge from the aristocracy as the pioneer in reforming nursing from a shameful profession to the beginnings of a science based practice. Before Florence, deaconesses or nurses received minimal education in the practice of nursing. Up to this time, most nursing was learned through oral traditions and folk remedies. These practices often killed rather than healed the illness, but were attributed to spiritual maladies rather than the physical manifestations of illness. Through the pioneering work of Nightingale and others that emerged during this time, nursing began to revolutionize theoretical and clinical practices that became the corner stone of on health disparities, formalized nursing training education (Egenes, 2009). Much has been attributed to Florence Nightingale and rightly so, but there are numerous women including sisters of the Catholic Church that contributed to the advances of nursing as an educated and trained profession. Although nursing has changed significantly since the time of Nightingale, the essay, need for nurses has shaped the evolution and appreciation for the indispensable role they have played especially in times of war and epidemic outbreaks.

The Emergence of Practical Nursing War. In the mid-1800s after the of a research abstract, Crimea war, the english essay, aristocracy of Nightingale’s influence established the first funded school of practical nursing in London. Within ten years the social issue outline, U.S. Civil War began and good introduction, the need for nurses became dire. The designated nurses that served wounded Civil war soldiers were usually volunteer wives and mothers, or again, Catholic nuns Since Nightingale’s educational model had not been established in America as of english 101 +, yet, none of the introduction english essay, volunteer nurses had any formal nursing training. Care Disparities! Like the Crimean war, the American Civil war brought the reality for the need to train nurses building on the experience of caring for battle-related injuries and illnesses. Thus, during the latter portion of the 19 th century into makes good english essay, the beginning of the 20 th century, the post-Civil war population and intensified immigration perpetuated the skills meaning, spread of disease in the overcrowded cities propagated by makes introduction english essay, an environment of emerging industrialization. Nursing care was conducted only during daylight hours by unskilled migrant family members or once again by prostitutes, convicts, and substance abusing women. The appalling conditions of public facilities for essay on showing, the sick staffed by untrained and substandard caregivers caught the attention of concerned charities and citizens. Accordingly the reputation of the success of introduction, Nightingale’s London school of nursing that began under her influence piqued the interest of the concerned to essay disparities, establish the first American nursing education programs in New England and Philadelphia.

Within a few years hospital training programs for practical nursing sprang up throughout the makes introduction english, East coast. Of A Research Paper Abstract! However, hospitals in exchange for educating these individuals took advantage of the cheap, compliant student nurse labor force. Students were expected to work twelve to twenty hours in excess of their studies. Upon graduation the practical nurse gained an makes english essay autonomous and lucrative self-employment working in households ministering to the sick and skills, performing household chores. Very few were maintained in the hospital and even less became trained for specialties such as surgical assistants (Crihfield Grace, 2011). The Nurses’ Associated Alumnae of the United States and Canada was created in 1896 and later would be known as the American Nurses Association (ANA, 2015). The reason for makes good english, developing the organizations was to establish the first licensure standards and nurse practice laws. Simultaneously, the Volunteer Hospital Corp was developed in 1898 to support the Spanish-American War. Social Issue Essay! Finding the significance of education and makes introduction english essay, training the english essay, Volunteer Hospital Corp insisted on accepting only licensed nurses trained from one of the innovative accredited nursing schools (Vancouver Island University Practical Nursing Program Guide, n.d.).

By the 20 th century scientific discoveries in understanding disease causing organisms and development of modern technological treatments led to the gradual change from educating nurses in the hospital-training model to makes introduction essay, formal education within institutes of higher learning. The Army Nurse Corp and Navy Nurse Corp were created in 1901 and 1908, as helpful permanent establishments that improved standardized education of practical nurses. Essay Outline! Expanding into the troubles of public health, nurses once again began visiting the sick in their homes through the creation of public health nursing organizations. The educated practical nurse was the exemplary hands-on caregiver working in clinics, health departments, industries, and to good english essay, some extent hospitals. Essay In Irony! The designation between the registered nurse and the licensed practical nurse was not yet established, nursing in makes good introduction english essay, general was autonomous as most of the medical practices. Social Outline! Nurses set their own contracts and rates for the work they offered and the organizations they started. One of these organizations was the American Red Cross (2015). Makes Introduction Essay! The American Red Cross was stylized by Clara Barton in 1881 after the Switzerland International Red Cross model that began in 1863. As a fledgling organization the American Red Cross offered disaster relief for many years until 1900 when it became a nationally sanctioned congressional charter. The reputation and assistance the issue essay, American Red Cross demonstrated became recognized by the Geneva Convention to fulfill the requirements represented by nursing during war time.

As a recognized organization, educated practical nurses were recruited to serve in World War I (WWI), educated by the American Red Cross, the US Army Corps, and Navy Nurse Corps. Efforts to supply the need for nurses during wartime was never fully achieved and the need for educated practical nurses remained in demand even after WWI, when the outbreak of Spanish Influenza spread around the world. Again the makes good english, American Red Cross, supported the innovative development of the Vassar Training Camp for Nurses in critical thinking meaning, New York. Makes Good Introduction English Essay! The Vassar Training Camp was devised as a method to “fast track” the critical, training and supply of practical nurses. The three month program for college educated women included room and board, tuition, and makes introduction english, laundry services.

During times of war and the ensuing pandemic of Spanish Influenza emphasized the value of the educated nurse philosophy to cure and care for sick and injured (Mills, 2009). The training program through Vassar was very successful in educating and meeting the needs for trained nurses until 1933 when the Great depression closed Vassar’s and several other nursing educational programs. Like most of the population nurses found it difficult to find employment. However, under the Civil Works Service and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration funding for bedside nursing care was paid at a set rate. The funding provided in-home nursing services to the unemployed, as well as public health education and preventive measures.

This was the beginning of end of nursing as an autonomous health care service and soon would be structured as an social essay outline employee-related position (Mills, 2009). The autonomy that many educated practical nurses achieved prior to good essay, WWI continued to gradually disintegrate as the essay prejudice pride, desperate need for nurses again ramped up at the beginning of World War II. As WWII absorbed the introduction, available workforce, hospitals and other industries desperate for workers (including nurses), began to offer incentive programs to attract a dwindling labor force. Instead of setting their own fees and salaries nurses were given a wage based on the same structure still used today and endorsed by physicians that valued, but maintained nursing as a subordinate practice to medicine. Social Issue Essay! Nursing organizations along with the American Red Cross recruited nurses through the development of the Nursing Council of National Defense and the United States Cadet Nurse Corps program. A lack of good essay, supply and a great demand again called for educational programs that would crank out nurses in accelerated programs. Social! In exchange for serving in the military or as a civilian nurse, student nurses were provided uniforms, tuition, monthly stipends, books, and housing during a thirty hour or less monthly training course. However, nurses serving during the time of war began earning a reputation of positive respect from the general public in makes good introduction english, spite of the wages that were often lower than the average hotel maid or seamstress. In 1941, the National Association for Practical Nursing Education and on showing gratitude, Service (NAPNES, 2015) was established and by 1945 became the first accrediting agency for practical nurse training programs (Dictionary of American History, 2003). The licensing of trained nurses and national boards of nurse examiners did not emerge until 1951 and 1952 under the supervision of physicians. By 1955 all states had developed standards of educational training, regulations, and laws for both the licensed practical nurse and the registered nurse.

Nursing exams were standardized based on state-to-state development but not nationally. Yet, many of the post-WWII nurses were expected to quit working once they married and began domestic life as wives and mothers. It would not be until the radical 1960s that nurses would once again emerge into makes essay, the workforce as working wives and thinking skills meaning, mothers bargaining for essay, better wages. The autonomous structure of the self-employed nurse was now a thing of the past and hospitals were reluctant to improve work conditions or increase wages. Critical Thinking Meaning! Even the ANA did not advocate for nurses since it had implemented a “no-strike” policy that eventually was rescinded in 1966. The need for caregivers/nurses has been salient feature since there has been human illness. Throughout the centuries changing environments, populations, endemics, and war have influenced the perception, practice, education, and image of nurses. The licensing and establishing standards of care has improved nursing but imposed other limits to shortages and adequate training. Desperation has altered the makes introduction, focus of format of a, each of these principles in lieu of english, supply and thinking skills meaning, demand. In our contemporary familiar society most Americans understand that nursing has undergone a short supply of nurses.

During the mid-1980s and most recently at the end of good english essay, 20 th into the 21 st century, there are many reasons for these trends that do not involve societal norms for family commitments as in the past. Changing healthcare structures, the aging baby-boom population, expensive technological advances, and social issue essay, aging experienced nursing are just some of the introduction essay, reasons behind the continued predicted shortage of nurses in the coming years. As always the practical nurse has been the compensating solution to social issue outline, shortages in the past and according to the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME, 2015) union, is introduction english essay, poised to become the solution for the nursing demands predicted for social essay outline, the future. Through organizations such as the ANA the standards and suggested entry of good, practice have always been recommended at higher levels of education, but ignore the practical vision of the demand. Adhering to these nursing organizations recommendations, has reduced the gratitude, LPN presence in hospitals nationwide. Not only good english essay has this created an environment for burn-out among overworked RNs in acute care settings, but it has also created a wedge in format of a, the team spirit of nursing. Although the introduction essay, scope of practice for RNs and essay prejudice, LPNs remains somewhat different the value of the LPN as a qualified cost-effective health care team member has been minimized in hospitals. The AFSCME recommends that LPNs be employed in the hospital setting and managers become educated on the LPN scope of introduction, practice. They also recommend that hospitals support the education of LPNs through standardization of the thinking skills, scopes of practice for all nurses.

Considering the historical need of nurses, their contributions, and the opportunities available to the nurses of english essay, today. I would agree that the traditional practical nurse (LPN) continue to be the standard bearer of nursing’s legacy. - Lucinda Lasater. References for LPN History (Non-Internet) Crihfield, C. Grace, T. (2011). The history of english 101 + personal, college health nursing. Journal of American College Health, 59 (6). Egenes, K. Makes Good Introduction English! (2009). History of nursing.

In Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for in irony pride, Today and Tomorrow, Gayle, R. Halstead, J (Eds). Introduction! Sudbury, MA: Jones Bartlett.

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What is your dream job, and why? - What Do You Think - ValleyMorningStar. Posted May 22, 2012. I have an extensive amount of jobs that constantly cross my mind but there are only two that I would have to makes essay consider calling my dream job. One day I dream of owning a restaurant in San Clemente, California. It is a beach and the environment is soothing and peaceful. I would like to of a paper abstract have a restaurant because what else do people love more than food? I would like for my customers to feel at home and have them so relaxed that they forget about the rest of their day, but this is introduction only half of my dream job. The other half is to one day have a child, a child that I would love, guide and teach to be strong, so strong that one day after I am gone and the world has changed they will prevail and make their life worth living over again and again and they will forever leave their mark in essay, time. Raul Cardenas, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. As far as I can remember I have always wanted to become a medical doctor. Makes Good Introduction? More specifically, a cardiologist. I love the thought of saving a person's life. The road to becoming a doctor is english personal a long process, but worth it in the end. Having the feeling of accomplishment and knowing that I have made an makes english impact on a family's life, would be the greatest satisfaction for me. Carissa Villarreal, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Skills? Jean Bovee. I do not as of now have a dream job, but there is good introduction a job I would like to thinking meaning give a shot. Good English Essay? I would like to essay outline try being a band director because I would like to see how good I could teach music.

I’m in band so it would be a good challenge. Johnny Thompson, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. I have always wanted to become the #1 Hispanic dancer. Makes Good Essay? To twirl, twist and jump on gratitude stage is english a way for me to feel free. Having no fear to critical skills meaning get on makes essay stage and essay on showing gratitude dance my heart out is makes introduction my main priority.

My dream job also consist of teaching those that are special ed, to teach them to dance and let them realize that just because they have disabilities it doesn't mean they are limited to do what they wish to do. To some, dancing is just you moving around but to me it means a lot more. Making my dream job a reality will be the best thing that could ever happen to essay on health care disparities me. Gabriela Becerra, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. When I grow up, I want to be a realtor. I think that would be the perfect dream job. It would be amazing to sell houses to people, and help people find their perfect home.

Valerie Gonzalez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a professional chef; I would like to own my own restaurant and to be my own boss. To have the essay talent of being able to cook finger licking meals, in my opinion, would be amazing. Issue Essay? People would spread the english essay word and issue essay outline make me famous; others would travel from other places just to try the exquisite food being furnished by my talent.

Most importantly I would be happy, making others happy, while doing what I love the most, cooking. Sandra Martinez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. Well my dream job is to introduction english essay be a free lance photographer because you go where you want, when you want, and you take pictures of events that are extraordinary and capture them forever. On Health? Also it’s an introduction english adventure. Dominic Ortiz, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

My dream job is to research paper be a naval doctor. I want to be this because to know that I would be the one to help save the makes introduction lives of the people who defend this country would be rewarding. I would love to be the one to be able to tell the sailor that he didn't risk his life for nothing. I want to social issue essay outline be the person that helped the makes good introduction essay people on the front lines. Navy Medicine is my dream job; I want to save lives, but not just any life, our sailors' lives, the ones who protect freedom. Sierra Pena, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job has been to be a Vet. I have always loved animals, since I was little.

I never liked to see animals sick, hurt, or anything. I want to help them, so they won't be sick or hurt, and english 101 + personal essay so they can feel better after their visit. Jessica Diaz, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Good Introduction English? Jean Bovee. I would like to be a doctor because I have always wanted to help people. Nora Katana Sims, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. I want to be a teacher because our future is in the hands of our children. 101 + Personal Essay? Children are the future teach them well and let them lead the way. Claudio Carreon, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Makes Good Essay? Jean Bovee. My dream job is to become a professional international model. I would love to thinking skills meaning travel the makes good english world and model all the different and wonderful designers’ clothes. Critical Skills? Modeling seems so exciting and outgoing.

Caitlyn Skalitsky, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a veterinarian because I love animals and it pains me to introduction essay see hurt or sick animals going around. If it were up to me, there wouldn't be any sick or hurt animals anymore because I'd treat them all. Isabel Oliva, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Meaning? Jean Bovee. My dream job is being a lawyer, because if I was a lawyer then I would get paid a lot of makes english, money, and my uncle is essay on showing gratitude a lawyer so it would be cool if I get to work with him because he hardly loses a case. Daniel Tobin, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. Ever since I saw how happy people can get on their wedding day I knew what I wanted to be. Essay? Bringing people joy on their special day makes me feel satisfied. Being a wedding planner would be my dream job. Just helping them prepare for the big event gets me excited. Format Research Paper Abstract? Making couples achieve one the happiest moments in their life gives me great pride. Clarissa Castillo, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

Every since fifth grade I have been in choir. Good Introduction English Essay? I have learned to love classical and opera music, that’s why my dream job is to be an opera singer. Essay In Irony Prejudice? I would love to be an opera singer and makes introduction essay travel the world. I would love to sing in London and be known as a world famous opera singer. Diana Garza, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Essay On Health Disparities? Jean Bovee. I have always wanted to good english be a professional photographer.

The reason why I want to be a photographer is because ever since I was 5 years old I love to take pictures of people, and of nature, or simply I would just take random snap shots of things that I thought were cool. From then on critical meaning my mom thought it would be a good Idea that I dedicate my time taking photography classes. I loved those classes but after a while I stopped going since I saw photography a different way than my teacher. English? He saw it as a job, and well let’s just say that I saw it as art, and the way of capturing the issue outline beauty of something and keeping it for english a very long time. Don’t get me wrong I still take pictures but now I do it as a hobby. Tatania A. Zuniga, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be being a professional photographer or a movie producer; I’ve always imagined myself doing the photo shoot of the cover of Seventeen Magazine and Vogue or producing the format of a research paper abstract latest Nicholas Sparks movie. Johanna Rodriguez, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. Well my dream job would a graphic designer for good essay video games, because well for prejudice pride one I like to play games and I think it would be pretty cool to makes english actually make them as well and let other kids have fun playing them just like I did. Michael Morales, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. English Personal Essay? Jean Bovee. My dream job would have to be being CEO of a major company. Good English Essay? Making a lot of money, making all the decisions, and meaning not having to look up to anybody else.

That would be an awesome feeling. Jacob Martin, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is me becoming a part of the Air Force. Why?

I would like to feel like I did something for my country and know I can accomplish anything in makes good essay, my path. Diego Gonzalez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Essay? Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to good introduction work with the President. Meaning? Working with the President would be my dream job because I want to see all the good introduction english hard work and decisions he has to make. On Health Care Disparities? I'm not very into politics but being able to work with him will teach me all I need to know. Andrea Lopez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Good Essay? Jean Bovee.

My dream job would be to become an astronaut. My passion for space is an unbearable feeling that lies deep inside my heart. The mysteries that have been asked by millions of people have not yet been answered by NASA because of technology. Later on in the future, technology will be advanced and essay care disparities there will be answers to questions. Good English? I would like to be that one person to look down at disparities young children and answer all there doubt's over space. Gemma Mandujano, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would have to be a veterinarian; I'm an animal lover. I care for makes introduction english essay animals so much; I would do anything to english personal essay save their lives. This job will never suit me because I'm the type of person who can't handle dissecting animals.

Alyssa Ramirez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to coach the U.S Olympian Track team because it would not only be a great experience, but also a great chance to meet up with some of the english essay best athletes in the world. Brianna De Leon, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to format be a lawyer because to me it's the greatest way to be a productive member to society. English? It's a very stable job which is in irony what's best if the makes good introduction economy is unstable. Besides that, I think it's a way that truly helps people with their legal problems. Irene Infante, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. English 101 + Essay? Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a criminal profiler. I'm very intrigued with the crime units, and catching those who do wrong. I want to put an end to good english the disgusting things these peoples do, and nothing makes me happier then knowing children around the world can be safe, and 101 + personal essay that women can walk outside not fearing men coming behind them and good introduction english essay doing the bad things that they do. I believe in a world where people can be free, and in irony pride if not, everyone owes it to each other to do the good introduction english essay best they can. We owe it ourselves to do the format right thing, and the more years that go by the more society forgets that. Makes? I believe in putting criminals away, and essay care doing the introduction essay best I can to put them in a place where they either change, or they get out of our world. Sydni Salinas, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to work for National Geographic. Essay Care? I would be the one taking all the animal pictures, traveling around the world to do what I love. To see many different animals I have never heard before. To keep them safe and introduction keep track of what they are. Angelina Vasquez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

My dream job is to english essay be a famous tattoo artist because I love art and it would be really amazing to get to permanently ink my skill on someone's body. Makes Introduction Essay? Having the opportunity to make someone happy with my skill would be really great for me. I really want to social issue essay prove to people that my artistic creativity is outstanding enough to really want me to tattoo them. Whether it's just some tribal tattoo, or a butterfly tattoo, or a sketch of a relatives face, I would really love to be a part of makes good essay, their experience of tattooing. Erica Montes, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. Though I plan to study law, oddly enough I think my dream job would have to be a food critic.

I love food, and skills tend to savor every flavor, and to have a job where I would be able to get paid to eat and critique the food I eat seems to be too good to makes english essay be true. Katarina Rodriguez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to work for NASA. Ever since I was a little kid I was amazed on how the rockets would soar up high in the sky. Critical Skills Meaning? With so much thrust and power, it excites me.

I want to be an aerospace engineer for them. Good? I want to help make better rockets to social issue essay use less fuel or maybe build a rocket that doesn’t use fuel at all. I hope one day I can become what I’ve always wanted to be. Andres Dena, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to work as an actress. Yes the money and the fame is wonderful but I have a different reason why I would love to introduction essay be an actress. My reason is because with every script I receive and critical thinking every character I play I get to makes good introduction essay become someone else. I get to have this whole other life and skills I am no longer Alexis Guerrero the famous movie star, I am anyone I want to be. Alexis Guerrero, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a professional photographer. I remember when I was 8 years old; I'd always steal my mothers' camera and english essay take pictures of nature and life in general, and spend hours concocting the perfect moment to take pictures. To be a photographer, you must have the three P's: patience, passion, and perfection. I would love to be a celebrated photographer, not for the fame, but for social issue essay outline the recognition of capturing people's most cherished moments to preserve them for a life time. Amee Jocelyne Garcia, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a chemist. I want to find knew discoveries in makes essay, healthcare and medicine. I want to be the one to make the cure for social essay outline all the diseases that are threatening families all over the world. I want to makes good introduction be able to help these people get better and see them live a longer and happier life without worrying about their health. Tatianna Pena, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Format Of A Research Abstract? Jean Bovee. My dream job is to good become a chef, because no matter where you go on personal this earth there will always be people that are hungry. I want to own a restaurant and makes good english essay raise enough money to go to parts of the world and cook for them so they won’t be hungry for at least one day.

Danelle Potter, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be a Large Animal Veterinarian because I love working with livestock and format of a research abstract would greatly enjoy helping them in makes introduction english essay, any way possible. Kevin Zimmerer, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. I plan on going to go to essay school to become an anesthesiologist, where I will help many people. Good English? Other than that I would want to essay on showing gratitude be an actor, which I do currently pursue, even though those two career paths are complete opposites. Matthew Lopez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would to makes introduction be in paper, the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association).

I have been playing golf since I was in middle school and I believe it would be an makes essay honor and privilege to essay have this job for the rest of my life, and I intend on making this reality. I have always wanted to be a professional golfer because to me it is not just a game, it is my life and all I ever think about, and that is my dream job. Petra Bazan, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. When I am older my dream job is to be a CSI agent because the things they do are very interesting to me and this kind of job is a type of job I would love to have this kind of job because I am interested in all the makes introduction essay things they do and the way they get the social issue essay job done. Andrew Cavazos, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. My dream is to introduction english essay be an elementary teacher. English 101 +? I love children; it's amazing how much they can learn in a short time. Having this job will also help me have time to plan my own family, which is the most important thing to me. Violeta Rico, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a veterinarian! I love animals very much and makes good introduction I know I would never get bored of care, being a vet, taking care of them would never be a bother to me. Ever since I was five years old, I said and knew that I wanted to be a veterinarian to help and care for every animal that I got in my hands on. And to be honest, the pay is very good and life would be great knowing that I have money for good introduction english essay my family and going to work loving every moment.

My dream job is not far away and personal essay I will try by best to makes good english accomplish college and be a vet one day. Laurie Solis, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be an critical thinking Aerospace Engineer, the reason why I want to be an Aerospace Engineer is because I have always dreamed of working as a mechanic like my dad, yet living in my favorite NFL football teams' hometown, Houston. Not only will I would have been able to live there and be an a mechanic, but work with NASA, sadly I cant no more due to good english essay the organization being close, and critical skills meaning earn lots of money just to fix space shuttles and introduction english essay more cool scientific machines.

Lucio Pena, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be an astronaut. I've always been fascinated by space, the stars, supernovas, black holes and essay in irony pride who knows maybe even aliens. I would love to explore space. That is my dream job. Emerie Sanchez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a Psychologist.

When I was little I had a walking disability, so I know what its like to get picked on and because of good english, that I had trust issues for a long time. English 101 + Essay? I had no one to makes good english help me through those times but I want to be able to help other people deal with their problems and not feel so alone. Kimberly Segura, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. When I found out you could be a chocolate taster for a living I flipped. I think that is the job for me because I love chocolate and could eat it all the time. Getting paid for it is just the critical meaning perk of what you do everyday. Lucero Hernandez, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. To be a Composer or a Band Director, because I want to show people that music is not just noise to the ears. It tells a story behind each piece of music, also because music is makes good everything to me. I want doing this career, for the rest of my life and essay I'm sure I will. Abigail Gonzalez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a neonatal nurse for the newborn babies.

I love babies with all my heart. I know how to english take care of them, know how to english personal essay change them, love them, feed them, and put them to sleep. I have that magic touch. Literally, I'll pick up a baby who is fussy and right away they will stop crying. I love babies. Someday I hope I will reach my dream job once I finish college. Then I will have reached my dream job. Celina Casanova, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Makes Introduction? Jean Bovee. My dream job is to become a surgeon. I would like to be this because I will love to english 101 + be able to help people that are badly injured or those that need a transplant of some sort. I would also like to be a surgeon because I like seeing blood, well just as long as it isn't mine.

I really hope to good introduction essay accomplish this goal in the future. Jackie Ruiz, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be the CEO of a major company. It doesn’t really matter with whom as long as I get to help out a whole bunch of people. I would give my hardest workers big bonus. I would donate a lot of our company’s money to english 101 + essay people who are in much need. Dudley Shine, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

For my dream job I would like to be a marine biologist, being a marine biologist to me has so many perks including being near water, studying the vast life of the ocean, and just having a fun job in general. Bryan de Leon, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor because I get to save lives, get to help sick people, and help people live longer. I have always wanted to be a doctor, since I was young, and that dream still lives. With the makes introduction english help of my teachers, I know I can make that dream happen. Brenda Cardenas, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

My dream job would be to become a pediatric oncologist. I have always loved helping out social issue outline others, and I love children. Makes Essay? I want to on health care become an oncologist because Cancer interests me and studying this deadly disease would be one of the many things I love to do in good, life. I’ve been interested in cancer as soon as my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer; I wanted to know why it happened and how it happened. I began studying all about cancer ever since that day, and I wouldn’t want to be anything else besides a pediatric oncologist.

Amber Germain, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Critical Skills Meaning? Jean Bovee. My dream job is to become a lawyer. When I would watch television, lawyer shows would be on makes and they made it seem so awesome, being proven right when everyone thinks your wrong, it’s a wonderful feeling to have. I have had a way with my words that let people into my mind and they feel what I feel. I hope that my creative ways will indeed help me in my future job choice and make me a brilliant and on health compassionate lawyer. Ashley Green, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My future job will be being a basketball player because basketball is a really good sport and I have a lot of love for that sport. When you’re a professional basketball player you get paid a lot for playing a basketball game. English Essay? So you get to take care of your self and your family when you have a lot of money.

So that’s why I want to be a professional basketball player. Joseph Torres, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. This would be my dream job because the Los Angeles Lakers are my favorite basketball team and my favorite thing to do is play basketball. If I could get paid millions of 101 +, dollars to do something that I love, it would be awesome. Daniel Rodriguez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be playing for good introduction english essay the NBA.

Playing basketball is one of my hobbies and essay in irony prejudice getting paid a lot of money to makes english do that would be fabulous. The excitement that comes with playing with the greatest basketball players in the world must be unexplainable, and having fans support you throughout your career just makes it that much better. Alejandro Valdez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. The job of my dreams would be working at disparities a police department as a blood splatter analyst. I would choose this career as my dream job because I’ve always wanted to be a part of makes, a forensics team since I was small. Jose Olivo, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would have to be becoming a veterinarian.

I've always loved helping animals, since I was little I'd care for homeless animals and of a paper the animals I had. Good Introduction English? It's a challenge as well because animals can't tell you what hurts or what's broken so you really have to understand their body movements and their facial reactions. Jennifer Villanueva, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be a Car Architect.

I would create new designs for models of cars, giving them both a luxurious look combined with aerodynamic designs. It’s a very good career because they offer a good amount of salary. It’s not a simple job because there is a lot of mathematics involved, along with working with other people including engineers, mechanics, and social outline critics, who then do not have the same ideas as the designer. Therefore, working at a Car Architect would be something I would love to do everyday. Luis E. Rodriguez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to essay work for myself and own a bakery. I would have coffee, muffins, and other breakfast foods in the morning. I would make giant cupcakes in essay on health care, unique flavors.

I would also make beautiful cakes for special occasions. Casey Gatton, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to play for the NBA because I love basketball. Diego Guerra, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. My dream job is to become a speech therapist. I have grown up working with kids in my mother’s daycare and I love them. My dream is to makes good english essay help make a difference in a child’s life and help them improve in their speech. I hope I can change their lives as much as possible so they can be whatever they please in life. Miranda Gonzalez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr.

Jean Bovee. My dream job is to essay prejudice pride become a pediatric doctor. Makes English? I love working with kids I will always love working with kids. Essay In Irony? The fact of introduction essay, being able to help prevent a complication in their little life is a wonderful thing to essay on showing gratitude think about. It’s kind of saving the future. Well that’s how I like to think of it.

Becoming a pediatric doctor is my dream job. Abigail Vasquez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be an architect because I love to construct for makes good introduction english other people. I have always been good at essay in irony math.

As well as having a talent for math I have loved to construct buildings that people can benefit out of. If I where to get the english job as an architect I would be combining my love for critical thinking skills meaning math and construction to help the makes good introduction essay community. By helping and dealing with numbers I can honestly say that I will never go to work if I accomplish my dream job. Efren Segovia, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. I have always been interested in astronomy. Stars, planets and all that. My dream job would be to be an astronomer. I would love to work observing the stars.

I always read articles on essay on showing gratitude how astronomers have made discoveries. How they have found a new planet that is capable of holding life. Good English Essay? Or how they found a new star. Or those big discoveries of 101 + essay, planets rotating two stars. Or the discovery on the planet made out of diamonds.

I would love to make a discovery like that. To see an article saying astronomers have discovered something and I knew I was one of the makes english astronomers who made this possible. Damaris Perez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to personal essay model for Roxy. Good Essay? The reason why I would love to be a Roxy model is because their models seem really natural, in essay on showing gratitude, shape, and they look as if they don't starve themselves like runway models do.

I love to take pictures outside and wear pretty clothes. Makes Good English? I love going to the beach and just soaking up the sun, so I would definitely love to be paid for essay taking pictures in beautiful beaches across the world. Marylou Martinez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My eyes have always have been set upon being a veterinarian ever since I was a little girl. I've dreamt that I’ll have my own cozy place and be in charge of good essay, everything around my furry friends. I always imagined having millions of cute animals around me and familiar faces come to me because they know nobody can take care of their pet better then me. I have an immense passion for social issue animals since I was a kid, which is odd because I have no idea why I am so attracted to them. Makes Good? I think it absolutely has to essay prejudice pride do with me not wanting to have kids when I grow up. Good Introduction? So instead of a child I will have a companion to on showing care, love, and look forward to.

There is no doubt in my mind that being a veterinarian is the best job in makes english essay, the world. Yamilex Garcia, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job would be to make a living playing music for prejudice pride people. Makes Good Introduction Essay? Whether I'm making millions, or just enough to get by. Robert Garza, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. When I was younger I always wanted to become a paleontologist, partly due to my love of Jurassic Park and dinosaurs.

However, I would now like to become an astronomer because I have always had an interest in space. On Showing Gratitude? It fascinates me, but maybe I could get a summer job as a paleontologist. That would be pretty cool. Airik Sanchez, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee. My dream job is to be a Professional Skateboarder. I have always liked to good english skateboard and to have it as a profession would be amazing. Cristian Farias, Weslaco High School.

Teacher: Dr. Essay Disparities? Jean Bovee. If I had a dream job it would have to be getting paid to travel the makes introduction essay world. I would love to on showing gratitude have a job like this because I would be able to see the makes english essay world and essay on showing gratitude the different things there are out in good introduction, the world. Of A? It would be a great opportunity to introduction meet new people and see the wonders of the world. Ruben Marin, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Dr. Jean Bovee.

My dream jobs are becoming a fashion designer or a singer. I want to of a abstract become a fashion designer because I love to design clothes. I love to design clothes because people inspire me to make them who the want to be. Designing clothes is a part of makes good introduction english essay, me, trying to make people feel good about themselves. I want to become a singer as well, because I love to write my own songs. I have written nearly fifty songs. The things that inspire me to writ my songs are all the things around me in essay on health, this world.

I love to write love songs because it makes me feel like I'm being loved by my family and essay friends. Aniza Lazo, St. Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico. The world of attorneys and lawyers can sometimes be called boring. Well, it is not! Fighting to get a person the rightful justice they deserve is a thrill that can be played out in the attorney field. Whether it is for criminal justice, lawsuits, or divorce attorneys, or others, lawyers can sometimes be vital to obtain a just community. You are probably confused with the two terms that I am using, attorneys and lawyers, well, there really is no difference, unless in the strictest sense. Issue Essay? So, lawyer or attorney, they both help citizens in their time of need. Think of english, them as the personal second Justice League.

Maybe sifting through can paper work may not be the thrill of the century, but just knowing that you can help another citizen just like you is worth it. Especially in a court room. Makes Essay? The heated the debates, the judge’s final ruling, fancy footwork with eloquent speakers, it can all get so tense, and I love it. It’s like watching a suspenseful movie, except this is real life. I am not sure which one of all the english 101 + personal essay types of introduction essay, attorneys I would want to format of a paper be, but this would be my main career goal. Katelynn Renteria, St. Good? Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico. Well I want to be an of a research Airborne Ranger in the US Army. Now many people say, “Why would you want to be infantry?” Well my answer is just because I’m infantry doesn’t mean I go to war; I could be at good introduction english essay the base.

Why you ask? Well my dad was in the Army, my big brothers are going to boot camp soon and I have three cousins that are Rangers. For all those reasons I want to be an Airborne Army Ranger. Patrick Hausler, St. Essay Prejudice? Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico. My dream job is to be a comedian.

I would like to be a comedian because my family members and makes good introduction friends think that I am funny. I love to watch professional comedians such as George Lopez, Dane Cook and essay on health care Kevin Hart. I think that they are the best comedians because they take real life incidents and make each person who listens to the comedy realize that there is a funny side of life. Makes Good Introduction? I think laughter is a good way to rid your body of stress and illness. I would love to do stand up comedy because I enjoy telling jokes. Gabriel Ortega, St. Thinking Skills? Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico.

Kids usually want to be actors and singers when they are little. For me I wanted to introduction english follow in my parents footsteps and become a doctor. When I grew up, the question popped up again. My answer that time was a veterinarian because of my love for social issue outline animals. Now, I still want to be a veterinarian, but another part of me wants to be a singer.

I know that it is one in a million chance that I actually get the opportunity to good introduction english show the world my singing talent, but as my friend says, “it could happen. I love singing just as much as I love animals. Singing is the key to calming me down. If someone is annoying me or telling me what to do I sing in my head and eventually I am at peace. Singing is essay on showing my dream job, but there are many other people in makes good essay, this world and it is almost impossible to social issue outline be noticed. Good Introduction? My back up plan is to be a veterinarian. Either path I choose, I am doing something that I love and it will make me happy.

Rozel Tindaan, St. Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico. When I heard the question what is your dream job it just clicked. English Personal Essay? I didn't even have to makes good introduction english think about it, it would be being a pro soccer player. They say you have to love your job; because it was what you will do the rest of your life. Soccer is what makes me happy it is the joy of my life it is the light bulb that shines over my head. When I am on english personal essay the field nothing else matters. It is like dying and going to my little heaven. By the way it pays very good.

The bad thing is introduction english I can't wait to become one. Jose Luis, St. Essay Gratitude? Anthony Catholic School. Teacher: Greg Rustico. My dream job is what every 90’s kid wants to be when they grow up. A “rock star” as they would say it back in good essay, those days, but now the job actually has a name. Being a musician takes a lot of mental and spiritual thought. Mentally, you have to think about poetry and abstract rhyming with the rhythm of the songs you write. Spiritually, you have to feel what you feel in good english essay, life and just sing it.

I would dream every day of strumming my pain with my fingers on 101 + the guitar, and singing my life with my words. As part of a quote I used by “The Refugees”. I always saw Kurt Cobain on MTV when I was a boy and his music just inspired me when he formed the band Nirvana. Makes? Being unique, the job itself has its perks when you’re moody and intelligent. I fit right in. Abram Saucedo, Weslaco High School. Teacher: Mary Villarreal. My dream job is to be a chef on a cruise boat. I want to of a paper abstract be a chef because it is makes introduction english essay a talent that I have, that will make me very successful.

People have great benefits from a chef. Without a chef food wood be plain and boring, with no spice to it. As for with a chef cooking, adds flavors, texture, and smells to the foods. A chef is an artist that does not make his art with tools, such as paint brushes, etc., he make it with edible things such as meats, vegetables, and herbs. I have always said I would want to personal essay be a chef on a cruise boat and I know I can be, just that. Joseph Fonseca, Gutierrez Middle School. Teacher: Stacey Hill. I have to be able to work with my hands.

I would like to makes good introduction be a carbineer, engineer, electrician, or a wielder. I have to do one or all of them to in irony prejudice be my dream job. When I was smaller my family had already started to teach me this stuff already, so I already know some stuff to start me off. So to be able to do my dream job I have to do something with one of the things I’ve said. Jose Ramirez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be a designer but still I’m not sure what job I want to english essay have in on health care, my life. Good English Essay? A designer is some of the research paper abstract things that I would like to have a job. I love to essay design clothes is something that I like. My dream job is abstract not still ahead but I’m thinking about it. Introduction English? Another thing that I would like to critical skills meaning have a job is to makes good english essay be a teacher.

I think being a teacher would be a good idea. Teachers help student to learn more things and I would like to do that. I’m still thinking of what job I want to have, but I have a lot of options that I would like to work. Cindy Marquez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job has always been an architect; ever since I was in 5th grade when I went to Florida with my step sister who is in architect. She took me to social issue outline her job once and I just completely loved it. Ever since then I have always wanted to good be one. I find it really interesting because it includes the two stuff I like the most which is essay on health disparities drawing and math.

Sofia Alvarado, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be the makes good introduction president. On Showing Gratitude? Because I think it would be a very cool job to. I would make every thing cool. Zachary Pena, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to makes english essay be a business owner. I want to own a big business. I want my business to personal essay make a lot of money. I want to employ a lot of people and even open shops all around the world.

That is my dream job. Damian Hernandez-Garcia, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. One of my dream jobs is be a teacher or a nurse, because I like to help the children know how read, talk and for introduction essay them to have an education when they grow and they could be some one in life. Skills Meaning? Education is very important for makes good introduction english essay them. They need to know what's going on critical thinking meaning in the makes english world. Social Issue? The other thing that is my dream job is to be a nurse, being a nurse is a lot of help for makes good introduction english the children.

If they had an accident in school we are there to of a paper abstract protect them and to keep them safe. English Essay? Even in the hospital is very important to have a nurse, why. For the patients that stay there, we need to have careful with them because some are very delicate and you might hurt them. The nurse job is essay on showing very long career, they need to learn every single medicine they use for essay the doctors, hospital's and for thinking skills even places where they take care of makes essay, old people. For me that's my dream job that's all what I care of little kids and older people I do really care for them because I have my grandma and essay on health I don’t like her to be like that for makes good english essay the rest of on showing, her years.

Diana Vidales, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be a private investigator. My reasons for that is because I think it’s very interesting how they go and investigate what happened to the body. I always like watch shows like CSI, 48 hours, I almost got away with it, deadly women, etc. Makes Introduction Essay? It’s very interesting how criminals kill and murder their own family member or their friends because of on health care disparities, jealousy. Introduction Essay? One day I want to be that person that investigates how a person dies and catch the criminal. Teresita Alvarez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa.

My dream job would be a surgeon. I have always dreamed of being a surgeon or being some kind of doctor. Whenever I would watch a health show I would always be interested, being a doctor or a nurse runs in my family. I have also wanted to be that because I like to help out people. That is on health care why that would be my dream job. Guadalupe Leal, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job would be to be a Special Ed Teacher. English Essay? I’ve always loved to talk to Special Ed kids because they are no different from us they are humans to. Talking to them always makes me feel like a good person because everywhere I go I always see people make fun of them or make them feel like if they are not worth living in this world.

When in reality the people that are making fun of them are just straight up dumb and issue essay do not know how to respect anybody. Whenever I see one of them getting picked on I stand up and english talk for them because that’s just full disrespect. I have always wanted to help a teacher that takes care of Special Ed kids because the kids are the research abstract sweetest people you can find in this world. When I get that job I am never going to replace that because it is english a great gift to take care of social essay outline, them and to have a good communication with them. Tanya Garces, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa.

My dream job is to work as a Marine Biologist who travels around the world discovering new species of animals and maybe even plants that could cure Cancer! I would like to swim with fishes under the water see Coral Reefs up close, and help their endangered habitats. Why I would like to do this there is good english essay actually no specific reason I would just love to english 101 + essay experience this in life. Sandra Almazan, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is probably something to deal with crafting. I love to build things; I’ll take scrap and good try to make things. Once I turned wood, cardboard, and scrap metal in to in irony pride an actual shelter. I like working outside and for some reason enjoy hard labor, things like digging and yard work. I’d like to find a job that pays a decent amount and involves these things.

I think working in an office would get dull after a while so that’s why I like working outside and I always found yard work relaxing in a weird way so a job like engineering or construction would suit me well. Jared Cross, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to being a mechanic because one day my uncle had asked me what I wanted to be and I told him I don’t know. Good Introduction? So when he told me that he worked as a mechanic, I told him that I would like to do that too. Then he showed me his pay check and it was one thousand five hundred so I told him that it was a lot of money and on health care he responded, “I know right”. Then I started to think if I should be in it. I thought about how much money he got so I was like, “hell yeah.” Therefore, that is my dream job. My main reasons include financial stability and he said that he gets that every week. English? Yeah that’s why being a mechanic is my dream job.

Tony Vela, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job has got to be making movies and films; I really like to work with computers and technical equipment; being into these kinds of stuff is not what you would expect in care, certain teenagers in makes good introduction essay, the world but most kids are actually talented and essay on health have the skill to do that kind of work. I wouldn’t mind working as a film director. It sounds and looks really interesting to good essay be in and a lot of adventures can be made just by a little editing. Gratitude? It’s very fun and very exciting to be in this kind of good introduction english, stuff; I like making short films and making little plays with a bunch of essay, characters that nobody has ever even heard of before.

That can mainly be one of my dream jobs in good introduction essay, my life, and english 101 + personal essay I hope one day I’ll be able to achieve that job. Destiny Cavazos, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to good introduction english be a Professional Basketball player. Essay On Health Care? I have wanted this since I was ten years old.

I wish I could be there right now, but I have to good essay be at school. I can get there if I do all my work and go to in irony college. The college I want to makes good go to is Baylor because that is where my brother went so I want to english 101 + go there too. I am going to join basketball in college so from there I will probably get drafted to the NBA. That is my dream job. Jonathon Sanchez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa.

If I could have any job in the world it would be my dream job. My dream job is to be in the Military, so that I can service my country. Makes Good Introduction English Essay? My goal is to be able to give back instead of essay in irony prejudice pride, sitting on a couch like a lazy bum. I am a person who likes to return the essay favor. Care? I want to be able to fight/protect for the rights we have today. We fought long and hard to get our rights. I don't want the rights we have to just be taken away in an instant. It is good essay better to die serving and protecting for your country, than to 101 + die knowing it is makes going to end in an explosion. Noel Zamora, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is that I want to work as a lawyer because when you're a lawyer, you try to protect criminals from turning into bad criminals.

You have to go to law school and get a degree to issue essay become a lawyer. When you are a lawyer you get paid a lot and you have to work a lot of makes introduction english essay, hours. Also when ever you win a case you get a whole load of money. BJ Chavez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be senator so I can take control on how schools work.

I would like to sign pay checks to teachers and on showing write to them afterwards and good english say “I made it “. In addition, I would like to see what schools are not using the government’s money and to make sure they are being wise about english personal how they spend it. Then so I can see the makes introduction government’s and on showing say they’re giving money to bad schools. Then I will tell them how to improve this nation. I will see and talk to the president and tell him try to help the soldiers. I will tell everyone I know how successful I am; I will die happy. Jose Espinoza, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa.

That got me thinking when I was in my old school, and introduction they told us to essay gratitude think about what was our dream job. Introduction English Essay? Well, my dream job would be working with C.S.I because they get to safe and essay on health care disparities solve problems. Also when I see them in TV they are very famous. Not just because I love it but they get paid a lot of money. Good English Essay? When I was in my old school they would tell us to think about for a week. So that whole week I did a project about thinking skills meaning being In C.S.I. That would be my famous dream job. Odalis Ramirez, Weslaco East High School.

Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream is to become a border patrol or a doctor, maybe a police because they help a lot of people if they need help or if they are in danger and I have always wanted to good introduction become one of them ever since I was a young cause I would always watch a lot of movie’s or TV shows cause they were really interesting to me and I would always go to my room and start to critical thinking skills meaning watch TV so I’m going to try my best in everything and makes good introduction english study really hard in all my classes. Victoria Garcia, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. I would love to be a pastry chef, because I would make cakes, cupcakes, all sort of on health care, stuff. I would like to be a chef since I love cooking food for someone else, especially cakes.

Also chefs travel all over the world and try different food to improve their recipes! Jisell Martinez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be a photographer. It amazes me so much. I want to be a fashion photographer, because I’m so into fashion.

People on Facebook will tell me “Oh I like how you take your pictures” and I get really happy. I also practice in being a photographer by makes introduction english essay giving photo shoots to my friends. I would never let anyone get in the way of my dream job; I have wanted it since 7th grade and I really believe I can do it. Charlie Charles, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is of a abstract being a U.S. custom border patrol officer, and good essay the reason why is because I want to stop crime in Mexico and in on health care disparities, the United States. My goal is to stop illegal Immigrants and makes essay drug’s coming into the United States, because throughout the year it’s getting worse. People are getting killed, and english personal more drugs are coming into good introduction english the United States, and I want to stop all those crimes that are occurring, increasing the death rate every year. Jason Ibarra, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job would be to someday become a famous Actor or a Movie Producer.

I like acting a lot and that is why I will like to Starr in a lot of movies. I will like to produce movies also, because I like it a lot and I will like to become a famous director. My second dream is in irony pride that I had like someday a famous artist buys me one of my songs and makes good introduction use it. I will like to hear my song everywhere and critical thinking say it’s mine. I will like to have a Big House, a Cool car, and have a lot of money when I grow up.

I have a lot of dreams and I will be happy if I become a famous actor, movie producer, a song writer for makes good essay famous singers. If not, I would just like to format of a abstract have a good job in the future where I could earn good money. Felipe Karr, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to english be Enrique Iglesias manager. I would like to be Enrique Iglesias manager because then I would see him every day. Also because I would have the chance to have a friend relationship with him and go to beautiful places.

I think that if I could be Enrique’s manager I would go crazy. The opportunity to be Enrique’s manager would be an open door to know more artist and format paper abstract have them as friends. I also think that it would be funny to be Enrique Iglesias manager because then we would make all the introduction stressing work into a whole lot difference. Therefore I really would like that my dream job would become real. Jessica Flores, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. I’ve always wanted to gratitude be a lot of makes essay, things in life. The one that interest me the most would be a lawyer. The reason that being a lawyer catches my attention is because you make a lot of money, and I like to argue with people. If I really want it, I will have to study hard to become a lawyer. 101 + Essay? If I become a lawyer, I know I will make my family proud and I know I will achieve all my goals in life.

DeAndra Dean, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. I would be a veterinarian. I’ve been taking care of animals ever since I was a little girl, so I think working as a vet won’t be something new to me. I would love having a career of taking care of the most amazing animals in this world. English Essay? Going to work knowing that I’m there to english personal essay help animals that don’t have a voice to good introduction speak up for them, is thinking worth the while. Money wouldn’t matter, knowing that I’m there to help and seeing them live and breathe another day. Shiron Uribe, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. Becoming a teacher after I graduate from high school is still a long road I have to take in introduction essay, order to reach my goals in becoming a teacher. Since I was a little girl my goals for essay in irony when I graduate from high school has been to good introduction become a teacher.

I’m going to make it happen no matter how hard the situation is. The reason why I’ve always said I want to be a teacher is, because I love to be around little kids. I have a lot of patience to be around kids. I want to teach kindergarten or 1st grade. I want to teach elementary school. I want to prejudice give them all the attention they don’t get at home. I just want them to be happy kids. After years pass, I want to continue going to college to become a counselor and makes introduction essay help kids. Arlene Soto, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa.

I would love to work as a teacher because I get to have the experience to english essay work with kids just like my teachers, but at the same time I don’t really want to be a teacher because I see how rude some students are to teachers. I really would like to work in an office as a lawyer or secretary because I get to answer phones, work on the computers and at the same time I get to work with the people around me. Josie Gutierrez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to become a lawyer. Good Essay? The reason for this is because I want to help people when justice isn’t served. Of A Research Paper? I think that I would make a great lawyer because I love to argue and I’m really good at good essay it as well.

In fact I argue to people when things are wrong and unfair. I also would love to use the fancy clothes and be making a living a legal way; also be able to give myself the luxury of life. Edith Romero, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to 101 + be a photographer. I have always wanted to photography; I think it’s fascinating. You can also take pretty pictures that can symbolize something beautiful. Good Essay? First of all, I would have to format abstract get a fancy expensive camera so I can start.

I am really determined to get to my dream job I think its so intrigue, and good can really inspire people to critical thinking do something beautiful. Cathrina Alyssa Luera, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job was always to makes introduction english be a fashion designer open up my stores worldwide to be known as the best prettiest designer in the world. Fashion meant a lot to me and it still does I really want to attend college in New York City or California. In Irony Pride? I want people wearing my brands I also want to have a dress line so all girls could find there perfect prom dress made by me. Introduction English? This would mean the world to on showing me if someday I get the good essay chance to open my own stores. Selena Arce, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be an NBA player. I’ve always wanted to be a basketball player, but unfortunately you need a lot of practice.

Like they say, “practice makes perfect”. Essay Care? I know I will succeed my endeavors. When I was small, I would sit down on makes good introduction english essay the couch and go channel surfing and then I’d see these women play their heart out like never before and it inspired me to be in the NBA. The player Kobe Bryant would get knocked down and he would get right back up like nothing. He is also an inspiration to me and social essay I hope to fulfill my dream in the future. Monique Chacon, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to be a nurse at a hospital and give the doctors the makes introduction essay tools when they operate. I really want to be one. My goal is to help sick people, especially the ones that have cancer. When I go to skills meaning college that’s what I want to study.

In the near future, I want to know everything about health. I also want to good introduction english help people that are paralyzed by essay disparities giving them the therapeutic support they need to makes good english essay learn how to walk; I’ll do anything for these people. Maria Gonzalez, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. My dream job is to play for the NBA.

Because basketball is thinking meaning like something real to me, it feels like it’s the only thing to do as a sport. Through all these years I have been getting better and good introduction better. English 101 + Essay? Every Saturday and Sunday I go to makes english essay the City Park, or 18th street Park to practice or play a game with random people. English Personal Essay? Usually I don’t go Sunday because it’s a church day, and I will always have faith in makes good introduction english essay, God and basketball , for my dream job will come true once I get to college. Care Disparities? Basketball is one of the main sports I have been playing since I was seven years old, and I’m going to makes introduction essay stick with that sport to format of a research abstract the end. Isaiah Adams, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. A dream job is something that is really hard to come up with if you don't have one already. Luckily, I know a dream job that I have always wanted. I want to be a Professional Patience Tester.

Before I can become a Professional Patience Tester, I will have to have plenty of practice. I will begin my practice by continuing to go to school where I will have an unlimited supply of good introduction essay, teachers to practice on. I will have to have more practice than just this of course, but since there are no current classes teaching this skill, it will have to be something I perfect on my own. I also think of being a physical therapist for sports injuries. I have sports injuries of my own and I want to help treat other people that have those kinds of sports injuries. I know how much it hurts I want to help and essay on showing heal people so they can get back playing their sports.

Andy Coronado, Weslaco East High School. Teacher: Minerva Hinojosa. Signing in from multiple locations may be the introduction english cause.

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34 Writing Tips That Will Make You a Better Writer. A couple of makes english essay weeks ago we asked our readers to share their writing tips. The response was far beyond the initial expectations, and thinking skills the quality of the tips included was amazing. Introduction English Essay! Thanks for everyone who contributed. In Irony Pride! Now, without further delay, the 34 writing tips that will make you a better writer!

Pay attention to punctuation, especially to the correct use of commas and periods. These two punctuation marks regulate the flow of makes good introduction english your thoughts, and they can make your text confusing even if the words are clear. Participate in NaNoWriMo, which challenges you to english personal write a 50,000 word novel in makes introduction english, a month. I noticed that my writing has definitely improved over meaning the course of the book — and it’s not even finished yet. Try not to edit while you’re creating your first draft.

Creating and editing are two separate processes using different sides of the brain, and if you try doing both at once you’ll lose. Make a deal with your internal editor that it will get the chance to rip your piece to shreds; it will just need to wait some time. A really nice trick is to switch off your monitor when you’re typing. You can’t edit what you can’t see. In a sentence: write daily for 30 minutes minimum!

It#8217;s easy to notice the difference in a short time. Suddenly, ideas come to you and good introduction english essay you think of other things to write. You experiment with styles and voices and words and the language becomes more familiar#8230; Learn the rules of good writing… then learn when and how to break them. I sometimes write out 8 to 10 pages from the book of my favorite writer#8230; in critical meaning, longhand. This helps me to get started and swing into the style I wish to write in. Be a good reader first. While spell-checking programs serve as a good tool, they should not be relied. upon to detect all mistakes. Regardless of the makes good introduction english essay length of the article, always read and review what you have written. Learn to take criticism and seek it out at every opportunity. Don#8217;t get upset even if you think the criticism is harsh, don#8217;t be offended even if you think it#8217;s wrong, and essay in irony prejudice pride always thank those who take the good introduction time to issue offer it. Makes Good! Right click on of a paper, a word to use the thesaurus.

Do it again on the new word and make the best use of good introduction essay your vocabulary. After editing the english 101 + essay work on good english essay, screen or in print, I like to read the text aloud. Awkward sentences and 101 + essay errors that slipped through earlier edits show up readily when reading out loud. Avoid wordiness. Professor Strunk put it well: “a sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for good english, the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and english 101 + essay a machine no unnecessary parts.” Write as if you’re on good english essay, deadline and have 500 words to of a research abstract make your point. Then do it again. Makes Essay! And again. Issue! Sometimes I type in a large font to have the words and sentences bold before me. Sometimes, in the middle of a document I will start a new topic on a fresh sheet to have that clean feeling.

Then, I’ll cut and insert it into the larger document. I wait until my paper is done before I examine my word usage and good introduction vocabulary choices. (And reading this column it has reminded me that no two words are ever exactly alike.) So at the end, I take time to examine my choice of in irony pride words. I have a lot of fun selecting the exact words to good introduction english pinpoint my thoughts or points. To be a good writer is to start writing everyday. As Mark Twain said, #8220;the secret of 101 + personal getting ahead is getting started.#8221; Try using new words. i.e avoid repeating words. this way we learn the makes good english essay usage of on health different words. Makes Good English Essay! Do edit your previous articles. Start with small paragraphs like writing an article for a Newspaper, and proceed from essay in irony prejudice pride, there. Remove as many adjectives as possible. Read Jack Finney’s tale, Cousin Len’s Wonderful Adjective Cellar for a fantastical tale about how a hack becomes a successful author with the help of a magical salt cellar that removes adjectives from introduction english, his work. I set my writing aside and essay edit a day or two later with the aim of making it terse. It has trained me to be more conscious of brevity when writing for immediate distribution.

Try to write in simple way. Express your views with most appropriate words. Read great writers for inspiration. If you read them enough, their excellent writing style will rub off onto your dazzling blog. YOU ARE what you read (and write!). I watch my action tense and wordiness in sentences when I am writing my technical diddley. For example, in makes good introduction english, a sentence where you say …”you will have to…” I replace it with “…you must…”, or “Click on the Go button to…” can be replaced with “Click Go to…”. Think of words such as “enables”, instead of “allows you to” or “helps you to”.

If one word will work where three are, replace it! I always find these, where I slip into conversational as I am writing quickly, then go back and purge, purge, purge. Don’t shy away from social essay outline, adopting the good habits that other writers use. Do not worry about the length of the article as long as it conveys the point. Of course, the fewer words you use, the better. Start the article with a short sentence, not more than 8 words. Instead of adding tags (he said/she said) to every bit of good dialogue, learn to identify the speaker by critical skills meaning, showing him/her in action. Introduction! Example: “Pass that sweet-smelling turkey this way.” With knife in one hand and fork in the other, Sam looked eager to essay on health care pounce.

Write often and to good introduction essay completion by following a realistic writing schedule. One that works for me every time is to focus on format abstract, the positive intention behind my writing. What is it that I want to communicate, express, convey? By focusing on makes introduction english essay, that, by getting into the state that I’m trying to express, I find that I stop worrying about the words just let them tumble out of their own accord. Essay In Irony Prejudice! It’s a great strategy for beating writer’s block, or overcoming anxiety about a particular piece of writing, whether that’s composing a formal business letter, writing a piece from the heart, or guest blogging somewhere ‘big’… Use others writer’s sentences and makes introduction paragraphs as models and then emulate the syntactic structure with your own content. Essay! I’ve learned more about grammar and punctuation that way. Avoid long sentences. Learn the difference between me, myself and makes introduction essay I. For example: #8220;Contact Bob or myself if you have any questions.#8221; I hear this very often! When doing a long project, a novel, for instance, shut off your internal editor and just write.

Think of your first draft as a complex outline waiting to be expanded upon, and thinking skills let the words flow. Careful with unnecessary expressions. “At this point in time” came along during the Nixon congressional hearings. Too bad it didn’t go out with him. What about “on a daily basis?” For large documents, I use Word’s Speech feature to have the computer read the article back. This allows me to catch errors I have missed especially missing words or words that ’sort of sound the same’ but are spelled differently (e.g. Front me instead of ‘From me’).

Either read the book “Writing Tools 50 Strategies for makes introduction english, Every Writer”, by Roy Peter Clark, or read the Fifty Writing Tools: Quick List on his blog. Issue Essay! Then join a writing group, or hire a writing coach. Write the first draft spontaneously. Switch off your internal editor until it is time to good introduction essay review your first draft. If you#8217;re writing fiction, it#8217;s a great idea to have a plot. It will coordinate your thoughts and essay gratitude add consistency to the text. Edit your older articles and pieces. You will notice that great part of introduction essay it will be crap, and it will allow you to refine your style and avoid mistakes that you used to make. Subscribe to Receive our Articles and Exercises via Email. You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per day, guaranteed!

Subscribers get access to gratitude our exercise archives, writing courses, writing jobs and much more! You'll also get three bonus ebooks completely free! Try It Free Now. 93 Responses to #8220;34 Writing Tips That Will Make You a Better Writer#8221; Martin McConnell on August 02, 2017 10:38 pm. Nice list, good information here. I think some of these should be put into makes good, focus more in the editing phase though, starting with number 1. A first draft is a creative process, not time to critical thinking meaning sit an makes essay fiddle with tiny details. I move most of my commas 3 times before I do anything (submission or publishing attempt) with a story. Better Writing Tips! on June 23, 2017 4:31 pm. Write as if you’re on deadline and have 500 words to make your point.

Then do it again. And again. It is of a research abstract, funny but, isn#8217;t that where most spam articles come from? 24. Joanna Young. One that works for me every time is to focus on the positive intention behind my writing.

What is it that I want to communicate, express, convey? I wish more people would commit to just that. #8220;Start the article with a short sentence, not more than 8 words.#8221; *article starts with thirteen words* Copyright 2017 Daily Writing Tips . All Right Reserved.

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che essay My generation suffers from technology induced laziness. Our formative years were shaped by (over)exposure to an early ’90s novelty, cable television. As we blossomed, so too did the makes essay, internet, in all its encyclopedic, pornographic glory. We embraced each technological advance (don’t forget cell phones), while physical and intellectual stimulation plummeted to all-time lows.

Now we’re college students. Considering such a childhood, should it come as a shock to social discover that today’s campuses aren’t the raucous, socially progressive playgrounds of the english, late 1960s/early ’70s? Our babyboomer parents grew up in a different world. In elementary school, they practiced bomb drills by crawling beneath their desks. Prejudice! Children learned about politics from McCarthy and introduction fearfully asked their parents, “who are the Soviets?” Dylan sang, “With god on our Side” as Leary encouraged young America to on showing gratitude “turn on, tune in, drop out.” The ’90s, in contrast, was a relatively peaceful, carefree decade. As wide-eyed 5th graders, we were introduced to politics by Lewinsky and Starr, and snickered as we asked our parents, “what is oral sex?” Spears sang “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” while America Online encouraged us to “turn on, sign in, zone out.”

We do, however, share one thing in common with the 60s generation: widespread opposition to an unpopular war. While our parents expressed disdain through D.C. Introduction English Essay! rallies and campus-takeovers, my contemporaries are more apt to personal form a Facebook group or publish a cartoon in the school paper depicting Bush and Cheney as a dimwitted puppet chimp and a gunwielding overlord. I don’t mean to put down my generation, but the thing is, our parents did all the good, heavy lifting for us. Fearful of the draft, and maddened by the deaths of close friends, the babyboomers applied pressure on the government; their loud voices helped pave the way for legislation eliminating the draft. My generation lacks an essay care, up-in-arms attitude about makes good english, Iraq because it doesn’t hit as close to home as Vietnam. We are saddened and social issue essay outline disturbed by makes, the deaths, but the fear of being the essay in irony, next to ship out is hardly palpable. I assure you, if the draft were around today, campuses would be just as lively as in the day. While physical protest may not be our forte, we’ve excelled on other fronts. Traditional media for makes english essay social activism have evolved considerably: rallies in the quad have given way to rallies on the internet. Facebook, the social networking site with members well into the millions, is today’s collegiate meeting ground for social and political concerns. Essay In Irony Pride! Members form groups, such as one titled “For Every 1,000 People That Join This Group, I Will donate $1 to Darfur.” Skeptics may liken these groups to good essay the digital equivalent of the essay disparities, “Free Tibet” bumper sticker, but they serve greater purpose than merely stating a cause.

While potential for mega-fundraising is minimal (we are, after all, poor college students–some things never change), sheer size and accessibility–this particular group boasts 400,000 members– enable individuals to rally the good introduction english essay, masses and spread the gospel to corners of the world otherwise unreachable. The creator of the Darfur group posts frequent crisis updates, encouraging activism among members. Another group, titled, “Join to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” has attracted some 800,000 students. Members post statistics and survivor stories, and list philanthropic events on the message board. Raising awareness among such a large and diverse collection of people–members in both groups live in all 50 states and format research many more countries–is made possible by the web and networks like Facebook. Although the typical college campus may not be the close-knit, vibrant atmosphere it once was, technology has closed the gap between student bodies thousands of makes introduction english essay, miles apart.

(Don’t forget, we’re still kids: despite all of this social concern, there are plenty more groups devoted to beer and sex. English 101 + Personal! For every “Save Darfur”, there are a handful of sillier groups like the one titled “If 100,000 People Join This Group My Girlfriend Will Let Me Have a Threesome!” The group, shut down by Facebook administrators after just 7 days, ballooned to over 400,000 members, begging the english, question, did the guy have a six-way?) Additional evidence of our global reach is indicated by study-abroad enrollment. When my Dad matriculated in 1970, there were approximately 25,000 American students studying abroad. Pride! In the 2005-06 school year, when I was a Freshman, that figure had increased eight-fold to 205,983 (Institution for International Education). The exponential growth of the study-abroad population, coupled with technology providing more interactive communication, has ushered a shift from the intra-connected campus of the ’60s, to the inter-connected campuses of good introduction, today. In terms of today’s collegiate social life, Mr. In Irony Prejudice Pride! Perlstein raises some valid points. If I tried calling Jon Stewart to join in a dorm lounge debate or the guys from Radiohead to jam on our roof, I imagine I’d be laughed at by a low-level PR intern. Makes Introduction! These types of encounters, which Mr.

Perlstein seems to english 101 + personal essay suggest were commonplace in the ’60s, are now a thing of fantasy. But I do have some input on introduction my school’s social calendar. Each fall and prejudice spring semester the student council conducts an english essay, online poll on in irony the student webpage, soliciting student input about which band it will hire to play at makes good, the University. The winning vote-getter usually headlines a show on campus at the end of the semester (The hip-hop band Jurassic 5 played my freshman year. Twenty-five hundred mostly white, preppy kids trying to play it cool in issue essay, a clearly fish-out-of-water situation provided a hilariously awkward backdrop). E-mail has fully infiltrated college life, as well. I’ve emailed TA’s segments of research papers at good introduction english, 2 AM the night before they were due, and gotten helpful responses within the hour.

We also get daily emails from disparities, individuals such as the school’s athletic director, who might encourage all of us to synchronize our t-shirts for makes english essay an upcoming football game. Such announcements enhance classic college experiences, like the pre-football tailgate. Despite our ability to use technology for good, the abundant entertainment and amenities at our disposal are sometimes ambition killers. The harsh, but unsurprising irony of our situation is social issue outline, that America is slipping as a world power because of our addiction to makes introduction essay technology, which is largely developed and outline produced abroad. Makes Introduction English! I am not so much opposed to our particular habit as I am the fact that we don’t appear to be capable of supporting it, without pawning off things like social security and public universities. College as an American institution is essay care, more important now than it ever was. As cliche as this may sound, our nation is at a critical juncture: we can either slump to the middle of the essay, pack, or excel, and continue to use our power to help maintain world order (like the typical college student, our current leaders may be slacking in this department). Our centers for critical meaning higher education are still incubators of innovation and creative thought and have the potential to good english redeem the reputation of on showing gratitude, American ambition and intellect.

Although the college campus is not what it once was, I challenge any critic to name a major institution that hasn’t evolved over the past decades. (Hell, even our so-called “sacred” institution has been rocked by good english essay, alarming divorce rates and–gasp–gay civil unions.) If we do not succeed, it is not because colleges aren’t the critical thinking skills, way they were in the 60’s, rather because they have not evolved enough to keep up with the world of today and tomorrow. If we are able to apply our bright minds and abundant resources towards harnessing the good english essay, power of technology, rather than using it to 101 + rest on our laurels, our children will one day grace the same college campuses and wonder how we made it by with laptop computers and only 900 television channels. “Mei Vida” Tales From a Mississippi Student. I’ve known many people that attended college back when it was college. In fact, during their enrollment, they witnessed the most life changing events at the turn of the century. The difference between college students back in the 60’s and college students living during the makes introduction english, 20th century is that we are not as active as we need to be in this generation. As I brainstormed for directions to essay in irony prejudice take this essay, my mind stumbled across the importance of the Civil Right’s Movement to our nations’ society. If America was a cotton field, college students during the 60’s were its seeds implanted in the soil.

What I’ve learned from the veterans of the Civil Right’s Movement is good introduction, that college facilities along with churches were central locations used for 101 + organizing and gaining empowerment to introduction protest against gratitude, the inequalities of the social justice systems. If you read about good, Freedom Summer, you will find out that fliers were distributed and essay in irony pride posted around hundreds of colleges to makes good essay increase the support for the poor and oppressed victims of America’s injustices to it’s citizen of the United States, specifically the African Americans. Even though we have grown to overcome the past, one shall never forget the millions of lives that were shed on this country’s soil. In addition to slavery, genocide still exists in english essay, other countries besides Darfur. As a public school graduate, our genocides are within the makes essay, walls of social essay, our educational structures. There are not enough words that I can use to describe the tactics that our lawmakers and introduction politicians have used to obliterate the next and upcoming generations. On Health! This is my personal opinion. Let’s take Chicago for an example.

Since Mayor Daley has control over makes good essay, Chicago Public Schools, do you find it odd that students can’t attend good schools within their own communities? Why should they be tested to cross the street? I know this because I’ve worked with and format taught hundreds of students from all over Chicago. If we teach our kids now that they are not privileged enough to attend the high school of their choice, how should we expect them to makes good essay strive for their best when we are institutionalizing them at young ages and preventing them from expanding their horizons? One part of social issue outline, expanding their horizons would be to attend college with a high school diploma or GED. Tupac Shakur mom Afeni Shakur-Davis told me that life is all what we make it. “Everybody doesn’t have to obtain a degree to be successful. This is something that parents need to makes good english essay teach their children beside telling them if they drop out of skills meaning, school they won’t accomplish anything in life”, said Shaku-Davis. I believed her because she contributed to Tupac’s accomplishments and good english essay legacy.

This was advice I received while attending Jackson State University. JSU is rich in history and has offered me opportunities of a lifetime. If I were not at this college, Diwan University in Taiwan wouldn’t know anything about me. This college exchange experience taught me Chinese and flew me across the world to motivate other college students to format research paper abstract do what we were doing. This is a prime advantage that college students now have over college students from the past. Makes English Essay! The present college atmosphere is more diverse and technical advanced compared to methods of communication used in the past.

As the fliers sprawled across college campuses in the past, the students themselves gave birth to some of the world’s most remarkable leaders. Some of those leaders have influenced my creative abilities and have expanded my knowledge of the factual significance of leadership. It requires understanding, intelligence, curiosity, sacrifice, social skills, creativity, diversity, and the ability to learn from your experiences. Unlike other normal college students my age, I had another perception of the college experience. Essay Care Disparities! I was exposed to the college life at the age of 11 by participating in the National Youth Sports Program. There was an age requirement of 16 but my mom lied on the applications just so I can be busy during the good english, summer. From then on critical thinking skills my mind was programmed to attend college and participate in as many activities as possible. If more colleges united to sponsor enrichment programs after school and makes english during the summer, there would be less teenage violence and issue dropout rates. Maybe they could fund the programs through the millions of dollars they rip off from poor college students.

Colleges along with parents can improve their roles in the community by makes good introduction english, guiding students towards positive career courses. If I didn’t attend college, I would not be able to tell you what Hillary Clinton said to essay in irony the college students at makes introduction english essay, the primary American Democracy Institute at Roosevelt University in critical thinking skills, Chicago. What about the fresh words Barack Obama delivered at The 2006 Take Back America Conference in makes good english, Washington, D.C.? I wonder did he receive the letter I delivered to his office when I snuck on the elevators of the Federal Building in May? I can recall another college moment dealing with Harry Belafonte. I had a personal meeting with him to get advice on how to involve more college students in the voting process. Does Bernard Lafayette ring a bell to you? You might see him on the side of Martin Luther King Jr. in various Civil Right’s photos. Along with him, hundreds of Civil Right’s activist and veterans were all at Harry Belafonte’s Gathering of the Elder. Critical Thinking Skills! How many college students get an opportunity to meet the good english essay, pioneers that fought for format abstract our equal society? Danny Glover put me on essay the spot at Texas Southern University during his speech.

Suddenly he spoke about the great things that I have done while a student in college. He reflected my involvement on the significance of the movie Freedom Song. On the set of Freedom Song is where we first met. He described the social issue outline, importance of introduction essay, being active and involved at a young age because we are the leaders of in irony pride, tomorrow. He told everyone that it was ironic that I was active and involved just as the makes good introduction essay, college students on in irony prejudice the set of the movie where we first met. Since I’m not an attention seeker, I was so shocked because everyone was looking at me clapping.

I appreciate Danny for passing down the introduction english, Oscar sensation. I wonder how does it really feel? If it is destined to happen, it will happen. Format Of A Research Abstract! Until then I want to let everyone know that these are true words from the introduction english, heart of a typical college student. I admit it, I’m young, smart, multitalented, and in debt from the loans I took out for school. At the end of the day I’m satisfied because I know people all over essay disparities, this world from good, attending college in Mississippi, New Hampshire, Chicago, and soon to critical be Atlanta. I like changing colleges because you get to good english experience more out of life.

If you live the life I live, visited all the colleges I have, taught all the professors I have, networked with all the students I have, traveled the world where I have, and wrote about everything that I have, then you can help sustain the true perception of what a college experience is all about. Before I learned about others who went to college, I discovered myself. Campus Crusade for the Comforts of Home. “…the adventure of going to college consisted of a kind of essay in irony prejudice, freedom that you couldn’t imagine until you turned 18, you were no longer under adult control, and makes introduction you made your own schedule…. This is the most liberating moment Americans have in on health care disparities, life.” Reading said passage from Rick Perlstein’s article “What’s the Matter with College?”, the four-year utopia I envisioned was high school, not college. My adolescent experience was not a four-part episode of good introduction english, “My So-Called Life,” but rather a late night marathon of “Happy Days.” Before you get any images of pom-poms and essay gratitude letter jackets, I must warn you; my high school was not Riverdale High. Good Introduction English! I went to Hippie High, where the teachers are called by their first names and students actually have a say in their education.

The egalitarian, hall-pass-free environment of Arlington, Virginia’s HB-Woodlawn secondary program provided me with the ideal balance of trust, responsibility, and spontaneous concerts in the hallways. Surrounded by an open campus and a graduating class consisting of on health disparities, 80 eclectic weirdos, I was able to customize my entire curriculum (including classes discussing slasher flicks and the Tao of Harry Potter). Students and faculty alike gathered in a pow-wow on the last day of makes good introduction, school to sing the Green Day ballad “Good Riddance.” High school was the time of my life; and now it’s over. After a half-hearted application process and some financial teasing and rejection from a Seven Sister or two, my final destination was the University of Mary Washington; a quaint liberal arts school an hour away from my house with irresistible Virginia in-state tuition. I was indifferent. English 101 + Personal Essay! My parents were thrilled. Here’s where I get to blame them: Mom and makes good english essay Dad, you love me too much. You have way too much faith in me. You gave me no reason to rebel, no reason to hate you. You were too involved in my life.

You treated me too god-damned well. Even though I kid, the critical skills meaning, “helicopter parent” phenomena of current campus life is at the core of why college is makes good introduction essay, no longer the eye-opening stimulant it was for our parents. The baby-boomers are too good of parents, sugar-coating from essay in irony, infancy on. In raising me, my parents hovered over every aspect of makes introduction english, my life, attending every PTA meeting, and sitting in on health care, the front row for every play where I was a chorus member. Introduction Essay! And it’s not just the parents. English 101 + Personal Essay! Our entire culture has embraced the makes good, idea of convincing youth that everyone is essay on health disparities, special and everyone is the good introduction english essay, same.

Kids are required to send valentines to every single classmate, and each player on the soccer team gets a trophy, even the forward with two left feet. Essay On Health Disparities! The baby-boomers have embraced the makes introduction, average, meaning we kids have no drive and no sense of the english 101 + personal, real-world. The boomers’ babies have remained…babies. Freshmen year was terrifying. Not only did I no longer have the comforts of home and family, but the structured and traditional format of my new habitat was hardly the free and nurturing continuation of high school I’d imagined. Most freshmen are exhilarated by the freedom of choosing their schedule and not having anyone breathe down their necks. But it was old news to me. Teachers were strict and condescending. Instead of the good introduction english essay, unshaven goofballs I had grown so attached to in years prior, my new classmates were mostly boys with egos the size of Utah and girls with more eye-make-up than integrity.

Though I did manage to make friends, I felt that I was searching for gems in the dirt. Nobody laughed at my jokes or understood my Woody Allen references. People who walked by me didn’t know my name. In Irony! I didn’t know how to adjust; I didn’t know how to good introduction english fit in. I didn’t even know how to do my own laundry. I needed my mommy. My observations of the college experience so-far have been similar to social issue essay the high-school experience often depicted in movies; scene after scene of beer-pong, meaningless sex and nasty rumors. (Luckily I’m only in the background shots.) Technology has tainted the good introduction english, intimacy of dorm-living. People communicate on Facebook profiles rather than actually engage in conversation. Where is my enlightening adventure of self-discovery? When will I meet a Jack Kerouac?

So is my queasy, yet still-unfolding experience an example of what’s the matter with college today? We members of the dot-com generation didn’t have it hard enough to appreciate the of a abstract, freedom and makes the escape. Skills Meaning! As we emerge from our suburban bubbles of bottled water and mp3’s, we expect instant gratification from the rest of the makes essay, world and in irony prejudice pride simply aren’t getting it. We gotta toughen-up. As much as I whine, I take overwhelming comfort in my “Full House” up-bringing. I wouldn’t exchange it for the world. I have parents that are my best friends, and four years of perfect memories that the average citizen would consider four of the hardest years of their life. Though my life-defining education was premature, the fact that I had such golden years at all is a rare blessing. The coming three years could always get better.

Odds are they will. And hey, even if they don’t, I can always call home. As a rising senior, I cannot say that I have spent the good introduction english essay, last three years rallying against the genocide in in irony prejudice pride, Darfur or lobbying for higher wages for university employees. I have never invited my favorite author to campus for an enlightening, late-night discussion in my dorm, nor have I argued vehemently against moral relativism over a cup of coffee. Instead, I spend hours in the library with my laptop and textbooks writing papers and good introduction studying for exams.

When I graduate as a molecular biology major, I will have performed original research in the lab and memorized thousands of facts about thinking skills meaning, viruses and cell structure. Additionally, I serve on the organizational board of our volunteer council, a position that has allowed me to english develop and practice leadership skills. One of my main concerns as I begin my senior year is how I will spend my first few years following graduation, and although my college years were not particularly exciting or newsworthy, they have prepared me well for social issue essay almost any career I choose. For students today, college is a fundamental, almost necessary step toward achieving their career goals. Whether students dream of a career in public service, investment banking, teaching, or law, there is english essay, a university and essay on showing discipline that will serve their needs. On almost all college campuses, career counselors organize job recruitment events and inform students about further education opportunities. Students study hard to maintain a high GPA, participate in countless extra-curricular activities, write resumes, and apply for internships to ensure that, in makes good introduction english, the future, they will achieve their goals. As I reflect on my own academic career, I realize how much time and effort I have dedicated to my future.

When I evaluate my college experience, I always do so in terms of my future and essay in irony my dream to makes english pursue a career in public health. I assess how each class I take, event I organize, or discussion I participate in will contribute to my ultimate goal of 101 + essay, entering the good english essay, public health arena. I make a concerted effort to take science classes to prepare for 101 + personal medical school and participate in activities like the essay, volunteer council to on showing gratitude practice my leadership skills and learn to work with nonprofit organizations. In his article, Perlstein mentioned that Governor Brown established nine new college campuses that defined California’s economic and cultural progress. If Governor Brown believed that college matters because it produces individuals who can operate successfully in good essay, a modern economy, then my experience leads me to believe that universities are indeed fulfilling their mission. Universities, however, are not simply factories designed to produce efficient, knowledgeable workers. In Irony Prejudice! Instead, as Perlstein discussed, they are centers of culture and progress that drive our society forward. Makes English! They are the personal, only institutions that can combine the knowledge of scholarly professors with the energy of young students in the same setting. Historically, this unique and makes good invigorating environment has given birth to anti-war protests and essay sit-ins demanding integration. As Perlstein concluded, in the 1960s, a student’s college years were a discrete experience during which students were separated from their parents and high school that defined their pasts and the careers and essay families that would define their futures. Today, however, students like me, who are primarily focused on their career, view college as the format research paper abstract, dot that connects high school and good english their futures.

College has become a tool that students find necessary to 101 + essay achieve their goals. It is a means to good introduction essay an end, not an end in itself. By no means do we take our college experience for granted. I will forever be grateful to my parents for funding my education, to my professors for on health disparities broadening my horizons, and to my classmates for challenging my views. My appreciation of my college experience, however, stems not from the experience itself, but from the fact that it will propel me toward achieving my career goals. Our focus on our future does not mean that we are less passionate or less socially conscious than our counterparts in the 1960s. In fact, most of my peers have strongly defined passions, and english essay many of them are grounded in a sense of social justice. English 101 + Personal! One of my friends plans to dedicate her life to research to save lives using her scientific expertise, and another of one of my friends dreams of a career in makes introduction essay, public service to issue essay tackle issues including education and the environment. In the 1960s, a passion for makes good introduction social justice drove students to the streets. Today, this same passion drives students to the library. I truly believe that my hard work in school will give me the tools and skills I need to tackle pressing health issues whether it is domestic border health or the AIDS crisis abroad.

As I read Perlstein’s article, I justified my lack of activism and essay gratitude my focus on studying by assuring myself that I will make a difference like the students of the 1960s, but I will do so tomorrow. First, I told myself, I need a degree or two and some work experience. Students of the makes good english essay, 1960s, however, did not need degrees to demand and social essay outline implement social justice. They did not need to practice their leadership skills before they used them to challenge their government and introduction english other cultural institutions. They did not procrastinate making a difference. Students today spend so much time preparing to make a difference that they never actually make one. Critical Thinking! I know that many of my classmates will follow through with their plans to cure cancer or save the rainforest. Introduction English! I also know that we should never put off until tomorrow what we can do today. Although a Bachelor of Science in molecular biology, a medical degree, and perhaps some experience working for the World Health Organization would give me some authority in the public health arena, my strong sense of social justice combined with the access I have to scholars and energetic students alike are ample qualifications to tackle health issues right now.

Quiet college campuses are not concerning because students are dispassionate or ignorant about issues facing our society. They are concerning, however, because they reflect a society that is looking to the future for social justice, not fighting for it right now. As I contemplate my own future, I realize that I could potentially delay any real efforts to solve the care disparities, AIDS crisis forever simply by telling myself that I am not yet sufficiently qualified. Students need to stop thinking about why college matters in the future, and think about why it matters now. Makes Introduction Essay! College only matters if we actually use the skills and knowledge that we obtain to essay disparities be agents of change, and makes english there is no better time to start than now. Forewarning – I don’t know what an introductory paragraph is.

My topic sentence is never in the proper place; I ramble on research abstract way, way too much; my fondness of english essay, fragments needs to go. Oh really, Professor? Well I think that my explication of Keats’ “Ode on a Grecian Urn” was just fine. Format Of A Research! My comments on good english Dunne’s “The Canonization” right on. And, for your information, poetic interpretation cannot be wrong (capital letters, red pen, cross out, exclamation point). Of A Research Paper! Maybe this is makes essay, that growth thing that that orientation slideshow promised. I have grown from a future Pulitzer Prize winning freshman into a cynical junior with peer-review induced asthma. Thanks for sending me here Mom and Dad! Really, I am not all that cynical.

I still believe that college is the 101 + essay, place for the mind to expand and makes introduction english essay thoughts to be free, as long as your mind never enters the critical, box and your thoughts are anti-government, anti-war, anti-leg shaving, anti-everything. Going against the grain? There’s probably a club for makes good that – try GAG, in Arabic letters (the English language being so demode and all). English 101 + Personal! Rebel against the man, down with Big Brother, impeach W, or else be radical. Good Introduction Essay! Want to social issue really be different? Support something other than a non-profit. Good Introduction English! Speak out for the death penalty. Admit you have no urge to visit Africa. Reveal that you voted for Bush and, gasp, still support him. College is the place to essay pride transform ideas into reality, if only the damn government wasn’t policing everyone’s ideas. Still believe that the professor is on the side of the good english essay, student.

Your success is his ultimate goal. Got a 25% on your midterm? Put that dirty razor blade down. Congratulations! You’re in the top ten percent of the class! It doesn’t matter that you knew less than ? of the information (“Answer True/False” might as well have said “Find G-d and essay care Take a Shot”), it’s the Ivies, our curve is always bell shaped, our mean is always a B. What you learned isn’t important – it’s your grade that counts! Want to come to introduction english essay office hours? No need for an appointment, that’s way too impersonal and rigid. Just show up and wait in line. Looking to social issue outline have one of those notorious, meaningful professor/student discussions while surrounded by the spirits of Plato, Marx, and the Founding Fathers?

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a seat, there are hours of chatting to be had – read and analyze in makes good english essay, depth praise over the professor’s latest novel, delve into the intricacies of the complicated debate over essay care disparities, which of his awards is most prestigious, break down, moment by moment, the exact steps taken on makes good english essay his journey to the discovery of fire. When you’re with the world’s most intelligent man, the conversation just flows! I still believe in the unrivaled usefulness of a personal advisor. All I need to do is peruse the thinking meaning, forty-nine page course catalog, decipher departmental codes, choose classes that I am eligible for, figure out non-overlapping time slots, register for limited enrollment, decide on a major, calculate the introduction english essay, next four years of gratitude, my life, make sure I fulfill every requirement, submit approved forms to the registrar, and makes deliver him a 3 x 5 that says “initial here” – during finals week. He, on the other hand, handles the tough stuff – disappears from his office when his presence is guaranteed, grimaces when I chase him down on his way to social issue outline the bathroom, moves his hand all the way up to his chest pocket, removes a pen, clicks the makes good essay, top, and signs his full name, first and last!

All the on showing, while maintaining the memory of makes good, a Ginkgo Biloba poster boy – I have only had to introduce myself to him once, at every appointment. I smell a scholarship with somebody’s name on it… I still believe that if I have a problem, my Dean is there to help. Concerned I won’t complete my requirements in four years? Slow down! Unsure if I’m taking enough credits? I’m too hard on myself! Don’t worry; she’s already laid out a five year plan for me, with an extra summer semester if I need it. Take it easy, relax, graduation is the ultimate goal. For only another 40 thousand dollars, I can trade in in irony pride, four years of stress induced headaches for five of waking up at introduction essay, noon, Monday through Thursday.

Don’t be so mechanical! Take an ancient Indian dance course, learn how to operate a pottery wheel, enroll in poetry for the deaf – sign up for essay in irony prejudice pride something enjoyable. No papers, no exams, no problem. No credit, no requirement fulfillment, no warning of the academic suicide I am committing either. I still believe that college is preparation for the real world. Makes Essay! What high school student has the skills, skill to study for five exams, each three hours long and worth 40% of introduction english essay, a course grade, held within four days – and not turn to Coke?

Could a seventeen year old layout her next few years, keeping core/major/minor/concentration requirements in mind, by the day of the registration deadline, which coincidentally happens to be smack in the middle of the format research paper abstract, second hour of her third test? Won’t employers be grateful for the seven hundred dollars cash college educated employees reflexively vomit up for users’ manuals, bound packets, and other reading materials necessary to complete their jobs? Business 101 stumper – How to makes good make the most amount of money in social issue, the shortest amount of makes good essay, time. Easy, I learned that in college- charge for everything! The future of workplace productivity is on health disparities, bright.

I still believe that I will complete college satisfied with my experience. My diploma will bring a certain maturity to my childhood bedroom/my sister’s kids’ nursery in my parents’ home, which I will inevitably be moving back into. Only a few more years, a little more money (Dad?), and I’ll be done with med school, or law school, or I’ll finish grad school and have my PhD! I’ll be on my way to an entry level position that may or may not eventually lead to the job I’ve always dreamed of! I will be a college graduate – now that’s something that stands out on a resume!

I woke up this morning, poured myself a bowl of makes introduction english, Grape-Nuts, and sat down in front of my computer to care watch a video over good introduction english essay, the Internet of an Iranian woman being stoned to death. I was a bit queasy, a bit unsettled, but certainly engaged by the footage. I could have just as easily read up on the footage at any number of news websites, human rights blogs, news channels with multiple shows and personalities – or I could have passed a glance at essay, a headline in a newspaper: “IRANIAN WOMAN STONED WITHOUT REMORSE.” The event is not particularly news to makes good introduction english essay me. Not in the sense that I have come to in irony prejudice pride expect it (a sensibility I would have indeed come to have exercised, given a literally never-ending deluge of information about makes good, such events), but rather in that it has simply lost its interest, its engagement, its flash of relevance in my significantly less afflicting life. I realize now that I have been desensitized to the rapid flow of information not because of the essay care disparities, content itself, but because of its close-wed relationship to the laurels upon which the college generation of the makes introduction essay, Vietnam-era America had established for the future of academia, and of a research paper it is makes good introduction english, here as a college student that I can attest to the change of college as I envisioned it in America’s fabric to the lived reality of it.

Rick Perlstein writes in What’s the Matter With College? that College has fallen in strength due to social essay outline the apathy felt among students towards the very distinct changes from high school and post college life, viewing it with an obfuscated sense of their lives’ great times. College is supposed to be the springtime of one’s life; a season that has been muddled into a haze by Perlstein’s account, citing the many students who have come to resent their collegiate experience. The article does justice to the one socially relevant concern – “What happened to College?” – to me and good my have been wondering, as well as exposing the large rift between the Vietnam- and Iraq-era concepts of College. Essay! Information and its rapid flow – often considered to be one of the defining characteristics of this generation – have served to makes good introduction english essay inform a surge of critical thinking, people in makes good introduction english essay, the world to come to maintain keen awareness of its vitality and importance in english 101 +, their lives – or they could maintain a keen facade. The progressive template of the students of the 60’s and 70’s has come to feel to large to the students of the yet unnamed00’s (yet unnamed, appropriately enough) due in large part to this desensitization to information and, tragically enough, the most prevalent of good essay, indicators for the generation to come. The loss of bona fide Collegiate intrigue is found in the advent of Internet 2.0 and the role of global events and current activity in forming the character of the current College generation. The Internet has done a fine job of filling the thinking skills meaning, world with information, networking, and other tools for the ever-complex world, but has also upset the balance between computerized communication and human communication.

No matter how advanced or far-reaching online social networking becomes, “:)” will never replace a friend’s smile, nor will the inevitable sense of impersonal distance that stems from it. MySpace and Facebook have performed miracles in good introduction english, connecting people over the Internet: I was able to rediscover a friend who I thought was lost in the tsunami disaster of Indonesia, with the Internet fulfilling its promise as the most human technology to english 101 + date. But I also sense that, while the Internet is introduction essay, entitled to a proper place in essay in irony pride, everyday communication, it has been too hastily integrated as the most apropos form of introduction english essay, communication. Truncated phrases have resulted in a code that confers a strong impersonal meaning implicit in in irony pride, every exchange. And it really is this literal “impersonality” that has been imparted into many aspects of modern life, often recognized under the misnomer of good introduction, “efficiency” or “hi-tech.” The same problem exists with Wikipedia. It is easily the finest encyclopedia ever assembled as well as one of the Internet’s crowning achievements – the information of everything in the known world facilitated and categorized to critical near perfection – but it has also altered the manner in which information is gained for the worse.

With such an incredible academic powerhouse available, the desire and good english commitment necessary to achieve this information without using it has dampened, deadened, and (in my experiences) has ceased to outline exist. Makes Introduction! Many colleges have forbidden the citing of Wikipedia on format research abstract college papers, and for good reason. Hard-nosed research becomes a ride through the fast and easy tubes of the Internet. What could have been a night of makes good introduction, marathon research at library has become a night of Seinfeld and cursory browsing. Granted, these changes do not necessarily mean that the college student of today is a solely a sedentary slob who can accomplish nearly any task form the dorm room. But they do mark a change in the complexion of the intellect of the student, from holding genuine desire for essay gratitude and pursuance of knowledge to makes english a more lackadaisical stance. The change between the generations of college students is best assessed by essay gratitude, considering the makes english essay, differences between the two major wars that were occurring at each time and, from there, gauging the level of essay on showing, protest in each era.

The Vietnam-era college generation had a right to makes introduction english be vehement: the format abstract, Vietnam War was a draft war, a costly and embarrassing war, and it perfect platform for the youth of America to lash out against the government. All of introduction english essay, academia presenting a unified front against war, deceit, and every other malady of the world? Perfect! College would become the most optimistic institution available in American society: as the social, government would forever be perceived as crooked, the essay, University would be forever youthful and would exist to keep their government in check. The Iraq war has presented a different case for this generation’s college students. Students are used to being expected to rebel and to protest and to question everything that comes into their field of view. Perhaps it is here that the students in Perlstein’s article have formed their “infantilizing” exchanges with the American college system. They feel that they’ve been bred to question and have been condition to view everything relevant to them and their future under close scrutiny. Issue Outline! The apparent apathy seen is not necessarily the makes good english, desire not to critical thinking skills have to protest, but the desire to makes introduction english essay come into college without being expected to uphold the intellectual groundwork of their predecessors.

College as public sphere for the development of intellect has waned over time, rather taking on the more mundane role as another yet-unremarkable phase of schooling. The “protest,” the vivifying source of power for Vietnam-era college students, has been lost without a strong point of relativity to engender and promote it. Disparities! College students have always been in opposition of war, but today’s students are not likely to seem as empowered by their goals simply because they know the government (read: Bush) will not listen them and will favor their own cryptic agendas. The level of protest forms the backbone of the makes english, collegiate experience; now, more than ever, will protest define the college student. College is Still College, America Just Doesn’t Realize It. My class, the class of essay, 2007, just finished college. Not the college that ends with a simple bachelor’s degree, a pat on the back, and a lifetime subscription to your alumni magazine. No it was a college deserving of italics, capitalization, underlining and any other forms of emphasis. Maybe there weren’t any mass protests, riots, sit-ins, or epiphanies of the world that existed outside of our childhood neighborhood.

It is true that we probably received a glimpse of what was out there from high school due to makes good english the Internet and on health television. Nevertheless, college has not become obsolete in light of this technology available literally at our fingertips. On the contrary, these media have helped us reach deeper during college by makes good essay, exposing us earlier to the realities of the world outside of our childhood, unlike the 101 + personal, experience described by Doug Mitchell. Seemingly unending war, distrust of the government and essay its officials, and a changing world is certainly not exclusive to the college experience of our parents. Then why has our experience been cast as “un-collegesque” by Rick Perlstein? Since the 1970s, the absence of a draft, the eligibility to vote over the age of 18, and in irony the use of makes good introduction english, social networking sites on the Internet allows the college experience to be channeled through different avenues and media.

Today college students can show their support, and enthusiasm, for certain causes in ways that do not seem as loud and vocal to command a front-page story. Certainly the news of young civil rights workers murdered for their activism and the images of Kent State undergrads being shot on campus were deserving of the reporting of movements by students on and off college campuses during the 60s and gratitude 70s, thus placing them in the spotlight. Today students have the choice to enlist in the military and introduction essay who they can elect to government with their right to vote provided by the 26th Amendment, choices that the students of the of a abstract, 60s did not have. In addition, the 60s was a time when united efforts not only seemed plausible but also logical. While not always smooth, different movements and groups combined efforts in fighting for their cause by arguing their common interests.

Today, the Internet is helping unite young people who had never met anyone with their interest in their area to people and english essay places that share the same eagerness. With all this connectivity, the Internet should make the process easier to fight for essay in irony pride common causes. Nevertheless, the Internet has probably created a plethora of causes in the world today, which has made it harder to tie in everyone’s efforts with the makes introduction english essay, other in order to provide a louder voice for their cause. In effect, it is harder for skills meaning everyone, or at least an overwhelming and obvious majority, to be involved with every cause. Good Introduction Essay! While diluting the collective voice of college students, the Internet has provided opportunities for students to hone in on their interests during college. This occurs with activities either on campus, such as those Caroline Ouwerkerk, the so-called “organization kid,” is critical thinking skills meaning, involved with, or off campus in internships with non-profit organizations which students might had never heard of before. While this might be true, dilution is no excuse for the poor turnout at makes good introduction english, the voting booth by young people. Essay On Showing! No one can argue with this point. Students of the 60s certainly have the right to complain about our generation’s lack of voting despite their efforts to makes introduction english essay gain this privilege for my generation; a right that, unfortunately, only few people in this world have had. Pride! Since we don’t need to shout with our voices, why don’t we shout with our votes? The lack of voting should not be interpreted as lack of dialogue and interest in makes english, current events.

The heated debates that Mr. Perlstein writes about still occur. Everywhere from the essay, classroom to the recitation hall and good introduction from the dorm to even my fraternity house at the University of essay on health disparities, Pennsylvania was filled with debate about english essay, all the relevant topics of the day and essay prejudice pride all discussions eventually led up to them. It’s true that maybe this is a unique characteristic that exists only at my school, but from makes, my visits and essay gratitude discussions with high school friends at other schools across the country I feel strongly that Penn was not an exception. With all this dialogue, online and offline activism, and the growing passion for non-profit work by college students, why are the voting percentages still comparatively low compared with the passion of college students?

One answer can be that their interests have nothing to do with government and politics. A quick glance can tell you that everything from Darfur to makes introduction english essay the environment, however, seem doubtfully removed from our political institution. I served as an elected Judge of Election for the City of social issue essay, Philadelphia Board of Elections for the previous two years. It is something that I am sure few young people have done and makes good english essay it is a shame because working as a judge on election day truly gets you involved in the non-partisan process that so many people speak of in my generation. From my experience I can report to you a detailed account on gratitude what is wrong with elections and how that affects voting particularly among students, but I can tell you that Penn has instituted efforts that have increased on makes good introduction english essay campus voter turnout by over 200% in every election since the November 2004 election. Peer organizations, especially non-partisan groups such as Penn Leads the Vote, and student workers at voting booths on campus help students realize that others care about voting as much as they do and they should express it together.

It just might be the only common interest that is left. Now a reader might say that I have taken a huge leap here by mentioning and focusing on voting, especially if you consider the fact that Mr. Perlstein never mentions voting in his article. I think that is the core problem with Mr. Essay Gratitude! Perlstein’s article. The fact is that the times we saw in makes good, the 60s and 70s cannot occur anymore because of the world young people live in now as described above. The boisterous students of the 60s could have gotten away with not voting and still remain a central component of personal essay, political and social debate. Makes Essay! The only thing they had were protests and words of exchange. If students want to regain their publicly acknowledged central place in our society today, it can only be done with voting. It is the only frontier that the student has not conquered and has not yet proven their strength. While peer outreach helps, the voluntary, or involuntary, omission by the older generation of the real, and not just the cliche, importance of essay care disparities, voting disillusions young people that voting doesn’t matter.

The fact is that college is still college. The problem is not that the good introduction, college experience is less critical to essay on health care disparities the nation, but that America does not see it anymore and voting will help restore the college campus back to its central place in American society. We all know that history is makes, cyclical. Care Disparities! We study the past in order to better equip ourselves for makes the future. Essay! But no matter how diligently we do so it may still seem like it is inevitable that certain events will repeat themselves. The Holocaust was the worst display of genocide the world had ever witnessed. So we commemorate and memorialize, but still, genocide strikes in the 1990s in Rwanda and as we speak it continues to introduction english essay devastate the African continent in on showing, region of Darfur. Does this mean our efforts are entirely futile? I certainly would not like to makes english essay believe so. Instead, looking from a different perspective we can begin to essay care recognize that the youth of each generation must make a conscious decision to observe or react to the events that occur during the times in which they live.

Youth who live during volatile times can almost be considered “lucky” in that they are afforded a greater opportunity to instigate profound change. When opportunities (like Vietnam and good introduction essay Iraq) do not arise, individuals tend to remain stagnant. Devastating conditions serve as catalysts for propelling individuals into action. Not just those who deem themselves socially conscious at the forefront of student activism, but also those who do not consider themselves as such. And this is the thinking meaning, crucial element that determines if a generation will be remembered as influential: when being proactive about influencing the nation becomes mainstream, “cool,” “hip,” and makes dare I say “groovy” all at once. The baby- boomers were afforded the opportunity to influence the course its nation would take. And this generation chose to be proactive, such that student activism was rife on campuses across the nation. Times have certainly changed over the past four decades, and college campuses today are by no means identical to critical skills meaning what they were in the past. Makes Good Introduction English! The college experience as society understands it is social essay, not the same today. Essay! Although the role college plays in 101 +, society has changed, the good english essay, impact college students can have on their society has by no means diminished.

Instead, the youth of today’s generation face new challenges as well as new resources to influence society at their disposal. The value of a general college degree has diminished in personal, recent decades. More and more, instead of serving as an advantage to job seekers, a degree is instead expected for even mundane employment. While some form of higher education is increasingly more essential to secure a job, the cost of such an makes good introduction english essay, education is essay, exponentially growing. According to a US News report in late 2006, the average student today will pay approximately $115,000 for makes good english their degree, while thirty years ago the total cost was about $12,000. The tremendously growing cost and competitiveness for a degree have certainly changed the face of college campuses today.

In the on showing gratitude, past, college may have served as a retreat for burgeoning and passionate intellects, an escape from the real world. Yet today, many equally passionate young intellects incur such an enormous amount of introduction, debt that they literally cannot afford to take a break from the english essay, real world during their 4 (or more) years of higher education because they must prepare themselves as much as possible in order to makes introduction essay secure a financially stable position upon essay on health care disparities, graduation. The line differentiating college students from the makes introduction, rest of society and the working world has seemingly begun to blur. Does this spell demise for the possibility that passionate college students can profoundly impact their society as they did in the past? I do not think so. Admittedly, many students of this generation are nostalgic for that black-and-white 60s era. The 60s counterculture also offers immense appeal- posters of format paper, Jimi Hendrix and makes good introduction Che Guevara undoubtedly continue to grace the walls of many a college dorm. Yet the fact remains that we exhibit nostalgia towards something we’ve never truly experienced. Because we don’t have a first-hand account of what college in the 60s was like, we can easily fall victim to a romanticized version of the era. I say this not to minimize the format, importance and idiosyncrasy of the good english, 60s in the history of this nation. Yet we must step back to survey our current situation.

Certainly, the civil rights, antiwar, and essay care feminism movements have made their mark in history books and deserve to be remembered for their respectable achievements. Yet despite the enormous strides made by the vigorous youth of the sixties, these facts still remain: racism has not been eradicated, sexism is alive, injustice still pervades society and war is still a gruesome, undeniable reality. Yet student idealism is also still alive and good english well, for with the continuation of such challenges comes a renewed opportunity for change. New challenges have also begun to essay rear their heads in the face of today’s generation. For example, the difficulty of living in a post-9/11 world, where a heightened sense of paranoia pervades the nation.

Or the makes introduction english, continuing progression of 101 + essay, global warming and environmental degradation, where a threat that once seemed as distance as the first ice age has now become an undeniable reality. Students of today can easily survey the condition of their world recognize that certain things are in dire need of change. But just as times have changed since the 60s, so have the resources available for makes good introduction young and passionate individuals who want to have an impact. The factor that most distinguishes college students of today’s generation with those of the generation past can be summed up with a simple, all-inclusive word: technology. It is no doubt true that the technology is not always used for the most productive reasons. College students today certainly frequently attempt to bolster their social lives with networks like myspace or facebook, and Ipod earbuds are no doubt ubiquitous on social essay all college campuses. Good! Yet despite the format of a abstract, myriad temptations technology may present, it also undeniably presents this generation with an incredible host of unprecedented avenues for good introduction essay change. The capacity of the Internet in making an impact simply cannot be denied. Consider the innovation of essay on showing gratitude, CNN YouTube Debates, where anyone with internet and makes good a web camera can record a question directed to presidential candidates. Or how easy it is today for a student to enlist individuals to personal essay donate to makes good introduction essay noble causes or sign mass petitions expressing their disdain to policymakers. Or even how that beloved online social network, Facebook, can be used to english personal essay publicize for campus events concerning genocide, poverty, or human rights.

I believe the enormous possibilities to makes good introduction english essay instigate change that technology grants to this generation are one powerful reason why we should have hope that college students can still change the critical skills meaning, world. History teaches us one lesson whose truthfulness cannot diminish: youth hold the power and good introduction english students serve as the most potent catalysts for change. Revolution and reform are not born out critical skills meaning, of the makes english, minds of the aged who have adjusted to on health disparities the status quo, but out of those minds who are daring enough to question the state of matters. Good Introduction English! Students today must make a conscious decision to prove they can still have an critical meaning, enormous impact on good their world, just as their predecessors. And so, history will surely repeat. “Our tender minds, fettered by the prejudices and habits of a just servitude, are unable to expand themselves, or to paper attain that well proportioned greatness which we admire in the ancients who…wrote with the introduction english essay, same freedom as they acted.” I ask, I really do. I beg, I beg to question!

Is there anything going on essay at American colleges today? Are they learning institutions, or merely fronts for drunken debauchery – I mean, isn’t that all these colleges students do anyways? I pose these questions for your pleasure, for your laughter even! But the answers themselves are no laughing matter. We all have our preconceptions about higher education, but can you believe that I know the truth of the english, matter? Are you willing to accept the brutal truth that colleges are no longer grounds for creative and intellectual growth; that campuses have become stagnant watering holes?! Outrageous you say? No, no, it’s true! You can trust me; after all, I am one of social, today’s – college students – . I might even work at the college bookstore, or was it the makes essay, library? Buried somewhere deep in one of this country’s many college towns, I curse my acceptance here every day. Skills Meaning! And yet I stay.

I stay because I have no where else to go, and I’ve been promised a degree to fall back on if my dreams fade. Dreams? Yes, I know such a term isn’t widely used anymore. Dreams certainly aren’t encouraged in colleges today; after all, they don’t fit into makes good introduction essay, the confines of of a paper, a “major.” And they rarely make money – Oh, how important money seems to be to colleges today … You know, I once told a professor about my dreams; he took a call before I could finish. I know I’m not alone in this; in these thoughts, these howls. I see the other outsiders, milling about, trying to blend in at the back of the lecture hall. They’re easy to spot by the color of their cowboy boots, by the length of their teeth, by the look in their eyes. But there aren’t enough of us, only handfuls, and we don’t even have draft cards to burn… Being critical to a situation guarantees nothing in the realm of makes introduction essay, positives and negatives; it only assures influence. Is the college experience less critical to on health disparities the nation today than it was a generation ago?

It’s Critical as ever! The experience gained through college by my generation will serve as the foundation of America for the next 40 years, and it is by this shoddy groundwork that America will continue to english essay crumble. Right now the number of english personal essay, students enrolled in higher education is immense; after all, a college degree is makes introduction english essay, essential for today’s youth to achieve the goals set for them by Mom and Dad and format of a research God and Country. – Not going to college? Well, that’s just not acceptable. Anybody whose anybody goes to college these days, don’t you know that? – We are being pumped through this college system, to obtain the good introduction english essay, college experience. Ah-Ha! There it is essay on health care, again, the makes introduction, “experience.” Well I’m sorry to break it to you, because I wish it weren’t true, but this is the prejudice, con, ladies and gentlemen; the essential flaw. There is no experience in college Yes, you read right! Students across the country are finding out much they can drink, and how to calculate gross domestic product, but we aren’t learning the skills or morals to english live a full life. The college experience is no longer distinctive; today it comes preassembled, straight from the cookie cutter, with a fancy package and signed certificate of completion.

That is what’s being paid for, don’t chya see? And despite this, college enrollment is the highest it has ever been; nearly the english personal, entire body of this generation is sweating it out in dorm rooms all around the country, watching the same television shows, buying the makes introduction, same posters even! “But what has changed?” you ask. The American College has become commodified; the journey is no longer unique. What were once establishments of knowledge are now establishments of format paper, business. College has seized to essay be an existential expedition; it has become a commodity, a good pitched and sold by tour guides and businessmen. Maybe back in 101 + essay, the mystical 60’s college was an adventure, a real experience, a privilege.

A generation ago the english, youth were ahead of the curve, setting the standard. No one could sell the experience of being at that beautiful time; it wasn’t captured by a television show or sold by a corporation. But today colleges boast of real world experience and a ticket to success for skills only $40,000 a year. Everyday thousands of introduction english essay, parents are writing checks for their soon to be freshman and the more expens– I mean the more accredited, the on health care, better. College is being handed out to every 18 year old middle class child this country breeds, no questions asked; well, other than GPA and english essay SAT scores. Now how could we ever be so silly as to think we could pay for experience? It is in this vicious system that I’ve seen many a peer trapped in the repetition of drinking games and final exams. How can we college students lead a culture when we can’t even lead ourselves?

My generation was led to college before we left elementary school, and essay prejudice now we are being led into the real world by good introduction essay, “professors” and “advisors.” We’ve been told we’re special since kindergarten, only to format of a research abstract be led by those who we trust to the most deceptively conforming institutions on earth; the good introduction english, American college. And now that we are getting a taste of what reality is like, now that some of us see how sad it is off the leash, well, how much longer can this folly continue? At least I have dreams; but the others? They will career on, led by bosses and idols. But it’s not them I’m concerned about; I worry for care posterity and my beloved country, because what is going to happen when everyone realizes how bad we’ve been swindled? – Introductory Quote sourced from Edward Gibbon’s The Decline and english Fall of The Roman Empire. This spring, Mervin Jebaraj, an Indian citizen from skills, Dubai, stayed up all night to write the Arkansas Legislature a Sudan divestment letter.

He handed his note to Arkansas State Representative Sue Madison the next morning during their introductory hand shake at an on-campus political awareness bar-b-que. His note went on to become House Bill SCR20 which was passed and signed last April as an announcement to managers of all state retirement accounts that they should divest from genocidal activities and to provide socially aware retirement options for state employees. Of course, Mervin did not invent the state’s divestment campaign, although he logged a full time job’s worth of makes essay, campus and professionally oriented lobby hours to pass the bill. Instead, he developed the idea at a Washington D.C. Essay On Health Care! student summit on genocide where he attended earlier during the winter term. I learned about the divestment campaign’s details while hanging in a hammock in Dangriga, Belize. This summer, the University of Arkansas developed and sent development team along with Peacework International which included a delegation from each of the University’s colleges. Our late night party may not have been a “vital, campus orgy,” but marijuana was repeatedly passed along the pier while we nakedly dipped into the Caribbean. We spoke during my fourth week in Belize where I was working to establish a University micro-credit fund. It has since become the first institution to specifically create educational loans on an organizational level. As I write this essay, I am again in Belize and living in Peacework’s commune with three female agricultural students from the US and a doctor researching a policy paper on waterborne illnesses.

My experience this summer illustrates why college campuses are no longer the introduction english, center of American social movements. Instead, smaller but widely dispersed student groups now create and pursue international causes. Essay Prejudice! The rise in both higher education funding and enrollment has facilitated a competitiveness that leads any motivated college student to good introduction spend at least a summer semester abroad. Look around the college campuses domestically and 101 + usually they are calm. Good English Essay! This is essay on showing, because our many of our nation’s developing leaders are in makes good introduction english essay, places that are not calm. A short list of my friends’ current locations includes Croatia, China, India, Vietnam, Peru, Nicaragua and Nigeria. Although they are distant, these students are not quiet. They agitate for international equality and make their voices hear through electronic mediums.

Instead of care, letter writing and marches, Facebook is the collegiate culture’s informational source for social causes (where our microfinance fund information was quickly published) as well as economic and political debates. In thirty or forty years, when students from my generation are campaigning for good introduction essay political office, discovering their political passions during their college years will not be an anomaly such as Hillary Clinton’s letter, but will likely be available with a few mouse clicks on issue the “Facebook dataset.” This phenomenon was apparent just this morning when Caroline Giuliani, Rudy’s daughter, was identified as a Barack Obama supporter by the Harvard Crimson and makes good english later major news outlets based on her Facebook profile. Students still spend most of their time debating issues in coffee shops. However, these coffee shops are no longer down the street from campuses. Instead they are in our residence hall basement and library in multiplying numbers, and we commonly rendezvous in cafes in Johannesburg, Antigua and Prague. However, our nation’s educational achievements mean that there is some consolidation in shared knowledge, which means that college students no longer debate easily defined and educationally clarified issues such as race and gender equality, but instead focus on essay care disparities related, but more technical arguments, which are usually difficult to riot over. Since students have become broadly informed and more rational, it is makes introduction english essay, becoming harder to rally around narrowly defined youth causes, which makes college much calmer. Similarly, it’s correct to essay prejudice pride say that the discrepancy between youth and adulthood has rapidly disintegrated as internships proliferate and job recruiting starts earlier. Similarly as we’ve matured, college students now recognize that they are global patrons who must advocate not only for introduction english their local causes, but for international ones. Issues and rallies are less consolidated on a physical level, but our efforts are more acute and we reach large and diverse audiences. Students are equally aware that with accessible personal information they will likely be held responsible for any hooligan actions that arise during college, which breeds mature demonstrations and practical rather than revolutionary approaches to attract an audience.

Admissions offices around the nation have embraced students’ international ambitions with equal enthusiasm. Thirty years ago, studying abroad was for the intellectual elite, primarily language based, and limited to western regimes. Today, nearly every university has a study abroad endowment that picks up most study abroad costs. Recruiters promote these opportunities with pitches similar to “join the Navy, see the world.” I was told “your education is now global; we’ll help you travel the social outline, world while you complete your degree.” This trend reached a new milestone last year when the Institute of International Education, which tracks study abroad statistics, reported that the number of US students abroad topped 200,000 for the first time which has increased 145% in the last decade. As college opportunities proliferate, competition for the best student’s is introduction english essay, no longer between the top twenty-five private institutions and a few unique privates. A growing majority of the nation’s elite 1% are entering what were once less glamorous public schools and their honors colleges because these large institutions have used state as well as private resources to attract the nation’s best. Many state schools now lead the international trend with elaborate pitches that include international service and research opportunities as well as provide individual fellowship applications that ask for not just student’s resumes, but their music and literary interests, photography portfolios and use interviews that identify their humor and curiosity.

The elite student diaspora to public schools and the number of students who are abroad has affected the physical centrality that once existed on college campuses. However, this has not diminished the student experience, but instead has spread the learning experience across the essay on health care, globe and allowed students to satisfy their intellectual curiosity internationally and in makes good introduction english essay, a more cosmopolitan atmosphere when at their home institution. Instead of a school newspaper, most campuses now have added a student run literary magazine, business review, alumni magazine, photography and art journals, and an economics periodical. Student voices are heard more loudly than ever before through these publications since it is students who handle the state’s economic data and are more likely than ever to freelance for major news organizations. Along with recruiting key speakers to campus, students are encouraged to use school funds to visit other institutions to hear guest lectures.

Unfortunately, excitement is far from personal, universal and many institutions such as the University of Chicago have not adapted. Mr. Perlstein’s sample case is makes, widely known to be among the most sedated campuses in the US. The campus is famous for not only its uncommon application, which is not special at all, but for its widely worn student t-shirts, which say, “The University of Chicago, where fun goes to die.” However, change will ultimately be universal as global and market forces fully reach campus. The competition and paper abstract increase in opportunities has made college a more intense and creative experience than ever.

The University- The For-Profit Non-Profit. Rick Perlstein introduces his essay What’s the matter with college? with an anecdote from the makes good introduction essay, 1966 California gubernatorial race between Governor Pat Brown and Ronald Reagan. Governor Brown recognized public higher education as a means for anyone desiring a better life through the better opportunities available to those with a college degree, and campaigned on his success in building a comprehensive state university system. Ronald Reagan, however, preached a return to the days of raccoon coats and silver flasks with few campuses, closed to all but the privileged white males. Opening the pride, California’s system of higher education to the masses, warned Reagan, has resulted in “sexual orgies so vile I cannot describe it to you.” Ah, the makes good introduction english, dangers of free thought and disparities liberalism! And yes, the expansion of higher education throughout the 1960’s increased activities- anti-war demonstrations, free love, a drug culture- to which few Americans were familiar and even fewer understood. But these expressions of youthful rebellion were only a small part of a much larger experience, that of an opening of the intellect and the opportunity for lifestyle experimentation for millions of good introduction essay, young people that young people of previous generations did not enjoy. College students today still participate in free love, drugs, and occasionally a demonstration. The matter with college today, to critical thinking skills answer Mr.

Perlstein’s question, is that the zeal to experiment, the thirst to test the status quo, the campus ferment resulting in the takeover of the university’s administration, demanding and obtaining changes in the university’s policies and good english essay procedures, has been replaced by the quest to essay gratitude graduate and get the “good job with good bennies.” The cost and good introduction financing of college has become the social issue outline, greatest influence on when students attend college, why they attend college, and their focus while in college. In the 1960’s, Pell Grants paid for substantially more a percentage of the cost of a student’s tuition. Many more high school graduates could attend college without the cost of college resulting in a significant burden on the family’s finances. Pell Grants have not increased at the rate of makes good introduction english, inflation while the cost of college has far outpaced the rate of inflation, resulting in more students delaying college and prejudice fewer males attending college. Introduction Essay! The “non-traditional” i.e., older than 25 years of age student now comprises more than 40% of all undergraduates, and female undergraduates now outnumber male undergraduates. Most students must finance their college education with student loans whose grace period ends way too quickly and whose unpaid balance grows shockingly fast. A student cannot discharge a student loan in thinking skills meaning, bankruptcy except in the most desperate of situations and only after a separate hearing in the bankruptcy proceedings. (Film shorts exist of a 1965 medical college class of graduating students in cap and gown queued at the bankruptcy court’s clerk’s office, ready to end their student debt and begin their careers as doctors.)

Many young people and their families cannot afford today’s costs of living, so how can they shoulder the costs of college? The majority of young people enter the working world after high school, discover the very limited opportunities that exist without a college education, and realize their dream of making a living are impossible without a college education. They then cobble together a schedule of evening, online, and makes introduction english commuter classes to of a research complete the associate’s degree at a community college, fulfilling the sixty or so semester credits necessary to transfer to a university granting bachelor degrees. By the english essay, time the young person begins their quest for essay on health care disparities a college education they are in their mid-twenties or older, the makes english, “non-traditional” student. Often they are married, with children, with other demands and responsibilities that prohibit them from the newness of personal lifestyle experimentation without cost or consequence, unlike the 1960’s students who began college as an 18 or 19 year old freshman, free to stay up all night, smoking weed and on health care having sex and even attending a class or two a semester, and makes good introduction essay their parents or the government paying the bills. The culture and attitudes of the Intelligentsia which controls higher education has also radically changed since the 1960’s. The 21st century institution of higher education no longer sees its primary mission as creating an open environment in which minds would challenge the world heretofore as understood, probing with difficult and often unanswerable questions. No, the modern university is a “for profit non-profit.” Non-profit in terms of the tax code, but for profit in its policies and essay in irony prejudice pride operation. Today’s university president must possess above all qualities the ability to raise money, lots of money, in a way that leaves the donor begging to give more.

How does this “for profit non-profit” invest the incredibly obscene amounts of cash to raise even more money? The University hires faculty that know how to obtain research grants from the government and makes private business. Coaches are hired that build winning seasons, resulting in abstract, lucrative television contracts. Cozy relationships are curried with state and federal elected officials, politicians, and high level bureaucrats that encourage legislation and makes good introduction essay administrative rule making favoring the prejudice, university. Makes Good Essay! The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of english 101 +, 1974 (FERPA) was the hallmark legislation that granted higher education the cover for the quid pro quo necessary for successful and prosperous lobbying of government and private money sources.

No one outside of introduction, a few high ranking officials within every university or college know who receives the majority of scholarships granted by a university every year. On Showing! The family members, sons, daughters, grandchildren, etc of those whose influential individuals in government the universities have developed a favored relationship anonymously enjoy the good introduction, fruits of those relationships. Essay Care Disparities! Public policy through these relationships are also greatly affected, often at the expense of the masses that are aware of the essay, ethically questionable scholarships. Universities guard most jealously their autonomy and their authority to choose for themselves who within the university speaks for the university. The campus takeovers of the format of a, 1960’s have little chance of occurring today. Unlike the 1960’s, when the makes english essay, college president was a visible figure on campus and the president’s focus was the student body composed of individual students, and the college president, even on a big campus, likely knew the name of the student protester, today’s college president cares about any particular student only when an essay care, incident occurs that might possibly affect the institution’s image. So what’s the matter with college? For the majority of students, college has become a means to an end, the job with the makes introduction english essay, benefits, rather than an expensive way to grow into an adult. And universities have exchanged their souls for a life of ease and privilege. The Danger of the english 101 + personal essay, Future Tense: Why College Matters Today. In September 2005, my parents abandoned me to good my minuscule dorm room, my Midwestern roommate, and the absurdly lush campus of 101 + essay, Wellesley College.

In my first year, the college was in the midst of the makes good, biggest fundraising campaign in its history. As part of the campaign, vertical banners in bright primary colors hung from campus lampposts, touting the achievements of Wellesley women past and present. Publicly a source of many jokes, the three banner designs read, in order, “Women Who Will / Make A Difference / In The World.” Privately, the banners were a source of consternation for me. In my darker moments, I lamented the fact that, prone to napping in Art History lectures, I would not be gracing one of those banners myself anytime soon. English! In more contrary moods, I resented the use of the english essay, future tense. It seemed to me that a donation to essay Wellesley should be intended to makes good essay benefit and enhance the education the college provides to its students, and not to support their vague and undefined futures once outside the college’s gates. Having witnessed Brandeis University, my brother’s alma mater, solicit donations from him before he walked in his graduation ceremony, I knew that one never quite escapes the reach of one’s college.

However, I remain convinced that Wellesley’s casual choice of words–“women who will make a difference in the world”–is indicative of essay in irony prejudice, a distressing trend in American higher education: the transformation of introduction essay, college to commodity. With a price tag of more than $40,000 per year, calling an education at an elite college anything but a commodity seems strange. Critical Thinking Meaning! However, education, and makes good introduction english particularly higher education, is more than a sum of the appropriate economic metaphors–futures trading, stocks bought and sold, an investment rather than an experience. College matters. A place where students from diverse backgrounds, races, religions, incomes, geographical origins, and experiences come together for four years of intense intellectual engagement and socialization, college is unique in the American experience. On Showing! It is one of the few places where a blonde-haired South Carolina Republican can be found sitting relatively amicably alongside a liberal, gay New Yorker in makes good introduction english essay, a classroom, a place where students have the same opportunity to study genetics as religion, Newtonian mechanics as Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Altogether too often, however, college students today do not take advantage of the unique environment in which they find themselves.

Freed of the essay, racial quotas of mid-century and aided by the proliferation of good introduction english, student organizations catering to specific racial and religious groups, students voluntarily segregate themselves by race, religion, or sexual orientation, negating the benefits of “diverse” campuses. Prejudice Pride! Having spent their entire lives preparing to apply to college, from good essay, elementary school tutus to middle school cleats, eighth grade French lessons to tenth grade SAT prep, suburban hyper-achievers find themselves bereft of essay gratitude, purpose on a college campus. Having felt entitled to a college education for as long as they can remember, students fail to recognize the opportunities offered by their colleges outside of the facts and makes good english figures presented in the glossy viewbook and, instead of seizing upon the four years of their college education as a time of growth and discovery, fall instead into apathy, resignation, and the routine stand-in for learning: resume-building. Old habits die hard, and it is difficult to let go of a lifetime of over-commitment and resume polishing simply because one suddenly finds oneself high in an ivory tower. Concerned with the bottom line–the final grade–students are loathe to waste time reading the newspaper, going to a museum, or picking up a book that isn’t featured on one of gratitude, their syllabi. As a consequence, on a campus with a preponderance of political science majors, it is difficult to engage students in a discussion about the war in Iraq or problems with the American education system at Wellesley. Introduction Essay! College students may oppose the war in Iraq, but they likely could not explain why. Why is a question that is often glossed over in college applications. The occasional application may leave enough space for a few sentences on paper abstract the why–Why Wellesley?

Why Georgetown? Why U. Chicago? As a high school senior, I always found these the hardest questions to good english answer, and for good reason: I did not have a clear idea of why I wanted to attend college beyond the fact that it was what came next. If college is to ever return to its status as a place of self-discovery, an incubator of social activism and change, we need to begin asking the why questions more insistently and often than we do today. Essay! We must press college-bound students and their parents to ask themselves why–Why Harvard?

Why Duke? And, most saliently, Why college? It is my belief that many of today’s college students would have benefited from taking a “gap year” between high school and college, a practice common in Europe. Precisely how they choose to spend that year is unimportant. What is important is allowing students to take the time to consider their motivations for attending college, to good english essay gain experience outside of a formal school setting, and to temporarily escape the pressure-cooker atmosphere common among high-achieving students. Asking Why college? as high school seniors may well have steered many of those who are now unhappy as undergraduates down an alternative path for a year or two, and with positive result.

I love my college, and I love the experience of being in issue outline, college. As a political philosophy and art history concentrator, I often joke that I am actually getting a degree in “argument and pretty pictures.” Although I occasionally worry about a life without health insurance or marketable skills, I know that there are few places besides college where I can indulge my love of John Stuart Mill and medieval cathedral architecture. In short, college affords me the opportunity to be esoteric without consequence, and it saddens me to see my peers treat college as a necessary detour on their way to more important destinations, as something to get through rather than something to savor. The “Women Who Will” banners are gone from Wellesley’s campus now, but the sentiment remains. Complaining about the college and applying for prestigious outside jobs, internships, and fellowships vie for status as the most popular pastime of the student body, and I suspect that the situation of good introduction essay, students at other elite college and universities is much the same. If applicants should ask themselves why, undergraduates should move beyond asking what–What is it about my school that bothers me? What could I be doing instead?–and turn instead to the how. How can I help improve my college? How can I make the most of my time here–and of my $40,000? College is an experience independent from the professional benefits conferred by a bachelor’s degree.

The sooner applicants, students, parents, and college administrations remember this, the more vibrant, interesting, and relevant our college campuses will be. Essay! College matters. Introduction! However, without real change in the way that Americans think, talk, and write about college from application to graduation, college will complete the transformation from english personal essay, experience to commodity, and only the aging hippie professors–and the occasional New York Times Magazine article–will notice. My Father and the Game of Baseball. My Dad, a Brooklyn Dodgers fan from the start used to attend games in regularity with his Norwegian neighborhood friends, way in makes good introduction, the back, high up in the stands, popping peanuts into mouths that were busy shouting at the umpires and essay on health error happy ball players. Faces red in excitement, their bonds grew deep into the fierce closeness tied to such a classic American game. It took a scorching summer evening at good introduction, a Philadelphia Phillies game for me to format finally understand my father and his love for baseball. Sweat receding as the english, sun set, I could not help but be drawn to such a fascinating game (for contrary to popular opinion, I found it quite engaging). However, the joy and progression of the baseball game was soon overshadowed by the suffocating commercialism and false countenance that filled the stadium. Glancing around I noticed the American stereotype in all it’s glory: Chase Utley jerseys so snug around big bellies, empty cups of steak flavored slushies strewn about, and somehow an overabundance of cell phone users discussing important business in the middle of the fourth inning. Dolefully, I was overwhelmed by such an oblivion to the beautifully graceful sport that was being played there in the lights.

It was then that a rebirth occurred in the understanding of my dad and his frustrating melancholy. Essay! I finally understood why; because baseball is simply not about baseball anymore. In fact, my father and I are not so far apart in our frustrations with the world for good introduction essay when people ask me, “why are you not return to school in the fall?” I explain, how college is not about knowledge anymore. In America, most who have the economic means will send their child to college. These parents have worked hard to send their children off to school to get a good education.

They take pride in this (as did my parents) to see that their child increase his or her chances of entering into of a research paper, a monetary beneficial field, thus allowing their child a comfortable and capitally driven lifestyle. It’s the American dream is good english essay, it not? These children, now young adults, choose a college they see to fit them and leave in format of a, the fall, pack their bags, their life that they know, and cram themselves into tiny rooms with a stranger. Life lessons abound in these quarters, one begins to learn the art of sharing, giving up personal desires in order to respect another. Makes Introduction! They begin to learn themselves in these new environments and become significantly humbled in meaning, the new world they have entered. New ideas, new perspectives fill these young adults and procure a glorious search for truth through discussion and reading, hands on experiences and relationships.

Somewhere along the $200 books, the specialized notebooks, and the hippest dorm organizers, this is lost. Soon, late-night partying, ipods, cell phones are consuming one’s time as the classes begin. These eager young minds are soon living for the weekends, nights when they can lose themselves in their inhibitions, shallowness prevails. Then morning comes, they rise, eyes groggy, headaches pounding and either head to class completely miserable or sleep through instead. The truth is good introduction english essay, gone! The drive and purpose behind heading to college is not nearly what it was years ago.

Of course you have your exceptions, but for the most part, college has become a breeding ground of apathy, conformity, and depression. It is no more to learn, it is no more to better oneself with knowledge. Rather, it is to take the required courses, to get the four year degree, to get the job. For many this would be fine, but these are not the people who would have attended college 25 years ago. What does it do for individuals heading to college for knowledge alone? It creates a dangerously discouraging environment, for where intellect is supposed to be stimulated, it is actually doing the essay on showing gratitude, exact opposite.

I cannot believe students pay so much money per year to makes introduction be expected to do the minimum by professors, to be given assignments that create more technological frustration then actual absorption of information or engagement of one’s mind. Such a deep part of paper abstract, so many desire to discover truth, to makes essay understand the format of a research, world around, to create and connect, to makes introduction english wonder and push beyond what the usual mind set holds as correct. It took going to college for essay on showing gratitude me to see this side of myself, others may have found it earlier, others later (some never). Makes English! In order to evoke any sort of long withstanding change in this world, a fairly extensive knowledge of our surroundings must be reached. I am most certainly not alone. Find a college student standing idly around without a cell phone or ipod; ask him his or her opinion of the college life. I have a feeling you will receive an intense reviling not far from my own.

What has kept me sane the past two years and what keeps others sane for thinking skills four years? Enough angst driven college students congregate and form relationships of which knowledge can flourish, multiple professors have kept the spirit of learning alive as they lavish students with new ideas, writers, thinkers. English Essay! But they are not the hub of the pride, university anymore. Instead, the centrifuge is the makes good english, student activities, the essay on health disparities, football teams, the fraternities, and community service organizations which look good on resumes. College is an english essay, amusement park, in which we pay for our thrills, our fun built for us, entertainment provided. Essay! I ask in desperation, where are the thinkers of our time? It is the year 2007, and rarely are things in this American society about truth. It is the false appearance, the deprecating facade that most of the American community becomes a slave. Aspects of makes good introduction essay, genuineness steadily disappear!

Photographs are taken in order to exponentially increase one’s self image rather then catch moments teeming with such beauty and closeness. Relationships are created of suffocating shallowness that destroy a pure concept of loyalness. In the search to find the fast and easiest ways of life, there is a lack of process, a lack of english 101 + personal, journey. Herein, at the end of makes good introduction essay, our days, at the end of our experiences, we are nothing. On Showing Gratitude! We have learned nothing and the potential depth of good introduction english, our character has shrunk disastrously in size. This is what is happening at colleges around the nation. Students spend four years absorbed in these pseudo worlds to be released and social outline more lost then ever. I will leave college because I think in it’s true form, it is a beautiful and necessary endeavor. I leave because I cannot stand to introduction english essay be apart of something so warped from social essay, it’s true purpose.

I leave because I, personally, do not understand what it truly means to learn. And so I depart. Passing the poster of the makes good english, 1950 Brooklyn Dodger’s team on the family room wall, I smile that my Dad could have experienced a time when baseball was about baseball. I smile to critical myself, because for the first time in the past 12 years of public school, I will learn just for the pure joy of learning. Rick Perlstein’s critique of the American university establishment went great lengths to pull apart the makes introduction, increasingly homogenized fabric of our academic culture.

I believe he could have gone further. Having recently graduated from the “debaucherous” UC Berkeley, I was struck by Ronald Reagan’s depiction of the essay, campus. Introduction! His concerns couldn’t have been more shortsighted; in reality, I would argue that UC Berkeley represents a startling trend evident in the elite universities of disparities, this country. Contrary to good introduction Reagan’s claims, the campus is not licentious, but rather, is growing increasingly conservative and homogenous. Prejudice Pride! The university is no longer a bastion of makes introduction english, liberalism and free-thinking, but an entity conforming to the same pressures it purports to resist, and the student body, faculty and academic freedom in general suffer. From their undergraduate divisions, to issue the professional and graduate programs in law and business, academic institutions have developed a homogenized and increasingly standardized establishment that eliminates risk. Faculty members are motivated by tenured track positions that guarantee stability. Student research suffers, and the elite campuses become watered-down versions of their historic selves.

Schools allow themselves to be bullied by a test-taking industry and english essay ranking system metastasized at essay in irony pride, the elementary and high school level in the form of “No Child Left Behind” and enforced by the powerful US News #038; World Report ranking systems. An April 2006 letter addressed to law school applicants and signed by nearly all 192 ABA-accredited law schools complained that “ranking systems are inherently flawed because none of them can take (a student’s) special needs and circumstances into account.” They condemn the ranking process, yet employ the same ranking systems and homogenizing factors to makes english essay eliminate law school candidates in the form of an absolute standardized test – the LSAT. A more personal and on showing creative admissions approach would negatively affect a school’s median LSAT score, dropping its ranking and thus, admissions numbers and introduction essay funding. I have experienced the essay care disparities, negative effects of such standardization, graduating from Berkeley in 2007 with a degree in anthropology. Good! I maintained a 3.98 GPA, was a member of the Dean’s Honor’s list throughout my time at essay, Cal and was admitted into the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. I was a preliminary finalist for the university’s most prestigious award, the University Medal, and was also a runner up for the McCown Prize, awarded to makes essay the outstanding graduate of meaning, anthropology. Outside the classroom, I played inter-collegiate baseball at a top junior college program until injury forced an makes good essay, early retirement, refereed intra-mural sports at Cal, and volunteered my services to the Cal Women’s basketball team. I also worked in gratitude, the community for the YMCA, directing an after-school sports program for at-risk youth and introduction english essay coaching several youth baseball teams. I was not, however, admitted to a number of issue essay outline, top law schools. My standardized test scores, roughly in the eightieth percentile for the LSAT, eliminated me, despite my academic successes at a top school in a top-ranked program. I was baffled when one Ivy League school explained, “our admitted applicants tend to have had a significantly greater degree of involvement in extracurricular and good community activities.” When the LSAT is the only measure of success, entire applications become distorted.

As elite universities become homogenized, top students from around the country are marginalized. Essay On Showing Gratitude! Like the lecturer looking for english essay a recipe to a tenured position, students subscribe to a template for success where grooming for test-taking begins in elementary school and on showing gratitude internships and volunteerism are routine necessities, rather than personal commitments. Standardized test results outweigh four years of academic excellence, and generic service bereft of makes good introduction, passion supercedes creativity. Essay! The pluralism in makes, the selection process leads not to creative and essay outline unique individuals being admitted, but rather “diverse” versions of the same person. Universities have embraced clever ways of internalizing this trend, naturalizing their selection process through subtle controlling processes that allow them to uphold their “standards” for ranking and maintaining the status quo. The “celebration” of diversity on campus has been hijacked by this ideology. The University of California, for example, while outwardly promoting diversity and good english freethinking, tacitly encourages quite the opposite. Universities abuse self-imposed divisions that represent microcosms of society at large where division is critical thinking skills meaning, accepted, even promoted, and makes good english essay all the while, exploited by those with the means to do so.

The membership of on-campus groups is disproportionately homogeneous and highly exclusive. Though the groups are theoretically open to english personal essay all students, their memberships do not reflect such “diversity,” and are, in good introduction english, fact, racially exclusive and social issue essay isolated. It is good, understandable why individuals would feel it necessary to join groups of their own cultural background. New students, in english essay, their formative years at college, cannot help but be overwhelmed by the size and makes good introduction complexity of the university environment. Issues of identity are more overwhelming than ever in this setting, and race and religion act as common and comforting themes.

Berkeley professor, Jerry Sanders, likens this to “strategic essentialism,” the process whereby minority groups fear being swallowed by essay outline, the majority and band themselves together, even if it means labeling themselves by a racial or religious identity. Individuals become comfortable in, what I term, the “cultural compound,” an makes good introduction, arena where homogeneity and comfort in the group override underlying insecurities. This specialization makes groups unwilling to look beyond their own agenda, unite for format paper a common cause and address greater issues, issues that concern more than just the survival of their group. In a broader context, the “cultural compound” that we see on campus has some dangerous parallels to the American society at large. The university’s tolerance of de facto segregation only echoes a greater societal issue. Groups that isolate themselves along religious and ethnic lines are motivated by selfish issues and introduction essay are commonly unwilling to essay disparities unite for a national goal. The Indian Student Association seeks to promote Indian culture on campus, while the good english essay, Asian Business Society looks to increase Asian representation in the business school. The Asian Political Association distributes a journal that appeals to Asian students, and the Berkeley Jewish Journal addresses issues concerning Jews and Israel. Their publications pertain to exclusive groups, and while they have every right to essay do so, they isolate themselves under the guise of “diversity.” They do not display the strength, solidarity and unity of purpose that we would expect from a unified nation.

When there is a common uniting cause, small, formerly marginalized groups have the ability to band together, challenge large institutions and tackle major issues. Universities prosper in the current environment. They can firmly inculcate their conformist ideology with the creation of a homogenized student body. In divide and conquer fashion, universities operate with corporate-esque management, standardizing their subjects in the most efficient manner. In so doing, a student body that is apathetic and english essay uncritical will emerge, an format research, uncontroversial faculty is born, and good introduction universities once heralded for essay in irony their academic freedom and free-thinking ways will suffer. In response to Rick Perlstein’s critique, I have observed universities becoming institutions of universal conformity at a time when we need plurality. They must break free of their corporate bonds and embrace a doctrine of academic freedom that begins with multiplicity in admissions. A truly diverse student body can re-invigorate every important debate in this country. Good English! A homogenized university system cannot. College matters for essay on health care disparities so many different reasons. People say it is the good, greatest time of our lives, when we will meet lifelong friends, find our true selves, and set sail to begin our journey into format research, the real world.

It is a time of tremendous emotional, mental, social, and educational growth. The freedoms granted by American universities are unparalleled across the world. The phrase “going to college” belittles what truly occurs at good english essay, thousands of campuses nationwide. Format Of A! While all the above reasons are all important and noteworthy, one reason trumps them all, education. The meaning of the word education needs addressing as it has become synonymous with the factual things we learn in makes good, our majors.

Many of those who have never had the privilege of format paper, attending college unfortunately have this view of the word education. I too had this false impression as I first began college. Makes Good English! It doesn’t matter who you are, you can memorize facts all day long and regurgitate them for a test. What does that prove? Eventually you will forget those things you knew like the back of thinking, your hand. Makes Good English Essay! As someone who is interning right now, I speak from experience in claiming you only use a fraction of your education to perform your job. Simply put there exists too many fields and specialties to be an expert in all of them. A mechanical engineer who is an expert in diesel fuel systems may not be able to tell you the first thing about an english 101 + personal essay, automatic transmission. The doctor who gained world recognition for open heart surgery is likely clueless when examining cancer cells. How many people can you say you know who excel in a job they had zero background in?

On the job training accounts for a great deal of knowledge no matter what your degree. Einstein once said that education is what remains after you forget what you learned. So why then bother learning a specific field at all? The answer to this question lies with Einstein’s opinion about makes introduction, education. Education is that residue that remains with us the essay prejudice pride, rest of makes introduction english, our lives. Your education rounds you and english 101 + personal essay lays the foundation for learning in the future. To me, college has been a humbling and eye-opening experience to the vastness of good english, knowledge that humankind has accumulated. For instance, I can almost guarantee that someone who never attended college would say mathematics at present is a stagnant field. Everything there ever was to discover has already been done hundreds of years ago by Europeans working under candlelight. Taking several math classes for my major removed my myopic vision.

Shear awe filled my mind when I realized that professors are active in format research, mathematics research, still probing the makes, foundations of reality. The feeling borders on format paper the depressive side because you realize that you can never know everything. Being exposed to some very bright professors has been a blessing. Essay! Just the presence of some professors creates an atmosphere of intelligence that seems to of a paper abstract diffuse all around them. A more specific example of appreciation for math occurred during class one day. I was taking a major course in makes introduction, numerical methods. To aid us in personal essay, our methods we used Matlab; computer software that allowed for programming and introduction many other tools. Our professor Amos Gilat could hardly contain his excitement as he explained the Gauss-Jordan method of pivoting rows in a matrix to solve systems of equations. Knowing that you could solve a system with a simple pre-programmed operation in Matlab I asked why we needed to learn about the prejudice pride, pivoting, which consumed a great deal of time and was done by hand.

Professor Gilat was dismayed and makes introduction essay proceeded on a 5 minute tangent aimed at proving that is precisely why we chose to attend a university and issue not a technical school. I then realized that 20 years from know when I have to solve a system of equations I will do it the easy way, with a computer. But in makes good introduction, the back of my head there will remain that appreciation for the men whose lives were devoted to the advancement of their field. The road that has been my education in college has allowed me to step outside my intellectual comfort zone. As I anxiously walked to classes my first day I knew a great deal about history but couldn’t tell you the first thing about essay on health care disparities, mechanical engineering. In hindsight I have gained so much satisfaction from pushing myself to start from scratch and makes take that foot off first base. In short, college has changed my perspective. I would challenge any high schooler that is debating attending college to attend for that reason alone. Of all the things our country needs, one of them is format of a research, a population whose perspective isn’t fixed in stone. In this era of record egotism and narcissism, we desperately need citizens who have an enlightened perspective of the world around them.

I honestly believe that the first goal in learning is acceptance of ignorance. The bigger the good introduction essay, college the better, the further from home the better, and the more diverse the student body the better. Whatever you want to study, I urge you to pull up the anchor, set sail, and open your minds to the plethora of essay disparities, interesting people, places, and ideas. In July, The Magazine published What's the Matter With College, an essay by makes, the historian Rick Perlstein, online and invited college students across the United States to respond. Some 600 undergraduates did -- many agreeing with Perlstein's assertion that college as America used to understand it is coming to an end, many dismissing his argument as so much nostalgic pap, still others taking the occasion to critique higher education from an critical meaning, insider's perch. To continue the conversation, we're featuring the winning student essay and four runners-up, and posting another 450 of the entries in a searchable format. (The other entries were withdrawn by introduction, their authors or did not follow the contest's rules.)

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Graphic Organizers for Opinion Writing. Our state standards spell it out pretty clearly. My third graders need to makes introduction be able to write opinion pieces on topics or texts that state an opinion within a framework of an organizational structure that provides reasons that support the opinion and provides a concluding statement. Oh, and they better use transitional words and phrases throughout. Essay On Showing. These would be the same 8-year-olds who still can't figure out makes good introduction, it's not a good idea to format of a paper put your boots on makes good introduction english, before your snow pants. With all this in mind, meeting those standards seemed like a huge mountain to critical thinking skills climb when I was planning out makes good introduction english essay, my persuasive writing unit a few weeks ago. I have students who still haven't mastered capitalization and punctuation, so I knew I would have to break down the mechanics of writing an opinion statement into research paper, a step-by-step process for them. This week I am happy to makes introduction share with you a few tips along with the graphic organizers I created to help get my students writing opinion pieces that showed me that my students, while not quite there yet, were fully capable of making it to the top of that mountain. Introduce the Language of Opinion Writing. The very first thing we did during a writing mini-lesson was go over the language of opinion writing and how certain words, like fun and critical thinking skills, pretty are opinion clues because while they may be true for some people, they are not true for makes good introduction essay everyone. We also discuss how other words, called transitions, are signals to your reader as to where you are in your writing: the beginning, middle or end.

After the initial vocabulary is introduced, I challenged my third graders to look for examples of these types of on showing gratitude words in makes good english their everyday reading. Over the next couple of days, students used sticky notes to add opinion or transition words they found to personal an anchor chart posted on a classroom wall. Next, I took the words and put them into a chart that I copied for students to glue into their writer's notebooks. Good Essay. You can see our chart below. If you would like to print your own copy, just click on the image.

Introduce Easy-to-Read Opinion Pieces. Most of my third graders have read a wide variety of genres by on showing gratitude, this point in third grade, but when asked if they had ever read the opinion genre, they answered with a resounding, No! I pointed out to them that they actually read opinion articles nearly every week in introduction our Scholastic News magazine. At that point, I let them dive into the archives of old articles online and they were quickly able to find opinion pieces in several of the issues we had read this year. Students also used the debate section of the online issues. On the board we listed some of the essay on showing gratitude articles students found in Scholastic News that contained opinions: Many Scholastic news articles are perfect to makes good introduction essay use because they are short, and for critical skills the most part have a structure that is makes good introduction english, similar to how I want my students to write. The articles often include: Both sides of the argument Clearly stated opinions Reasons for care holding that opinion Examples to support the reasons Conclusions that are restated with enthusiasm.

In the makes good image below, you can see below how easy it was for my students to find the opinions, supporting reasons and examples in the Debate It feature we read together on whether the U.S. Mint should stop making pennies. Once students read the article about essay gratitude pennies, they were ready to form an opinion. After discussing the pros and cons with partners, the class took sides. Introduction Essay. With students divided into two groups, they took part in a spirited Visible Thinking debate called Tug of War. Issue Essay. After hearing many of their classmates voice their reasoning for keeping or retiring the penny, the students were ready to get started putting their thoughts on paper.

At this time, I introduced our OREO graphic writing organizer. Using the name of a popular cookie is a mnemonic device that helps my students remember the structural order their paragraphs need to take: O pinion, R eason, E xample, O pinion. In our class, we say our writing is makes good introduction, double-stuffed , because two reasons and personal, two examples are expected instead of introduction english one. Because this was our first foray into example writing, we worked through the organizer together. My students did pretty well with the initial organizer and we used it again to plan out essay disparities, opinion pieces on whether sledding should be banned in city parks.

Once students had planned out two different opinions, they selected one to makes good introduction turn into issue essay, a full paragraph in their writer's notebooks. The organizers made putting their thoughts into a clear paragraph with supporting reasons and examples very easy for most students. With each practice we did, my students got stronger and I introduced different organizers to help them and to makes introduction english keep interest high. In Irony Pride. Giving each student one sandwich cookie to munch on makes introduction english essay, while they worked on these organizers helped keep them excited about the pride whole process. After we worked our way through several of the Scholastic News opinion pieces, my third graders also thought of issues pertinent to their own lives and school experiences they wanted to write about, including: Should birthday treats and bagel sales be banned at school? Should all peanut products be banned? Should we be allowed to download our own apps on the iPads the makes good english school gave us?

As we continued to practice, different organizers were introduced. Those are shown below. Simply click on outline, each image to download and print your own copy. The organizer below is my favorite to use once the students are more familiar with the structure of opinion paragraphs. It establishes the structure, but also helps students remember to use opinion-based sentence starters along with transition words. Below is a simple organizer some of my students can also choose to use. Scholastic offers many different resources for helping your students become better with their opinion writing, or for younger writers, understanding the difference between fact and opinion. Click on makes, the images below to research paper download and print for free.

There are many more sheets like these in Scholastic Printables. A couple weeks into our persuasive writing unit and I have already seen a lot of makes good introduction progress from our very first efforts. We may not have mastered this writing yet, but we are definitely on our way and that mountain doesn't seem quite so high anymore. I hope you find a few of these tips and my graphic organizers helpful! I'd love to hear your tips for outline elementary writing in good essay the comment section below. I'd love to connect with you on Twitter and Pinterest! I love using the essay in irony prejudice graphic organizers in english my Grade 3 Writing Lessons to format paper abstract Meet the Common Core.

Other teachers in my building use the resources for their grade level as well. They make them for grades 1-6. Our state standards spell it out pretty clearly. My third graders need to makes introduction be able to write opinion pieces on topics or texts that state an opinion within a framework of an organizational structure that provides reasons that support the opinion and provides a concluding statement. Oh, and they better use transitional words and phrases throughout. These would be the thinking skills same 8-year-olds who still can't figure out it's not a good idea to put your boots on before your snow pants. With all this in mind, meeting those standards seemed like a huge mountain to climb when I was planning out my persuasive writing unit a few weeks ago. I have students who still haven't mastered capitalization and punctuation, so I knew I would have to makes good introduction english break down the mechanics of writing an thinking meaning opinion statement into makes, a step-by-step process for them.

This week I am happy to share with you a few tips along with the graphic organizers I created to help get my students writing opinion pieces that showed me that my students, while not quite there yet, were fully capable of making it to the top of that mountain. Introduce the Language of Opinion Writing. The very first thing we did during a writing mini-lesson was go over the language of opinion writing and how certain words, like fun and pretty are opinion clues because while they may be true for some people, they are not true for everyone. We also discuss how other words, called transitions, are signals to your reader as to english 101 + personal essay where you are in your writing: the beginning, middle or end. After the makes introduction english essay initial vocabulary is introduced, I challenged my third graders to format research abstract look for examples of these types of words in their everyday reading. Over the next couple of days, students used sticky notes to add opinion or transition words they found to good english essay an anchor chart posted on a classroom wall. Issue. Next, I took the words and put them into a chart that I copied for students to glue into makes good introduction, their writer's notebooks. You can see our chart below. If you would like to print your own copy, just click on the image. Introduce Easy-to-Read Opinion Pieces.

Most of my third graders have read a wide variety of genres by this point in issue outline third grade, but when asked if they had ever read the opinion genre, they answered with a resounding, No! I pointed out to them that they actually read opinion articles nearly every week in our Scholastic News magazine. At that point, I let them dive into the archives of makes introduction essay old articles online and they were quickly able to find opinion pieces in several of the issues we had read this year. Students also used the debate section of the social issue online issues. On the board we listed some of the articles students found in Scholastic News that contained opinions:

Many Scholastic news articles are perfect to use because they are short, and for makes the most part have a structure that is similar to social essay outline how I want my students to write. The articles often include: Both sides of the argument Clearly stated opinions Reasons for holding that opinion Examples to support the reasons Conclusions that are restated with enthusiasm. In the image below, you can see below how easy it was for my students to find the opinions, supporting reasons and examples in the Debate It feature we read together on whether the U.S. Mint should stop making pennies. Once students read the article about pennies, they were ready to form an opinion. After discussing the pros and english essay, cons with partners, the class took sides. With students divided into two groups, they took part in a spirited Visible Thinking debate called Tug of gratitude War.

After hearing many of introduction their classmates voice their reasoning for keeping or retiring the 101 + personal essay penny, the students were ready to get started putting their thoughts on makes introduction, paper. At this time, I introduced our OREO graphic writing organizer. Essay Prejudice Pride. Using the name of a popular cookie is a mnemonic device that helps my students remember the structural order their paragraphs need to makes good essay take: O pinion, R eason, E xample, O pinion. In our class, we say our writing is double-stuffed , because two reasons and two examples are expected instead of one. Because this was our first foray into example writing, we worked through the organizer together. My students did pretty well with the initial organizer and we used it again to plan out social, opinion pieces on whether sledding should be banned in city parks. Once students had planned out two different opinions, they selected one to turn into a full paragraph in their writer's notebooks. Good Introduction English Essay. The organizers made putting their thoughts into a clear paragraph with supporting reasons and essay care, examples very easy for most students. With each practice we did, my students got stronger and I introduced different organizers to help them and to keep interest high.

Giving each student one sandwich cookie to munch on while they worked on these organizers helped keep them excited about the makes good introduction whole process. After we worked our way through several of the Scholastic News opinion pieces, my third graders also thought of issues pertinent to their own lives and school experiences they wanted to write about, including: Should birthday treats and bagel sales be banned at school? Should all peanut products be banned? Should we be allowed to download our own apps on the iPads the school gave us? As we continued to practice, different organizers were introduced. Format Paper. Those are shown below.

Simply click on each image to download and print your own copy. The organizer below is my favorite to use once the students are more familiar with the structure of opinion paragraphs. It establishes the good english essay structure, but also helps students remember to use opinion-based sentence starters along with transition words. Below is a simple organizer some of my students can also choose to use. Scholastic offers many different resources for helping your students become better with their opinion writing, or for younger writers, understanding the difference between fact and opinion. Click on the images below to download and print for free. Essay On Health Care. There are many more sheets like these in makes introduction Scholastic Printables. A couple weeks into our persuasive writing unit and I have already seen a lot of progress from our very first efforts. We may not have mastered this writing yet, but we are definitely on english, our way and good essay, that mountain doesn't seem quite so high anymore.

I hope you find a few of these tips and critical skills, my graphic organizers helpful! I'd love to hear your tips for makes introduction english essay elementary writing in the comment section below. I'd love to connect with you on Twitter and Pinterest! I love using the graphic organizers in my Grade 3 Writing Lessons to thinking skills Meet the Common Core. Other teachers in good introduction english my building use the resources for their grade level as well. Of A Paper Abstract. They make them for makes introduction essay grades 1-6. Share your ideas about this article. TM ® © 2017 Scholastic Inc.

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